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Au - Mike Lawson, Assistant Director of the FBI needs the help of world famous anthropologist Dr. Ginny Baker go catch a serial killer.

listen. Listen. I love Bones. I love Bones. I love every single second of that show (even though it went on about three seasons too long). I am actually, literally watching Bones right now. So yeah, I am 100% behind whatever fusion of these two universes that anyone cooks up.

Mike Lawson is not at all convinced that some poindexter from some hoity-toity lab is going to help boost his ability to close cases, but the higher ups won’t sign off on his theory without an “expert opinion.” So he’s got to kill half a day cozying up to some scientist, flash a few x-rays, get her approval, and finally catch the bad guy. 

Of course, that was before he met Dr. Ginny Baker. Dr. Ginny Baker who is even smarter than she is beautiful. Dr. Ginny Baker who will only offer an opinion if he lets her out into the field with him. 

Somehow, it’s the start of a beautiful friendship. 

Bonus: Evelyn and Blip as squints on Ginny’s team and Al as Mike’s supervisor. Amelia shows up as the Assistant US Attorney and the rest of the Padres make appearances as necessary. 

(While I’m all for a slow burn, let’s maybe kick up the pace just a smidge, though. Six seasons is too long to wait.)

honestly my biggest pet peeve in fic AND in canon is everyone forgetting that kara is more than just a musclehead with the emotional range of a puppy and is actually a refugee, with her entire culture and language and religion wiped out, everyone she’s ever met dead, not simply a human with powers but a Kryptonian, always.

Who comes from a family of universe-renowned scientists, and was considered a genius by the standards of the extremely technologically advanced society that aren’t simply american humans in a few thousand years but people who probably have very different brains–along with also being created via the Codex and genetic manipulation (so it’s probably phased out any junk DNA, or vestigial structures–so, Kara probably doesn’t actually have an appendix or wisdom teeth tbh). If Kara had actually lived her life on Krypton, there’s a very high chance she would have went into the Science guild tbh

Really, imagine if you had gone through the equivalent of a rigorous phD program, and then all of a sudden put in a kindergarten science class. In the comics Kara was about to become the youngest person on the Kryptonian science counsel, ever

Yeah, of course Kara’s going to be bored with Earth level science, those science fairs that Alex dragged her along to are, to her, probably rudimentary at best, wildly off the mark at worst (and really–she’s been told to keep hidden. Genius children make news, genius children are noticed. Alex probably had a bit more leeway as the daughter of two world renowned scientists, already noticed by her teachers to be gifted but kara’s already the new adopted kid with the funny accent and mannerisms in a small town. That would be the exact opposite of laying low).

Lena’s probably a better tactician than Kara–a life as a Luthor would be a constant practice in tactics, long term planning. She’s definitely a brilliant scientist, but out of the two of them? Kara’s probably better.

And honestly? Lena realizing just how brilliant Kara really is, a fully fleshed three dimensional character, would be such a better story than just pretending that kara is an idiot with maybe 3 emotions.

Part of what makes Kara such a compelling character is that she’s been through so much, has so much anger and rage and sorrow but still manages to be a light and inspiration for others, intelligent, someone with a gift with words, a genius–someone who thinks of herself–Kara Zor-El, the powerless Kryptonian–as ordinary, someone not yet worthwhile, but she wants to be. She defeated Myriad through her words, through her sincerity and optimism, simply as herself. As Astra said, Kara “has the heart of a hero,” regardless of powers.Her heart is what makes her a hero.

tl;dr: kara is more than just a “puppy” who is incapable of intelligent thought

proof summer inherited rick’s genius

  • can instantly find devices rick asks her to find from a very short and simple description (the device to freeze time in the season 1 finale (Ricksy Business), the device in the purge episode (Look Who’s Purging Now))
  • knows that what makes rick rick is his knowledge that the universe is so vast nothing matters (Big Trouble in Little Sanchez) 
  • her being right about the dead flies (The Rickshank Rickdemption) 
  • “this is why i choose to get Cs” (assuming she isnt lying, that means she’s smarter than she chooses to appear) (Lawnmower Dog)
  • fuck i had more
  • feel free to add

Rogue 1: “Empty your pockets.”
Rogue 2: “What? Why?”
Rogue 1: “Because you probably stole something.”
Rogue 2: “What! Rude! Why do you assume I’d steal something from this noble’s house?!”
Rogue 1: “Because I WANTED TO and I know you’re dumber than me!”
Rogue 2: “Hey, that’s not- alright that probably is true.”

He gave her back the jewelry which she returned… or, returned fakes she made quickly after. Like she said. She’s smarter.

book vs tv show characters
  • book! penny : whiny, pretentious, thinks he's smarter than he is, kind of an asshole
  • tv show! penny : still kind of an asshole but cares too much underneath, hears voices, not pretentious, annoyed by everything (remember when he got fucking stabbed and rolled his eyes at it? #iconic)
  • book! janet : wants what she can't have, a gryffendor, bi and butch, actively dislikes other girls
  • tv show! margo : has a better name, a slytherin, bi and femme, isn't really friends with other girls but doesn't want to destroy them, more canonly bi (the line about thai food implies she doesn't think that girls are interesting sometimes and that she thinks they're attractive all the time)
  • book! asmodeus : 17, smarter than she should be, kills a god, goes by "becky" for some reason
  • tv show! kady : bi as fuck, not seventeen, would die for julia wicker
  • book! josh : can do magic but only sometimes, part of the squad, mostly irrelevant, marries quentin's ex
  • tv show! josh : still irrelevant, ditches the squad, dating victoria who wasn't even in the books
  • book! quentin : depression, trying his best, kind of a fuckboy after alice/penny but he gets better about it, ivy leauge kid
  • tv show! quentin : same thing but with more obvious depression
  • book! julia : deserves better
  • tv show! julia : deserves better
  • book! alice : fucking brilliant, deserved better, i am adopting her bc her parents are shit
  • tv show! alice : deserved better, my brilliant and kind daughter who i am adopting bc her parents are still shit
  • book! eliot : more of a hipster, gay, doesn't marry a woman (@syfy writers - what the fuck???? what the fuck??? what the fuck?????)
  • tv show eliot : trying his best, very sad, covers it up by drinking a lot, qpps with margo, more preppy less hipster, marries a woman because he has to, still gay

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hi! do you think you could maybe possible perhaps write a soulmate!au? pretty pretty please?? (if you do - thanks, and if you don't - thanks for all of your other fics)

i heard you were looking like the moon

a/n: i decided to go with the ‘you don’t see colour until your soulmate touches you’ au. thank you so much for this anon, and i hope you enjoy it

She’s seven when she decides that the colour she’s most excited to see is purple. She’s watching a documentary with Petunia, sprawled on the carpet in their mediocre, three-bedroom house, watching the TV, enthralled. There are a pair of pretty people, holding hands, gravitational, lovely, and utterly in love. They are describing colour with a glistening film swept across their eyes, tainted by disdain, this supercilious disposition that colour is some kind of buried treasure, open only to those who are a part of some exclusive club where partners and couples clutch at each others’ hands like an anchor dropped in a bed of sand. The delight of love in someone else. It makes her heart race. But it is not this that upsets her. It is Ethel, the near 70-year-old lady on the screen, who lost her husband. She had spent 50 years with colour. And then it was lost.

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To the person that will love her next,

Be warned, she’s easy to love.

You’ll meet her one day and painfully ache for her from that day until your last day. When your eyes mold into hers, all time will cease to exist - the dying seconds frozen to all her glory. Love her with all your might and never take her for granted. She’s been used before and knows all too well how it feels. If you’re here to show her how, I suggest you stop right here. So don’t.

She claims to be heartless; immune to the emotions that will intimately pierce her heart. She’s lying. Her heart holds passion that could encompass the universe by tenfold. So when she loves, she loves hard - unknowing of any other way to do so. That love, her love, doesn’t come around often. She’ll push you away in realization that a flame has been ignited in her winter storm. Prevail, and see her inner rose bloom.

When she’s angry, don’t leave her alone. She will never ask you to stay, she’s tired of begging people to love her. Tuck her hair behind her ear, see the gorgeous chaos in her eyes and stay. Don’t act tough, you’re not when it comes to her. Your strength shouldn’t come from your exterior, but in how you love the woman in front of you.

She’s a writer, so don’t be surprised when she has more to say than most. She’ll draw you in her world - her poetry, her art - and entice you with each syllable, each stroke. Among the stars will you be immortalized, so each constellation will know of your love. That damned pen is a sword you cannot hope to defend yourself from. Her words will touch the depths of your being and scar your body in the midst of her wake.

Explore with her. She grew up in a small town so she loves stumbling upon places that wistfully, take her to another world. Aimlessly walk the streets at night, hand in hand, with no destination or hibitions. Discover small coffee shops and record stores. Watch her eyes fill with joy as her fingers run through dusty old vinyls. You’ll see a different side of her; the walls she spent years building will come down. Look, bask, but not for a moment longer. When she realizes she’s let go, those walls will come back, higher than before.

Never go a day without telling her you love her. I don’t care how angry you are, grit it through your teeth if you have to.

To this day, she’s the strongest and most hard-headed person I’ve ever met. Remember she’s a woman of her own. Don’t try to assert your dominance over because I promise you, it will be the worst decision of your life.

Comfort her when yet again, a fictional character dies. You may think it’s stupid, but it’s not just a book to her. To her, she lived the lives of those people, loved the people they loved. She immerses herself into the grand world of literature and this broadens her mind.

Read The Alchemist - trust me.

Start listening to The 1975. If you don’t try, you’re done for. She’ll claim that she can’t pick a favourite song of theirs. A total lie - it’s Robbers.

Music comes first. Always.

When she has an anxiety attack, hum Robbers under your breath and tell her to breathe. Kiss her forehead and rub the small of her back. Stand through the storm, the calm waves of her even breathing will soothe your soul. She is here; here with you - alive. She has and will continue to defeat her demons time and time again.

She is smarter than you, even when you think you’re outsmarting her or reading her. Trust me, you’re feeling that way because she wants you to.

Treat her like royalty or somebody else will. That girl deserves the universe at her fingertips.

You’ll never be the same again, because this girl isn’t like the rest.

And most of all, don’t ever lose her - not like I did.

—  sincerely, a name you’ll never hear past her lips
Women in the MCU. Feminism and Wanda Maximoff

It’s no secret that women have been shafted in superhero franchises. For years, there was outcry about no female superhero having her own movie - and I suspect that might have still not happened had DC not come out with Wonder Woman.

Due to this tendency, I find that the fandom is inclined to defend the inexcusable actions of female characters. This isn’t a good thing.

Before I get to the main star of my post, I’ll run through some of the others. 

Pepper Potts. Pepper is a great character. A strong, intelligent woman, who appears to excel at business in a world dominated by men. She’s not that great at being a supportive person, though. Her behavior during Iron Man 3 included repeatedly demeaning a person for their very real mental issues. Not that this is anything new in the MCU, especially when it concerns Tony Stark, but it really ruined the character for me.

Natasha Romanov. Oh, Black Widow. Dear Black Widow. Sometimes, I wonder if even the writers of these characters know what they’re all about. I hated her in IM 2 - her report on Tony was unfathomable. I moderately liked her in Avengers. She was great in WS. In CW… I’ve got nothing. No, really. The back-stabbing spy who acknowledged the necessity of the Accords, then turned around and physically attacked the facto king of a sovereign nation while in combat on HIS side gets nothing but sneers from me. I’ll be happy if I never see her in the MCU again. But alas…

Jane Foster. Another clever woman. Unfortunately, she’s not fleshed out enough to really make a difference. By Thor 2, she is reduced to obsessing over Thor. Not that I can point fingers since I obsess over fictional characters, but at any rate… Her character appears to have left the MCU altogether starting Thor 3.

Darcy Lewis. Cute girl. Made me laugh. Smarter than she seems, but largely the comic relief. No real development. Probably will disappear with Jane.

Maria Hill. Typical badass SHIELD Agent. I like her - she just isn’t developed enough as a person for me to care much about her.

Betty Ross. I truly, truly loved her. She’s an incredibly intelligent young woman who stands up to her tyrant of a father and supports her boyfriend who turned himself into a giant green rage monster. She’s brave and brilliant. She deserved better than one single movie.

Peggy Carter. Also a great character. Unfortunately received far too little attention in the MCU. Haven’t seen Agent Carter, but it appears that she was treated better there. And of course, the series was canceled. No comment.

Which brings us to the crowning glory of the MCU.

Wanda Maximoff.

I grew up with the X-Men cartoons, and I quite loved Wanda in those. I looked forward to her joining the team. What the MCU did to Wanda is abhorrent. Let’s take things in order.

Wanda joined Hydra voluntarily. Considering the fact that she did this when she was 18, chances were that she killed people in their employ. She was definitely good enough at using her powers for her to be new at it.

Now here’s where things get dicey. ¾ of the fandom will at this point say - but she did it because she wanted to get revenge on Tony for her parents’ death.

I won’t even address the issue of Tony’s culpability in the matter. I’m trying to keep this post from becoming even longer. Instead, I will point out a very simple fact. Wanda and Pietro had Tony alone in Sokovia. Chances are they could have killed him there, on the spot.

But Wanda did not do this. She mind-raped him with the deliberate intent of destroying the Avengers. 

That’s like Tony deciding to take revenge on Bucky by saying the Hydra words and setting him on Steve. In fact, it’s very similar to what Zemo did.

She didn’t care about the collateral damage, about all the innocent people suffering because of her revenge. All she cared about was destruction.

There is no justification in the world that can explain GOING OUT OF YOUR WAY to unleash the Hulk on a city of innocent people. She did this out of the sheer desire for destruction - for the lone reason that she wanted the Avengers to look bad. How many people died in Johannesburg because of the Hulk’s rampage at her hands? 

We don’t know. It is never addressed. But I dare any Wanda Maximoff fan to defend her actions in Johannesburg to me. Please, step forward. I’m waiting.

Also note that she only changed her mind when she found out Ultron planned to destroy the whole world. She was perfectly okay following his plan until then.

Then we have CW. Arguably, she is trying to do better (possibly because of Pietro’s death?). Arguably, the explosion is an accident.

Honestly, I don’t really blame Wanda for Lagos. She did what she could. Would someone else had found a better solution? Perhaps. Would she have done better with more training? Maybe. But that’s on Steve.

What I do blame her for is her not taking responsibility for those actions. She chose to go to Hydra and turn herself into a weapon. She can’t just shrug off these consequences now. And that line. “I can’t control their fear, only my own”. Really? She literally did exactly that in Age of Ultron. She mind controls people. That’s what she does. She is also one of the people in the battle of Leipzig that visibly doesn’t hold back. Leaving Tony aside, she threw Natasha very hard. And that is not even considering what she did to poor Vision before. Vision, who was trying to protect her, cheer her up with his bad cooking. It’s like kicking a puppy.

Since then, I’ve seen all sorts of posts assigning all kind of excuses for Wanda’s behavior. Another Tumblr user said that some people have accused Tony of molesting her. No. Just no.

You know who was molested in age of Ultron? Most everybody else. Tony, who was tortured with his worst fears. Natasha - with her memories of the Red Room. Even Steve and Thor, although for the most part, their visions were somewhat more… sedate. And let’s talk about Bruce. Remember Bruce Banner, the guy who said that being the Hulk is like being “like an exposed nerve”, whose worst nightmare is losing control of the rage monster? 

For people who have seen Jessica Jones, I want you to take a step back and make a parallel between Wanda Maximoff and Killgrave. Or alternately, even Zemo and the Hydra words. I won’t even mention Loki, because anyone who knows me even slightly knows how he is my cuddle bunny and I want to protect him forever. But really… How is it different? Just because she is a woman?

She is not a victim. She is the attacker. Women can be rapists and molesters too. Remember that.

We can all agree that women get treated badly in superhero movies. But that doesn’t mean we should ignore the character’s faults by dumping everything on somebody else.  I don’t care if you’re a woman, a man, or a space alien. If you do something bad, you need to take responsibility for your actions. End rant. (With thanks to @lady-may-driu for pointing out the parallel to Zemo and listening to me)

please be nice to zelda, in breath of the wild. she is your friend and she is canonically smarter than you. if you are mean to zelda just so you can get scolded, i am shaming your kink

Birthday Girl

Jay Park Smut/ With Fluffy Ending

Word Count: 3,484-So sorry dude

Warnings: Sexual Content, Swearing

Song Recommendation: Jay Park I Don’t Disappoint

A/N: There’s an actual plot so you’ll have to wait for the sexy time. People forgive me. It’s long af because I didn’t know when or where to stop. It’s my first smut so go easy on me.The only person I could think of enjoying this as I wrote it was @smutfictionaddicted.

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Prompt: from @malindacath, “I was wondering if you could write something about Jim and Reader where they are in a relationship and anytime he compliments her, she blows it off. He goes to Uhura for answers finding out that as she grew up her family always degraded her so she really doesn’t have any self esteem or self worth even though she would do anything for everyone else”
Word Count: 1530
Author’s Note: GAH! Sorry!! I forgot the read-more cut! Getting into the mindset of this reader was SO easy for me. The first time the husband told me he loved me, my response was ‘are you sure?’ Fortunately for me, my parents weren’t the ones who fucked me up. It was school.

“Good morning, beautiful.” Jim leaned across the commissary table and dropped a kiss on your cheek, prompting a blush and slight scowl. “What?”

“Did you miss the giant spot in the middle of my forehead?” You countered, arching your eyebrow. “Not exactly enticing this morning.” You didn’t often fall victim to premenstrual pimples anymore, but you’d wakened with a zit that felt like a volcano brewing on your forehead. There was no covering it or masking it, and there was no making it go away.

“I hadn’t noticed at all. I was looking at your eyes, Y/N,” he shrugged, his glance lifting to assess the situation on your forehead. You felt yourself flushing more. “It’s tiny. Certainly doesn’t affect how gorgeous you are.”

You stared at him, expressionless. He had to be kidding, but you hadn’t finished your first coffee, and were in no mood to start a squabble about whether or not he needed his eyes checked. Instead, you returned to your meal wordlessly.

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