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Concept: Mickey and Emil have been friends basically since they both began skating. They’re really close, and when I say close I mean HELLA. Sleepovers, friendship bracelet exchange when they were 12 (Emil still wears his outside of skating, and while Mickey will never admit it he still keeps his in his wallet of all places), the whole deal. Sara is also part of their friend group, but she’s definitely not as close to Emil as Mickey is.

And then puberty hits and Mickey suddenly becomes very aware of Emil and his closeness to Sara. In reality, nothing’s really changed, but he’s begun to get a weird tight feeling in his chest whenever he sees Emil smiling and laughing with Sara. He begins to be a lot more protective over Sara because that’s what it’s gotta be, right? Sara is getting prettier each year, and as her big brother he has a responsibility to keep men from taking advantage of her. Even if it’s Emil, who he’s known for years. Anyways, there’s nothing else this feeling can be, right? Right. Nothing more than protectiveness.

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Hospital Ship BTS

Endless List of Favorite Characters: Wonder Woman (DC Comics)

I came here to parley. But do not mistake a desire to avoid violence for the inability to deal it”

Honestly something i love so much about the new season of kekkai sensen is that Chain is finally getting a lot more screentime and has an entire episode dedicated to her. She’s such an interesting and amazing character and she deserves this.

guess who got to watch wonder woman in all her 3D glory this afternoon

this girl

Miraculous Acts of Kindess!

Hey everyone! So i know i’m not super huge in the fandom, but i dont think kindness bends to the rules of viewership. 

So today, i’m calling on the Miraculous fandom to lend me a mighty hand in helping one of our brightest members: @squirrellygirlart the creator of the first Miraculous Acts of Kindness, as well as the author for The Adrien Diaries and an amazing artist for the ML and other fandoms!

Lately she’s been on hard times, dealing with a lot of personal issues and job hunting, and it’s taking it’s toll. She has been such a wonderful person for us all, and is now in need of some love herself.

So please! I beg you to lend a hand in helping me cheer up our resident crack dealer.

What can you do?
- Send inspirational messages and just try to talk with her. She’s super amazing and absolutely adorable, you’ll love talking to her!
- draw her some awesome stuff! She adores Squirrels, so pics of them,videos, or drawings of squirrels are never a miss. Also try Kitty Blanc (marinette akumatized as chat blanc), as well as all the kwamis, and Adrien! Or her, that works too! 
- write her the crackiest fics! She loves a good laugh, and crack never goes ary. laughter, love stories, it all works! 

and whatever else you can think of! please, all i ask is anything you can do for her, do it. There is no limit to when you can do it. 

Thank you all and sincerely, Dracoskull.

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Can I just brag about how awesome my aroace friend is? Like she is just so adorable and calls me her husband(we're not in a relationship of any kind)it's the way she shows her affection. We have a "polyamorous" cult according to her too cause there are quite a few of us she calls her 'husband/wife/partner' and I just adore her cause we all know her love is 100% platonic and she loves us bunches platonically. She's not in a relationship and calls herself a Forever-Single-Pringle but still has us

dude that’s so rad!! I’m glad you’re all supportive of one another!

travel diary page 4

hiii guys nx back normal here eh eh ….today is a special page because my bro and friend are there !  …but first let me clear that potato was a fried fight hahah….oil everywhere… let’s start 

page 16 @captainthane

O.O  oh right my bro …wait my lil bro i’m more high for 4 cm buahhahah XD….i really love this guys …. for real is my bro!.  one day i was travelling  in some au and puff he appear  on my left helping me cheering a friend and instant say … this guys is angel…..after i follow him and he write some fan fiction and they are amazing—-note: amazing but to complicated for my brain —- so i jump in his universe and say hi and from that day ….he got a brother :3 …..shhh this is a secret but  i peek some of his draw and he is amazing but try to hide it shhhhh is a secrettttt ….oh last thing is super adorable  so guys spam some ,….much nice compliment on him in his askbox and maybe he show his tomato form :3 sorry no sorry  at last isn’t a onion …ops sorry wolf :3

page 17 @bobleartiz

this guys is a monster of patience O.O  i just peek is au and  spoiler spoiler ,….oh came on why censured that :( ….well he have a big plan with some evil plot and he is waiting see what happen …… i hear some  Vietnamese and …i was so scarred o.o not for the language but he was watching  his au laughing and….after speak with him is a very nice dude …but i leave early ….is to scary!!

 page 18 @youngbenkenobi

another of my brooooooooo is supercool  and his au is amazing O.O  is working on it and well shhhhh he blush for nothing  so i can’t put so much compliment …well i start read!.
he talk eng, some spanish  and some  Manderin Chinese :3  is amazing under all view and much funny  and yes i’m trying to make him blush XD. he is much accurate with his draw can keep fix a draw for 2 week  and keep and keep….but is worth you have to see this boy draw!!! is amazing… time i do a bad thing to him :P……i put a black mask and a black dust….i hate black but worth XD….. go to him and when he was watching his au … !!! bam i attack him with a fresh colored laser sword … was made of plastic cover with my mana so don’t tell him … well he strike back  before i do something the fight was epic but  for end it i put a song   undertale musical the best weapon on him XD  ….and on me we start cry like idiot XD hahah.,.-,.– oh wait i  wasn’t mean to say this ….. WHERE IS THE RECORDING!!!!…what we are on live ops..

page 19 @calista-222

ohhh is calista time buhaahha well guys you have to know her is a amazing cute shy  …adorable girl and  i see her lose blood for a good thing XD   the funny is she put that as  image in his internet profile is so adorable.  she is a awesome artist my mouth fall all time i see her draw and so much people love her  +-+ lovee her XD …..i’ve a  litte request guys spam her of compliment SPAM HER PLS SPAM xD … i can’t say more because she is shy sometime sooo guys make her  blush to dead BUAHAHAHH

page 20 @chronictale

…is my female form XD she like what i like she love what i love hahah she is perfect for me to talk with!  we have same problem same tension but she draw in a amazing way i’m so lucky to have found her universe and more day pass more  i discover she like what i like …we love  lindsay stirling music and not much person know her !     i literally  love his violin solo and all his song :O.  she is drawing his comics now and  i’m super over happy  yesss :p  she make my new face….IS AMAZINGGG  :3  oh right we hate the same thing  only the mushrooms hate is different …..but we fight together peppers   p.s  care mr art  stealers we  are searching you !  ….. ok is time to go byeeeee 

I miss the way you smell. I miss the way you do that biting lip roll without thinking about it. I miss how you pick the skin off around your fingers the way that I do too. I miss when you’d stare at me until I noticed & then we’d both smile big. I miss the feel of your skin on mine. I miss the way your heart sounds when I lay on your chest. I miss your laugh, I haven’t forgotten it. I miss your kisses. I miss rubbing my hand along your back. And I miss the way your spine isn’t straight, although I’m sure you wish it was. I miss the color of your hair, and the way it smells too. I miss the shine in your eyes. They sparkle so beautifully. I miss your tallness. I miss the way you hold me. I miss bopping your nose. I miss you bopping mine back. I miss the way we hold hands when I drive, there’s no good way to do it when you drive a stick. I miss your chipped nail polish. I miss the freckles or beauty marks on your face, let’s go with beauty marks because you’re beautiful. I miss touching your butt in public. Especially when you tell me to stop, because I wanna touch it so much more then. Even though I hate when you say uhuh, I miss the way you exaggerate it. I miss the way you’d put lotion on my face after we shower. And the way you brush my hair, because apparently my parents never taught me right. I miss the way you hug me. I miss the way you get sad, and bury your head into my neck. Though I dislike when you’re sad. I miss kissing you, not just when you kiss me. I miss the way we walk in sync. Baby, I just miss you. I’ll come home soon.
—  callmesmallz94 (a letter to my girlfriend wavecrestvibe)

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My girlfriend?? Is awesome?? She is so lovely and funny and adorable and I love her so much. I don't know what I did to deserve her, but it must have been good. She accepts me for who I am and helps me when I have panic attacks/depressing episodes. I just want to hug her and kiss her and hold her hand forever. I hope to everything holy that I will marry her (we already talked about this and she said that she would love to do that when we'll be older)

i don’t even know what to say to this except that you sound so Soft and in love oh my god!! it would be my dream to experience something like that and i hope that everyone gets to experience something as pure and wholesome as that,,