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The Blacklist Rewatch: Berlin Conclusion
You can turn away and run from it. You can hide from it. And if you choose to do that, I’ll fly away. Or you can face it and confront it. Engage it. And maybe, maybe… you prevail and rise above it.

Watched Tangled: Before Ever After and I’m so glad they made this into a movie instead of the first episodes of the show. (Which would have been 5 episodes or so)
Eugene is such a delight again, I really like Cassandra and Rapunzel’s whole situation is so comprehensible. She maybe has her family and friends now, but she actually as traded her tower with a nicer golden cage, of course she wants to break out and see more of the world. But I also get Eugene’s point, that he want to hold on having a family, friends and a place he can call home. But his problem really is that he always just had to care for himself, think about thinks he wanted. Now he needs to learn what others, in this case Rapunzel, really want. Still it’s so damn sweet how obviously they love and respect each other.