she's so cute asdfghjkl

bill is so lovely and pearl is such a wonderful actress and I love sarah dollard that episode was delightful asjfjd that first scene where bill was enjoying the fair? Adorable! also she looked so cute!!! god I love this show asdfghjkl its ridiculous and cheesy but I love it so much ajdjks

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asdfghjkl my tiny warm five week old sister just fell asleep on me and i feel the need to rant to everyone about how comfortable and relaxed this makes me and how cute she is and i'm so happy asdfghjkl i love tiny humans so much (especially my wee baby sister, the youngest of my four younger siblings) ahhhhh i love her the baby children can all come sleep on me forever

the adorableness is seeping through my screen! my nephew, nathaniel, who is nearly a year old is one of the most adorable babies! he’s quiet, and a bit scary, to say the least, but completely a member of the clan! hurray for tiny humans!

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Well now I am, I got my hug, hehe and god, that gif of Yeri makes me so weak, she's so cute

asdfghjkl I am certified Yeri trash. She’s so cute and her voice sounds like cherry blossoms?? idk how to describe it but she’s so dainty yet savage 😂 #YeriBiased 😂😂

We got to have this baby goat in our animal class today. ; v; Her name’s Dolly and she’s very precious, aaaah. ❤