she's so cute and not evil when she's sleeping

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Bokuto, Oikawa, Akaashi and Noya headcanons with a really smol s/o

Bokuto Kotaro

  • Will basically be his women crush everyday
  • Becomes very protective and make sure no one touches her
  • She is very spoiled when around him
  • All he does is talk about how cute she is
  • Blushes bright red when she does something very cute

Oikawa Toru

  • Will have her pose with a volleyball, because he loves both of them
  • Will take a bunch of selfish with her
  • Would rather lock her up, so he can have her all to himself
  • She is basically his almighty Queen
  • Is always calling her cute or adorable

Akaashi Keiji

  • Founds her sleeping face cute and relaxing
  • Realizes he is basically under her spell when it comes to certain things
  • His day is always made when he gets to see her smile
  • Gives others an evil look when they stare at her to long
  • She is basically the number one reason why he wakes up

Nishinoya Yuu

  • Will basically treat her as a princess
  • Will buy her anything she wants
  • Loves to show your off and make others jealous
  • Will karate chop anyone who gets to close to her
  • Is her personal camera man when she does something cute
Exo reaction when they wake up next you for the first time and you are sleeping with a funny face

Sehun:* the evil maknae comes to the surface* This face will be saved for future references 

Kai:*blinded by his love* Ahhhh even when she sleeps she is so cute that makes me wanna lose my mind

Tao: She looks so adorable with her mouth opened like that and a little bit of drool. So cute

Kyungsoo: That’s the face of an angel

Chanyeol:*makes THE FACE  with every occasion he gets* Hey babe do you recognize this?

Chen:*takes lots of pics* And from now on chen is free from all of those long shopping days with you babe

Baekhyun:*tries hard not to laugh* I swear to god that she just can not control her face

Lay:*after you woke up*….and you were so adorable that I wanted nothing more than kiss your cheeks until you will wake up

Suho: Why does she looks like she is in pain? is that drool?

Kris: Y/N:As if you don’t look funny when you sleep, you even snore.

Either way I’m still cool,way more cooler than you.

Luhan:*wake up to see this face*  Is my sleeping beauty sleeping well?

Xiumin: Y/N:You were the one that was funny looking while sleeping now me.

What are you talking there woman, you were the one looking like you were high while sleeping

Can I have a Jack Barakat imagine where he comes home from the studio and you asleep but your laptop is on and its your old Tumblr and it's mostly porn and pictures of him and looks through if and when you wake up he teases you for it? Then smut..?

AN Omg my first smut I’m excited. Will I be bad will I be good the world may never know. If I am you should request more but if I’m not then tell me so I can stop or at least practice ._. Anyways, here goes my fatal attempt at being awesome. The question is shall I succeed? Oh BTW if that’s your URL, truly-lost-in-stereo then my apologies, I just made it up for the story. Oh and just to be clear, they are dating in real-time.

Warning: Smut

Jack’s POV

“Alright, guys I’ll see you later!” I called out to them. I had just finished recording our new album with them.

“See ya,” Alex called back. “Have fun with Y/N!”

“Oh, you bet I will.” I walked to my car, and drove home. Y/N told me she was gonna take a nap while I was gone. So she should be asleep. I thought I’d grab some Taco Bell on the way home. Though she doesn’t like to admit it, she loves it. I got home with our food and as she had told me, she was passed out on the couch. Her hair was in a messy bun and she was in a giant sweater. Only a giant sweater. I smiled to myself. Hot.

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