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Fire Emblem Echoes: Alm and Celica Reunion

can I just say that, as a muslim, you guys really don’t need to tag food pics with “#nsfr”!! I mean I really appreciate the thoughtful gesture, but we’re supposed to be fasting and getting on with our daily lives, only of course spending more time this month praying and focusing on our spirituality. we see food everywhere: on the internet and tv; we see people at school/work/outside eating all the time, and even at home if we have children or younger siblings or family members who can’t fast because of medical conditions. seeing food/water doesn’t break our fasts, nor does it make us mad with envy. we don’t need special treatment! this is a test for us, for us to control our base desires and discipline ourselves so that we can focus on what’s more important, whilst empathising with those less fortunate than us. at the end of the day (pun intended), what’s 19 hours of hunger and thirst, really? nothing to complain about. at least we know for sure that we’ll have food and water to break our fasts with. some people don’t even have that. 

so yeah, it’s really not necessary! if a muslim is that sensitive, then they’ll probably have “#food” blacklisted, or won’t use tumblr at all. if you feel uncomfortable eating in front of a fasting muslim in person, that’s different: probably ask them if it’s ok. most won’t mind, some might, but you can sort that out between yourselves. I don’t know what it’s like for other people, but I don’t personally feel particularly hungry or thirsty even when I fast in summer: the worst I’ll get is a light headache. it’s not the kind of intense hunger you feel before dinner: it’s more of a light drawn out yet cleansing feeling, and the knowledge that you’re doing it for a reason helps too. all in all, don’t worry about us! we’re ok! but thanks for the thought <3

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Okay so not sure if you've done this before, but Anna staying over at S4 because maybe Kusanagi has to go out of town and neither Kamamoto nor Yata can take her in for the mean time because of their jobs? Cue Alphabet squad doting over her but for some reason, she prefers to stay near Fushimi? Maybe this can be post-ROK? Or maybe even during MK?

Maybe this is post-ROK and Homra’s having some trouble because a bunch of the gangs in the area have heard how their powers have weakened now and suddenly people are trying to get their revenge on the members. Anna’s powers have started fading considerably too and there’s worry that she’ll be in danger since if people wanted to hurt Homra Anna’s their easiest target. It’s decided that Kusanagi will gather all the members and they’ll stage a big assault on the bad guys’ headquarters, trying to take them all down now before the Red powers fade completely. The question is what to do with Anna in the meantime, it’s too dangerous to leave her alone but there’s not really anyone to watch her either. That’s when Yata brings up that Fushimi could watch her, Kusanagi has to admit that Scepter 4 might be the safest place. Yata scowls because he didn’t intend for the stinking Blues to watch Anna, just Saruhiko, but Anna’s already agreed to go to Scepter 4 for the meantime. Scepter 4’s been having issues with their powers too of course but there’s more of them than Homra and it’s harder to infiltrate their building, if anyone were to come after Anna they would have more trouble getting her out of Scepter 4 than anywhere else.

So Yata and Kusanagi drop Anna off at Scepter 4, Awashima meets them at the door and smiles kindly at Anna as she reaches out a hand. Anna is all polite and sweet but maybe slightly shy, like she knows Saruhiko and she feels comfortable with Awashima and Munakata but the rest she’s not really talked to. Everyone’s super sweet to her though, like even though she’s the Red King she’s also still a little girl and everyone wants her to feel comfortable. I could see Kamo in particular wanting to dote on her, immediately thinking of his own daughter, and Anna just looks at him for a moment before telling him that he seems like he would be a good father. Of course as much as the alphabet squad dotes on Anna she keeps ending up gravitating over to Fushimi, who initially is doing his work and tells her that he doesn’t have time to keep her entertained. The alphabet boys scold him for being mean to a kid but Anna just nods and says she knows Saruhiko has a lot to do as she sits down in the chair next to him. Fushimi tries to go back to his work but he keeps seeing Anna staring at him and finally he sighs and asks her if she wants to go get a snack or something. Anna nods and Fushimi ends up leading her to the dining hall where he digs around until he finds like some blood orange juice and red candies for her, Anna smiles at him and thanks him while Fushimi just crosses his arms and clicks his tongue.

For the rest of the day Anna mostly accompanies Fushimi everywhere, every now and again someone else will get her attention (she probably has to do at least one puzzle with Munakata over tea) but mostly she stays by Fushimi’s side. He acts like this is such a bother but he’s always checking on her and asking her if she’s bored and trying to find things to keep her occupied. Maybe at one point he takes her to the library and tries to find some kid-friendly books, as he’s looking Anna quietly wonders how the rest of Homra is doing – she still has some of her Strain powers but those are fading too and everything looks cloudy when she tries to look. Fushimi stares at her for a moment before sighing and putting a hand on her head, saying stubborn idiots like Homra won’t die easily. He also goes and texts Yata a couple times so that he can get info on how the fight’s going, as soon as Yata says they’ve taken care of it Fushimi walks into the room where Awashima’s braiding Anna’s hair just to tell Anna that everything’s okay. He starts to leave and Anna says his name, he turns and she just smiles at him and says ‘Thank you, Saruhiko.’ Fushimi gets a bit red as he mutters that it’s no big deal. By the time Yata and Kusanagi show up to pick Anna up she’s in the library with Fushimi beside her reading a book (in his usual quiet monotone but Anna doesn’t seem to mind) and Yata can’t help but grin at how sweet Fushimi’s being.