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Atomic Blonde - Chapter 1: Father Figure

Atomic Blonde - Chapter 2: The Politics Of Dancing

Atomic Blonde - Chapter 3: Major Tom

Atomic Blonde - Chapter 4: Blue Monday

This is one movie I cannot wait to see!!

Charlize Theron.

Step aside, Jason Bourne!!

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"11, things you said when you were drunk" which I'm sure you've already received but is dying to be written after vol 2!

Peter had long ago perfected the art of drinking just enough alcohol to get drunk without losing control. 

His teammates, apparently, had not, judging by the fact that most of them were currently passed out on the floor around him (including Groot, but only because it was well past his bedtime; they weren’t about to give alcohol to a baby, c’mon).

Gamora was the only one besides him who had managed to stay awake, but that was because she was some kind of drinking superhero.

“How’re you doing that?” Peter mumbled into her stomach. He was currently curled up on the floor with his head in her lap, trying not to fall asleep – okay, so he might actually have toed the line as far as drinking too much went, but it was hard to care when Gamora was so comfy.

“Doing what?” she asked, casually sipping a beer.

“Being all – sitting and stuff. You had as much to drink as the rest of us.”

“Alcohol doesn’t affect me as easily.”  

He turned his head a bit so he could look up at her more easily. “You’re such a badass,” he said, proud that he was only slurring his words a little.

She smirked, amused. “So you’ve said.”

His eyes traced over the scars on her face and his head bumped lightly against the hilt of her sword where it was strapped to her thigh.

“Hey,” he said. “Hey, G’mora? Hey –“

“Yes, Peter?”                                                                                                     

“I ever tell you why I named the ship the Milano?”

“After a character on a TV show.”

“No. Yes.” He giggled at his own fumbling response. “I mean, she was actually the actress. But like, why I named it after her?”

“No, why?”

“C’mere,” he said, crooking his finger for her to bend down. “Issa secret.”  

She indulgently lowered her head and he whispered, “I use’ta want her to be my girlfriend when I was a kid. Even when I thought love was icky.”


“Yep. Scientific term from Earth there, you’re welcome.” He laughed loud enough at his own joke that he briefly woke up Rocket; he heard him roll over and grumble something about ‘damn singing fool’ before falling back asleep.

“She was cool, though,” Peter said after he’d calmed down. “Like you.”

“Was she?” Gamora had started playing with his hair and he leaned further into her as he kept talking.

“Yeah. In the show she was really strong and awesome. She punched someone once, and she liked basketball.”

“What’s basketball?”


“I don’t care for sports.”

Peter waved a hand (or tried to; he ended up just sort of slapping the floor). “Doesn’t matter. The important part was the punching. And you’re into swords, which are cooler than sports.”

“I agree.” She was looking at him with a soft, pretty smile that melted his insides even when he was sober. “So, your childhood dreams came true then? David Hasselhoff was your father and Alyssa Milano is your girlfriend?”

“No, no.” He shook his head, which made him dizzy, but he pressed on. “You’re way better than her. You saved the galaxy and you killed a monster and you do that thing where you scratch the back of my neck – aahh, yeah, like that.” He closed his eyes, lost in pleasure for a moment.

“Plus,” he continued on a yawn, keeping his eyes closed. “You let me fall asleep on your lap.”

“Peter Quill, you better not.” She tried to sound disapproving, but he could feel her stomach jerk with repressed laughter.

“Mmm, too late.” He wrapped his arms around her so he was basically hugging her waist, settling in like she was a pillow.

“Ten minutes,” she said. “Then we’re moving to a bed.”

“Deal,” he mumbled. Though he was pretty sure she was gonna have to carry him.

But she was badass and strong, even stronger than Alyssa Milano, so she could handle it.  


Don’t TOUCH Him!

Bucky Barnes x Darcy Lewis

In ways no one knew, they were successful in infiltrating the tower. She knew they were after Barnes (witchy intuition, let’s leave it at that) (OR they were Hydra??). One sentence (winter soldier, they don’t care how bad we take him in, he’s going back to the chair, over) put her right over the edge and Darcy lost it.

“Don’t TOUCH him!” she screamed, shooting red and purple flames towards the four bodies on her floor.

Bucky, Sam and Steve ran straight towards her floor when they heard her scream (right after knocking out the other eight Hydra agents), only to find the four on hers slowly burning to a crisp. The tips of Darcy’s hair looked like static, as if they were turning into blades. Both her arms and hands were engorged in red and purple flames.

“So that’s your girl, ey Barnes?” Sam asked, smirking at the currently extremely red spysassin.

Oh god why do I find this hot, he thought to himself.

“Hello boys. Sorry for the scare. Just, you know, let my emotions get the better of me. Err, let me get a broom. These ashes aren’t going to sweep themselves! Haha!”

“What…? Ashes?”

And near the elevator, they saw four neat piles of ashes.


Teen Wolf OCs + weather

Elsa Kirsch by @lydamartin
Ariana Petrakis by @fraysquake
Joanne McLaughlin by @drbobbimorse
Leah Kane by @kadyodiaz
Bella Whittemore by @duuvals


×  Miranda Lives au | Pirate Queen Miranda
Miranda survives her ordeal in Charlestown. Realizing that she will never be able to return to the world she considered her home, and no longer wishing to, she joins Flint on the high seas, unable to remain at peace after learning how hers and her loved ones lives were ruined.
( shoutout to @jmeelee for the inspiration )

Today on: “Homeboy Did Not See That Coming”


The New Quinx Squad


“The girl,” she said. “A girl in grey on a dying horse. Jon Snow’s sister.” Who else could it be?

youngwolfesval the wildling or alys karstark?

((I haven’t much felt like being online this weekend. My dog got hit by a truck Saturday afternoon, and though she’s okay, I’ve been too shaken up to focus. We were very blessed. She came away with some scraps, a couple of broken toenails, and a sore knot on one shoulder. I panicked on the way to the vet because she seemed to be bleeding from the mouth, but it turns out, she had just scraped her lips. She’s been pretty sore, and we didn’t sleep too much Saturday night. She’s finally begun feeling like herself today. She’s had her ears perked up, she’s been trotting around like normal, and she’s been wagging her tail and playing, but she’s also doing a lot of sleeping and is very clingy.

Here’s where I’m going to get all PSA-y. Please drive the speed limit and be alert, especially those of you who are younger. I’ve worked with kids who’ve bragged about how fast they drive, and my first concern has always been for their safety, but if you don’t care about your own safety, please care about someone else’s, even if that someone is a little fifteen-pound dog that means the world to another human being. I ran towards the truck along the side of the road, waving my arms, trying to get them to slow down, but they didn’t, not before they hit her, not when they hit her, and not afterwards. Had I jumped in front of them, I still doubt they would have slowed down. 

Our neighbors saw a toddler wander into the middle of the road a few days ago. Had someone been speeding along like they usually do or driving distracted, they could have hit that child. Driving distracted is another issue–those same neighbors and my family were worried for my safety when Lady was hit. People have swerved far off the road and into the fields because they weren’t paying attention. I live in the country, so people seem to think they can fly down the roads, even though it’s a residential area. Just don’t. Drive safe for your own sake and for others’.

Here’s a picture of Ladybug after she got back from the emergency vet clinic:

Imagine: Pixelator AU

Imagine if Marinette had been a bit later in leaving the hotel so she’s there when Pixelator walks in.

Imagine as Adrien moves to tackle Chloe out of the way, Marinette moves in between both of them with, say, a shiny plate that she grabbed off-handedly as a feeble means of protection. It, luckily, bounces the attack back onto Pixelator.

Imagine Adrien, Chloe and Marinette just staring totally bewildered at the camera on the floor after Pixelator disappears.

Pixelator is completely confused when he arrives in the digital world.

Even Hawkmoth is just like “WTF just happened.”

(Marinette makes some BS excuse to go transform so she can capture the Akuma which leads to some earlier Ladrien interaction [even if Chloe is there too] and Adrien may brag a little to Ladybug how it was his friend who was totally badass and beat the Akuma. [Causing much squealing on Marinette’s end])

Ergo the shortest Akuma attack ever.