she's so beautiful with or without makeup

yesterday i went to a gay bar for the first time, and I met two people. The first was a man well into his 70′s, who had only come out since his wife died. Even though he could barely walk, he knew every single person at the bar, and each one came over for a hug and to chat. The second was a transgender woman who, after two children and three grandchildren, had finally decided to live as herself. She was wearing heels and leather pants and makeup, and she was absolutely beautiful. she knew she was as well, and she was so proud and excited when people walked by and said “hey girl” without even thinking about it. point i’m trying to make is, it’s never too late to come out


She’s beautiful with and without makeup. She’s so precious and stunning!💞


random fahc headcanons pt. 2

•Ray loves countoring Ryan’s face, making him look even more scary (and even more handsome)
•Michael rocks that dark red lipstick
•Gavin prefers nude lipsticks to color
•Jeremy l o v e s wearing neon anything. Lipsticks, eye shadow, eyeliner
•Gavin got him that rainbow hi lighter for christmas
•Jeremy cried for a day straight and now refuses to go anywhere without it on
•Geoff bought Jack her first Victoria Secret bra back when she first got her top surgery
•It was the laciest think she had ever seen and she absolutely loved it
•The LSPD once walked right past Ryan cause he was wearing dad jeans and no makeup
•"So what you’re saying is, you walked right past The Vagabond?“
•"Sir… He looked like a middle aged father.”
•Gavin and Michael run a beauty blog
•Ray runs a makeup YouTube channel
•"So you’re gonna wanna apply the black eye shadow very lightly. Make it look like the first hit of a blunt.“
•The LSPD cheif follows Gavin on twitter and doesn’t know how the smartest hacker in the world tweets this kind of dumbass shit
•Geoff once robbed a bank in a pencil skirt and fishnet thigh highs
•Jack can do anything in heels
•Running, jumping off buildings, shooting a granade launcher, you name it.
•Gavin has 25k followers on his instagram
•Somehow Ryan has 30k
•He only posts random pictures of his plants and sometimes Ray
•Gavin’s really upset about it

A man would accept a woman for who she is, with or without makeup, she can do whatever the fuck she wants with her body. People are here to make themselves happy, not to please others. So if it’s not your thing don’t spread negativity to someone else because you don’t think it’s right. Grow the fuck up and live your own damn live, and stop acting stupid. Beauty is any and everything in this universe accept that and carry on.

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Lia, did you hear about the KGE bullying thing on instagram? it makes me sad that people are so terrible to bully her looks when she had no makeup on :'( please tell me what you think about this cause i understand how she must have felt because ive experienced the same treatment before. it just bothers me so much because KGE is beautiful with and without makeup, but when i see things like this it makes me sad

Ahh… Don’t even get me started on this! Welp… too late now. 

Also, I’m sorry to hear that you went through that terrible experience. If anything, feel free to message me personally. Don’t let other people’s opinions of you ever put you down or belittle you. 

First of all, people need to fuckin get a life and stop stabbing their unimportant opinions at Kim Go Eun. It’s funny how people are quick to belittle others on social media as they can hide behind the comfort of their screens, but what they don’t realize is that Kim Go Eun is a SUCCESSFUL and BEAUTIFUL career woman who has no obligation towards those assholes other than herself and the people she loves. 

What I detest the most about the beauty industry is the shift in the ideal “beauty.” For fuckin forever… society has conditioned the ideal beauty in women to be: tiny waists, gap between thighs, double eyelids, small nose, big lips, curvy hips, big boobs, big butts, and fuckin this and fuckin that. What I find the most ironic… is the shift from “make-up” to “natural beauty.” Nowadays, women are criticized if their “beauty” is surgical and they put on makeup – suddenly these people are labeled as those who have no confidence and have to cover up their flaws –> then they are called ugly

Oh.. okay.. so now we move on to the women who wear no makeup and don’t go through surgery – suddenly these women are labeled as bland, the average joe, and are criticized for not looking like the fuckin women who they just criticized as I’ve mentioned above –> then these women are also called ugly. SO WHAT THE FUCK??? SO WHAT IS IT?? WOMEN WHO WEAR MAKE UP OR NATURAL BEAUTY?? MAKEUP AND NATURAL BEAUTY MY ASS. 

Tbh, I don’t give a damn if a women decides to wear makeup or not, or go through surgery or not… that is her choice and who am I to judge her?? All the people who preach this and that about natural beauty and bully innocent people because they think they are the fuckin beauty experts can all go to hell. 

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Whether anyone decides to put on makeup or not… go through surgery or not… that doesn’t make that person any lesser than you… me… and everybody else. If people get butt hurt when they see a celebrity TRYING TO FUCKIN HAVE A GOOD TIME BECAUSE THEY ARE FUCKIN HUMANS TOO… then ya’ll need to get a reality check because these people have feelings too. OMG!!! :O THEY HAVE FEELINGS??? NO WAY??? Yes people, celebrities… famous people… everyone has fuckin feelings and belittling Kim Go Eun doesn’t mean she won’t hurt… YES SHE WILL FUCKIN HURT BECAUSE IT’S PAINFUL TO READ SHITTY MESSAGES EVEN THOUGH THERE WERE A LOT OF POSITIVE MESSAGES TOO. 

It only takes one negative comment to kill.

So people, stop being assholes and look yourself in the fuckin damn mirror before you go around condemning others for their looks. Physical looks don’t last forever, but the ugliness inside of people is what that lasts for a lifetime

Doll (Bucky x Reader)

Request: Could I request a one shot where the reader always wears makeup and doesn’t really like anybody seeing her without (mostly because she’s not used to people seeing her without) and Bucky accidentally sees her in pjs and glasses and no makeup? (So cliche, I know) if she didn’t have hair long enough to tie up that’d be great cause all I ever read about is girls with long beautiful hair which I don’t have :P

Words: 1,716

Warnings: Nope

It was well past midnight. Normally most of the Avengers were up late but the ones who were sleeping at the Avengers tower that night, were all out cold before eleven. You were pretty certain that you were the only one up, the whole tower was dead silent, which only ever happens when everyone’s asleep. Normally the whole tower was always loud, something was always happening and messes were constantly being made.

Since the tower was silent and you were pretty sure everyone was asleep, you built up the courage to run out of your room to get something to drink. Was it a big deal to get something to drink in the middle of the night? No. Was it a big deal for you to run out of your room without an ounce of makeup on and risking someone seeing you? Yes.

Not one of the Avengers, or anyone, has ever seen you without your normal glam on. Makeup, jewelry, fabulous clothes, perfect nails, not even your hair was ever messy. You’re always glammed up and looking fabulous around everyone, even if it was a lazy day.

Currently, you were not glammed up. You were wearing joggers, an oversized t-shirt that said, “Babette ate oatmeal”, from your favorite tv show Gilmore Girls. Your hair was being pushed back by a thin headband. Your bangs were sticking up from behind the headband. Your hair, which was only a little above your shoulders, had pieces sticking in different angles. It looked like you had rolled across your rug for several minutes, causing your hair to look like you had just survived a tornado.

Your face was scrubbed clean and smelled like lavender from your nighttime face wash, not a single drop of makeup was on your face. Your contacts had came out hours ago, your huge square shaped glasses were now resting on your nose. You didn’t even know if the Avengers knew you wore glasses, they never saw you wear them after all. You had a couple hair ties on your wrist but nothing jewerly wise.

You looked like how you did every night, after you went to your room for the night and no one else saw you until morning.

You had made it safely to the kitchen, all the lights in the tower were off and the kitchen was being illuminated by the city lights from the floor to ceiling windows in the kitchen. You didn’t fall while reaching for your favorite water bottle on one of the top shelves, you didn’t understand how everyone seemed to forget that everyone on the team wasn’t six feet tall. You always had to climb on top of the counter to get cups, whereas people like Tony, Steve and Bucky only had to simply lift an arm.

You flavored your water by putting cucumbers in your drink, it tasted good and it detoxes your body. You shoved a straw down the hole in the lid and turned to head back to your room, when the lights in the kitchen suddenly flicked on.

You jumped and one of your arms flung up to cover your face, your other hand still clutching your water bottle.

“What’re you doing?” A voice to which you recognized as Bucky’s caused your heart rate to accelerate. His voice came from behind you and you refused to turn to look at him, he was probably staring at the back of your messy hair. Your chest clenched from anxiety of what he might be thinking right now.

“What’re you doing?” You threw the question back at him.

“What’re you doing?” He repeated his question, refusing to answer yours. You inwardly groaned.

“What’re you doing?” Maybe if you annoyed him he would leave.

“Y/n! I asked you first.”

“Second’s the best, sorry I don’t make the rules.” This time he groaned, and you could hear him taking a couple steps towards you, so you took a couple steps forward.

“I couldn’t sleep.” He stated, his voice was closer this time. “Your turn.”

“I wanted something to drink, see? Nothing out of the ordinary, now if you excuse me-” You were cut off when he suddenly ran in front of you, you covered your face with both arms and looked downward. “Bucky!”

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ahh someone from my HS posted a blog about how she went a month without wearing any makeup, and that it made her feel a lot more confident. And now lots of girls are doing it

Which is great, I’m glad they are boosting their confidence. I understand some people feel that makeup is covering up their “flaws” and it brings them further away from accepting them.
Maybe I’m weird because I’ve always gotten more confident when learning makeup, and I know how to do the full coverage. I don’t even do it that often honestly.

To me it really helped make me feel better about my appearance, especially with all the social media pop stars and famous women who people throw around saying “wow she’s so beautiful without makeup”, but having knowledge of makeup can help you point out that she filled her eyebrows, did her eyelashes, has light foundation on, did her lips, etc. which isn’t bad to do, but at least for me it helps to recognize the standards and how skewed they are, similarly to how famous people have their clothes (even their t shirts and leggings) tailored to them so they are required to look good at all times.
At least for me, having experienced with makeup has really changed my confidence–both with and without it


More photos from the Vogue Me shoot! The last time I really saw Lily without makeup like this was when she had a Bob or a lob even, and so she looked very different than now. Here, she has an elegant beauty with her long wavy hair.

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For the representation matters post, wasn't the girl on the very left paper pale? Or did you mean near or completely albino?

Yeah she’s pale but I saw she had some makeup done for contouring and stuff so she’s not THAT pale. She’s the type of perfect flawless pale that media glorifies, I’m talking about the blinding pale that people make fun of, where a person would look really bright in the sun or they would look sick without makeup on or you could see their veins through their skin. There’s a beautiful flawless pale and then there’s a “you look like a vampire lol get a tan” pale

I love the way she smiles when she sleeps, I love how we sound together, like how her last name fits perfectly after my first. I love her soft cute laugh, but I love her dorky laugh when she starts laughing super hard even more. I love the way she blushes every time I tell her she’s beautiful even though she try’s so hard not to. I love listening to her talk about, well everything. Her day, her friends, her school, her family, the good and even the bad things, everything, because I swear I could never get tired of that voice. Especially her sleepy good morning/ good night voice.. I love her bed head, her big ocean blue eyes that sparkle when she talks. I love her body, from her breathtaking smile to her flawless curves. The fact that she’s so insanely perfect without any makeup on. Her silly jokes that make me laugh until I lose my breath. I love her personality, I love that she’s creative and kind, but also that she sometimes rocks out to Metallica and can shred on an electric guitar like no other. I really love when she sings to me. If I had to be honest, I think the first time I decided I was going to let myself fall in love with this girl was when she first sang to me. I love that she doesn’t really need anyone but herself, that she is independent, that she is strong, and will not put up with anyone telling her what to do. I love that we can agree on nearly everything, that we share so much in common. I love that we hardly waste time arguing over things that don’t matter, mostly because it gives me even more time to love her. I love that she is so so fucking smart. God, the brain on that girl, I find her utter intelligence mind blowing. I love that simply spending the rest of my life with her sounds like the absolute best thing in the entire world… I believe I could go on and on because I love absolutely everything about this girl, but most importantly I love, that I, out of everyone in this life, the millions and millions of people, somehow, for some reason, get the honor and the extreme privilege of loving her.
—  juneteenth

I get asked all the time how I can “handle” the distance my girlfriend & I have between each other, let me explain.

I met her on a Wednesday, and fell for her on a Friday.
She was on FaceTime with me; the distance already between us……
I fell for the connection we had..
The smile on her face…
And how beautiful she is without any makeup on.

I fell so fast.

You see the difference between having your significant other here, and having a little distance in between, is the fact that you HAVE all the physical stuff, right here. With distance, you don’t.

She came to be with me on a Wednesday, and we cried about the distance together on a Friday…. She didn’t leave until Monday.

While she was here, I learned a lot about how she is in the morning… How she can’t open her eyes all the way, and can sometimes manage to get just one open enough to see me and smile. I learned her heart inside and out, down to how her skin smells, and her cheeks curve. I learned her weaknesses, and her strengths… The taste of her tongue… The softness of her lips… The aperture of her mouth when we make love… Everything.. But still, how do I “handle the distance” without all of these “physical things”?

I don’t CARE about the distance because I live for every morning that she rolls over, still on FaceTime, still asleep, barely able to speak, eyes half open, with no direction, finds a way just to tell me that she loves me…. And rolls back over…. I don’t CARE about the distance, because right now, she’s sound asleep on FaceTime with me, and since that’s all I have, and that’s exactly what I look forward to… Every single day… I am blessed for every minute of it.

—  I love her.
In my arms or 1,300 miles away.
5 Things

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5 Things You’ll Find in My Bag:

1. Laptop–so I can do work/write while I’m at my kiddo’s hockey practice

2. Eyeliner–the only makeup I really wear, but I feel weird without

3. Something peppermint-y

4. I believe there are a small Pikachu, a Hotwheels car, and four crayons in there at the moment

5.  Stamps–I’ve recently started a letter writing campaign

5 Things You’ll Find in My Bedroom:

1.  For some reason, the Christmas wrapping paper.  I guess it never got put away?

2. A quilt my grandma made me, which she made me promise to use and not hang up even though it’s so beautiful and it makes me sad to see it get older and worn

3. So many earrings.  Like… oodles of earrings

4. Kid artwork on the walls

5. Usually the dog and cat.  My dog is a german shepherd/corgi mix, my cat has a moustache

5 Things I’ve Always Wanted To Do in Life:

1. Live in Germany and teach English as a second language

2. Work in a zoo and form a special bond with one of the elephants, who loves to have his trunk petted (but only by me, no one else)

3. Space walk.  Then meet Buzz Aldrin

4. Be the one they mean when someone says, “We’re gonna need her on this one, someone go find her.  She’s our only hope.”

5. Makeup artist to the stars.  Oh, Tom Hardy needs 5 hours in the makeup chair? I think I could stretch that into six

5 Things I’m Currently Into:

1. Reading 6000 different stories about how Arthur and Eames end up together and never getting sick of it.

2. Spotify’s Daily Mixes–how do you know me so well, Spotify??

3. Buzz Lightyear–I have a Buzz bathroom (but only because I think my husband wanted it all in one room)

4. My 9yo has discovered her love of reading, so I’m reccing and reading my old favorites with her, and they’re all brand new again when I see them through her eyes

5. Hockey–this is recent, as I discovered that live games are so much better than televised ones.  One of the guys on my hometown hockey team just got called up to the LA Kings

5 Things on My To-Do List:

1. Work stuff.  I brought my work home this weekend, but I just… don’t… wanna

2. Clean.  It’s a constant fight against the evils of clutter and socks everywhere and I hate cleaning

3. Lunch with my sister!  We go to lunch on Fridays and I look forward to it all week

4. Write–I have a few fics in the works and I can’t wait to sit down and devote some time and love to them

5. Get caught up on Doctor Who–I haven’t watched most of Capaldi’s Doctor, even though I like him

5 Things People May Not Know About Me:

1. I make earrings.  I started making them for myself as a stress reliever, but I don’t have enough ears, so I give most of them away

2. I live across the alley from my parents.  I moved in first, and they followed me.  My life is Everybody Loves Raymond

3. I am a huge nerdy awkward geek, with a healthy appreciation for all things that people fandom about.  Especially if there’s a book about it

4. I only got into fanfiction and writing about a year ago, but it has sucked me in

5. I’m from Nebraska, and when I visited Switzerland I had a huge bout of aesthetic overload and started crying because “everything is so tall here!  There’s nothing flat!”  Who gets homesick for flatness?!  (I got over it because it really is beautiful)

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