she's so cool ; ;

of course kara and maggie will get there in time, but not before she passes out in that tank. so alex is gonna have to come to terms with the fact that she’s going to die. maybe the water is at her waist and she’s still sure they’ll come in time. she’s talking to them through the video feed and trying to keep kara from going off the rails. passing along any helpful information for j'onn. and then the water is at her neck and her feet barely touch the ground and she’s telling maggie she’s okay. her heart is racing a little faster and she’s trying to use her pants to slow the flow of water. but then it’s rising above her head and she has to tread to stay afloat. she realizes there’s only a few inches of air left and no one is on the other side of the video feed. they’re searching for her she knows, but now she doesn’t think they’ll make it. she double, triple checks to make sure there’s nothing else she can do. she wraps her belt around her hand and takes a deep breath the moment the water reaches the ceiling. she pounds on the glass, a last ditch effort fueled by anger and fear of the inevitable. she feels herself getting lightheaded, and thinks of kara. she feels guilty because kara has already lost so much, and alex promised she would always be there. she knows this could break her, that she’ll never be able to forgive herself for not getting to alex in time. but alex doesn’t blame her, she just hopes she’ll move on one day. the water is still, her chest aches and a darkness is clouding her vision. so she closes her eyes, and sees maggie’s face. she hopes maggie isn’t the one to find her, hopes she doesn’t have to see her like that. and she regrets the words she left unsaid between them. she knows she’s fading, can feel her lungs giving out, but she feels calm. maybe this will break kara, maybe maggie will never move on. but she knows they’ll take care of each other. they’re safe, and they’ll remember her.

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I want them to make up some Super cool story for Cass. Like her parents could be super cool and stuff so she wouldn't be connected to anything (as in the theories)

SAME! I really, REALLY wanna learn more about Cass after that last episode, and I want her to not really be connected to anyone, like you say. Like… just LOOk at her faces when Eugene asks if she’s ever imagined what her parents were like:

She TOTALLY has. But she doesn’t remember anything about them. Ugh that means she must have been so small and on her own. I need to know how the Cap took her in, too! 


we were talkin abt our instructor today, n one of the guys said “have you noticed how feminist she is n always talking abt empowering women? that’s so cool.”

anyway he’s so great n i wanna be his friend n we talked abt memes n he’s my favorite person there at work, he for sure snatched my wig even before that comment but especially after he said that

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HOPELESS & GAY. was sitting in class for a whole hour rehearsing a walk down the hall bc I know this amazing popular bi girl in the year above whose locker was right outside that class.Shes real cool and I'm kinda mad 4 her So I was rehearsing my hand movements & smile but then she had her hair curled for the 1st time(was so cute)so I didn't recognise the back of her and when shE TURNED AROUND THE WATER I WAS DRINKING DRIBBLED OUT of my mouth AS MY water bottle slipped & I fell right on her head

Continuing on from my water bottle falling into her head well legit I felt Myself blush and we’ve never really talked irl and I said I was sorry and like stated @ the beauty of her wet hair lol but it got us talking which was wow and I gave her gum and offered her my hoodie BC she was a tad wet and IM SO LIKE???? Gay like it was like sum shit from a movie I swear !!!! Just wanted to tell somebody bc IM such an awkward recluse :)


Marry her

the harness i was gonna get my cat won’t fit because shes too little :(

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tbh I haven't really thought too much about Alyanette. I'd love to see more of that portfolio/slideshow. I'm always open to hear about more ships! <3

you can check out this post for a little collection of shippy moments

how can you not ship it when alya’s entire life revolves around ladybug and she has no idea that ladybug is already the person she’s closest to? 

or when alya being in danger is the one thing that convinced marinette to become ladybug? all of paris was in danger from golems and she was too frightened to act but the second alya’s at stake its “SPOTS ON” (note that she wasnt close friends with alya when this happened. they had just met. there is no heterosexual explanation for this)

plus in alyanette there’s just a lot of relatable stuff for when i was young and discovering i like girls! being the girl who obsessively hoards photos/videos of your favorite female celebrity and looks thru them every single day while sighing softly because she is so talented and cool and awesome and youre just a really big fan okay. and being the girl who isnt interested in any guys because you’ve already honed in on this one celebrity dude who you decided is The One even though you barely know him - such a shame hes completely unattainable but youre weirdly unthreatened by that for reasons.

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AnY, is Key going to stop drawing ponies?! She's being really rude when I asked her why shes drawing more human stuff. Shes so cool, I don't want her to quit the fandom!!! Help!

Yes. She is going to quit. Forever. Not a single pony will ever be drawn by her. She was only in it for the money (because we all know there is big cash in obscure internet fandoms!)
Same goes for me - I am so going to leave the fandom! Never ponies again. 
I have also heard that every other content producers is about to leave in the next 1-2 years as well. We had this planned all along

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my mom wont stop taking my money and threatening me with different things and guilt tripping me uwu yeah jeff you live in a totally loving house hold yr mom is so cool i wish she was mym om !!!!!!!!!!!! i wnana diei odnt wanna be here anymore im tired im going to kill my mom idc anymore

In regards to the TFC mercs

Bea and Fred are the parents of the group.

Bea’s the mother hen who likes to cook and bake for them (even though 90% of the time it ends up burnt, it’s the thought that counts). And if she catches you cussing in front of small children there will be hell to pay. But if you’re sad she’ll sit you down with a nice cup of tea or warm milk and let you rant. She’s also good at keeping secrets so you can gossip to her about anything. But she’s also the cool mom so if you want something, there’s a 99.9% chance she’ll say yes no matter what it is.

Fred is the dad who will beat your ass if you act out of line (he’s given more than his fair share of lectures to Scout, Cheavy and Spy). But he dotes on them all and worries for their safety most of the time. He also makes tons of dad jokes so you have to be careful with what you say or the dad puns will start up (and there’s no stopping them). He’s also very strict on getting sleep and if he sees a team member up at an ungodly hour (don’t ask what he’s doing up at that time as well or he’ll glare) he gives them a glass of water and sends them straight to bed.

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I'm rewatching the nightsisters arc of TCW and and HOLY???? In ventress' memories when she was a Jedi padewan with an UNDERCUT????? How had I not noticed that the first time she's so COOL

i know every frame of her is iconic!!! i love how her hair both as a jedi teen and as a post-sith bounty hunter are not only similar but unique and stylistically constant with her design, but SPECTACULARLY LESBIAN

of course the smooth hairless sith look is good too but i love the hair a tiny bit better. anyway what a good day to appreciate this lesbian of all lesbians


Nut is the Egyptian goddess of the sky and all heavenly bodies. Envisioned as as star-covered woman arching over the earth, Nut is the barrier separating the forces of chaos from the ordered cosmos in the world and is considered to be one of the oldest deities in the Egyptian pantheon.

As the mother of Osiris, Isis, Set and Nephthys, Nut is regarded as the mother of the gods and of all things living. She and her husband Geb are considered to be the givers of food and water, not only to the living but also to the dead. In this role she is seen as a protector of the dead.