she's so cute and talented but so underrated

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Zack Merrick is seriously so underrated he is so sweet and kind he tweets and follows people who support his very cute clothing line like when will your fav ever he also draws on packages sometimes and gives away free picks not to mention he is so unproblematic and super talented???? Why he isn't acknowledged more is a mystery to me

i think jade has the best vocal abilities in little mix and it’s a shame that we never talk about that. “oh jade is so funny” “did you see jade she was so cute” “jade’s dress was so hot” “jade’s hair is so pretty” okay but what about her voice? she can hit the high notes so well. she slays the low notes perfectly. she can change her voice so quickly which is amazing.

jade thirlwall is so much more than a pretty face and blue hair that she had in the past.

anonymous asked:

Despite being Chinese (from the US..,) I'm quite new to the world of cpop, cdramas, ect. I'm looking for recommendations for mandarin music artists, dramas, movies, and tv shows. I wouldn't mind a long list because I'm open to nearly any genre of music/movie/whatever. Take your time responding! Thank you for looking at my message. ^-^

NOTE: this is STRICTLY based on my personal opinion. Also, i totally blanked out on everything so i’m 100% sure i missed a lot of things. LOL 

but here it is.. My Taiwanese/Chinese Entertainment Master post. 

My Top 5 Male Artists:

  • Show Luo 羅志祥: all-rounded artist who excels in singing, dancing, acting, MC-ing. not afraid to take off his idol image for a comedic effect. has worked hard and earned every bit of his fame by himself. love his personality more than his music
  • Jay Chou 周杰倫: a musical genius. also a well rounded artist who composes his own songs and directs his own MVs. has surpassed the definition of “idol”. also has starred in Hollywood movies. generally dislikes paparazzi and media, but is a really great person.
  • Leehom Wang 王力宏: music genius. music man. he has worked with the most respected artists around the world, and is a very highly looked upon artist himself. American born Chinese, great personality although quite awkward on TV shows (it’s cute though), SO talented. no reason to dislike him tbh.
  • JJ Lin 林俊傑: super talented, so cute. you’ll love him after one music video. SUCH A GREAT PERSONALITY with EQUALLY GREAT MUSIC. i’ve never heard one song from him that i actually disliked. really friendly and cute personality
  • Will Pan 潘瑋柏: not a super big fan of his singing, but def love his acting, dancing, and his PERSONALITY IS A+. has a lot of friends in the entertainment industry (which is really rare) which means he’s an amazing person on and off screen. REALLY hard worker, great comedian

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Transparency Source

when there’s barely any transparent pics of the best character in hetalia

Well, I’m officially back! Sorry I took so much time off, feel free to slap me for that…I feel bad for putting off Seychelles so much, since she’s such a cute character (and severely underrated). Anyway let’s get this over with.

  • Seychelles’ birthday is June 29th
  • Though she had her own profile in Volume 2 of Hetalia, her first debut appearance in the comics was in Volume 3, in the strip “We’re Shipwrecked Too!”
  • In Gakuen Hetalia, Seychelles’ feared attending a new academy because she believed that she lacked talent and confidence
  • She believes that her only abilities are singing, dancing, and making souvenirs
  • She does not like her Coat of Arms, and she is laughed at by her Africa class for it’s appearance
  • She is described as a country girl with a big heart
  • Apparently, she can be a bit sloppy
  • She can’t cook on her own, and laments over her high cost of living
  • Seychelles was the second female nation to be designed
  • The island that the Axis and Allies often have found themselves stranded on was revealed to be Seychelles
  • One of her earlier designs showed her having asymmetrical eyebrows, one thin and the other bushy
  •  It looked like this
  • External image

That’s all for now! Again, I apologize for my absence and I’m glad to be back! Voting for the next character of the week can now resume on it’s usual weekly basis and ends at 6pm EST!

Thank you and have a nice day!

Anon Asked: Why is Peyton Your Favourite Dancer?

Did you just… Oh okay here we go. Do you have 5 hours to spare? Sit down ima teach you something.

Well anyway for starters she’s probably the cutest being in the entire world like look at that face and she’s so tiny and ohhh she’s just adorable okay don’t question it.

And she’s super dedicated. She always has pictures of herself in the studio with Molly and the other monsters dancing and improving. Shes obviously really passionate and is hell bent on improving which shows!

I rest my case alright.

She captioned this here picture ‘Work hard and never give up on what you want!’ which honestly is admirable to me for an eight year old and just plain adorable. 

Now can we please return back to the fact that shes eight.. EIGHT. Seriously. When I was her age i’m pretty sure I could only just tie my shoelaces and already shes that talented. She’s one of the youngest in a lot of the groups she performs in and is still front and centre with special parts in most of them and kills it every single time. Yeah girl!

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

And a really horribly capped exhibit C (she’s literally just working it like the queen she is).

Moving on.. She’s fierce as anything! I would say HANDS DOWN this girl is the most fierce competition dancer i’m aware of and if you think otherwise you’re mistaken because its her. Without a doubt. Have you even watched her dance? She’s so sassy. I love it okay its one of her best qualities.

She has so much star quality and is so underrated. She was born to entertain for sure.

Super fierce, P.

AND SHES SO CUTE. And seems so sweet. And awhhhh.

 Look she’s a mermaid, THAT’S FREAKING ADORABLE.

Look, I could go on for hours about how much love I have for this super talented little girl I don’t even know, but I will leave it there for now. If you don’t like Peyton you’re definitely living your life wrong because nothing brings me as much joy as watching her dance.

But seriously, how could you not like this..

Aw aw aw