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Before and After Sim Tag by @soft-almond

i was tagged by a few people (i think) soft-almond included to do this tag so here it is :^D don’t make fun of me too hard i know it’s bad 

these aren’t my oldest sims but i had pull out my old laptop to get them so they’re pretty old. their names are calvin and daisy, calvin was a doctor and daisy owned a cute lil garden shop (this was around the time gtw came out can you tell) and i played them for a really long time and i think they had 3 kids idk

i feel like everyone i usually tag has done this already so if you wanna do it, just say i tagged you :)

So I was watching this scene again and I paused it just at this moment and like - look at how cute and smol he is. I don’t know why but this frame in particular is just so adorable.

 I know everyone usually comments on sunshine child shuu when he was smol and happy, or subaru, but this damn scene. It really makes me sad to see children in distress at just seeing their parents and it really highlights Cordelia’s abuse when all she’s doing here is talking to him and yet Ayato looks like this. He’s so little and worried and just- *explodes*

@fyeahdialovers your son/ husbando is making me feel feels. Make it staph

something so magic about you (1/1)

Summary: CS Modern AU. Emma Swan just found the perfect gift for Mary Margaret’s birthday. The only problem? A blue-eyed stranger with a ridiculously attractive face and accent just stole it from right under her nose.

Rating: T

Warning: some swearing here and there

Word Count: ~6300

A/N: Hey guys! This is my first Captain Swan fic so be gentle with me - or not - anyway, please let me know how I did it with this one-shot! :)

also on and ao3

She dashes hastily through the busy street, pushing her legs to their maximum capacity without flat out running. She needs to find a nice shop before closing time and buy a gift for Mary Margaret that would settle somewhere in the “decent” category. She knows the rush is completely her own damn fault, as she’s been procrastinating to the point of ridiculousness. Really, she should just pull herself together to complete all the things that she needs to get done and get them done in time at that.

Except, she’s not exactly the paragon of a good friend, or soon to be sister in law at the moment. She’s forever putting things off to the point that ultimately, they have to be done in a rush because it’s at the very last minute, as is happing now. It’s not like she had a year or anything to figure out what to get to Mary Margaret for her birthday.

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Ollie made it through the first night here. Jason stayed up late with her and then I got up early to take over. It’s gonna be a long week if we are going to give this cute little girl a fighting chance.

At this point I think she’s a mouse since she weighs 5.1 grams and still has her eyes and ears closed. It’s conceivable that she could be a rat still, but it’s hard to know for sure until she starts growing. Anyway, think good thoughts for Ollie the baby thing so that she grows big and strong! Also good thoughts for us since handraising is an around the clock endeavour and we still have to take care of the other animals, find a way to feed ourselves, and go to work! #mouse #rat #babything #weeklyfluff

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Doctor Who 10x3 : A Thread

• Don’t tell me 12 didn’t take Bill there because it reminded him of River Song.



• I could look at Peter Capaldi in a top hat forever. He’s so cute. 🌸💕

• “Wait. You’ve been here before?”
“Yeah. Two times.”

• Twelve is utterly appalled that someone stole his sonic from him. That’s hilarious. 🤣🤣

• Poor Bill. She’s so innocent.
-> She’s going to dig up all the dark secrets on 12 and this is going to HuRT.

• “I’m 2000 years old and I’ve never had the time for the luxury of outrage.”

• The Doctor is so good with kids. Like… I would’ve loved to see scenes with him as a dad. That would be THE CUTEST THING TO EVER GRACE THE TV

• I’ll say it again BILL IS SO INNOCENT I LOVE HER


• “Always remember Bill. Passion fights, but reason wins.” - The Doctor
-> This show gives the greatest life quotes I’ve ever heard in my entire life.

-> MY BOOYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

• twelves plan to release the creature = INGENIUS.

• Overall - this episode was fantastic! I love the feel of these episodes and I can’t wait to see more of 12&Bill. 💕💕





Naru the Top-model  (⊙ᗜ⊙)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Of the typical inverted cliches, how would if Naru was a model?

 Here’s the answer (*≧∀≦*)

And of course, Mai his (cute) assistant { ͡• ͜ʖ ͡•}

Mai: We have completed your agenda today Mr. davis

Naru: hm..

That reminds me something that I saw long ago.

About a celebrity who was secretly in love with his assistant, and even fantasized about her, but she did not notice, it was fun. (๑>ᴗ<๑)

Although I think it would really be unlikely to see naru modeling, since the gene killer is still loose etc etc. ヾ( ̄◇ ̄)ノ

By sukary б(>ε<)∂

The Monster

I once saw a little girl
Dressed so cute in dress and curls
She left her daddy’s lap
And raced toward a familiar chap

It was an man in a suit
Looking like her favorite cartoon
She ran with joyful haste
Her arms open for his face

As she neared her guy
Her hero grew toward the sky
By the time she slowed
He was gigantic up close

Her smile turned to fear
Who was this monster now here?
She burst into tears
Ran back to Daddy dear

Do we wear a suit?
That smiles from distant views
A person gets near
Then our monster appears

I knew it was you- A Kara Danvers imagine

Anon asked, “a kara imagine where kara and the reader work together and flirt a lot but have never gotten together because Karas shy and then one night supergirl saves her and she quickly figures out its Kara?”

Authors note: the request did say she so this is written in a third person perspective but Y/N is written female. Remember you guys an always ask for a different gender for Y/N (male, they/them, etc)

“Y/N Cat really needs that article or she is going to like tear my head off.” The blonde quickly explained after running up to Y/Ns desk clearly distressed.

“Well, we can’t let that happen because I would really miss seeing your cute face around here K.” Y/N winked at Kara after replying which caused a heavy blush to rise up the alien’s neck and face. She turned in her chair before tagging the article in an email to cat and hitting send. 

The whole time Kara was trying to find something cute or witty to say back but her brain seemed to stop working every time Y/N flirted with her. So she settled on, “I like seeing your face too.” She was mentally smacking herself for sounding dumb but the warm smile on Y/N face told her she was okay it was okay. 

“KIERA,” a yell came from down the hallway which caused Kara to wave bye to Y/N and go running back to her bosses office earning a small laugh from Y/N who went back to writing the next article she was assigned.

Supergirl was looking around for any more people in immediate danger, the bomb had destroyed an empty building luckily but some people on the street still got injured. She saw one girl who’s ankle seemed to be stuck under debris so flew down.

Lifting the debris was easy, not dropping it again when she recognized the woman she had just saved a Y/N her crush from work was more difficult for the Kryptonian. 

She knelt down beside her before calling to the EMS crew who were arriving that someone needed help over here.

“It’s only a broken ankle I’m okay.” Y/N was always one to downplay wrong things with her at the work and apparently in a bombed area.

“You still need attention a broken bone isn’t okay.” Kara fretted over her crush who looked up at Supergirl with wide eyes recognizing the voice as the one that brightened her days at the office and could make her heart beat faster. 

Kara took note of the recognition and shock in her eyes and said a quick goodbye before flying off. 


When Y/N came back to work she used crutches to get around and Kara brought her lunch to be helpful so Y/N didn’t have to try and walk which was obviously painful in the cast.

“Thanks, Kara, or should I say Supergirl,” She smiled up at her a big joking smile.

Kara shushed her quickly. “Nobody can know.”

“Kara your stand out to me, you can wear a suit or have your hair up but I still know you. I knew it was you when you spoke to me.” She explained sweetly.

Karas thoughts skidded to a stop at You stand out to me. She had been afraid to tell Y/N her feelings that it seems maybe Y/N had the same ones. 

“How about…you keep my secret and I take you out to dinner tomorrow night?” Kara asked the feelings in her stomach making her slightly nauseous 

“Sounds good pick me up at 7 but know I can’t do anything with this cast on,” she mentioned before getting a smug expression at the flustered reaction Kara gave her. 

This was going to be fun flirting more.


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Im back to tell you about another cute girl in my class. She has super frizzy hair that she ties back, we sit together in physics and I make her laugh hysterically every time. She giggles so easily, and the teacher always smiles at us whenever we start laughing. I help her with her math and she helps me with chemistry. She talks about youtubers all day and even though I know nothing about them I love hearing here talk. We like to doodle together. Hope you feel better soon :)


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aahhhhh okay okay Maddie it's spouse 4 here again or otherwise known as crushing anon and I needed to tell you that I finally gathered the courage to say hello!! It was just really quick and passing by but I swear the world stopped and she looked at me and smiled her beautiful smile and said hi back and we went on our ways except I was staring at her until she disappeared. Help I'm so gay AHHH she's so pretty I can't I can't and she's the nicest person ever help me Maddie

THIS IS SO CUTE AND GREAT AND I’M LITERALLY SO HAPPY FOR YOU WHAT THE HECK YOU HAVE SO MUCH COURAGE!!! I am so proud!!!! wowowow omg please keep me posted!!!! try and talk to her more you can do it!!! you never know, right? ;)

Alexandria Country Club pt 5

Pairing: NeganXOlivia (OC)

Warnings: cursing, discussion of death and tragedy, sensuality

Summary: AU! Negan and Olivia discuss a bit of their pasts. Adair and Negan discuss the threat. Negan makes a decision and a phone call.

A/N: Hope you enjoy! Let me know if you want me to tag you!

   Negan wasn’t one to invade privacy, so when Olivia went to her bedroom to pack, he stayed in the living room. The apartment was fairly neat, with a bit of clutter here and there. A coffee cup on the end table, a couple books on the couch next to a rumpled throw. The place had a gas fireplace, and she had pictures and nicknacks on the mantle. He smiled a bit at a grinning, cat-faced little gargoyle perched on the corner of the mantle. He wasn’t at all surprised at it; it was cute, and weird, and seemed quite in character for Olivia.

    What caught his eye though, were the pictures. And once he realized what he was looking at, he couldn’t help staring.

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Beeeb stevens


  • First impression: Bitchhhh :/
  • Impression now: Still a bitch but the kind I can fuck with yk? A good bitch.
  • Favorite moment: Pretty much all of Bebe’s Boobs Destroy Society. She just wanted to be recognized for being smart and a person instead of just a pair of tits! She’s a good and smart girl and deserves the world ok.
  • Idea for a story: Bebe escapes a sexist society by becoming a billionaire who steps on men for thousands of dollars and gets everything she ever wants. Basically, goals.
  • Unpopular opinion: Don’t have anything here.
  • Favorite relationship: Clybe is cute and so is Bebe/Kenny (Benny?). I also ship ALL THREE OF THEM in what I affectionately refer to as Clybenny aka the polyship that I happily ship alone ❤️
  • Favorite headcanon: Bebe is wicked smart and destroys society with her boobs AND her brains. Get it, bitch. 

Thank you!! 

HAPPY EASTER!!♡ U( ˃ㅅ˂ ✿)U