she's so cute awwww

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A scene in which Lena is having a meeting with all these important rich white men in a room in L-Corp and these men of course have their back to a big wall/window and they're all focused on Lena but Lena is facing the window and suddenly supergirl appears and says hi to Lena through the window and Lena gets distracted and amused but is trying to pretend like everything is fine and maybe Kara needs to tell her something or is just a funny scene where she's making funny faces to make Lena laugh

awwww that’d be so cute! someone should write a one-shot about this <3

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so a few days ago my crush came over and we were watching a film together, and she was enjoying it and I kept finding myself looking over at her because her smile is so cute!!! but also I was checking if she was okay at the emotional bits and honestly she's just so cute and lovely


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caroline's apparently kin with tracer or has a dissociative kin with her bc suddenly today she just yelled "JACK!!!" from across headspace and tackle hugged me. i'm, blessed. she's so cute


Dentist Visits

A/N: Because the other day, i had my tooth ripped out of my face, and I’m in pain, i decided to feel sorry for myself, and write an imagine based on my experience. Hope you guys can laugh at my pain. (oops I started writing this like the day after it happened and now it’s been almost two weeks) Also, I hit just over 300 followers! That’s amazing! (towards the end it gets so bad lol, its 3:30am and I’m tired)

Prompt: You have a toothache, and Dan looks after you.

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1826 words

Your P.O.V

“Owwwwwwwwww!” I groaned in pain, holding my left cheek. For ages, ever since I was 15 I’ve been getting these massive toothaches, but they would usually always go away before I had the chance to do anything about it, plus going to the dentist was hella expensive and i was not prepared to pay that much money.

“Is your tooth still sore?” Dan questions from his bedroom, while I sit in the lounge in pain.

“Yes Dan, its still fucking sore!” I reply in agony. My tooth was just throbbing and aching and it was so sore.

“Have you been taking your codeine?” Dan asks and I just roll my eyes at him, even though he can’t see me. God he sounds like my mother, probably worse. And yes, i was prescribed with codeine, that’s how sore it was.

Now i know what you’re thinking. ‘Why don’t you just go to the dentist to get it checked out?’ NO. NOT KEEN. YOU KNOW WHY? When i was a mere child…. alright i was 16, I went to the dentist, for this exact problem, do you know what they did? Instead of yanking out my tooth, they put in FILLINGS on the OTHER SIDE of my mouth. I’m not going to let that happen again.

“No! Because I ran out yesterday!” I’m not gonna lie, i have been pretty grumpy the last few days because of my toothache, but codeine can only last so long. After 5 hours is up, I go back to feeling pain. But Dan has been pretty good when it comes to my grumpiness and my throbbing sore tooth.

I hear footsteps down the hall, and then Dan emerge from the doorway into the lounge, sitting himself next to me, looking concerned about me.

“I just want it yanked out! I don’t even care anymore. I’ll pry it out myself if I have to.” I say as a few tears stream down my face. I was in so much pain. So much.

“Love, do you want me to take you to the dentist? I’ll make the appointment and everything?” Dan asks. He could tell how much pain I was in, and he’s been great at taking care of me these past few days. I just nod in response. It hurts to talk. Any slight stimulation or touching of the sore tooth, is extremely painful. “Alright, I’ll go and make the appointment now. I’ll try and book you in with my dentist.” He leaves the room, typing what I presume is the dentists number into his phone.

A few minutes of agonizing pain later, Dan comes back into the room and tells me the details of the appointment.

“Okay, you’re appointment is at 12:30pm, and the extraction is going to cost £200 and an extra £10 for numbing” Oh my god. Who does he think I am? I don’t have that kind of money! “I can pay for it if you like. I know you cant afford it” I would usually deny Dan paying that much for something on me, but I just can’t take this pain any longer, and agree to his offer.

“Thank you, Dan.”

“Anytime, love. Now lets go now, because we all know what the traffic plus taxis are like here.” And like that we’re out the door.

Waiting for a taxi was almost like waiting for a miracle, especially when you’re in a lot of pain and you just wanna curl up in a ball and cry.

About 15 minutes later, a taxi arrived and we were on our way to the dentist. I wasn’t feeling nervous or scared, even though I feel like I should, I was just happy that I wasn’t going to be in anymore pain for much longer, I was happy it was going to be sorted.

Soon enough, Dan and I arrive at the dentist. I had to fill out a couple of forms, one that was to check to see if I was working, so they could contact my workplace and let them know what’s going on, just in case I have to go in, and an enrollment form. I handed the forms in and now it was time to wait, and the longer I waited, the more pain my tooth was in, it was so fucking painful.

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N)?” The dentist calls out and I immediately stood up, letting go of Dan’s tight grip that he had on my hand.

“Is it alright if my boyfriend comes in with me?” I ask the dentist. I wanted him in there for comfort reasons.

“Yeah sure, no problem, come on through guys.” Awwww she’s so cute. She led us into the room and told me to sit in the chair, the nerves still hadn’t kicked in, like I was expecting them to. She lowered the chair down, handed me some sunglasses and told me to open wide, she evaluated my mouth and then told me she was going to take some x-rays. Presuming Dan had already told them what the problem was on the phone, they must want to see whats going on.

She placed the x-ray things in my mouth then told me to bite down. She did that a few times, placing them differently in different places in my mouth. She came back with the x-rays showing Dan what was going on, and when he showed her, Dan sounded concerned

“Oh my god! Is that whats happening? Is that why she’s in so much pain?” He asked, sounding worried, and then immediately I was worried. The nerves kicked in and I was shaking. The dentist comes over to me, explaining whats wrong with my tooth.

“So (Y/N), whats happening is, you have a pre-molar growing underneath one of your big molars, and it’s pushing on your molar, trying to get to the surface, so that’s what is causing you a lot of pain.” What? I understood none of that. When she saw my confused expression, she let me get up to have a look at the x-rays and indeed what I saw was a tooth on it’s side, right underneath my molar. “Did you have any teeth purposely extracted when you were younger?” She asks and I immediately nod. When I was two, I had a majority of my teeth pulled out.

“Yeah, when I was two years old.” I tell her, she nods and gets me to sit back down in the chair. Dan immediately grabs my hand and the nerves started to kick back in.

“Okay, we’re definitely going to have to pull it out, I’ll just get some numbing stuff.” She says and I started shaking again. I don’t do needles, I hate needles, I’m not keen for needles. She came back with the needles and some other tools and laid them out on the side table. She got a needle ready to put it in my mouth, and I squeezed Dan’s hand, letting him know that I was now scared. I don’t think it was just the needles that was making me scared, it was the realization that I was actually getting my tooth yanked out, even though I wanted it to be yanked out, I was now scared.

The needle was incredibly uncomfortable but it numbed almost straight away and it wasn’t that uncomfortable anymore. I think Dan saw the discomfort on my face because as soon as I squeezed his hand and looked uncomfortable, he rubbed circles on my hand, and rubbed my leg in a soothing way with his other hand.

“Okay, we’re going to start applying pressure to the tooth. You shouldn’t be able to feel anything except for a little bit of pressure.” The dentist reassured me. I was shaking, all of a sudden I felt pressure, but it was a lot of it and it still hurt. I pulled back and let her know that I could still feel it. When I said that I could still feel it, she injected me once more, told me to let her know if I could still feel it and then started to yank the tooth out.

I would be lying if I said that I didn’t  feel it, but it wasn’t too bad to the extent that I would need another injection. I had no idea it was out until the dentist actually said it was out. She put the gauze in my mouth to soak up the blood in my mouth.

“Would you like to keep your tooth?” She asks. I smiled to the best of my abilities considering the left side of my face was numb as fuck. I nodded my head, also trying to sound coherent as I said ‘Yes please’  So she put my tooth in a plastic jar with some sterilizer in it. We left the room and waited for another taxi.

“Are you gonna stay at mine and Phil’s tonight?” Dan asks. I nodded my head considering I couldn’t really speak. We go back to his flat, and a few hours later the numbing has worn off and I am in immense pain. Nothing was working. Before we left, the dentist was able to prescribe some pain killers to help the pain for this exact reason, but none of them were working. I was in tears and crying so much and Dan was so worried, even Phil was extremely worried.

“Love, are you alright?” Dan asks. I just shake my head as more tears run down my face.

“It hurts so much, nothings working or helping.” I cry out quietly. Dan jumps into bed with me and holds me as I basically cry myself to sleep for a couple of hours.

When I woke up I wasn’t in much pain and I was hungry, because I hadn’t eaten all day. I walk into the kitchen where Dan is standing in his pajama pants sipping on a cup of coffee.

“Phil and I went to the shops and got some food for you to eat, considering you can’t really eat proper food for the next few days, so we got you some smoothie stuff, yoghurt and stuff like that” Dan says with a smile on his face. I smile back and embrace him, thanking him for everything he’s done for me these past few days.

“Thank you so much for everything, Dan.”

“Anything for you, love.”