she's so badass though in captain america

Well, This is Awkward  (Steve Rogers x reader)

Request:  I think I need me some Steve fluff, but still leave the reader badass in the avengers, but maybe show some Steve x reader fluff. Like even though they all live in the tower he’s always holding her on her waist or he lights up when she walks in the room and the other avengers tease him.. And since she’s an empath she feels his embarrassment awwwwwwwwwwwwwh shy Steve is so cute

Thanks for the request, I hope you like it!

The midst of battle could sometimes be a clumsy mess, even in the best-planned situations.  One wrong step and personal space is all but a memory.

As you pulled your knife from the thigh of the HYDRA guard, Steve grabbed your arm.  “Woah, woah, woah, (Y/N), watch out-“ Tony’s repulsor beam shot just past your head, barely missing you.  Startled, you side-stepped and rolled your ankle, tipping back to land on Steve, knocking you both to the ground.  

“Watch it, Stark!  I’d like to make it back with my head still attached!”

Blushing, Steve lifted you back to your feet, clearing his throat as he straightened his shield.  “Are you, um, are you okay?”  Looking over his shoulder you saw another guard take aim at the Captain. Grabbing the back of his neck you pulled his head forward, giving you a clear view to take out the guard in one shot. “Mmmmphh?”

His face was buried in your chest.  “Oh my god, Cap!  I’m sorry!  They were about to shoot at you, and I wasn’t thinking…I just wanted to get you out of the way!  Oh, Cap, I’m sorry!”  Backing away as you spoke, you were quickly off to find Wanda and hopefully avoid any further humiliation.


Back at the tower, things didn’t get much better. With the fumbles that happened on this last mission, Steve planned more training sessions for every member of the team. The poor guy, you could sense how embarrassed he was, but the last thing you wanted to do was bring it up.  But if he really was so embarrassed, why did he plan this training session with you and not one of the others?

“Alright, come at me.”  

His stance was set firm, arms in front of him ready to block you.  As you charged forward he took a step ahead; anticipating his shift in balance you swung your leg to hook your foot behind his bent knee before his foot could touch the ground.  You swung your body across his as he tipped back, straddling his chest, holding his shoulders down with your knees.  Normally he would push up with his legs to try to throw you off, but this time he was motionless.

“What’s wrong?  Why did you stop?”  

“I, uh, I have to go.  Good work today.”  You released him and he quickly stood and exited the gym without another word. Maybe this was more complicated than you thought.


You had decided to talk to Steve after dinner. He was one of your best friends, so it was hard for you to understand why he couldn’t just be open with you about this.  He knew that you could feel his emotions, so hiding from you was just pointless. Since it was your night to cook, maybe you could get him to help.

The boys had gathered around the TV, arguing about who got to choose what they were going to watch.  “It’s my tower, my TV.  I want to watch The Bachelor.”  You could almost hear the heads snapping to look at Tony.  “What?  It’s down to the final rose.  I’m not going to miss this.”

Natasha threw a bottle cap at Steve’s head, trying to get his attention.  “Hey, lovesick puppy, you’ve been staring at her all evening.  Don’t you think she might catch on?”

“Yeah, Capsicle, when you gonna finally defrost that thing?  You don’t use it, you lose it, you know what I’m sayin’?”  

“Really, Stark?”  Steve leaned forward in his seat, putting his head in his hands.  He was clearly annoyed, embarrassed, and a bit scared, and you could feel it.  Poor guy.

Peeking your head around the corner, you called to him, trying to save him from further humiliation.  “Hey Cap, could you give me a hand carrying this out?”

Pietro perked up and motioned to pretend his hands were grabbing your backside, “Yeah, Cap.  Give her a hand.  Or two. Please, for all of our sakes.”


The most uncomfortable dinner ever was finally over.  Everyone had retreated to their rooms, leaving you and Steve to clean up. Normally you would have been pissed that they left the mess for you, but this gave you the chance to finally talk to him alone.  You grabbed a stack of plates and moved toward the kitchen, not seeing Steve as he was returning to the table.  

You ran directly into each other, dropping the plates with a loud crash.  Stepping back from the shattered glass your heel slipped and you began to fall backwards.


Grabbing your waist, he pulled you forward, firmly pressed against his chest.  He was breathing heavily into your hair, not releasing you even as you gained a firm footing. You didn’t attempt to back away; your hands moved to his waist and slid up his back.  He looked down at you, and as your eyes met you could feel him relax. You stayed like this for what felt like an eternity.  Finally, you chose to make the first move.  “Well?  Are you going to kiss me or not?  We’ve practically been to second base already.”

As he bent his head down to kiss you, the team roared from the upper level of the lounge.  Laughing, you looked up to see cash exchanging hands.

A quick companion piece to my Stucky Ever After AU comic because smol Steve in cute princely outfits is apparently my newest weakness 8′D

Just couldn’t resist giving his outfit the ol’ Captain America flare, though ;)

It shocks me how many people aren’t familiar with Ever After, though. It is, hands down, the best Cinderella film adaptation out there. Seriously, SO MUCH LOVE for that movie. Please, go watch it if you haven’t already, or even if it’s just been awhile! It’s got Drew Barrymore being adorable and badass and saving her prince from thieves by carrying him off into the woods.

It’s fucking fantastic.

Also, she totally punches one of her step-sisters in the face.