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“At the last, their eyes meet, hers and the bear’s… and she hesitates. The bear dwarfs her to the point of insignificance, its daemonic nature kin to the evil within her own soul. It is as ancient as the planet—a maleficence that has ever been, shall ever be, while Illyana, for all her dread power, is still very much a child. What hope has she to even match her foe, much less overcome it? Then, with a cry torn from the core of her being—Soulsword radiating so much raw energy it turns night to day—she splits the monster’s skull!

illyana rasputin in the demon bear saga

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Ashoka and ReverseObi prompter again! I am also really curious if tinyObi has met Padme yet? Another person going, touch him and DIE!

She stared down at the copper haired child who stared right back at her in return, his green eyes wide and awed with a tiny braid resting against his shoulder. She then looked to Anakin to see if she heard right. “Padawan?”

“Yes, Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi.” Anakin beamed proudly at her, resting his hands on the boys shoulders. “He’s my padawan, the council felt I did a good job with Ahsoka, so they sent Obi-Wan my way too…I mean…I did do good until…well yeah. Anyhow, Obi-Wan, as I said, this is Senator Padme Amidala.”

“I know!” Obi-Wan tugged away from Anakin’s hands and took Padme’s offered hand, pressing a tiny kiss to the back of it. “I studied you in modern politics while at the Temple. Your own people wanted to change its laws to keep you on the throne for a further few years. You’re also a leading figure in the Loyalist Committee and a voice of peace in the Senate.” He continued, his eyes wide and shining in awe.

Padme felt a smile cross her face as she leaned in and petted the youths cheek. “Why aren’t you just adorable? And so intelligent.” She marveled.

Obi-Wan blushed darkly but continued smiling shyly at her, his hand finding his braid and tugging on it.

The blond raised both his eyebrows down at his apprentice then grinned a bit. “Obi-Wan, Senator Amidala has invited us to stay with her, for security reasons. If you want to, you could try to grill her a bit more about how the Senate works.”

Obi-Wan stared up at his master with wide eyes before looking back at Padme for confirmation. “I-I don’t want to be a bother…”

“Nonsense, I would enjoy speaking to you about the Senate and its workings Obi-Wan. We can talk over dinner, I’m sure you both must be famished.” She smiled down at him. Anakin she noticed perked up at the idea of food, that man was always hungry.

Obi-Wan however kept facinated eyes on her and happily followed her into the livingroom.

“Padme, you didn’t tell me we would have more gue-Obi-Wan?” Satine sat up from the couch where she had been lounging, the Duchess of Mandalore losing her refined edge in surprise.

The copper haired child gave a loud squeak and then ran straight for the women, almost toppling over his own feet in his eager glee.

“Duchess!” He beamed, stopping in front of her while almost bouncing on his feet before remembering his manners and bowing for the woman, a slight blush in his cheek. “I’m glad to see you’re safe Duchess.”

“And I am to see you safe Obi-Wan.” She glanced at the little braid on the right side of his head and then to Anakin, frowning a bit. The frown was wiped when Obi-Wan looked up at her though, the blond gently taking him by the shoulder. “But I’m more interested in hearing what you’ve been up to since our lessons were cut.”

“Lessons?” Anakin stepped towards the two, placing his hands on Obi-Wan’s shoulders and ‘accidentally’ nudging hers off.

“Dutchess Satine used to tutor me in Mando. Until the situation on Mandalore got to unstable for the holos to reach me in the temple.” Obi-Wan confided. Satine nodded her agreement.

“I visited the temple quite some years ago. He was rather charming back then and convinced me to tutor him. When I left back home, we continued the tutoring via holos.” She smiled down at Obi-Wan softly, her smile widening a bit at the soft flush covering the others cheek as Obi-Wan squirmed on his feet.

“Huh…I didn’t know that.” Anakin raised his eyebrows down at his padawan.

Obi-Wan outright pouted up at him. “I don’t tell you EVERYTHING Panakin.”

“…Panakin?” Padme covered her mouth with her hand and Satine managed to turn her snort into a polite cough.


“You said you prefered me not to call you master.” Obi-Wan shrugged and Anakin sighed before reaching down and picking the other up under his arm. “Hey!”

“Come on, lets go eat, Force knows Kix is out after you all the time to gain a bit more weight Imp…also he’s right, you don’t weigh enough.” Anakin headed towards the dinner table, ignoring the squirming happening under his arm.

Satine and Padme followed, both sporting amused smiles.

Title: let’s begin under these stars
Summary: He couldn’t stop looking at her, like this. She was so beautiful.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto.
Prompt: There Was No Warning
Rating: K
Warning(s): none.
Comments: I know nothing about constellations and astrology, so yeah forgive me if this is not accurate in some manner or another. Lmao.


She’d never seen the sky look this amazing, until tonight. It was so clear, so bright—so peaceful. Far better than any of the ones she’d seen in her life in Konoha. She wished she could stay here forever, commit this place to memory and be able to come back as often as she wanted.

But they were on a mission, several days away from home, lying in the middle of a nameless forest in some village she completely forgot the name of. This was likely to be a one night thing, much to her disappointment.

Which meant she’d have to make the best of this night, with Kakashi sleeping against a tree base, his book lying flat on his face, Naruto snoring loudly by the fire, his sleeping bag twisted and tangled around his body, and Sasuke… Sasuke at her side, looking as amazing as he’d ever dared to look in his life, one foot propped up on the ground with the other crossed beneath it, and his square shoulders touching hers.

She tried not to think too much about that last thing as she whispered her favorite constellations to the dark, handsome man, pointing them out shyly, quietly marveling at the sky she adored so much. She tried to ignore the way her cheeks evidently flushed every time she’d look at him to find him gazing where she’d wanted him to, as if genuinely interested in her passionate astrological talk.

“Ah—over there, that’s Cassiopeia, I think,” she murmured, pointing to the small gathering of five stars in the similar shape of a W. Sakura quickly glanced to see if Sasuke was looking, but was quick to turn away when he seemed to sense this and turned to look at her as well. Smiling brightly, she pretended nothing happened as she leaned back on her hands and admired the sheet of lights above them. A small gasp left her lips, before she exclaimed breathlessly, “And there! That’s Orion!”

“How do you know so many of them?” she heard him ask, prompting her to look at him. The curiosity in those amazing, black eyes of his caused her cheeks to flush a little, for the umpteenth time that night.

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