she's so badass though in captain america

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Happy Halloween! Think about modern Losers dressing up as the Avengers for Halloween! Bev as Black Widow (red hair and good aim) Bill as a Captain America (duh) Ben is Hulk which has nothing to do with Bev, Richie is Iron Man (duh) Mike is Black Panther, Stan is the Vision, and Eddie.... Spider-Man

YOU ARE SO SPOT ON OH MY GOSHHH though i would definitely make Ben to be Thor hehe

-Ben would be running around with a cape and the hammer. the losers would be having breakfast and he’d throw his (plastic ofc) cup on the floor “another!” 

-bill as captain america is so spot on holy

-beverly would be so badass?? like she goes to defense classes bc of her father so she learned some pretty sweet tricks and she can definitely beat up the losers (though she’d lose an arm before she ever does) 

-MIKE WOULD BE SUCH A BADASS TOO. he learns how to do flips and shit and the losers are like ?? when the hell ?? 

-imagine eddie jumping on his bed with a pout saying “i’m not weak! im strong!” in reference to “im not a girl! i’m a boy! er, a man!” 

-richie would pinch eddie’s cheek going “awww you want to be just like me!” and eddie would fucking sputter and wheeze “WHAT THE FUCK NO” 

-i can actually imagine stan making his costume himself and he looks super cool and he is beaming and being a total damn nerd by pretending to float around like vision does 

A quick companion piece to my Stucky Ever After AU comic because smol Steve in cute princely outfits is apparently my newest weakness 8′D

Just couldn’t resist giving his outfit the ol’ Captain America flare, though ;)

It shocks me how many people aren’t familiar with Ever After, though. It is, hands down, the best Cinderella film adaptation out there. Seriously, SO MUCH LOVE for that movie. Please, go watch it if you haven’t already, or even if it’s just been awhile! It’s got Drew Barrymore being adorable and badass and saving her prince from thieves by carrying him off into the woods.

It’s fucking fantastic.

Also, she totally punches one of her step-sisters in the face.