she's so brutal

Ok but I really want Neopolitian to come back in Volume Four.

I could imagine Ruby just kind of walking around in the woods by herself, just lost in thought, and then the camera looks over her shoulder and we just see Neo just standing behind her, their face just completely deadpan. Ruby does that anime thing where she knows someone is behind her and heel turns to face them.

And Neo is just. Standing there. Her parasol isn’t even on her shoulder, it’s just kind of dangling from her hand, the spike digging a little into the dirt. Ruby, not trusting this at all, draws her weapon, but Neo still doesn’t move.

And then, Neo reaches into her pocket and takes out her Scroll before extending it forward for Ruby to take. Ruby, after a moment hesitation, carefully takes it and looks at the screen.

It’s open on a messenger app, and in the typing field is this message:

“He’s dead because of her. I want in.”

And when Ruby looks back up at her, Neo is clearly holding back tears. “You mean Cinder?”

Neo’s face shifts into a deep scowl as she nods.

“I guess we need all the help we can get…”

more jewish GLaDOS headcanons
  • she has chell over for a pesach seder and sends chell off looking for the afikomen but never actually hid it just to fuck with her, so chell ends up wandering all over aperture science looking for a piece of broken matzah that never even existed
  • recruits neo nazis for testing just so she can brutally murder them
  • carves a magen david into the wall with a laser
  • gets into heated debates on how to spell hanukkah hanuka chanukah hannukah  חנוכה
  • refuses to make latkes for chanukah because Potatoes
  • quietly sings hebrew songs to herself when she’s anxious or sad
  • puts a mezuzah on the entrance to every single test chamber
  • says the hamotzi over cake
  • retells the story of exodus at pesach and names neurotoxin as one of the plagues

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Infinite Reasons To Love Kristolyn Lloyd 

There is not enough love for her on here and I don’t know why. I love Alice but Kristolyn is a fan-freaking-tastic Heather Duke. She brought so much zest to the role that made it different from Alice or Shannon’s portrayal. While Shannon (and the original script) made Duke the most sympathetic, Kristolyn makes her the funniest and the most vibrant. I love all the Dukes but I think we should pay more attention then we do (which is none) to Kristolyn. Also I saw her in the Liquid Plain and she was fantastic. She is an incredible actress and I hope she gets the respect she deserves


I want your  c o n f e s s i o n.


my experience watching The 100 so far is kinda like…

Me: “Kane is such a dick, man fuck that guy”

Me Five Minutes Later: “Kane is such an interesting character just trying to do the right thing under terrible circumstances and yet everything always seems to go so wrong wow I feel so sorry for him”

Me Five Minutes After That: “Kane is such a dick though, fuck that guy”

…and so on and so forth in endless circles every episode

K so guess who just watched The Force Awakens me that’s who sorry for being so late but I just wanted to say something about Rey’s fight scenes.

Speaking as someone who knows how to handle a staff I really love the way she handled it?? Like?? She was so brutal and didn’t do any of that twirly shit that only experts can do after years of training. It was take them out and move on and I think that has to do with the way she’s been living her whole life.

She’s been on the verge of starvation possibly her whole life so she’s found every possible way to save energy for when she needs it most and you can really see it in the way she fights and when she’s not. Like her staff is her signature weapon right but how many times do we actually see her use it?

Now moving on to the way she handles Luke’s lightsaber she’s still handling it like she would her staff with the jabs and because she only has a hold on the handle and not any excess it’s basically like holding an extremely light staff in the middle. Not to mention its glowing and if she grabs any other part it she’ll lose a limb so she’s apprehensive, she’s getting used to the feel of holding something so small but so fucking dangerous

And I love that because even when she’s using the force she still has that technique of hit, take down and run like crazy. She’s fighting every instinct she’s given herself up until the moment she knows he can’t follow. They didn’t make it that she’s suddenly this almighty force warrior that can take down anyone (like they did with Luke) they made it that she was still scared af and trying to save her friend

The violence against women in GoT

This week I’ve read a lot of text posts around here talking about the violence against women that we have to constantly see in GoT. This is getting very tiring, really. We are exhausted of seeing those scenes. Some people argue that “we also see those things in the books!” but that’s not completely true:

  • Ros didn’t exist in the books, so she wasn’t brutally murdered.
  • Cersei wasn’t raped by Jaime, it was consensual sex (I can’t imagine Jaime raping a woman, to be honest).
  • Meera wasn’t captured and nearly raped in the books.
  • Sansa wasn’t raped in the books. Yes, it’s true that it happens to another character, Jeyne Poole, and it’s so hard and heartbreaking to read about it. But Sansa is a main character with her own storyline, why would D&D respect a secondary character’s storyline if they haven’t respected more important ones? They could have perfectly avoided it, just like it seems they did with Aegon, Arianne and Lady Stoneheart’s plots. Sansa is a main character that we have known since she was a girl and she has suffered way too much: her father was beheaded in front of her, she was abused by Joffrey, they made her marry a man that she didn’t love, she lost her mother and her brother in the Red Wedding… Damn! Was it really necessary making Ramsey rape her?

But we shouldn’t forget about other things related to this violence against women that seems to be taking place in GoT. I’m talking about Arianne’s storyline. This part of the story shows us perfectly how Dorne works: women can inherit and rule! Instead of adding this amazing character they preferred making Trystane the only heir to Sunspear (I’m not even sure if in the tv show Sunspear exists, tbh). They also preferred making him older and creating a stupid and pathetic teenage romance between two stereotyped characters. Maybe the idea that a woman could inherit was too fantastical and unbelievable for this tv show in which we see dragons and white walkers. Well, we all have seen how incredibly low level the Dorne scenes have been. D&D, if you had followed the books this plot wouldn’t have been so disastrous and pathetic.

Thanks for reading and sorry for my English!

(This amazing post inspired me, go read it because everything is so well explained!)

Parker: “Don’t worry. No one’s ever died going in through an air duct.”

Tara: “That’s…comforting.”

Parker: “Worst case, you slip and fall, break your legs, lay there for days scratching on the metal. It’s like a long metal coffin. With wind.”

–Leverage (The Maltese Falcon Job, S2E15)


like you, i’ve lost people i care about

54/365 Days of Outlaw Queen


fitzsimmons winter (re)watch
1x19: The Only Light in the Darkness

“We need to talk.”
“We do?”
“Agent Triplett thinks he’s done something to upset you. Fitz, if you’re questioning his loyalty in any way, I can assure you -”
“It’s not him.”
“What is it, then?”
“Uh, you know how I can be. I hate change.”