she's so cute ^^


No, they don’t. But if Marinette and Adrien are really busy (?), They will do it. ( It’s very very rare. Because save the world is not their mission any more lol )


shes grumpy about it (˵¯͒⌄¯͒˵)

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Alice, honey, I love your wings! They remind of a dove or even a swan!

“That means a lot to me! Thanks sugar!”

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Sealed with a kissStoryboard art, Bob Logan; concept art, Fiona Darwin (bottom) • “Fight first, then fall into each other’s arms” is how Garmadon recalls the good old days with his Lady Iron Dragon. The storyboard reveals the truth behind how Koko and Garmadon met, in stark contrast with the version Koko gives Lloyd.

From the Lego Ninjago Movie The Making of the Movie book.

I was sort of disappointed that we didn’t get a Koko/Garmadon kiss on the movie, but they did kiss on the storyboard! omg my heart! 😭 I love them so much

Bonus: “Koko is actually something of a wild child, but she chose to settle down for the sake of her son.” – Paul Fisher, Writer/Director