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Fleur Delacour

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so I've seen the others,,, but what about SAERAN'S FIRST KISS?? show him some love please!!!!

 Author’s note: SAERAN!!! SAERAN!! SAERAN!!


  • He was being a brat
  • SPECIFICALLY, he was being a brat about his hair
  • The last time he went and got his hair cut, there was a bit of a misunderstanding
  • He still doesn’t know how they mixed up ‘a little off the top’ with ‘take off a lot’
  • “Saeran, you NEED to go get your hair cut.”
  • He pushed his long emo bangs out of the way to look at you
  • “No.”
  • You sighed and sat down next to him, playing with the little ends of his hair that had started to curl up
  • I didn’t know he had wavy hair…
  • “I HAVE AN IDEA!!!”
  • He turned to look at you, one eyebrow raised
  • “Yeah?”
  • “Let me do it.”
  • “…What?”
  • You stood up and clasped your hands together
  • “Let me cut your hair!!”
  • He laughed
  • “You can’t be serious!!”
  • he looked up at you straight face
  • “…You’re serious?”
  • You nodded and took him by the hand, dragging him to the bathroom
  • “I’ve seen, like, three videos on how to do it, PLUS my aunt used to be a hair dresser!!”
  • “But-”
  • “It’ll be great, trust me.”
  • You let go off his hand to pull a chair into the bathroom and then pointed
  • “Sit.”
  • Saeran rolled his eyes and slowly sat down
  • You turned on the sink and began washing his hair
  • As soon as the warm water met his head and he felt you run your hands through his hair, he let out a subconscious groan
  • “A-ah… sorry.”
  • “That’s okay,” you smiled at your blushing boyfriend
  • You spent the next ten minutes in silence, trying to focus
  • Saeran watched as you hustled around him, her nose always scrunches up when she concentrates… so cute.
  • “…And, done!!”
  • You blew on the back of his neck to get off the stray hairs
  • He shivered, “W-What are you doing?”
  • “Cleaning you off,” you moved around and kneeled in front of him
  • “And now,” you ran your fingers through the sides of his damp hair, “I’m checking to see if it’s even.”
  • Saeran closed his eyes, “MC…”
  • You smirked, leaning in closer, “What? Am I too close?”
  • He opened his eyes and you saw something new flicker in them
  • “Not at all.”
  • He moved forward and closed the gap between his lips and yours
  • The kiss was soft but forceful, with a tiny bit of desperation
  • After a minute, he pulled away and stood up, helping you up as well
  • He turned around and looked at himself in the mirror
  • Very nice, MC.”
  • Kissing the top of your head, he walked out
  • “Oh,” he called out behind him, “and the haircut is good too.”
  • You could practically hear him smirking
Sk8er Girl Ch1 (Trixya) - Squeaky Pink
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Trixya!HS AU. Trixie is a nerdy, girly girl with bows and frills. Katya is a skater chick with scuffed knees and a flazeda attitude. When they’re assigned as lab partners, can they discover chemistry together?

Or: She was a sk8er girl. She said see you later girl. She wasn’t good enough for her (or was she?)

[AN: Pink Shrooms aka Squeaky Pink. We’re writing this together but alternating chapters and POVs. Pinky is mainly Trixie’s POV and Squeaky is mainly Katya’s POV.]

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Some maebea thoughts:
-mae works with bea and that takes a lot off of her shoulders, mae is able to mature a bit more but ultimately just being present to take the strain off of bea being the person to replace her mother in their business helps the most
-mae and bea encourage each other to go back to school, bea giving mae support so she can concentrate, mae helping bea understand she doesnt need to feel that her fathers business is her responsibility. They take a lot of cc classes together
-theyre just really supportive gfs for eachother?? Bea gives mae responsibility and keeps it real. Mae helps bea relax and put herself first

[Femslash February]: Flowers

i feel like i’m just going to accept the fact that i’m going to be perpetually a day behind on these things. 

also this took forever to write im off my game today xD

Day 9: Flowers (Alyanette)

Words: 2200

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

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One of the first things Alya learned about Marinette was that she doodled flowers when she was bored. 

They started off as small, blossoming roses in the corners of her notebooks that weren’t any larger than the tip of her pinky. If you left her to it for long enough, she’d wrap vines, leaves, ladybugs, caterpillars, bees, birds, clouds, and more flowers all around the margins of her book. Sometimes, she’d sneak her colored felt pens and highlighters to school and add in whorls of colors and outlandish patterns until her entire notebook page was covered with fields and gardens and windowsills dripping in plants. She’d always take a picture of it on her phone – to turn it into an embroidery, or a screen print for a t-shirt, or a design for a book cover – and pout pitifully for Alya to send her copies of her notes. 

It blended seamlessly into the normality that was Marinette – the color pink, pigtails, the smell of bread, pinpricks on fingertips, different nail polish everyday, humming music under her breath, and doodling flowers in class. 

One day, Alya’s hand was right next to Marinette’s notebook, and Marinette continued the doodle from the edge of the page onto the back of Alya’s hand. Alya raised a brow when she started, but shrugged when Marinette asked if it bothered her. As far as idiosyncracies went, Marinette’s were all rather harmless. Besides, it was rather nice to take notes with one hand and feel the light brush of Marinette’s pen sketching away against her other. 

It always took three washes in the shower to get all the pen out, and her mother kept worrying her with folk knowledge about skin cancer and ink poisoning, but Alya didn’t like showing up to school the next day with the sketches still on her arm. It almost felt like her duty to give Marinette a blank canvas everyday, to encourage her darling little habits that were secretly the highlight of Alya’s day. 

“Why flowers?” she asked Marinette as she added yellows and oranges to the sunflowers she was drawing along the vein inside of her wrist. 

Marinette tapped the end of her pen against Alya’s nose. “Pretty flowers for a pretty lady.”

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Quick Guide to Practical Magick Part 5

Step Four: Invocation or Evocation of a deity.

Invocation is the act of calling forth a spirit into one’s own body and evocation is the act of summoning a spirit externally to the Magickian. Using a psychological model of Magick — these beings that are invoked and evoked do not exist in the objective universe. Rather, they are symbols representing various states of human consciousness. The god form used should be one related to the working and is a being that the Magickian relates with. It is not necessary to only use “traditional” god forms. Characters from movies and novels, comic books and role-playing games are all fair game. If the Magickian cannot find any suitable god forms for her working, she is even free to create new gods especially for the purpose of her working.


Invocation is useful for causing self - change. If the Statement of Intent involves some form of self transformation or changing one’s environment then an invocation can be very effective. The Magickian invokes a deity who represents the state she is aspiring to. For example, to become more Disciplined Mars is a good deity to invoke. To be more attractive or a better lover, Aphrodite is a good goddess to invoke. Set works well as an invoked god form for nearly any working. Now, since it is a placebo type of effect that we are striving for here, it is important to really put forth an intense effort to become the deity being invoked. Visualized yourself as looking like the god form. Talk in a voice like how you imagine the god form would speak. Fake it until you make it. The goal is to whip yourself into a frenzied trance state where you — for a brief moment — actually believe you are the god form. It is in this frenzied trance state where the self-change happens at a subconscious level. You’ll convince yourself that you really do have the properties of the god form that was invoked and carry it with you in everyday life.


Evocation is useful for external change: convincing your boss to give you that
raise, meeting a new lover, getting revenge on an enemy. An object or a space on the floor with a shape or symbol drawn on it is used as the designated area for the evocation. The Magickian concentrates hard; visualizing the god form appearing in the designated area. She concentrates so hard that she actually believes the god form is really there. An offering is made to the god form: incense, food, drink, etc. and then the Magickian makes her request to the god form. If the deity that has been evoked is hostile to the Magickian then a long process of negotiating and bargaining can follow.

Both Invocation and Evocation:
In group rituals it can be both entertaining and productive to combine Invocation with Evocation. One Magickian in the group volunteers to be the Invoker and invokes the god form into herself while the other Magickians interact with her as an Evoked god form. They make their requests to the Invoker and act as if she actually is a god.

How AC characters study for finals
  • Altaïr: *stares at the stack of papers* DESYNCHRONIZED
  • Malik: *tries to get Altaïr's shit together by repeatedly insulting him* NOVICE!!!
  • Ezio: *sexts his girlfriend*
  • Ezio text: [hey come over I'm going to fail this anyways lol]
  • Connor: *studies hard the whole night, watches puppy videos to relax*
  • Connor: I'm going to die :,)
  • Haytham: *doesn't need to study because this ass is a smart ass*
  • Lee: *procrastinates because knows that he's gonna cheat from Haytham tomorrow*
  • Hickey: *doesn't give a shit, drops out the day before finals are over*
  • Aveline: *crams material that isn't even on the final, but just in case*
  • Aveline: Imma learn all capitals of the world for this math exam....
  • Edward: alright, after studying hard for an hour, I'm going to take a shot of vodka...lets go
  • Edward: *gets drunk in 30 minutes*
  • Adewale: *tries to help Edward, gives up and drinks as well*
  • Shay: *betrays his study group, skips finals, decides to become a sailor*
  • Shay: fuck ya'll, imma swim to the sunset.
  • Arno: *consumes a large amount of baguettes in 15 minutes because he's nervous*
  • Arno: Ah merde, there are no questions about me. I'm going to fail.
  • Elise: *tries to study while watching Arno sob about his sorry ass*
  • Elise: ....why am I dating you again?
  • Evie: *studies hard af a month before finals, takes extra classes, barely leaves her room*
  • Jacob: :D lel where da party tho?
  • Henry: *joins to study with Evie just because he has a crush on her*
  • Henry inside: *^* she is so concentrated, omfg I want her now.
  • Starrick: *joins Haytham on the Smart Ass train*
  • Starrick: idgf, I've got money, ya'll can suck my d-

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beca is such a mom to emily. and i realized this after watching beca and benji's interaction when he arrived at the worlds championships after kissing emily. just beca's tone and how she acknowledged him i thought, aca-mom being protective of her aca-child

for sure!! one night emily goes out on a date with benji, when she comes back late at night to the bellas house she finds beca “casually” mixing stuff on the living room (and that’s totally weird because she knows beca doesn’t like to do that stuff on the living room because it’s always a mess with all the girls and she can’t concentrate enough, so it’s officially weird) and beca asks her about her date in full protective mood, emily just answers awkwardly everything and runs to her room. then of course she “”casually”” finds chloe coming out from her own room and she asks her 24654365 questions about the date and benji and basically everything because she’s so excited and emily is just so confused and amused at the same time

Unbreak My Heart


“I’ve fallen in love with you” She says through sobs. He looks over at her from his spot on the end of the bed, and just shakes his head.

“You can’t love me. We’ve been over this. I’m not the relationship type. We agreed this was nothing more than sex when this whole thing started between us” He simply replied, noticing more tears falling down her cheeks.

Wiping the tears off her cheeks with the sleeves of the sweatshirt she was wearing which happened to be his, she picked her head up, before her feet hit the ground. “Then we’re done here. Whatever this was is now over”

“You don’t mean that” His face suddenly fell, his whole body turning towards where she stood.

“I do mean it. We both knew something like this was going to happen, so I’m ending this now. When we’re at work, we act professional, other than that we have nothing to do with each other” She replied sniffling.

He shook his head. “Don’t do this”

“I didn’t do anything. I wanted to mean more to you then just a fuck buddy, but it’s clear that all you want is to run around and fuck everything that walks like a little boy. Grow up. I’m done with this, and I’m done with you” She added in, grabbing her bags, and taking a last look at the guy she’s fallen for, leaving him and her feelings for him behind.
That was a year ago, and Braylin Crawford could not be happier, with where she was in her life. She had asked for a leave of abscense for that time, just so she could get her head right. She had been at the performance center, working with the trainers, hoping to get back into ringshape. Working with the girls down at NXT Braylin not only got herself back to where she was, she also helped the other girls, moving them along in their training, with her being in the business for a little over 5 years.  Each day she had gotten back to her old self, leaving that depressed girl she had become in the past. The doctors had kept a close eye on her, making sure not only was she working on her ring technique, but most importantly, making sure she’s healthy.

A full year. That’s how long it took her to get back to the ring. It was currently Wrestlemania weekend, and she was set to return to the ring the Monday after Mania. No one knew she was making her return, and she decided to keep it a secret. Stepping out of the taxi, she paid fare, sent the taxi driver a quick smile, before shutting the door. With her suitcase handle in one hand, and her bag in the other, she made her quick entrance in to the building, where NXT Takeover Orlando, was being held that night. With a flash of her employee badge to the guard who stood by the door at the back of the arena, and the clacking of her heels on the floor beneath her, she was in.  Looking around she saw people running around, trying their best to  make sure everything was perfect for the show that night. Superstars and divas ran around the backstage area, putting the finishing touches on their ring gear, and going over last minute strategies before their matches. Pulling her suitcase along with her as she walked, making sure she didn’t get in to anyone’s way as she walked through the backstage area. Heading towards the lockerooms, she quickly waved hi to everyone working, before finding Triple H’s office. Knocking softly, she heard a very faint ‘Come In’, as she opened the door. Triple H was sitting at his desk, phone in hand, and he was writing something down on the pad in front of him. Braylin patiently waited, not wanting to inturrupt his phonecall. Leaning against the doorframe, Braylin looked around the office, her eyes stopping on a poster of him. The guy that broke her heart a year ago. It felt like he was smiling through her, so she decided to concentrate on something else.

Triple H hung up the phone and turned to the brunette standing in the doorway.
“Braylin what do I owe the pleasure of you visiting?” Triple H asked.

“Well, I’m sure you talked to the trainers, and also the doctors, and I was just wondering if it’s okay for me to return to the ring” Braylin simply replied, making her way into the office.

Hunter got up off his chair, and walked to where she stood. “I not only talked to the trainers, but the doctors as well, and I’m pretty sure, you’re cleared to return to the ring this Monday night on Raw” Hunter added in, with a smirk.
Braylin squealed, as she ran over to where Hunter was, and hugged him lightly. “Thank you so much Hunter. I really appreciate it”

“No need to thank me. I’m excited to see what you’ve been up to since last year. I’ll be in contact with you, when I get more details" Hunter simply said, as he put out his hand.

Braylin nodded, before shaking Hunter’s outstretched hand, and with another smile, she walked out of his office. Pulling her suitcase behind her, she walked the rest of the way down the hallway towards catering, where she saw some familiar faces. Liv Morgan sat in the table with Aliyah, and Ember Moon, caught up in their own conversation. Setting her suitcase against the wall Braylin walked towards the girls table, and cleared her throat.

“Hey girls. Room for one more?”

“Braylin!” Liv yelled jumping out of her seat and hugging the blonde with everything she had in her.

“Liv can’t breathe” Braylin replied with a giggle, as her friend let her go.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry” Liv quickly said pulling back from Braylin, as she was pulled into another hug with both Ember and Aliyah.

“What are you doing here?” Aliyah asked excitedly as the girls all sat back down at their table.

“Do you really think I was missing Takeover? I haven’t missed one in 3 years, and I’m not going to start now. I’m excited to watch ms. Ember kick some serious ass tonight” Braylin grinned, fist bumping Ember.

All 4 girls sat and chit chatted about what was going in their lives, catching up with each other. Braylin knew the subject of him who should not be named would be brought up, and Braylin secretly prayed the subject didn’t come up within the conversation.

“BC” Braylin heard from behind her.

Turning her head, she saw Johnny Gargano standing there with a grin on his face. “JGar” She replied standing up, before hugging him.

“What’s up Blondie?” Johnny asked, hugging her back.

“Came back to visit. Needed to come see if you can still wrestle” Braylin giggled.

“Ha Ha” Johnny rolled his eyes. “Catch up later?”

“Of course. Tell Candice I said hi, and that I miss her”

“Will do” Johhny quickly said, before leaving with his tag team partner. Braylin sat back down at the table, as her head looked towards the doorway, and a familiar face walked in. Braylin’s face fell, and she prayed he didn’t see her.  

Finn Balor walked in to the catering area with Shinskue Nakamura at his side. The 2 were enveloped in their conversation, when Finn locked eyed with Braylin. It had been a year since he’s seen her, and to say he missed her was an understatement. Finn turned to his friend, and said he’ll be right back, as he made his way over to where Braylin sat.

“Bray” Finn said softly.

“Hi Finn” Braylin replied with the same tone in her voice.

“You look good. It’s been awhile”

“Yeah it has. I should really get going. I have to get situated into my hotel. It was nice seeing you. I’ll see you girls later” Braylin told her friends, and then giving Finn an uneasy smile.

Walking slowly out of the catering room, Braylin grabbed her suitcase, and wheeled it behind her, dragging it down the hallway, away from everyone. Leaning against the wall, tears started to well up in her eyes, as her mind went wandering back to the memory of the days of her leaving Finn behind, and how it affected her.

The first couple of months she had a hard time at work. Her matches haven’t gone as well as she wanted them to. She would hibernate in her hotel room, not wanting to be around people. Her friends, and everyone in the company was worried about her. She was usually the happy go lucky girl that everyone loved, but people could see something was seriously wrong with her. She stopped eating, and spent as much time in the gym as she could, that sometimes she would make herself sick. The lack of sleep was getting to her, and her body was shutting down. Health officials took notice, before taking action when she passed out in the middle of a match with Bayley. Everyone in the arena, everyone backstage, and even the audience was stunned at the scene in front of them. As Braylin was being taking out on a stretcher, her best friend Sasha Banks, rushed to get into the ambulance with her. Braylin layed still, hooked up to wires, as her eyes were still tightly shut. Her mouth was slightly open, and her breathing was very ragged, but her chest was still steadily moving up and down.  After being taken to the hospital, she was given fluids, to keep her hydrated, and even though Braylin told Sasha to leave, and that she would be fine, Sasha objected, saying she would only leave if Braylin ate something. Braylin quickly agreed and ate soup and crackers to make Sasha happy.

Staying in the hospital for 5 days, Braylin was discharged when she was finally healthy enough to stand on her own.  The first couple days spent at home, was her mostly taking it easy, and sleeping alot to get her sleep schedule back on track. Sasha checked in on her reguarly, through facetime, text messages, and phonecalls. Eventually her eating habits came back, and she was moving forward, making her back to feeling like her old self. Finn had left several voicemails, along with tons of text messages, when she finally blocked his number, and all of his social media, so he had no way in contacting her, and that was that, because she hasn’t heard from him, and she kinda liked it that way.

Braylin didn’t think seeing Finn again would make her so upset, but here she was crying all alone in an empty hallway. The man she loved, and still did to this day walked over to her like nothing happened between them, and she was not sure she liked that. All Braylin knew was that on Monday, they would be co-workers once again.



Mark of NCT imagine // Why So Shy

Word count: 2624

Mark POV**

Ugh I failed this test again. Now I have to get a tutor to help me. Hopefully y/n can tutor me. No no no I would never get work done. But she is so pretty. It would be great if I had her. Then I can spend time with her.

“Mark, can I speak to you after class?” The teacher asked me. I just nodded and went through the rest of the class and this was my last class. I usually walk home so it didn’t matter if I stayed late. I noticed that y/n was packing her things up slower than normal. Maybe she was tired?

“Mark, you do remember that time we talked last week? Saying that the next time you were to fail a test in my class, you would need a tutor. I have already assigned you one.” Oh no please don’t say it while y/n is here. I don’t want her to know that I am not that good at school. “Y/n, please step over here for a moment. Y/n is your tutor.” She just looked at me a smiled with a comforting look on her face. Great now she knows.

“She is the best in this science class and she will be helping you out with this topic. She will continue to do so until you can prove to me that you are learning sufficiently. You guys can sort out what time you want to meet up, just make sure that it is at least once a week. Now go on home you two.” He dismissed us and she struggled to put her backpack on. It looks really heavy. As soon as I had decided that I should help her, she got it on.

“Mark, I can’t meet up today because I haven’t told my parents yet. But if tomorrow works for you, I can stay here until 4.” My face got red because I was thinking about hanging out with her, and about the teasing I would get from the rest of NCT for getting a tutor who is my crush. I thought about after school tomorrow for a second and realized that I wouldn’t be able to find a way home tomorrow because Taeyong would have to leave due to schedule. But I don’t want to have to hold her back from a friday night.

“Oh uh, I don’t think I could stay after tomorrow because if I did, I wouldn’t be able to get a ride.” I explained, she just nodded as she understood.

“How about I come over to your dorm. If you are okay with that. The dorm area isn’t that far from my house and I could just walk home.” All I could do was just nod. I pushed the front door open and walked out of the school. We ended up walking home together because it was such a nice day. It was silent and I felt sorry for her because I was being so awkward. I just can’t stop thinking about tomorrow after school.

–time skip–

The end of the day finally came and now y/n if coming over to the dorms. Only a few of the members will be there. But I don’t think that Chenle, Haechan and Jisung would stay very quiet for long. They always yell at each other and play around and keep yelling. I just really hope that they would stay quiet. The walk to the dorm was quiet and awkward after we got out of the car and then it was just like when we had walked after school yesterday. We reached the final pathway to reach the dorm. She suddenly spoke up.

“So how many of your members will be there? If some are there, is it okay if I meet them?” Why on earth would she want to meet my annoying members? I got out my phone real quick and messaged them saying to make sure they looked presentable and that we were going to be arriving in a minute. I got teasing in response.

We walked into the dorm to see Chenle and Jisung playing some game and Haechan had his headphones in while playing on his phone. They didn’t seem to notice us yet. Y/n had taken off her shoes and we walked to the kitchen table and set our backpacks down. She sat down right next to me and started pulling her notes and textbook out.

“I am going to stay here until we finish this whole packet together. There are 3 pages front and back and yes it will take a long time with me teaching you. But we have to do this. I would be able to get this done in study hall. I will work on this and you do what you know and tell me when you are finished, okay?” She told me. Ugh this packet is going to be the death of me. I don’t really recognize half of this stuff.

“Hyung! How long will you be studying? Can I join?” Chenle walked in. If they bother us we will never get anything done.

“No Chenle, I need to get this done. She is probably going to be here for a while. This is y/n she is a noona to all of you guys.”

“Will she be here long because you are stupid?” Haechan asked while walking in.

“Now Haechan Hyung, don’t say that to Mark hyung.” Jisung defended me.

“Okay so these are the only members that are here. You see them and you have met them now they can go.” I said annoyed.

“Oh sorry guys, you can’t join us because this is all for grades higher than yours. Plus I think Mark here wants to get it done quickly. But that’s okay. If you ever do need help with anything I can help you later or another day.” She told them, she is so kind.

“Even my math?” Jisung asked quietly with a blush. Oh he better not start to like her.

“Even you math. I can help with English, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, language arts, physics, astronomy, algebra, geometry, biology, zoology, history, social studies, psychology, chemistry, art, music, nothing in gym besides dancing. I can do most subjects. But any history or science or language arts bases topics I can do the best.”

“Wow, do you ever really have time to yourself? You seem to know so much. Are you any good with computer science? Because I kin-” I interrupted Haechan.

“I am. Here is my number so you can message me.” She gave her number to the boys, but not me. Why?! She is supposed to be tutoring me! They all walked away and went to their rooms.

About 30 minutes later I finished what I could do and she was like ⅔ done with the packet. She looked so concentrated. But I need to get help now. Oh but she is so pretty. The light is going down but the light appears gold on her skin. Everything in this room looks gold and sparkly and magical. Stop it Mark just ask her for help.

“Uh Mark, are you done? You have been sitting there doing nothing for a couple minutes.” I nodded. I only got 12 questions done out of 40. She scooted closer to me and I felt my cheeks heat up as her arm brushes against mine.

“Okay so let’s start with page one. I personally find these quite easy.” She started.

“Yeah, um I am sorry because I am not very smart and I just couldn’t pay attention that day a-and um… yeah. I’m just not good at this.” She looked up from the paper at me. She gently set her hand on my shoulder and I blushed even more.

“No Mark, it’s just that some people are not as good at doing things as other people are. Just like you are good at rapping, I am good with this. Not everyone is the same.” Oh gosh she just complimented me. Do I say thank you or should I like try to actually work. I think she just wants to work because she had gotten back to the paper.

“Okay so this is the atomic symbol, if they have the dots around it, it is a Lewis Dot Structure. Now the element Argon would have 8 dots around it because it is in the 8th column and…” she kept explaining to me but I kind of stopped listening. I just found myself staring at her and biting my lips.

“Right, so the column that the element is in, that’s how many dots there are around the atomic symbol?” She nodded and smiled. I did the rest of the front page. She was so good at explaining things because I was able to understand it well. She explained the next page to me and then let me do it. And the ones I got wrong she would go back and made sure that I understood before we moved on. She would be such a good teacher.

It was getting late and I was trying to quiet the sounds of my stomach but to no avail. I should eat some food. I wonder if she is hungry. Oh but we don’t really have any food here. My stomach needs to shut up.

“Mark I think we should go and get some food, don’t you think? You sound pretty hungry. Come on, I know this little Thai place to get some food from. The servings are quite big there so we wouldn’t have to get much. We could also just walk because it’s not that far. And I have enough money.”

“Oh no no no. You shouldn’t have to pay. I will. Come on, let’s go get some food.” We got to the place and the food came out quickly. We got some drinks and I paid and then we went back to the dorm. By the time we got to the dorm it was pretty much almost dark out. We have been studying for quite a bit. She needs to go home and rest.

About 2 painful hours later we were almost done and it was dark out. I wish she didn’t waste so much time on me. But I mean like, she did stay just for me. Stop being so selfish, she had to stay and tutor me because I am so stupid. I should stop thinking that I am able to be with her. She probably doesn’t even like me like that.

“Okay Mark, here we go. The last page. Then I get to stop bothering you and go home.” She laughed. Wow her laugh was so great.

“Oh, no you’re not bothering me at all! I enjoy you being here. I-I mean that I like you. YOUR HELP! I LIKE THAT YOU ARE HELPING ME! Not I like you. I mean I like you, no I mean…Ugh I am sorry. Thanks for helping me study I guess is what I was trying to say.” I stuttered, why can’t I say anything right around her? I probably looked like a tomato right now because I was blushing so much and I was so nervous.

“Hahaha no it’s okay! Don’t be sorry. We will just finish the last page okay. And then you should get some rest.” She looked into my eyes and brought her hand up to my cheek slowly and turned my head a little bit. Oh shit she it touching my face. I can’t stop looking at her lips. Should I kiss her? Should I not? Why are her cheeks pink?

“Uhm, I will try to hurry through this last page because you look tired, and um I should be getting home soon.” She took her hand away from my face and I could barely look her in the eyes. I have to turn away from her for a second.

“Uh uhm, I am going t-to the bathroom. I’ll be right back.” I darted out of there as fast as I could. I just tried to breath normally but I just couldn’t I need to know if she has feelings for me. But I am so scared. What if she doesn’t like me back. But she blushed when she touch my face. Not it was just hot in the room. Or maybe it was just me. Because when I am around her I get so nervous that my whole body gets hot and my heart stops when she says my name. I just can’t not tell her how I feel. I like her way to much to just let her go and probably find someone else. I mean I have already seen her with someone else. I remember how sad I got because she didn’t like me. UGH I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!

Tears of frustration started welling up in my eyes. I wiped them away and I was getting ready to walk out the door. I opened it and I heard her voice. Was she talking to herself? Did one of the guys come out of their rooms? I looked around the corner and saw her on the phone.

“Yeah Unnie, I will be home soon. Maybe an hour… I already had dinner… Just some Thai food… I think the tutoring is going well… Oh it is with Mark… Yes Unnie that Mark… No I haven’t and I can’t. Listen I have to go okay. Bye.” I walked over and sat back down.

I purposely pretended to get the questions wrong so she can help me with them and stay longer. She was so beautiful when she was explaining things to me. Her smile and the way she laughs. Her eyes glisten and light up when I finally get a question right. She is so smart and kind and funny and just- gah so amazing. I love the way she explains the problems with things that I already understand instead of just throwing new stuff at me. The last page was done in no time and when I saw the last question answered my heart dropped. Now she has to go home.

“Look, I am sorry for making you work so late. I just think that it is best to get it out of the way now rather than taking up your whole weekend. I will have a study guide made for you by Sunday. It will take some time for me to create it. I have to go now.” She said while packing up her things.

“Wait y/n, I will walk you home. It is dark out.” My stomach got butterflies as she pushed a piece of her hair out of the way.

“No, please don’t. I will be okay.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I mean I only live like a street over. I guess that I will be going now. Goodbye Mark.” She stood on her toes and gave me a hug and my face turned red. I felt her slip something into my pocket. I pulled it out and it was her number. I opened the door back up and called to her outside.

“Y/n is this why you wanted to walk alone? Just a creative way for you to give me your number?”

“Yes, that and if I get caught with you at my house, my mom would go crazy.” I laughed out loud. I covered my mouth from my embarrassing laugh.

“Don’t stop laughing. I think your laugh is cute, just like you.” I almost fainted. She called me cute! I giggle and waved then closed the door. Man she is amazing.

~Admin Ellie

His Favorite Scent

This is also posted on Fanfiction.Net and AO3.

Pairing: RoyxRiza
Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff, Humor.
Word Count: 1207
Written for the prompt: “You smell nice.”
Summary: Roy gets hurt on a mission and Riza carries him to safety, but he says something that throws her off and makes her wonder about the meaning behind his words.


The mission wasn’t supposed to go this way. He wasn’t supposed to get hurt.

Hawkeye grit her teeth and trudged forward, Mustang’s body heavy on her back. The warmth of his blood seeping into her clothes spread like a fractal spiderweb across her shoulder blades. He was losing too much blood too fast and, if his unconscious state was any indication, he needed medical attention soon or he wouldn’t be coming back from this. He had only been shot in the shoulder, but the bullet must have hit some sort of vital judging by the amount of blood pumping out of his wound and into her uniform.

The thought of losing him drove Riza forward, pushing through the pain from her own wounds, spiking up her side whenever she stepped too hard on her right leg. She was concentrating so hard on moving him to safety as fast as possible that she barely noticed when he moved a bit, his eyes cracking open ever so slightly. He moved his face to bury it into the fabric at her neck and nuzzled her, inhaling deeply. Riza definitely felt that and faltered in her step.

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Y ppl are saying that DOB didn't put as much effort as Holland in the 6x10 kiss and after they kissed his expression are more like annoyed than emotional? P.S I don't think like this but after reading that analysis of kiss I couldn't help but wonder on DOB part. BUT FUCK DOB SUCKED HOLLAND'S LOWER LIP SO HARD😍😍😍😍

so fun story: i sent a snapchat of it to my sister when the kiss happened and she was like “it looks like shes doing a good job but i dont know about him” but then i made her watch it again in HD and she ended up doing an in depth analysis of it and she wanted me to record her and post her on tumblr

that actually didnt really have to do with anything i just wanted to share that LMAO

but NOooO i s2g i think its because you cant see stiles’ hands so it looks like hes just standing there. but when you watch it his face is literally just pure emotion hes so concentrated. shes more into it physically i think but he’s just all emotion like he’s so caught up in it he doesn’t even know whats happening. and thats kinda how i would picture them kissing anyway? lydia being all up in it and stiles just in disbelief. and the way he subconsciously chases her mouth when she takes a sec to sob WILL ALWAYS END ME :’)

To be lonely

I just watched the Lego Batman movie, and how funny it is when a kids movie hits you right where it hurts. For those who haven’t seen the movie don’t worry I won’t spoil it. I am just going to say that the theme of loneliness is explored, so I felt inspired to write this, usign Jason Todd. Hope you like it and excuse the grammar. Good night :) 

It had been a while since Jason visited the Batcave, truth to be told, he did everything he could to avoid it, too many memories; but tonight he needed to talk with Bruce, something was going to happen in Gotham and whether he liked it or not the help of the Batman was required. It was late but still too early to find Bruce at the Batcave, more likely he was patrolling; Jason thought he should be doing the same, he should be helping Kori and Roy with the investigation of this new threat but tonight was one of those nights. Sometimes Jason just needed to be alone. There were days were all the noise in his head became too much to bare and being around people didn’t really help, but ironically being alone also didn’t help either, but when he felt like that it was easier to be alone. Usually he would just wander around the city until he found a place high enough to get away of all the stridency of the city, put on his earphones and loose himself in the music for a while until it was time to go back to reality. And even though the Batcave was full of memories he tried very hard to ignore, right now he needed the shelter of better times. Once he mocked Alfred’s sentimentality, his knack of nostalgia and his predisposition for keeping memorabilia, back then he didn’t know that he wasn’t that different. He was standing in front of his old Robin suit, and right beside it a picture of him and Bruce, a picture that commemorated his first night as Robin, taken of course by Alfred himself. Jason’s thoughts were interrupted by music. American money by Borns, that was odd, Alfred’s taste in music was excellent but it wasn’t much actualized, and definitely that was not Bruce. He followed the music and it lead him to the supercomputer. There he found (y/n), the new Oracle since Barbara returned to be Batgirl; she was working on her own laptop, she must have connected it to the speakers of the supercomputer for the music was too loud to be coming from the laptop, she was drinking whisky, neat. That surprised him, (y/n) didn’t look like a girl that drinks specially a neat whisky. He didn’t know her very well, but regardless, he liked her because she was one of the few people inside the bat circle that didn’t harass him; she let him be.

He approached her but the music was so loud and she was so concentrated in her work that she didn’t hear him so when she saw him she got startled and almost dropped the whisky on her laptop. When she recovered herself she turned down the volume, she debated between hiding the bottle of whisky or to just leave it there, he had seen it anyways so she left it there, still she felt embarrassed.

“Um, hi Jason… can I help you?” Said (y/n).

“I am waiting for Bruce actually”.

“Oh, ok”. (y/n) looked extremely uncomfortable, clearly she didn’t know what to do or say. Barbara had told him that she was nice, but too serious and shy, she needed to establish enough trust with someone to show her true colors, before that she was plain awkward. So he decided to soothe her uneasiness.

“That’s a cool song, you like Borns?”

“I like this song, and Electric love too”.

“So you only like those two song of Borns?”

“It’s just that I am more of a song person more than an artist person”.

“I get it”. Jason was looking at the bottle of whisky, (y/n) noticed it and blushed, and actually her face was full on red.

“Don’t worry I won’t tell, can I have a glass?”

“Sure”. (y/n) took another glass and poured the liquor. “Do you take it neat?”

“Neat is fine, thanks”. Jason smiled at her.

That smile made him look younger, Jason rarely smiled; (y/n) hadn’t seen Jason a lot of times but when she did he never smiled. It was a nice smile but it disconcerted her, why was he being nice to her? He barely knew her.

“Where is Alfred?” Asked Jason.

“He went to sleep, he felt tired. If you don’t mind me asking, how did you entered the cave without being detected?”

“The security system it’s still the same, when I was Robin Bruce thought me how to activate and deactivate it”.

In that case, she had to talk with Bruce about upgrading the system, if he could enter than someone else might be able to do it.

“What are you working on?” He doubt she would tell him, nevertheless he asked, just to keep the conversation going.

“I am… investigating on the recent events that have been going on, of the people that has been under the influence of some substance that has made them hallucinate of strange figures and attack other people”.

Good, they were working on it. “Any idea who is doing it?”

“No, I hope that when Bruce comes back he will have a lead, or new evidence”.

He nod, and drunk his whisky. For a while he drunk in silence and (y/n) put the music back on and went back to work. Jason enjoyed her taste in music, it went from The Killers to Jimmy eat world, Artic Monkeys, Adele, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, MØ, and even Drake and Daddy Yankee, who would have thought.

He liked this, the silent company. It was a nice change, Kori and Roy were good friends but sometimes he found them overwhelming; he was grateful for them, he would never admit it though. But they were rarely quiet and were always trying to make him talk when he didn’t want to, and right now she was giving him what he wanted without even knowing. Curiosity sparked within him; what was she doing here at this time of the night? Did she have a family or friends? He didn’t want to make assumptions but she seemed to be a lonely person. Loneliness wasn’t something new to him or in the super hero world, but she was a normal person who could live a normal life. Then why did she look so lonely?

“(y/n) hope you don’t mind, but can I ask you something?”

(y/n) felt wary at this turn of events. What could he possibly want to know? Jason Todd intimidated her; she was not afraid of him, she didn’t believe that he would hurt her, it was just that he was so… astounding. So secure of himself, so strong and imposing, like nothing could put him down; it was admirable and also intimidating.

Even so she found herself saying: “Yes”.

“Why are you here? I mean, don’t you have someone waiting for you at home or somewhere else to be?”

Of all the things he could have asked those were the least expected. And she didn’t expect them to hurt this much. Dumbstruck, she did what she always did when she couldn’t answer a question: Respond whit another question.

“Why do you ask?”

“Well, it’s Friday night and even though and invisible threat it’s looming upon Gotham, I think there is still time to enjoy, and no offense but you are not a metahuman, a vigilante, a police officer, or a…”.

“Hero?” She finished for him.

“Yeah. So why are you here?”

She could have counteract by asking him the same thing, wasn’t he supposed to be patrolling as well? That was her common response, to be defensive when she felt attacked or questioned. But she didn’t find anything insulting in Jason’s tone, he was honestly curious, it was like he was saying instead: If I were you, I wouldn’t be here, I would be anywhere else with my love ones, enjoying myself… living; you can afford that, why are you here instead?

It was a valid reasoning, she had asked that to herself; so she answered honestly.

“I don’t have nowhere else to be; my family is not here in Gotham, which I am grateful for and making friends it’s not my strong suit, so here I am”. She wasn’t going to tell him about her self-esteem issues, of how she felt that if somebody got to know her for who she really was, she wouldn’t be love; he could figure that out himself he was smart. Her tone came out defensive, she didn’t intent to but she couldn’t help it, at least it was an honest response.

“I am not judging, honestly, I am a reserved person to”.

She gave him a look that said No shit Sherlock. God, how many whiskies had she drank? She was feeling less and less nervous and more like herself. Sad that she required alcohol to be herself.

And how many whiskies he had? She doubt he was a lightweight. He seemed quite loose.

Anticipating what she was thinking he said. “It’s just that… don’t think that I am presuming of knowing you, but you seemed to me like a person that like me, is lonely, and the only person that I know that is like that is Bruce… and I wonder why do we do that? Why do we isolate ourselves? Why are we so afraid of establishing connections? Do you ever ask yourself this questions?”

Boy, he was more intense than what she believed.

She could have excused herself or simply denied to answer his questions, she didn’t own him anything. But she could tell that he longed for answers and maybe she wasn’t the correct person to give him those; yet, she could calm his worries.

“Jason, don’t be so hard on yourself. Your isolation, and Bruce’s, are normal. You guys have gone through very difficult situations, you’ve been hurt, let down multiple times; nobody can blame you for doing that, and you are protecting yourself, who wouldn’t? Your behavior is justified. But me, I have no excuse. I have a family, but I keep them away for reasons I cannot understand, if I wanted to I could be in a relationship or to have friends, still I don’t. I have no excuse. So don’t feel bad, you are not wrong”.

Now Jason was the one who was dumbstruck. No one had ever tell him something like that: That his feelings weren’t incorrect. For once in a long time he felt understood. (y/n) looked at edge, he had touched a nerve, he meant no harm, and he hoped she knew that.  

“I better go, it’s getting late, and Bruce will be here soon”. (y/n) wanted to leave, she had said more than she intended to.

“I’ll accompany you”. Jason offered.

“No need, but thank you, you can have the rest of bottle if you want”.

She quickly gathered her stuff and before leaving she wish him a good night and left before he could say anything else.

How strange was to find someone that had an idea of what he felt; he wanted to tell her to also not be too hard on herself. Positively, she likely hadn’t gone through the same things than him and Bruce had gone, but he heard so much sorrow when she spoke those words to him. She had gone through some things as well, that was obvious. He wanted to tell her to not lessen her pain, which was unfair. Next time, he would tell her that she made him felt less alone. Something he didn’t believe that could happen.


Lonely - Wonwoo angst

Originally posted by the8ght

For my oldest friend, and her only kpop bias <3



“Fuck off Vernon. I don’t want to see her. She almost fucking killed me!”

“Wonwoo, can’t you just-”

“Look at me! Look at what she did to me!” Wonwoo screamed.

You stifled your sobs, pressing your fist to your mouth so no noise would escape.

It had been an accident. Of course it had. You were in your car, heading towards the Pledis building near lunchtime, when suddenly Wonwoo had said something that had rubbed you the wrong way, and had started a heated argument. For a while, you relationship had been strained and it took only a matter of time until the two of you exploded; you just wished it hadn’t been then. You hated not looking at him whilst the both of you were speaking, but you kept your eyes firmly on the road in front of you, not willing to risk your lives simply through a spat.

But you still made a mistake. You were parked at a red light in a junction, and you turned to face him, eyes burning into each others. You just sat, staring, and you were so enveloped in each other that you didn’t see the truck flying out of control towards your car until it was too late.

A loud smashing noise, tyres screeching and voices yelling.

A sharp, splitting pain across the front of your face.


Now there you were, sitting in a hospital room connected to Wonwoo’s, listening to him swear he hated you because you were behind the wheel when the truck came flying into your stationary car.

Now there you were, completely blind. The doctors didn’t know when your vision would come back to you, if it ever would again, and all you could do was sit there, listening to everything around you.

Maybe you deserved to be blind, for what you did to Wonwoo. You might not have been able to see what you did to his face, but he certainly could, and judging by his manner and the hesitation his band members used when talking to him, it wasn’t pretty.

You jumped about five feet into the air when you felt a hand on yours, ripping your limb away from the side of the bed you had felt the touch come from.

“Shit, sorry- Y/N! It’s just me!” the voice hissed and you immediately calmed, hands blindly searching for those of your closest friend. His hands clasped around yours quickly, bringing them up to his mouth and placing a series of quick, gentle kisses on your knuckles. “You scared the shit out of me, you know that, right?”

“It’s not like I wasn’t startled too.”

Woozi laughed, letting go of your hand and you heard him pull the chair up next to you.

“How-” you started, voice suddenly incredibly dry. Clearing your throat, you started again. “How is he?”
He sighed heavily, and your heart sunk.

“I’ll be honest, he’s not good. There’s a lot of scarring on his face and body, but nothing major. We don’t think it’ll be permanent either, you know, with all the products that fade scars and stuff.”

You nodded, slightly eased by what he said at the end. Still, you couldn’t stop the crushing, suffocating guilt that weighed down on your shoulders.

You had physically marred your boyfriend - ex-boyfriend - in a freak accident that had also stolen your vision and thus, your self confidence amongst everything else.

“Right,” you coughed. “And me? What’s happening with my face?”

Woozi said nothing, only leaning forward to press a tiny little kiss to your forehead.

“Nothing at all. You’re absolutely beautiful.”

Woozi was such a liar. When he had left, promising to visit again tomorrow, you had immediately asked the first nurse that walked through the door who had come to change the dressings around your head.

“Hey, can I ask you something?” you asked tentatively and she slowed down her work so she could concentrate on both you and her job.

“Of course you can.”

“What’s my face like? What’s the scarring like?”

She sucked in a breath, staying quiet as she removed the last of the bandages.


You held your breath, waiting for the answer that would shatter your world.

“… Not brilliant, I’ll be honest with you. They’re not as bad as it could be, but they’ll definitely scar.”

“Okay. And my sight?”

“We don’t know yet.”

She wrapped a clean bandage firmly around your head, knotting it tightly at the side so it wouldn’t cause discomfort whilst you tried to sleep, and then she left you. Alone.

You were sure that if you hadn’t been emotionally and mentally drained then you would have sat up all night, pondering the idea of being blind for the rest of your life and the thought that you would never have Wonwoo again.

You were out before your head hit the pillow.

The next morning, the pain you hadn’t realised you were in had settled into a dull throb with a burning itch, but you were becoming used to the everlasting darkness already. You could feel around your face when the nurses and doctors weren’t in your room, fingertips lingering longer than they should have on the several scars and gashes that weren’t bad enough to be stitched or bandaged up.
The nurse was right, they weren’t as bad as they could have been. You figured that you were lucky, until you remembered that your eyes had taken the worst hit.

You didn’t like being blind.

Woozi gently spooned some soup into your mouth, careful not to spill any of the boiling hot liquid down your front as he had done so previously. You swallowed, moving slightly away from him as you felt the spoon nearing your mouth again.

“Woozi…” you started, and you heard him shuffle in his seat, placing the bowl and cutlery on the tray that the nurse had served it on.

“Yeah?” he asked, voice sounding slightly scratchy before he cleared it, taking your hand in his.

Before your accident, skinship between the two of you had been relatively limited, but now he wasn’t shying away from taking your hand into his, kissing your knuckles or your forehead, plumping your pillows or pestering doctors and nurses about your condition when he thought you weren’t able to hear.

Your accident had scared Woozi more than he was letting on, and you couldn’t help but feel even more guilty for causing him so much grief and for being such a burden to him. You just had to say something.

“I’m sorry.”

The burning in your eyes intensified, and it took you all of thirty seconds before you realised you were tearing up under these bandages and it wasn’t just some side effect of your accident.

He cleared his throat again, and when he spoke, his voice was broken and full of a raw emotion that you had never heard before.

“Me too Y/N.”

“I mean it. I’m sorry for being in that car. I’m sorry for being there at that exact moment. I’m sorry for getting in that accident and I’m sorry for almost dying,” you were sobbing this time, the sounds leaving your lips like the untuned notes of a broken instrument. “I’m sorry for almost taking away two of your best friends.”

His lips were pressed against your hand again, soft, lingering, and even though no words were said, you understood everything.


It took you two weeks and the earth shattering news that your eyesight would never come back until you were let out of the hospital. With Woozi firmly by your side, your hand pulled into the crook of his elbow, and your right hand wrapped tightly around the white cane you were newly trained to use, you walked into the sunlight and almost basked in the heat you had missed.

You hadn’t asked many questions about Wonwoo, just the important ones. You knew that his belligerent attitude had faded somewhat, and he had been let out of hospital a week before you. When you had asked Woozi if he had asked after you, his silence said enough.

You didn’t mind that though, but you just thought that the two of you had been through enough together for him to at least care about your condition. Evidently not.

When Woozi unlocked the door, guiding you through the doorframe of you apartment, you inhaled deeply, the familiar smell of your home calming your nerves and making you internally rejoice; shortly, you would be reunited with your bed and you would be able to sleep off the previous two weeks of restless nights with a tear-soaked pillow.

You left the cane next to the door, knowing your apartment well enough that you didn’t need the inanimate object or Woozi for you to get to your kitchen without fault and pour yourself a glass of water.

“It’s like you’re not even blind.” the boy said, coming up behind you and getting his own.

“I wish. I’m going to be completely unsuspecting when my foot goes flying towards a doorframe or a table.”

“I hope I’m not around when that happens.”

It was a comfortable silence for a few moments, the both of you completely content in just each others company with no words.

You had missed the ticking of the your clock on your kitchen wall, and the faraway hum of traffic on the main road a short distance from your apartment. You had missed the quiet muffled noise of the bass from the music of your neighbor’s teenager, and the frequent frantic barking of dogs in your neighbourhood. Never before had home sounded so beautiful to you.

“You should to go to practise.” you mumbled, placing your glass lightly in the washing up bowl.

“I should.” he agreed, though he made no movement to leave.

“Are you going to?”

“I don’t want to.”

“Why?” you questioned, surprised. The Woozi you knew loved being in that practise room, working with Seungcheol, Mingyu and Wonwoo on the latest song. He loved staying in the studio for days on end, without food and sleep, working on the next hit song and writing lyrics with the rest of his unit. He loved spending time with his members, and he wouldn’t give it up for the world.

“You need me more.”

Perhaps you had forgotten that you were his world.


It was another three weeks until you saw him. He knocked on your door once, twice, three times before you made it to the door, swinging it open.

A questionable decision, on your part; you couldn’t see who it was and whether they were friend or foe. The stranger brushed past you into your home and you whirled, the expression adorning your face one of utmost outrage.

“What the-”

That was when you smelt him.

During all of your years with Wonwoo, the countless hours you spent wrapped up in his arms, you had memorised him. You knew all of the angles of his face and body, you knew the emotion behind all of his expressions, you knew all his deepest thoughts and heaviest secrets, you knew what he was going to say before he said it, you knew his scent and his touch and his presence.

There was no way you were mistaken.

“Wonwoo?” you whispered, wishing for the millionth time that the darkness coating your most important sense would dissipate for even just a moment so you could look up at him for the last time. So you could look up into his eyes, see the burning hatred and know, finally, that the two of you were over forever.

“Y/N.” he said, voice as hard and as cold as ice.

You nearly flinched, and you would have, had you not been expecting his unfriendliness.

You exhaled slowly, turning away and shutting the door behind you. You brushed past him, almost feeling the anger radiating from him, heading towards the kitchen. You didn’t have to tell him for him to follow you.

You momentarily thanked your lucky stars that you had thought to put on sunglasses when you woke up this morning, in case Vernon had decided to visit you again; though he hadn’t said it, and you couldn’t see it yourself, you knew the appearance of your eyes was ghastly enough to make him uncomfortable. You didn’t want Wonwoo to feel that around you ever, as standoffish and angry he was.

“Would you like something to drink?” you asked, expecting him to reject you and start screaming disgusting, vindictive words at you. He surprised you.

“Mm. Just water.”

You hated this. You hated this unfamiliar, formal feeling that Wonwoo was giving you. Why the hell were you offering a drink to someone who lived here for three years, as if you were a host to some uncomfortable meeting? Why the hell were you so afraid of what the person you were in love with was going to say?

You reached for the handle of the cupboard where the glasses were, missing it the first time and scrambling around for it before you found it, pulling the cupboard open and gently inching your hand into the cupboard so you didn’t knock any glasses out of the cupboard.

Something told you that Wonwoo wouldn’t be sticking around to help you clean up.

Finally, after some struggling which was left unaided, you held the glass of water out in front of you somewhere into the kitchen, waiting for him to take it. When he did, he was careful not to touch you, as if you had some contagious disease and he didn’t want to risk catching it. He didn’t thank you either, and the both of you stood there in a silence so impenetrable it was as if a physical force was holding your mouth together.

“I’m here on behalf of Han Seongsu.”

You weren’t expecting that.

Maybe it was a sign of how far your relationship had fallen, for his reason to be here to be on his boss’s orders. Did he really despise you that much? Did he really think so little of you now, because of an accident that was completely out of your control?

“Why?” you questioned, wondering what you had done that was worth the CEO’s attention.

“He’s concerned about your involvement with one of the members of Seventeen. Said member’s work ethic has dropped considerably since an incident over a month back involving yourself.”

You couldn’t believe what you were hearing.

“Han Seongsu would like to let you know that measures will be taken to limit your involvement with this member-”


“Excuse me?”

“Say his damn name if you’re going to talk about him like this.”

There was a brief silence, and you knew that he was staring at you with the intensity only Wonwoo could convey with a mere gaze.

“Fine,” he said, teeth noticeably gritted. “Measures will be taken to limit your involvement with Woozi because he’s noticeably distracted and has taken to abandoning his practises to come and visit you.”

“And what measures will these be?”

“Woozi’s workload will be increased.”

What?!” you screeched.

You couldn’t fucking believe this. Not only was Vernon already working triple what he should be, without pay, they were planning on making him work more just so he would stop seeing you? You had never been so disgusted in your entire life.

“And you’re okay with this?” you demanded of Wonwoo.

A split second hesitation. It was barely anything, but it was enough for you to know that Wonwoo hated the idea of making his best friend work even harder than he already did.

“I see. Well you go back to your precious Han Seongsu,” you spat his name like he was dirt. “To come and tell me himself and stop pussyfooting around me with you. And you can tell him exactly what I think of him and his stupid ideas too.”


“Get out of my apartment, Wonwoo. You’ve taken everything from me now, I have nothing else for you.”


“Y/N…” Woozi whispered down the receiver. “Have you heard?”

“Yeah.” you murmured, eyes burning with tears again at his voice. He sounded panicked, upset, stressed, conflicted.

There was nothing you could do about it.


“Wonwoo paid me a visit.”


“I’m going to fucking kill him.”

“Woozi no-!”

He had hung up.

The next morning, news of yours and Wonwoo’s accident had spread all over the magazines and newspapers and online tabloids. Whilst they didn’t know your name, they knew of your existence and your role in the accident. They all blamed you too, according to Minghao after you had coerced it out of him, who was settled comfortably on your sofa one day.

He was a welcome distraction from Woozi’s sudden constant absence, and he was ever such a sweetheart. When you asked him to tell you the truth, he did begrudgingly.

You just wished the truth wasn’t so terrible.

“Actually, I don’t know how they found out, Wonwoo’s scars have basically all disappeared. They weren’t that deep, and with a bit of makeup on top you can’t see them at all.”

“Han Seongsu must have told the press.” you muttered angrily, passing Minghao a cup of tea he asked for, seating yourself on the sofa next to him.

“Han Seongsu? My boss?” he asked, blowing gently on the hot liquid before slurping it.

“Yeah. He sent Wonwoo to my apartment to get me to stay away from Vernon, and he said that ‘measures would be taken’ to get Woozi to stop coming here.”

“Wait, what?”


“This is the plot of a drama, isn’t it? Are you being serious?” Minghao asked, and you could feel his stare on your face.

You sighed.

“I really, honestly wish this was all just a horrible nightmare and I’ll wake up in Wonwoo’s arms, with my sight back and everything. I’d do anything.”

Minghao was quiet, thinking about what you’ve just said.

“Y/N, you’re okay, right?”

It was such a simple question, one that people ask millions of times a day. All over the world, in thousands of different tongues, people ask how others are, either in passing, or sitting there together. The answer was one of two things; yes, or no. You were either okay, or you weren’t. As simple as.

Were you okay?

You didn’t even know anymore.

The nights were the worst. Woozi had always left by about six in the evening, and Minghao and Hoshi couldn’t stay any longer than that now that the two of them were keeping you company. Whilst you were in the hospital you didn’t seem to understand how much having no sight was going to affect you.

You couldn’t do anything. You couldn’t read, or write, or paint, or just sit in the window and watch the people walking by in the streets below you. You couldn’t leave the apartment on your own and you couldn’t do your makeup, you didn’t know what clothes you were putting on, you could barely use your phone. You couldn’t do anything.

Perhaps that’s why you felt yourself fading away, piece by piece. You stopped getting dressed. You stopped answering the door to Minghao and Hoshi, and eventually, they stopped knocking. You stopped answering your phone and you stopped eating. You didn’t get out of bed and you didn’t shower.

You just stopped existing.

With you being unable to see, or do much of anything, it was too easy to think too much about things you shouldn’t be thinking about.

You thought of Woozi, and how much of a burden you had become on him. Not only did he go out of his way to visit you every single day, or stay over after your accident, but now he had to do so much extra work because the two of you were friends. You were a shitty excuse of a person and Vernon must have been so much more content without having to visit you everyday and have to look at you, rendered completely helpless by your disability. Hell, you wouldn’t want to see that.

Your mind was clouded with thoughts of Wonwoo too and how much you had done to him. Yes, your car was stationary, and yes, you had no control over where the truck was going to hit, but you had been behind the wheel. You had been the one to drive him to that exact location and you had been the one to insist on driving him to work that morning. It was entirely your fault, and you were reminded of your mistake everyday when you opened your eyes but you were still faced with the impenetrable blackness.
Without him right there by your side constantly, you had to adjust to living without him, and it was hard. You missed falling asleep in his arms and you missed your cute coffee dates every week. You missed going to the dorm or practise room to surprise him with a visit and food. You missed looking around at all the pictures of the two of you on the walls and propped on every surface and smiling at all the happy memories.

You missed being his. You missed it so much, and it was even harder to recall the awkward, forced way he spoke to you the other day.

He didn’t miss you at all. He wasn’t thinking about you at all. He didn’t care about you anymore, and he certainly didn’t love you.

Whilst you were completely helpless, unable to see at all and completely useless in everything you did, there was still one thing you could control. There was still one thing you could do.


Tears were streaming down his face, chin tucked between his knees as he stared at the picture of the two of you. The corners of the picture were frayed, the signs of age completely obvious. He kept the invaluable picture in his wallet at all times, so he knew a piece of you was with him at all times.

It was hard. It was so, so hard. He didn’t want to go on much longer without you, and he wanted to run to your house and scoop you into his arms and cry and apologise and-

He didn’t know what to do. He was angry, hurt, confused. Out of everything, he was confused the most. The words he spoke to you were sharp, like knives slicing through him as well as you, but he couldn’t stop them.

You had scarred him. You had threatened his life and almost taken that away from him. He would have left everything behind; his family, his best friends, his life, his fans. All of it, gone.

But he hadn’t been thinking of you. He didn’t consider that you were in that car with him and you almost died too. He didn’t think that perhaps you were suffering too, with having your sight ripped away from you. He didn’t stop in his path to hurt you like you had hurt him in order to think about what he could be doing to you, and what had happened to you too.

His scars had faded. For public appearances, he would just put makeup on them, and it was like they weren’t there. He had received counselling, and the nightmares of the accident had basically gone. He was still walking, and talking, and singing, and rapping, and dancing. Nothing about him or his life had changed.

Apart from you.

You were gone, and it was the emptiest he had ever been. He was still so deeply in love with you that when he lay down, and thought of you, and your smile, and your hair, and your eyes, and the way you walked and talked, he almost thought that you were right there with him. He could still remember everything about you so vividly as if your very essence had been carved into the walls of his brain.

But you weren’t there. And it was his fault.


Wonwoo immediately shoved the picture of you under his pillow and wiped his face, trying his best to remove any evidence of tears from his closest friend.

“Uh, hey Gyu, um, I was just-”

“Crying over Y/N? I know, hyung.” Mingyu said, coming closer to Wonwoo and sitting at the foot of his bed nervously, beginning to fiddle with his fingers.

“What do you want?” Wonwoo asked, falling backwards on his bed to lie down and stare at the ceiling.

“I’m just wondering…”


“Wondering what, Mingyu?”

“When are you going to see Y/N, hyung? You miss her. I bet she misses you too.”

“I can’t, Gyu.”


He thought back to the way he had spoken to you, the way he had treated you and the cold way he had addressed you. He remembered watching you struggle to make him a glass of water, he remembered just standing there and not going to your aid. He remembered the way your hands had flown to your face to make sure your sunglasses were on, as if you didn’t want him seeing what lay under them. He remembered your facial expression when you realised who it was at the door, and your defensive stance when you had told him to refer to Woozi using his name.

He had lied. He wasn’t there to relay any kind of message to you from his boss. He just wanted to see you.

“She doesn’t miss me,” he replied somberly. “She doesn’t love me anymore.”

Expecting the younger boy to give up and leave the room, Wonwoo was surprised when Mingyu hit him on the leg.

“Don’t be dumb, hyung!”

“What? You hit your hyung and call him dumb?”

“Stop being stupid then. I knew Y/N just as long as you did. She was one of my closest friends and if I know anything about Y/N, it’s that she loved you completely and utterly. Even after all this time, and the accident, she’d still love you.”

“How do you know?” Wonwoo asked, sounding like a small child.

“Do you still love her?”

Wonwoo nodded immediately, not even having to think about it.

“Then I know she still loves you too.”


You were panicking. This was a bad idea. Why had you done this? You didn’t even know. You didn’t know anything. Fuzziness was coating all of your senses and you were stumbling around, leaving the bathroom where the pills lay spilt all over the tiles, and making it into your bedroom to where you left your mobile phone phone.

You couldn’t see. God fucking dammit, you couldn’t see.

Your tongue was heavy in your mouth, your fingers turning numb from the tips onwards. You grappled with your mobile phone, fingers tapping random numbers, the automated voice saying out the numbers you typed to try and unlock your phone. What was being said? You didn’t understand.

You don’t know how you got into your phone, but you did, and you made your way with sheer memory to try and find your contacts. You would call Woozi, explain what was happening, and he would either call you and ambulance or come get you.

Wait, why weren’t you calling yourself an ambulance?

Too late. Your fingers scrolled down, hovered over the number for your phone to read out the name. Was that a ‘W’ noise you heard? You heard a ‘W’. And the ‘oo’ noise. That was good enough for you, and you pressed down, calling the phone.

He picked up in two rings, and you felt your body getting heavier and sluggish. You were barely conscious as you heard him call your name once, twice, and a third time.

“Y/N? Why are you calling me?”
“W… Wo…” you managed.

“Y/N? Y/N!” he shouted, sounding frantic. You groaned, the guttural noise being broken by a sudden sob erupting from your mouth. “Y/N, where are you?”

“H… H-h-h-h-” Why couldn’t you control your mouth? Why was it shaking like that?

“You’re at home? Y/N, are you at home?”


“Okay baby. Stay right there, okay? Don’t move, don’t move at all, I’m on my way. I promise, I’m coming to get you,” you heard a lot of rustling noises, as Woozi was moving around swiftly. “Gyu, come on! We have to go, now!” You could hear his hurried breath in your ear as he ran down some stairs as fast as he could. You could hear almost everything.

You couldn’t see anything. You couldn’t feel anything. You couldn’t taste anything, you couldn’t smell anything.

It was almost like your entire body was shutting down, and you were robbed of every sense apart from hearing.

You would have thought you’d be used to your senses abandoning you, but evidently not.


“I know, baby, I know. I’m coming, don’t worry, I’ll be right there, I promise,” he cried. “Just keep talking to me, please? Don’t close your eyes. I’m getting in the car right now, alright? I’ll be five minutes tops.”
“I will, I will. Mingyu, jesus fuck, step on it!”
“Hyung, I-”
“Just do it!” Woozi screeched, the most animalistic voice you had ever heard from him.


Why the fuck wasn’t your mouth working? Why wasn’t anything working?

“Y/N!” he screamed desperately, hearing your voice get weaker and weaker as time went by. “Y/N!”

Tears were streaming down his face, clutching the phone so hard to his face that the shape of his phone left marks in his skin. His entire body was shaking with the worst combination of fear and adrenaline, but he was completely helpless, watching the streets of Seoul go whizzing by.

He didn’t know how he knew what you had done, but he did. As soon as he saw that it was you who was calling him, he knew that something was horribly wrong; you wouldn’t have called him otherwise. The entire day he had felt unsettled and now, he knew why - because you were in trouble.

“Y/N…” he whispered, getting nothing in reply but a faint moan. “Y/N? Y/N? Are you there? Y/N! Don’t close your eyes, please!”


“Y/N, I love you,” he said hurriedly, panicking. “I love you so damn much. I’m so sorry for not being there with you, but I’m coming now, okay? I’m coming to get you and everything will be okay. It’ll stop hurting, I promise.”

Wait… Was this Wonwoo?

More tears leaked out of your eyes with the knowledge that this was not your best friend you had called in your panic, but your past lover. The past lover that had ignored you for so long, leaving you completely lonely in the dark that had become your world. The past lover that you have loved and missed so hard that it resulted in your death.

“Y/N,” he murmured, suddenly sounding far away.
You panicked, opening your mouth to try and call out to him, but all that came out of your mouth was a low whiny noise.


Again, his voice sounded fuzzy. It felt rather like you were drowning; he sounded distant and faraway and the more you struggled to hear him, the more your lungs filled up with water. Your vision was dimming, the random shapes and blurs disappearing into nothing. His voice was a gentle hum in the background, the seemingly urgent and panicked tones sounding like a light song washing over you, lulling you to sleep…


Wonwoo hadn’t known what to do. His entire body was simultaneously on fire and completely numb to everything around him. He couldn’t even focus on anything other than your face, pale and unconscious, lying there in your previously shared bedroom. You were so still that he thought he had been too late, but Mingyu was quick to check; you were alive, but barely breathing.

Everything that happened after that went on in an almost dream-like state. Everything was a little fuzzy around the edges when he tried to recall that moment, so he guessed that he had gone into shock. All he knew, all he was completely certain of, was that he hadn’t let go of your hand once, not even as you were wheeled into the back of the ambulance.

He was still holding on as you all sped to the hospital, and all he could do was watch the paramedics struggle to stabilize you. All he could do was stare at your face, hoping, praying, wishing that your eyelids would flutter open like they did whenever you awoke from sleeping in his arms.

In years to come, he would reflect on those exact moments more often than he should. They would keep him up at night, with the warmth of the body next to him keeping his emotions at bay before he could burst into tears.

Even if he was mostly over what had happened, sometimes, he would be hit by a tidal wave of agony and grief as if he had found you on your bedroom floor after a suicide attempt only a few minutes prior. He hated the way the image of you lying there seemed to be burnt into the back of his eyelids and he hated the way that he couldn’t seem to move on from you at all.

“Jagiya?” a voice that did not belong to you murmured sleepily, reaching up to kiss his neck gently. “Why aren’t you sleeping?”

“I’m just thinking. Go to sleep.”

“Mm…” she moaned, already drifting off again.

His head lolled backwards onto his pillow, staring at the blackness that seemed to have taken over his life since you.

Is this all that you saw? Is that what life was like for you, after the accident that stole your vision? Is it what it was like for you, after he had walked away and slowly dragged your best friend away too?

He had basically stripped you of everything, leaving you completely abandoned, and he couldn’t even repay you by getting there in time to save your life.

Indeed, he would think about those moments in years to come, and he regretted every single moment since that didn’t have you in them.

seikie-shidou  asked:

Heeeeeyyyyy, sunshineeeeee omggggggg..good morning? ahahaha. can i ask for akashi fluff? the plot is yourssss thanks and i loveyouuu>//<

Ameeeee! You’re so sweet, I love you too!

Thank you for requesting! 💋

“(Name), dear, are you listening?” Akashi questioned as he noticed his lover’s eyes flutter again. (Name) shook her head to try and wake herself up.

“Oh my god, Sei, I’m sorry.” she apologised, yawning. Her mind ached, so she couldn’t concentrate even though Akashi was a great tutor.

“Are you okay?” he asked worriedly, setting aside the papers and placing a hand on top of her head as she lowered her head and closed her eyes.

“Can you look at me?” he instructed softly as she looked up. Akashi placed a hand on her forehead and frowned at her high temperature. “You’re heating up. Do you want me to bring you home?”

“No.” she grumbled, sighing. “I still need to study. What did you say again?”

“You have to rest.” the red head said, standing up and assisting her to the guest room, where there was an extra bed. He laid her down.

The maids gave him some medicine and he placed it on the bedside table. “Do you want me to call Midorima to pick you up?”

She coughed. “Oh god no. Don’t call him. He’ll scold me for being sick in the first place.”

“Well then.” Akashi said, pouring a handful of medicine on the spoon and serving it to her. Hesitantly, she drank it. “I know it tastes awful. I have it whenever I’m sick.”

“It does.” she gagged. “Nii-san feeds me the exact same medicine. And god, I’m still not used to it.”

“Also, when did it get so cold?” she asked, pulling the blanket to her neck. Akashi frowned and lowered his hand, placing a strand of hair behind her ear.

“(Name), always take care of yourself.” he sighed, making his way to the other side of the bed and laying down beside her. “The slightest fever makes me worry.”

“I’m not used to this.” she coughed as Akashi inched closer to her. “Nii-san takes care of me, but he keeps his distance.”

“Well.. you should get used to this.” Akashi smiled genuinely. “I’m going to take care of you when we get married.”

“God, you’re too nice.” she smiled irresistibly, trying to hide her blush.  “Am I really that good to deserve you?”

“Yes.” he replied, placing a kiss on her forehead and pulling her closer. “Go to sleep now, love.”

William appreciation post

The part when noora’s anxious and stressed because she doesn’t know what happened with Niko and she still has an article to write and it’s past due but she hasn’t slept in ages so she can’t fucking concentrate and since she’s such a saint she probably feels bad that she hasn’t finished it yet but secretly-a-cinnamon-roll William walks in and comforts her by HUGGING HER AND ONLY HUGGING HER UNTIL SHE EVENTUALLY CALMS DOWN AND FALLS ASLEEP LIKE DAMN THAT’S HOW YOU DO IT SON. He’s such a fuckboy you would assume that maybe he would kiss her or something too but IT’S JUST HUGGING AND IT’S JUST SO PURE??? HE CARES FOR HER SO MUCH??? AND WHEN HE’S WRITING THE ARTICLE ON HER LAPTOP AND THE FB MESSAGE NOTIFICATION SOUNDS GO OFF HE DOESNT EVEN OPEN THE WEBPAGE HE JUST TURNS OFF THE SOUND (PROBS BECAUSE AGAIN HE’S A CINNAMON ROLL AND DOESNT WANT THE NOISE TO WAKE NOORA UP) LIKE HE HAS SO MUCH TRUST??? THAT YOU WOULDNT EXPECT BECAUSE OF HIS CHILDHOOD?? BUT THE BOY IS JUST SO FAR GONE/ENAMOURED LIKE HE DOESNT EVEN NEED TO THINK ABOUT IT, HIS FIRST INSTINCT IS TO TURN OFF THE SOUND ?

AN: School starts Monday for me :/ Don’t worry though, because I will only be going half a day, so I’ll have plenty of time to write. Also, I’m probably going to have to divvy up this into parts. So, y'all let me know if you want a part 2.

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Plot: Could you do a reader x Peter Parker fic where the reader is new at school and is paired up with Peter is science and they become best friends and he helps with their anxiety and they eventually date? Your blog is awesome btw

“Sketchy” (Part 1???)

New school, new…me? Probably not,” you quietly thought to yourself while tapping your sketch pad with a pencil.

You hummed along to the rhythm blaring through your headphones, all the while focusing on tapping to the beat. Your new classmates all filed into your homeroom taking full notice of you.

After the tardy bell rang, your teacher stepped up in front of the class, “Good morning everyone. Today I’ll be assigning partners for the semester. We’ll be doing projects throughout the year. At the end of the semester you may choose to stay with your partner for the next semester or you may not. Anyways, we have a new student…”

Keep reading