she's so brutal

right so story time: today in german some people brought up ferguson when the teacher left the room to print out some papers. and this annoying bowl of cottage cheese goes on to say “ferguson is a sensitive topic to me because a man lost his job”

like ????? a maN LOST HIS LIFE ???



like you, i’ve lost people i care about

54/365 Days of Outlaw Queen


I want your  c o n f e s s i o n.


As the Daughter of Lucifer

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fitzsimmons winter (re)watch
1x19: The Only Light in the Darkness

“We need to talk.”
“We do?”
“Agent Triplett thinks he’s done something to upset you. Fitz, if you’re questioning his loyalty in any way, I can assure you -”
“It’s not him.”
“What is it, then?”
“Uh, you know how I can be. I hate change.” 

Parker: “Don’t worry. No one’s ever died going in through an air duct.”

Tara: “That’s…comforting.”

Parker: “Worst case, you slip and fall, break your legs, lay there for days scratching on the metal. It’s like a long metal coffin. With wind.”

–Leverage (The Maltese Falcon Job, S2E15)

K so guess who just watched The Force Awakens me that’s who sorry for being so late but I just wanted to say something about Rey’s fight scenes.

Speaking as someone who knows how to handle a staff I really love the way she handled it?? Like?? She was so brutal and didn’t do any of that twirly shit that only experts can do after years of training. It was take them out and move on and I think that has to do with the way she’s been living her whole life.

She’s been on the verge of starvation possibly her whole life so she’s found every possible way to save energy for when she needs it most and you can really see it in the way she fights and when she’s not. Like her staff is her signature weapon right but how many times do we actually see her use it?

Now moving on to the way she handles Luke’s lightsaber she’s still handling it like she would her staff with the jabs and because she only has a hold on the handle and not any excess it’s basically like holding an extremely light staff in the middle. Not to mention its glowing and if she grabs any other part it she’ll lose a limb so she’s apprehensive, she’s getting used to the feel of holding something so small but so fucking dangerous

And I love that because even when she’s using the force she still has that technique of hit, take down and run like crazy. She’s fighting every instinct she’s given herself up until the moment she knows he can’t follow. They didn’t make it that she’s suddenly this almighty force warrior that can take down anyone (like they did with Luke) they made it that she was still scared af and trying to save her friend

my experience watching The 100 so far is kinda like…

Me: “Kane is such a dick, man fuck that guy”

Me Five Minutes Later: “Kane is such an interesting character just trying to do the right thing under terrible circumstances and yet everything always seems to go so wrong wow I feel so sorry for him”

Me Five Minutes After That: “Kane is such a dick though, fuck that guy”

…and so on and so forth in endless circles every episode