she's so beautiful without make up


The issue here isn’t that the clothing industry resized a 4 to an 8 as she suggests, but rather vanity sizing and expanding waistlines has pushed some manufacturers to resize the other way.

An 8 from 30 years ago is a 4 today because a woman can go to that store and say “wow I fit into a 4!” and it makes her feel good about herself and she’ll purchase those jeans rather than her true size from somewhere else. The focus should still be on the fact that we make it so women view themselves based on how they compare to unrealistic standards of beauty being thrown at them, which is why she’d feel great about that size 4 in the first place.

Vanity sizing has completely screwed up the way women shop for clothes making it nearly impossible to buy anything without trying it on and the whole industry needs to convert to actual waist & length measurements the way mens pants are sold. A 32 is a 32 is a 32…it’s not a 4 at Old Navy and an 8 at Uniqlo.


I worked in retail for 10 years – obviously I realize vanity sizing exists for men as well.  But as someone who has a closet pretty equally split between men’s and women’s fashion and as someone who has been roughly the same size since junior year of college, I can tell you that women’s vanity sizing is on a whole ‘nother level and has gotten considerably worse over the past decade.

Here’s to the girl who cares too much, who laughs too much, who smiles a lot, who treats you better than anyone. Here’s to the girl who can’t sleep at night because of over thinking somethings, who sometimes cry herself to sleep, who talks to herself more than with other people, who stays and will always stay no matter how hard things might be, who listens to music just to escape all the pain she have inside. Here’s to the girl who loves to day dream, who makes you giggle with her little crack up humor, who talks to her sleep, who looks messy, who gets jealous so easily, who gets really sensitive, who values about life too much, who loves too much, who kisses you randomly at any moment. And here’s to the girl who doesn’t know how beautiful she is every morning until midnight without even trying to and without her knowing it. Here’s to you beautiful human being, you matter, you are okay, you are fine, you are amazing, you are perfectly imperfect, you are one of the best art, you exist and somebody out here or there that loves every little piece of you. You should know that you deserve the whole damn universe and your smile lights up the world. Keep slaying 🌹💕


Jake started off reading the Miranda rights just as competitive as Amy- so ready to win this and will not go down without a fight which is who they are always as people and it’s beautiful

but then he looks at Amy- who’s focused as hell and determined and so perfect and he suddenly realizes he’s an idiot and why on earth would he ever fight on anything with her she deserves the WORLD and here he is trying to make her move into his trashy apartment without a thousand pillows and she would definitely try to be okay with it if he won but obviously she wouldn’t feel okay and all he wants to do is make her happy because her smile lights up rooms and has also crept its way into his heart and he loves her so much and all he has to do is stop talking so he shuts up

And it’s all so so worth it

My ideal Bestie

I need a friend,

Someone who isn’t afraid to try new things.
But she doesn’t play the wildcard to a fault.

Someone who is obsessed with beauty, and has a passion for filming or photography.
Or even just has a passion of her own, that brings them closer to her success story every day.

Someone who isn’t broke, so that I don’t end up paying for everything from their travel to their food (this happened once, I’m not a charity).
But she isn’t bouje either, so she doesn’t make my wallet cry every time we go out.

Someone who sets a high standard for relationships, romantic or not.

She values my opinion, but can make the right decision without my advice.

She understands the difference between a 10 minute phone call and a one hour phone call.

Someone who understands my family situation. But isn’t afraid to remind me that I’m my own person.

Someone that is and optimist, full of positivity. She doesn’t complain about the things she cannot change.
Most importantly, she doesn’t overthink things.

I need a friend that’s bisexual or bicurious, Who can come with me to femme bars or clubs.

Yet someone who has sugared before, that way should we choose to freestyle, we can do exactly that.

Is that too much to ask?
Can anyone relate?
Basically I need me. 😁
Now accepting applications 😉

A man would accept a woman for who she is, with or without makeup, she can do whatever the fuck she wants with her body. People are here to make themselves happy, not to please others. So if it’s not your thing don’t spread negativity to someone else because you don’t think it’s right. Grow the fuck up and live your own damn live, and stop acting stupid. Beauty is any and everything in this universe accept that and carry on.

All the feels at 1:39AM

alright so tonight I got really fried with a bunch of different friends and we were passing the bong around and one of my friends said, “so dude what’s up with the girl you’ve been posting pictures with?” And I just got really fuckin happy, I mean like the type of happy that your heart starts beating faster and you get that goofy ass smile on your face without even realizing it. so all my friends gave me shit because my eyes were so red and I was smiling like an idiot. As I sat there thinking about her beautiful soul and kind heart, that’s when the alluring words poured out of my mouth like a flood rushing in. I went on and on about how intelligent she is and how charming she is. I went on about the way her smile lights up the whole room and how her laugh makes my heart race. I went on about the way she cares about everyone and the way she speaks to people as if she’s speaking to her mother with the most inviting, softest, words. She’s the type of girl that you keep around for more than a million reasons. She’s the rarest form of pure beauty all wrapped up into one soul. So find yourself a girl like mine, the girl who makes you happy to be alive and doesn’t try to fix you, but holds your hand as you fix yourself.


Where Will Little Wolfé Sleep.. and 29 + 3 Weeks!

A few weeks ago I called in to a custom basket weaving factory to get a basket made for the baby. They were really sweet with working with me and how I wanted it and what I wanted it made of (banana leaf) and I was VERY surprised with how beautiful it came in! I’m thinking I want to order more of these and possibly put them up onto the shop eventually but definitely make them available for the exclusive subscribers right away!

We decided on this little basket instead of an entire crib because for her first year she won’t be sleeping in a crib anyways, being in our room and we wanted something compact but that fit our needs. We can haul this basket around the house easily, so I can bring her into whatever room without touching her if she’s sleeping. We’re just going to get a bassinet stand to put it up on near the bed and I’m honestly quite happy with out decision. It feels very ‘Bekkah’ish.

Excuse the lop-sided belly, baby was in a weird position and had her tushie up poked out and wouldn’t budge so I was trapped with a weird bump all day ♥. 

3 Days ago I hit my 29 week mark! I can’t believe my youngest will be here in less than 10 weeks! I feel like it’s just been flying by so fast and I want to slow time down just a little bit to embrace my last pregnancy. I’ve had horrible constipation this week but I’ll do more of an update on my pregnancy in a few days, give or take. 


happy 23rd birthday to kim yura, rap god and pabo extraordinaire. girl’s day wouldn’t be as fun and lively without you. you’re so beautiful inside and out, and i’ll never stop admiring you for your hard work and strong spirit. whether it’s art, singing, rapping, or having a good time, you never cease to amaze me! ♡ #HappyYuraDay ♡

imagine the entire Rampion crew just sitting around on a giant couch watching cheesy rom-coms and Thorne interjecting unnecessary comments every other second about how that would NEVER happen in real life and Cinder throwing her foot at him and Scarlet threatening to pull out the gun if he didn’t shut up.

imagine Kai and Cinder falling asleep together on the couch and Thorne and Iko drawing mustaches with sharpies on their sleeping faces

imagine Cress staying up super late playing some video game Iko introduced to her and Thorne making everyone else in the house stay silent the entire day so they wouldn’t wake up his sleeping princess

imagine Scarlet planting gardens in everyone’s back yards without their permission just to see the looks on their faces when a huddle of beautiful flowers show up in their garden. Cress loves them but is kinda sad that she and Thorne don’t have a house to put the flowers in

imagine Scarlet making Cress and Thorne a portable garden to keep their flowers in while they traveled

imagine the tears running down Cress’s face when she realizes how much effort Scarlet put into it. The tears as she realizes what it’s like to have someone actually care for her with no strings attached. 

imagine Cinder sleeping in, without any worry that her friends or civilians will die. 

imagine the crew living regular lives

imagine the crew being happy

Cute - Isaac Lahey.

Not my gif. | Requested.

(Y/n) wasn’t too happy when she found out that she had to wear glasses. Of course she thought she looked like a major nerd with them on but without them she couldn’t see. She tried contacts but it ended up taking two hours and a poke in the eye to get them in.

She hated wearing glasses it made her feel more insecure than usual but Isaac does try his best to make her feel beautiful.

“I hate this so much” (Y/n) mumbled as she took off her glasses.
“Oh, c’mon. You look cute when you wear your glasses” Isaac grinned.

She looked at Isaac with an annoyed looks even though all she saw was a blurry image of Isaac. Isaac chuckled before handing her back her glasses.

“I should have practiced putting on contacts more” She said as she put her glasses back on.
“Then it would take you an hour” Isaac joked.
“Shut it, Lahey” She playfully smacked his arm.

It was the end of the day and (Y/n) was at her locker putting her books away. She then heard snickering behind and glanced over her shoulder but soon regretted.

“With those glasses no wonder she has no boyfriend” a girl giggled.
“Right? She needs to give up” another one said.

Isaac was hearing every word those girls were saying about (Y/n). He kept his eyes on her as she slammed her locker before hurried out of the school. Isaac quickly reacted and followed behind her to make sure she’s okay.

When Isaac spotted her he watched her grab her glasses and slammed them onto the ground. Isaac quickly went to her side.

“Hey, are you okay?” Isaac asked.
“Does it look like I’m okay?!” She yelled as tears fell.

Isaac led her to car knowing that she had an extra pair of glasses in her glove department. He sat in the driver’s seat as she took the passengers.

“You shouldn’t listen to them” Isaac looked at her.
“Why not. They’re probably right” She sighed.
“Because they aren’t. They are just stupid and like to speak nonsense” Isaac stated. “When I look at you I think you’re the most prettiest girl there is”
“Isaac” She looked at him.
“No listen to me” Isaac grabbed her hand. “I really like you. Ever since I met you I always been attracted you”

(Y/n) kept her eyes on Isaac as he poured his heart to her. She then realized that she had the same feelings for him and squeezed his hand.

“What’s wrong?” Isaac asked concerned.
“I feel the same way” She whispered. “I never realized it until now”

A smile grew on Isaac’s smile as he leaned over to press his lips against hers. She placed her hand on Isaac’s neck. Isaac then pulled away from the kiss to press his forehead against hers.

“By the way did I ever tell you that you look cute glasses?” Isaac asked.
“Almost every day”

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ahh someone from my HS posted a blog about how she went a month without wearing any makeup, and that it made her feel a lot more confident. And now lots of girls are doing it

Which is great, I’m glad they are boosting their confidence. I understand some people feel that makeup is covering up their “flaws” and it brings them further away from accepting them.
Maybe I’m weird because I’ve always gotten more confident when learning makeup, and I know how to do the full coverage. I don’t even do it that often honestly.

To me it really helped make me feel better about my appearance, especially with all the social media pop stars and famous women who people throw around saying “wow she’s so beautiful without makeup”, but having knowledge of makeup can help you point out that she filled her eyebrows, did her eyelashes, has light foundation on, did her lips, etc. which isn’t bad to do, but at least for me it helps to recognize the standards and how skewed they are, similarly to how famous people have their clothes (even their t shirts and leggings) tailored to them so they are required to look good at all times.
At least for me, having experienced with makeup has really changed my confidence–both with and without it

Makeup is an industry that lives of forcing women into beauty standards and make them believe they’re ugly without buying their stuff. A woman shouldn’t have to spend 15 minutes per day painting her face so that men think she’s desirable, it’s fucked up on so many levels, and yet not wearing makeup is seen as strange for a girl

anonymous asked:

Would you happen to know what Loco/Jay Park/Gray's ideal type is? Or what it would be? Thank you~~

Loco I couldn’t find a source of him saying what his ideal type is. However I think he’d like a girl that could be goofy and playful around him but could also be quite serious 

Jay Park ideal type is “My dream girl has to be cute but at the same time has to be beautiful and sexy. Having natural look even without make-up. If she can show off her charm, I would like that. I don’t want her to be perfect. There is no one perfect in this world. I’m not perfect so how can I date a perfect girl.”

Gray said his ideal type is “someone who is kind, has pretty eyes, a beautiful smile” Idea celebrity type is Ariana Grande, Rihanna, and Beyonce

- Admin E


No matter how much make up I wear I’ll never feel pretty enough and no matter how much I may look skinny to other people I’ll never see myself as slim. My hair is too thick and I can never be a natural beauty.
I have a friend that I constantly compare myself too because she’s so effortlessly beautiful. Light skin, small nose, pretty teeth, beautiful with and without make up, skinny, and confident.
Maybe one day I’ll wake up and just say fuck it and be happy with myself and I sure hope that’s soon.

«She shrugged her shoulders under a red flowy top and shuffled Converse-clad feet.

“Um, hi. I was wondering if you were the one? I mean, from the notice board,” she rushed to clarify. A blush crept onto her cheeks, making her even more beautiful.

“Hmm?” He lost himself in her whiskey-brown eyes. Out of your league, Doctor. Give it up, he chided himself.

“With my mp3 player?” She pointed inside to the source of the music.»

I just drew some more ficart but felt weird about posting it without adding the scene from the fic it was from. So this is for @skyler10fic‘s ten x rose au, Notice Board ~ It’s very cute and fluffy fanfic and you should most definitely read it <3

ΛΛLIYΛH and her favourite beauty products

BEAUTY AND THE BEAT: Because she glams it up so much of the time, when Aaliyah isn’t performing or making a personal appearance, she prefers to go nearly natural. Scope put her  secrets for getting gorgeous without going overboard. 

SENSATIONAL SKIN: Every night, Aaliyah cleanses with Noxzema Skin Cream and follows up with Sea Breeze Astringent. To ditch dryness, she uses Origins Eye Doctor under her eyes and the company’s Night-A-Mins lotion on her face. 

“It’s great, because it has lavender and other soothing herbs in it,” she says. “It actually helps me sleep.” Her zit zapper Spot Remover from Origins.

COOL COLOUR: When she’s just hanging out, Aaliyah does the lipliner-and-gloss thing. Right now she’s digging M.A.C. Chestnut Lip Pencil (1.) and Kiehl’s Blackberry Gloss. Before she hits the town, though, she’ll work it a little more with some M.A.C. make up: She pats on C6 Loose Powder (2.) and lines her eyes with Ebony Pencil (3.). She’s also into Espresso (4.) and Biscuit (5.) eyeshadows. For a pretty pout, she goes for matte Chelsea (6.) or Cherish (7.) lipsticks

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“I’m not big on blush,” she says. “But sometimes I’ll use a little bit, in a lighter color, just to give my face some contour.”

KNOCKOUT NAILS: Her look of the moment? Supershort and dark. 

“I love all those deep red-black and wine colors, you know, like Vamp,” she says, referring to the Chanel shade. “I also rock black and dark navy.”

FAVE FRAGRANCE: Right now she’s into Jacadi L’Eau des Petit, which she gets at Jacadi, a children’s clothing store. For sexier scent, Aaliyah reaches for Gap Om.

“I made the best discovery - baby fragrance!” she exclaims. “It sounds weird, but they actually make perfume for babies. It’s great, because it’s light and delicate but totally lasts all day.”

(Source: YM Special | Big Fitness and Beauty Issue | Spring 1998)