she's so adorable lol


-What are we going to do about this dinner, then? -”We can have blue soup to start, orange pudding to end, and… well, for main course, we have… uh, congealed green gunge. -That is caper berry gravy. -Oh, yes. Yeah. Do you have eggs? -Yes. Right.  -Omelet it is, then. -Ah. With caper berry gravy.

I really hate the generic ¾-facing-left, eyes-to-the-right profiles but it’s so convenient, I can’t help myself.

Helena Bonham Carter and Daniel Radcliffe being extremely cute on the set of ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2′


☆ Victor “Vitya” Nikiforov // age 15 彡

↳ Kubo Exhibition 


My mom’s cat had kittens and they’re sooooo cuuuteeee, they’re a week old in this pic and they try and hiss if you touch them without mom around, but all that comes out is this little KHCK sound and they jump a little bit.