she's so cute ^^

She will never beg for you to stay, even if that’s all she wants. She will never try to stop you if you want to leave. Even if her heart breaks. She will never ask you to come back, even if her world crushed down the moment you left. She will deal with her pain in her own way. Never letting you know how much she loves you, because you will not understand, you will never understand how much a woman can keep inside of her, all that pain she buried inside her.

So love her, she truly deserves it. I..I was stupid and I let her realize that I’m not the man of her life, but I’m truly sorry I couldn’t be. Because oh god, she deserved being happy. I wasn’t even capable of making her happy, when making me happy was her only priority.

—  poems-she-wrote

i have so so so many ideas for an au where giles dies instead of jenny esp since the entire reason giles dies is because angel thinks jenny is only trying to restore his soul for giles and if giles dies, jenny will just shut down and leave sunnydale and things like that.

so giles would literally die because jenny was in love with him and she’d have to deal with that guilt and…it would be very angsty i need to talk to someone about this


she is so cute n eloquent! 

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is ally as small as she looks on instagram/youtube?

yeah she’s 1ft tall it’s unbelievable really. So cute I could fit her in my lil pocket