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The list is in no specific order. Please beware of spoilers.

Captain Swan

Show: Once Upon a Time

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Once Upon a Time was my first ever real TV show fandom and Captain Swan my first ever TV OTP. I started watching Once Upon a Time in the beginning of 2014. From the first moment that Emma and Hook met I fell in love with their relationship, even though at the time they were holding knives at each other’s throats. Their relationship has grown so much over the years and I am so happy I got to see it. Captain Swan is one of the best relationships on TV and I am obsessed with it.


Show: Supergirl

Kara and Lena have an amazing relationship. While they are not canon, there is tons of subtext that make fans believe that they are into each other. From lines like “Supergirl may have saved me, but you Kara Danvers, you are my hero.”Kara always puts Lena first and they have such an amazing relationship. Not to mention that Katie McGrath (Lena Luthor) has mentioned the romantic subtext in the character’s “friendship”. However, the ship goes even past the subtext. Even Lena’s name proves she is perfect for Kara. Lena means ray of sun or sunshine and Kara gets her powers from the sun. Supercorp is perfect in every single way and should be canon instead of Karamel.


Show: Doctor Who

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Unlike most people, I ship Amy and The Doctor instead of Amy and her husband Rory. I personally think that Rory isn’t adventurous enough for Amy. If you remember, Amy’s first adventure with the Doctor was the night that was supposed to be before her wedding but she called it off to travel. If The Doctor did not take them to Ancient Rome, they would have broken up. I personally do not think that Rory is right for Amy but rather Eleven instead. While the two characters might not be a common ship, a lot of people ship the actors Matt Smith (Eleventh Doctor) and Karen Gillan (Amy Pond). Their relationship is known as Smillan. I think that The Doctor and Amy have so much more chemistry than her and Rory. He was her raggedy man and she was his girl who waited.

Dragon Queen

Show: Once Upon a Time

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While Dragon Queen is not canon, just like supercorp, there is a lot of subtext that indicate feelings. Maleficent thought she lost her power and Regina made her remember who she is and got her to be able to turn back into a dragon and use her powers. Maleficent also mentored Regina on her magic. When Regina went to take the Dark Curse back from Maleficent after she traded it for a sleeping curse, Regina told Maleficent that she is her only friend. While Dragon Queen is not canon, it is definitely one of my favorite relationships on television.


Show: Supergirl

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Sanvers is an amazing canon relationship on Supergirl between DEO agent Alex Danvers and National City Police Department Detective Maggie Sawyer. Alex Danvers, adopted sister of Kara Zor-El (a.k.a Supergirl / Kara Danvers),and Maggie Sawyer are one of the healthiest sweetest relationships I have ever seen on television. They are both independent badass women who provide for themselves. The only flaw to Sanvers is the minimal screen time the show gives them and the little information we have got about Maggie outside of the relationship.


Show: The 100

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Clexa is a relationship between leader of Skaikru and Wanheda Clarke Griffin (leader of the sky people and commander of death) and Heda Lexa kom Trikru (commander Lexa of the tree people) that took over the internet after Lexa was shot right after the two women got together. Fans were so mad about this they even created a convention called ClexaCon. The relationship between bisexual Clarke Griffin and lesbian Lexa was a groundbreaking extremely progressive romance between the two leaders of two groups of people who are fighting.


Show: Supergirl

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Kara and James had a short romance that was tragically cut off by Mon-El. James loves Kara and treats her with respect. Kara and James have a lot of chemistry and I can’t believe the writers just threw that all away for such an awful relationship.


Show: Jessica Jones

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Jessica Jones and Trish Walker have such an amazing relationship. While it is not canon, there is a lot of subtext that imply it. Krysten Ritter (Jessica Jones) has shown support for the relationship on twitter by retweeting a tweet by actress Chloe Grace Moretz that says “is the plot twist of season 2 Jessica Jones gonna b that Trish and Jessica start dating!?”. The relationship is extremely popular with the shows fandom. However there is some controversy on it because Trish’s abusive mother “took care” Jessica for a while after her parents died in a car crash. Jessica protected Trish from her mother’s abuse and they became really close. A lot of people say their relationship is wrong because they are sisters. However, the characters, and the writers and actors, consider each them best friends, not sisters.


Show: Supergirl

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Kara Danvers was Cat Grant’s assistant. Cat Grant is a very independent woman who wants things her way. But, she opened up to both Kara and Supergirl. They are both strong independent women. Cat Grant always gives Kara motivational speaches and helps her live up to her full potential. They have so much more chemistry then Kara and Mon-El and Cat would be so much better for her.


Show: How I Met Your Mother

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Barney Stinson and Robin Scherbatsky both thought they would never settle down and get married. Barney Stinson gave up the playbook for her and she settled down for him. They both come from a rough childhood and have commitment issues. They brought out the best in each other. Their divorce was stupid and they gave us no reason why besides so Robin could end up with Ted. They basically woke up in a random hotel room and decided that they should be over. Barney and Robin are perfect for each other and I will forever be bitter that they got divorced.


Show: Doctor Who

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While Tenrose never dated, they are canon. Rose got trapped in a parallel universe that was impossible for The Doctor to get back to. However, The Doctor found a way to project a hologram of him there but, in order to do so, he had to burn up a sun. Rose told The Doctor that she loves him and The Doctor was about to say I love you too but was cut off after I because the sun finally burned out. Later, the meta-crisis Doctor (a.k.a. Ten Two) was created using The Doctor’s regeneration energy and has only one heart and does not possess the power to regenerate. The Doctor brought Ten Two to the parallel universe when the rift was open again and Ten Two and Rose got to be together.


Show: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

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Darryl Whitefeather and Josh Wilson are definitely the power couple on the show. Darryl met Josh after his divorce with his wife. He then realized he was bisexual and started dating Josh. Josh and Darryl are so amazing for each other and truly bring out the best in each other. Josh is also amazing with Darryl’s daughter Madison. Darryl and Josh are definitely one of the strongest couples on TV at the moment.


Show: Sherlock

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Yea idk this random AU happened in mah head and this came about… Probably another thing that defines a ‘Hero’ are the people who we see in our everyday lives. So I started applying it to bnha characters o v o;;;

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Dark/morbid idea anon here. Not sure if you were serious about being curious, but the basic idea was Mercy's crush repeatedly attempting/committing suicide, with her rezzing them every time, refusing to let them go. The crush's attempts would get harsher/more painful each time, as they tried to do enough damage to prevent Mercy from saving them. Of course, she'd probably restrain them more every time, forcing the crush to get deathly creative- or simply give up on escaping.

The first time you die it’s a complete accident. You were getting out of the shower and slipped on the wet floor, your cranium coming into contact with the marble floor. Your blood looked exceptionally dark as Mercy found you naked and dead. Despite being a doctor and seeing so much death she panicked as she quickly revived you. Because of this accident, that she didn’t quite believe to be so despite your best efforts to convince her, she was much stricter on your personal privileges as it would keep you safer. 

The second time you die you finally begin to earn her trust back but you have no interest in staying here any longer. When she had gone out to work you wished her farewell and a safe trip earning you a smile from her. You waited an hour to make sure she would not come home for any reason. You dove into the kitchen’s drawers and grabbed the sharpest knife you could find before ultimately slitting your wrists. It was deeper than you had intended but didn’t find a problem with it as you watched the blood cascade down your non-dominant hand. It bled a lot more than you thought it would as you swiftly grew light headed. At this point you could barely stand and collapsed onto the ground before succumbing to your self-inflicted wounds. Mercy was just in the nick of time before your soul was beyond saving. When she resurrected you she was angry. Angry that you would intentionally attempt to take your life under her care and angry at herself for letting her guard down simply because you were behaving. You were no longer allowed to leave your room.

The third time you die it’s very tedious. She had kept you captive for nearly a year and you had long since succumbed to depression. You were so, so tired and you wanted it to end. So, when she thought you went to bed you slipped into the bathroom where you already had water drawn in the bath tub. You stare it, a bit unsure. If you wanted to die quickly you weren’t sure about drowning yourself but your options were limited. You had no choice. You dunk your head under the water and close your eyes. Within a minute the back of your eyes felt an immense pressure as your lungs burned for oxygen. You never knew drowning would instill such a slow, painful fear and you wanted desperately to give up but what reminded of you why you were doing this in the first place hardened your resolved. You coughed due to no oxygen in your body and water began to fill your lungs. Another minute passes before everything eventually goes black and your body crumples against the bathtub with your head still submerged. You wake up dazed and confused when Mercy is crying and clutching your body close to hers. You look around the all too familiar bathroom and want to start crying yourself but you find yourself numb and still. She brought you back yet again when it was blatant you wanted nothing more than to die. You were forced to live. 

“You can’t leave me,” She says as she ties your arms and legs to the bed, “I won’t let you die no matter how hard you may try.” 

You say nothing. You had already thought of countless ways to take your own life yet again. How many times have you tried this? You can’t even recall a number anymore. You start to wonder if you really can never escape. You tried nearly everything. Stabbing yourself in the neck? Check. Hanging yourself? Twice. Bashing your brains in against the well? You bet. Bit your own tongue off to bleed out as a last resort? More times that you’d like to admit.

You sigh at the thought of your countless failures. No matter, you think, you’ll just have to be much more drastic.

The Terminal, Ch. IX

No grave can hold my body down
I’ll crawl home to her.

There exists a certain coldness in the air that arrives in early November. It was bitter and dry, chaffing skin and almost freezing puddles from dripping mufflers or spigots in backyard sidewalks. Buildings huffed clouds of yawns into the dusk throughout the city, filling the skyline with cloud factories, while trees shivered and leaves became carpets that bunched in the gutters and were meticulously crunched in morning commutes.

The sky went out like a candle, snuffed in the breeze, and the thick wool of the clouds hid the freckles of stars on the night’s skin, while the moon was nothing more than a nightlight under the afghan of the future condensation. While cars burst to ovens with heaters kicked higher and windows fought the constant battle of hot and cold, scarves were pulled tighter around necks and even over ears to stave off the chill that really raised a raucous after quitting time.

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The Fire Around Us

Inspired by @littleblackchat and her WWII Au Art (click right there and it will take you to her art! Send her lots of love!!)

His father thought that he was in England, working as a translator… His father thought he was far away from the fight. Little did he know that his son was in the forefront of the fight… Feeling the heat of every grenade, hearing the crying of a dying man and listening to every gunshot that was fired every minute. He prayed for it to stop, he wished that this war would stop. But it seemed to drag on, day after day, year after year… he had been fighting Nazi’s for three years now and it’s a miracle he lasted so long.

“ADRIEN! HELP ME!” A painfilled voice echoed through the war zone. A voice that Adrien knew from his home town, it was a voice that was there with him when he joined the army. It was Nino.

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Anchor - Derek Hale Imagine

Prompt by Anon: hello! i was wondering if you could do a derek hale imagine loosely based on season 2 episode 9? where y/n is taken in to dereks pack after he bites her to save her, and when its their first full moon, y/n asks derek how hes so calm and he says that he has his anger as his anchor and later she finds her anchor and when derek asks what it is she says its derek? sorry i kinda rambled, hope that makes sense!

Word Count: 1,645

Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader

Warning: None really. Just some shiftin’ and some kissin’.

Author’s Note: First of all, let me thank you for telling which episode you were watching because that really helped out a lot since I’m not one that can pin point the exact episode when someone mentions something from an episode. If you hadn’t told me, it would have taken me a while to find it, lol. Secondly, I used some of Derek’s lines from the episode on this imagine since it’s kind of what you asked for. Lastly, never apologize for rambling because you made sense. I’m glad you went into full details in what you wanted because it helped to write it.

My Teen Wolf Masterlist

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Derek and Y/N went to high school together. In fact, that’s how they met and became best friends. They had almost all the same classes all four years and they were inseparable. When Y/N left for college, Derek took it the hardest. He had lost so much while they were in high school, his family, his house, and his girlfriend, Paige, and he hated that he was also losing Y/N. Except, Y/N made sure nothing would change between the two. They called each other every day and sent random text messages whenever they had the chance. They even scheduled weekly video chats.

One night during the holiday break, Y/N got into a terrible car accident just before she was supposed to meet Derek at his loft to celebrate Christmas together and do their usual Christmas traditions. The doctors did everything they could to save her, but they told Derek it was a matter of time before her body would give up. Derek couldn’t accept that and against all his wishes, he bit her. She never knew about Derek’s secret as he kept it from her to protect her. 

When Y/N woke up a couple of days later, she remembered everything and was shocked when her doctor told her it was miracle she came back. She couldn’t understand how she survived until Derek told her the truth. She wasn’t mad at him for hiding his secret from her for years. She understood why he did it. If anything, she was grateful he saved her life. Except tonight she was about to experience her first full moon and Derek had a feeling she wouldn’t be so grateful about being a werewolf knowing the pain she’s about to take on.

Y/N squeezed her eyes shut as her muscles began to tighten. The pain wasn’t unbearable but it wasn’t tolerable either. She had no control of the pain and she knew it was because of the full moon.

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For your Kidfic meme and NSFW meme (bonus if you combine them haha but fine if you don't!) =D "Sh…they’re asleep" + ” You can’t say no to the sex dice. “

Play With Me

Teaspoon fanfiction

Rose laughs so hard she snorts, nearly spilling the last bit of wine as she fills their glasses, adding a little extra to her own. She covers her face with her hand in embarrassment but her laughter has reached a self feeding capacity and she can’t seem to stop it.

“Sshhh, they’re asleep,” the Doctor reminds her with an attempted whisper into her ear. It comes out slurred and any sober ear would catch how it carried throughout the bedroom. He winces inwardly at how un-whisper-like his words sound, hoping that his children are worn out enough to sleep through the rest of the night.

“Sorry, sorry,” Rose eventually says as her giggling subsides into heavy breathing. Her whole body is flushed from alcohol and laughter, and in his drunken state, the Doctor doesn’t even try to hide how he’s staring at the blush that’s spreading across her cleavage.

She’s in lacy black lingerie and a matching silk - and very short - dressing gown, and thank the stars that it’s been untied. He may be donning a plain black pair of pants but Rose’s attire is deliciously naughty and something she has apparently been saving for a special occasion.

Tonight, the Doctor is learning a whole new appreciation for human wedding anniversaries.

Rose absentmindedly shifts her legs so that her thighs move against each other and her breathing is still labored. The Doctor is drawn in closer by every rise and fall of her breasts and he’s just about to meet the noticeably pounding pulse point of her neck with his lips when she falls over, away from him, and into another fit of hysterics.

At least it gives him a nice view of her bum.

“I just can’t do it!” she laughs into the carpet, her face hidden behind a curtain of blonde curls.

“You can’t say no to the sex dice,” the Doctor pouts.

Rose picks up the dice and holds them side by side, reading the words on each one with apparent bafflement. “‘Lick’ and ‘foot.’ Who decided foot was a good body part to put on sex dice? What is sexy about feet? I mean, that wouldn’t actually get you off, would it?”

“Of course not,” he says, almost irritated, as he reaches for the dice from her hands.

“No, no, no, no, no, no, uh uh, no way,” Rose eloquently says as she leans away from his reach, “You wait your turn. I’ll just roll again.”

The Doctor sighs and rests his head back until it meets the mattress behind him. There was only so much foreplay a man could stand before he loses his patients.

From the corner of his eye he sees Rose get up and then he hears the metallic plunk of something hitting the bottom of the bin. After what seems like only a second later, Rose is back with her legs on either side of his waist, sucking on his neck, disrobing herself, and grinding her warm center against him through two thin layers of fabric.

He’s just drunk enough to not know how she’s doing all three things at once but not so drunk that his body doesn’t respond appropriately.

“Wh-uh-what did the dice say?” he manages to ask.

Rose pulls away from her administrations on his neck to give him a cheeky smile. “It didn’t say ‘fuck me,’ so I threw them away.”

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Cupid’s Downfall

@timepetalsprompts winter fic bingo “Cupid” and “Ice”. Also I sneaked in a questionable response to the “Piercings” prompt.

Pairing: Ten x Rose

A/N: VERY AU! Utopian/Dystopian FIC!? Slight “Matched” (Ally Condie) / “The Giver” (Lois Lowry) Crossover? This idea was inspired by those and many more utopian/dystopian young adult series I read or read about years ago. I don’t know who did it first, they all blur together. I’m sure someone’s already done this in fanfiction too. I apologize if I’m not crediting any of those brilliant authors that might’ve gotten into my head.


He is a Time Lord. He does not have hormones, or desires, or any of those base human urges. They call him “Cupid” because of a legend from long ago about a cherub with arrows who wielded the power of love. He has weapons at his disposal and power, but they’re not tangible and it’s not love. On the first day of every year, any human who is twenty-one years of age is paired off with a companion that is genetically compatible. He does the final analyzation of the research, he makes the decisions, he signs off on the pairings, and he oversees the bonding ceremony.

Time Lords have ruled over humanity for over two hundred years; protecting and nurturing them until they can recover from the deadly plague that wiped out ninety percent of Earth’s population. The human race on Earth would’ve gone extinct if it hadn’t been for the Time Lords who took over in the midst of chaos. After two centuries, the human race has grown exponentially and into a people who are no longer shell-shocked, weak or afraid. And he’s noticed.

He’s taken an interest in them that goes well beyond their DNA. It’s abnormal and abhorrent for a Time Lord, but when he regenerates for the tenth time, something goes very wrong. He’s one of the most intelligent beings in the universe, and yet suddenly he finds himself distracted; obsessively studying and seeing these stupid apes in a very different light.

The humans are getting restless. They now outnumber their rulers and claim that they deserve the right to make their own decisions. Time Lords are not ruthlessly cruel tyrants, but they’re superior in every way. Those “unjust” laws are meant to save humans, and the Time Lords will stubbornly enforce them until their population goals are met, and humanity’s future is fully secured.

But one day, a Time Lord breaks the rules for one brave pink and yellow human.

And everything changes.


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Cause of Death: "I'm meant for you, too," [David] replies.

doctor, please, isn’t there anything we can do?

any resuscitation we could perform?

yes, replies the doctors. get the paddles.

i charge the paddles by whispering “david writes to his wife every day, regardless of if he has any interesting news or not: he thinks of her so often and misses her dearly and she sends him countless photographs of herself wherein she smiles and blows kisses, and he particularly loves the photo they took before he left, wherein he takes her into his arms and kisses her, long and sweet, and they rest their foreheads together, laughing and holding each other so close that they are practically one body.”

please, save this poor child’s life

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Don't know if you're still doing these, but worth a shot. I wish you would write a fic where Soul Society finds out about how Isshin treats Ichigo. Maybe Unohana sees some bruises that look strange because she knows he wasn't hit there in battle. Or Urahara hears some pretty strange stories about Isshin attacking his son from neighbours. Or Rukia sees Isshin try a surprise attack and NO ONE treats her best friend like that. Basically I want someone to defend Ichigo and why not the shinigami.

(Please don’t send me anymore. I still have a few to get through but I’m not taking more than that.)

You people really love to bash Isshin. Even I’m almost feeling a little bad for him. Almost. But okay, Isshin is still technically under Shinigami jurisdiction and Shiba Clan Head jurisdiction so he would either have to run or find himself under arrest/punished if they find out. Kuukaku would eviscerate him. But maybe Rukia’s the one who finds out first. Urahara’s stayed out of Kurosaki business as per the request of Isshin. Isshin said he wanted his children to have a normal childhood, and Urahara doesn’t think this is the best idea but he agrees because Isshin is the father after all.

First night Rukia stays, she’s woken up at dawn by a crash and almost kicks the closet door down in her haste to see what’s happening and try to help even if she doesn’t have her powers anymore.

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Care Giver Pt. 9 By: YBlack & Dscurve

 Gotta Keep em fed @dscurve

 **Dr. Janay**

    I am so tired! That little lunch-sexapade in-between all the surgeries I had worn me out! The next hour was really slow. I kept looking at Ashley who kept yawning. I wonder what was up with her. “Ashley… you okay?” She yawns again and I can see the other nurses frown up their face. “Yea, I’ve just been studying to be an R.N. and I haven’t slept well. My test is tomorrow.” I shake my head. “You should have taken off to study! Look, I’m heading out; this was an extra shift I picked up but I don’t have to stay, especially since it’s slow. I’m all caught up on my charts anyway. How about I pull some strings and get you off, follow you home and run some things by you to make sure you’re prepared. Then you turn in early ready and rested!” She smiles, “Girl if you could do that I will even order pizza!” I laugh and quickly head over to HR. I know my legal jargon just as good as my medical and get them to use her PTO citing they are purposely setting her up for failure and she could file discrimination if they don’t let her off early. I remove my coat and grab my purse and go meet Ashley. She gives me a big hug. “O you are awesome! No wonder Kelvin is so sweet on you!” I burst out laughing as we head out the door.

    I’m drum my hands on the steering wheel as I sing along with Beyoncé, “My daddy Alabama….my ma Louisiana…” Driving down the strip behind Ashley. As we enter the subdivision of her complex I see Kelvins’ car coming out of the complex parking lot as we approach it. He has a look of disdain on his face as he talks on the cell; he doesn’t even notice me. As I turn in behind Ashley I wait for her to find a spot and then park next to her. She gets out and comes around to my car, opening the door to her backseat; “Wasn’t that Kelvin? Who does he know that stays here?” I shrug my shoulders. “I don’t know every detail about Kelvin. For all I know he could have a baby mama and ten kids!” She burst out laughing as she hits Pizza Hut app on her phone. “Girl what do you want on your pizza?” I pull my ponytail holder out my hair and allow my hair to fall loosely to my shoulders. A soft breeze blows against my neck as I joke, “You mean I get a whole pizza to myself? Big spender!” She laughs again as she removes a large book from her backseat. “If it’ll get me that license I’ll buy whatever you like!” She turns to me and stops short almost dropping the book. I look at her puzzled as her eyebrows narrow, her lips curl up in disgust. I follow her eyes to the dumpster as I see Marissa in a muscle shirt that only covers the top of her ass as the tank shirt dares to expose her braless nipples as she hoists a bag of trash into the bin. It is successful in exposing her shaved pussy. She doesn’t even bother to fix her shirt or pull it down as she tip toes back down the walkway and up the stairs. I turn back to Ashley, “Well if I didn’t know her I’d say she was a hoe…o wait… she is!” Ashley bursts out laughing and the book hits the ground heavily. “Girl, she has slept with every black man on the first three floors of that damn hospital! Who knows who just came out of there!” I follow her inside her apartment and turn to close the door. For a second I hesitate and I wonder, “Could Kelvin have been coming from there?” Remembering our lunch session I shake the thought from my head and lock the door.

    Ashley really knew more than she thought! After 20 minutes of drilling her with terms and facts I was impressed and sure she’d pass! Her cell chimed, “Well speak of the hoe…” I laugh as she reads her text. “Marissa just text me ‘I know you’re at work still, but check your email.’ What the hell is going on?” I shake my head as I pour another glass of wine. “I don’t know but I hope the pizza gets here soon I’m starving!” She chuckles, “Fred usually moves my order to the top and comes bring it quick.” I almost choke on my wine, “Ooooo…. Fred?” She looks up at me and raises an eyebrow, “Don’t even start with me! He’s a high school quarterback smitten with me but we are never gonna fuck!” I pretend to be enthralled in the commercial as I make a face that says, ‘sure sure’. “You don’t have to believe me! Me and my pussy have standards!” I fall back against the pillows on the sofa laughing as she pulls up her email on her laptop. “Let me see what this hoe sent.” Minutes later her face scowls as her fingers touch the pad. She’s quiet for a minute and I see her head tilt to the side as her face grows more confused. After a few minutes I become curious and mute the TV. “What?” I move over to her and watch what appears to be two people having sex. “There’s no sound? Why she send you porn?” Ashley chuckles, “Because she stupid… I think that’s her!” We burst out laughing and Ashley decides to skip through the feed stopping short of the end. We both gasp as Kelvin gets up off of Marissa and removes a condom before walking out of the frame. Marissa walks over to the camera and smiles before cutting the feed.

We sit in silence a moment. Then I suddenly scream,  “AAAAAAH! I’m so damn stupid!” Ashley slams the laptop shut and jumps off the sofa, “You should go over there right now and beat her ass!” I sit with my arms folded seething. “Fuck her.” I feel like a track star that just found out they got 2nd place and lost first by a hair. “Why would he fall for her game?” Ashley says pacing the room. We’re both confused and mad! With her fists balled tight she exclaims, “He knows she fuck every dick that crosses her path! Jesus!” I shake my head trying not to allow my heart strings to be pulled as I think to myself, ‘We don’t even know each that well… we’ve just been… saving each other lives. We’re not in love …. Right?’ Ashley walks over to me, “You know….. There’s this really hot guy that stays above me! Ooooo and that EMT guy has been asking a lot of questions about you! And that French doctor…what’s his name… Mr. Antonio… I bet he’d give you some awesome revenge sex!” I can’t help but start laughing. As my body vibrates from laughter it suddenly turns into sobs as tears stream down my face. “He’s so fucking stupid…. How the fuck am I supposed to work with these two now?!” Ashley sits on the edge of her coffee table as we have a moment of silence for my failed relationship.  “You should transfer from ER to NICU but only if you can stomach losing kids. But…then you’d never see him.” I ponder Ashley’s idea for a moment. “That’s what I’m going to fucking do. I don’t have time for a fucking battle of pussies. She fucking wins.”  

**2 weeks later**

    I haven’t given any audience to Kelvin since seeing the video. I haven’t even listened to the numerous voicemails and refuse to open the door. Ashley was right, security was so strict in NICU he couldn’t even come talk to me! The supervisors there didn’t lax on the rules for nobody! Ashley even passed her RN test! After listening to so many of my success stories she now wants to keep going and get certified for this floor! If only my expertise worked in my love life.

**Dr. Kelvin**

It’s been weeks since the package had been delivered and I got that text from Janay. I mean, I gotten that text and responded, but I hadn’t heard from or seen her since. After about two days I knew exactly what it was about. I’d fucked up and she found out. Marissa’s big mouth probably had the hospital halls buzzing with tea. I could strangle her, no lie but in the end I only had myself to blame.  Deciding not to even bother I took my loss like a G. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t feeling it. It hurt bad, and even though Janay and I weren’t in a relationship per say. It had really started to shape up to be one. The physical therapy visits had become mundane, and my evenings lack luster. You ever feel your smile fade? Well I felt mine fade, and rather quickly at that. Anger began to swell with in me.  Apart of me wanted to reach out so bad but I knew that wouldn’t be the best move. So I sulked for another month.  My visits to the hospital became less frequent as I no longer had much reason to show face. I wanted to avoid Janay, I was too embarrassed to face her. Even though she had been swindled by the same woman I should have known better. I too wanted to avoid Marissa, hell she had been texting and calling since that fateful night and I really wasn’t trying to hear anything her creep ass had to say.

At this point, I was about a week shy of being ready to return to work. I had already applied Regional West Medical Center, which was about 20 miles north. I was in hopes I didn’t have to return to Carter Trauma, but things didn’t happen to fall in my favor. Shit, seems like everything as of late had been going left for me. The day came and I dreadfully moseyed through the hospital doors. I felt like all eyes were on me from the patients, to visitors, and staff.  You couldn’t tell me my dirty laundry wasn’t aired out through this place. I only other time I felt like this was when we used to hit the highway back in those days. When we had shit stuffed all throughout the whip.  I made it in to my office and just kind of hid there. I got caught up on a mountain of emails. I didn’t care to see another face to be honest. All I could think about was how she was by my side after I had been shot and possibly having to face her after the shit that went down.

Taking a break just gazed out of my 6 floor office window, it was lunchtime but I had no appetite. That was my routine for three days in a row. On day three at that lunch hour when I again found myself gazing out of the window thinking of the dope game and what used to be my life. My thought process was interrupted by a knock on my door. “Come in.” I said after clearing my throat.

“Hey man, glad to see you back. I heard you were back, had to see for myself.” I hadn’t seen Allen n months we greeted with a firm hand shake. “I’m glad you bounced back man. That whole situation that went down was crazy. I’d still be scared for my life. You not the least bit scared man?” I chuckled at his question. If he only knew who I was. “Naw man I’m not.  Everything happens for a reason and karma is a real bitch. I’m sure they will get what’s coming to them in time.” I tried to conceal the sick grin I had by turning back to the window for a sec. “Man I heard about the other drama to man.” Allen continued. “I heard the new chick transferred out to NICU. How did you get yourself in that mess?” “Man you know, a man gon’ be a man and make dumb ass decisions. I made a real dumb ass decision. No other way to put it.” I continued to stare out of the window. “Damn bro, I guess it’s like that from time to time. But the video was tight though, looked like you fucked the shit out of her ass.” My face must have shown my anger. Allen quickly tried to get out of dodge. “Hey man I just wanted to stop by and check on you. I know you still are getting acclimated I won’t keep you.” We shook hands and he headed out as quickly as he had peeked his head in. I was fuming for a good 10 minutes about what I had just heard. I played the whole scene out in my head all over again. Marissa had recorded us that day in her apartment. That dirty bitch. I was seething with anger. I had to calm myself down and remember I was at work. I couldn’t believe this shit was, well had happened to me. I was liable to slap that hoe on sight.

I jumped back into focus, as I was overseeing an operation later this afternoon. I’d be venturing out of my office and I really wasn’t looking forward to the awkward gawking. I spent the next several hours going over the procedure taking place and the CT scans that were with the chart.  The procedure was relatively routine and with the right amount of expertise should go well.

Six and half hours later I exit the OR having witness an extreme turn of events. The patient seemed to have had so kind of allergic reaction to the anesthesia administered pre-op. We fought tirelessly but the patient continuously ceased, and went into cardiac arrest. I hated losing patients with a passion but I guess it comes with the territory. I headed back to my office to draw up a report as to my take on things before I headed out. It was around 9 before I was able to lock up the office and head to the elevator. As I entered Ashley, one of the newer nurses was already on. “Good evening.” I said casually. “Hmph.” Was all she did as she turned her face up at me. We rode to the first floor in silence. “Take it easy” I said as the doors opened and I stepped out.  I turned left towards the garage and damn near ran Janay over. We made eye contact and I paused. I didn’t know whether to hug her or what. I could see the anguish in her eyes. It hurt me to see her hurt. “I’m sorry” I brushed by her swiftly and continued on my way. There was so much more to be said but I couldn’t, well wouldn’t allow myself to do so. I didn’t want make her relive that moment. I hustled all the way to my truck only to realize I left my car key in my desk drawer. I turned back around and headed back in. My mind was in a complete head spin when headlights blinded me and tried to jump out of the way as the car came to a screeching halt. The door flies open, I throw my hand up in apology before I realize it was Janay that jumped out. She rushed up and slapped be good across my cheek. When she came back again I caught her wrist in my hand. “Listen I don’t aim to be a problem for you.” I released her hand and turned back towards the hospital doors. “I know you don’t, that’s why you haven’t been up to NICU, called, looked for me or anything.” I stopped as she talked. “You don’t give a damn, never gave a damn. You were just out for you. And here I was tending to you, only for you to fuck that bitch, at the first chance you got. I saw you leave her house Kelvin.” My heart sank, the wound just kept getting opened deeper and deeper. “You ain’t shit Kelvin…” she sobbed. “I know Janay” I said still facing opposite her. I continued walking. “Talk to me damn it!” she yelled at me. I didn’t stop walking though. I made it to the elevator and punched 6.  As the doors closed a hand shot through the doors. I found myself staring face to face with the woman I hurt.

A Ring

Fandom: Mass Effect - Shakarian

1431 words

Selene stepped out onto the patio, raising an arm to shield her eyes from the sun. Fully expecting it, she still winced when her bare foot touched the scorching hot sand. She moved with haste across the beach, sighing in relief when she practically fell into the lounge seat.

“You smell funny.”

Settling into her seat and rolling her eyes, she huffed, “Thanks, honey. Love you too.” She leaned over and handed Garrus his drink.

He accepted it with a laugh. “Just an observation.”

“It’s probably the sunscreen. Have to lather the stuff on or I burn easy.”

“If you’re gonna get burned alive, why are you wearing something like that?” He motioned to her swimsuit. “Not that I’m complaining, of course.”

“Well it sounds like complaining.” Shepard bantered. “By all means, I can change.” A smirk curled her lips as she took a sip. Garrus didn’t humor her with a reply, only made a noise in his throat. “Just enjoy this while it lasts.”

Garrus side-eyed a couple of other humans further down the beach as he said, “You do realize that we’re the saviors of the galaxy, right? We could ask for beach front property, and your government would give us a plot no questions asked.”

She scoffed, “Wouldn’t that ruffle the old vet’s feathers. A turian claiming prime real estate on Earth’s coasts.”

“I’m here to please.” He turned his head to her.

“You wanted to see Earth. This is the most expensive resort on the planet. We have a piece of beach reserved for just us. I’m here in my best swimsuit. And you’re still complaining.” Both laughed, enjoying the free banter thoroughly.

After the war, they were both extremely grateful for some down time, the entirety of the Normandy crew was. Once cleanup was done, and repairs were in full swing, everyone wanted some shore leave to breathe the air of their homeworld.
Selene had followed Garrus to Palaven at first, honestly wanting to distance herself from Earth. Just until the remains of the Citadel no longer hovered over her, like some kind of nightmare. She got to meet his father and sister, and helped them reastablish a home. At first, Solana was much more welcoming of her than the eldest Vakarian, but over the weeks, he warmed to Shepard as well.

Eventually, the comrades-in-arms, and friends, agreed that they would meet again, and truly celebrate life. The agreed destination… Earth; where the reapers had first attacked, and where they were forever defeated.

“Tali wants to hit the bar again tonight.” Selene said, tapping at her omnitool.

“She’s become a real alcoholic. I blame that party you threw a year ago.”

“You’re just being an ass to be an ass now, aren’t you?”

“I would never.”

Shepard snorted, finishing her drink and setting the glass down in the sand.
“Unless…” She crossed her arms on the arm of the chair as she turned to Garrus. “You just get jealous.”

“Of what?”

“The countless men, and women, I have swooning over me whenever we go out.” She quirked a brow.

He reciprocated the action with a brow plate.“You’re forgetting that… ah, what’s that saying you humans use?” He tapped his chin thoughtfully. “We’re ‘in the same boat?’”

Shepard chuckled, nodding in acquiescence. “Guess you’re right. That krogan woman really was all over you last week. The scars are finally paying off.”

Garrus didn’t let that deter him, his mandibles only drooped in mock dreariness as he sighed, “Yeah, seems so.” He mirrored her position, leaning in towards her as well. “Though I had to turn her down. Had to tell her I already have an honorary krogan in my life.”

Selene smirked, inching closer. “That so?”
His voice dropped an octave. “Sure is. Caught myself the most badass and beautiful woman in the whole universe.”
Shepard couldn’t help the creeping blush and laugh that bubbled up out of her. She leaned in to peck his mandible before leaning back into her seat. Pulling up her messages again, she continued, “I’ll tell her we’ll meet tonight.”

Garrus leaned back, pleased with himself. “Just have to fend off the hoards of humans that are trying to get you to autograph their foreheads, or worse.”

“Hopefully that’s all they want, but luckily, you’ve equipped me with the perfect weapon to use against said hoards.” She lifted her left hand and wiggled her fingers. The sun made the tanzanite gemstone shimmer glamorously. “Wards off anyone that’s honorable, and leaves a good dent in those who aren’t.”

Garrus chuckled heartily, but his smile was warm. His tone was no longer as mischievous. “Well, after you got me that black widow rifle, I had to repay you somehow.”

Selene smiled back, her eyes soft. She lifted herself from her chair, and then seated herself back down into her lover’s lap. Her hand reached up to trace along his marred cheek. She placed her lips to his mouth, and whispered, “I love you, Garrus.”

“I’d hope so.” She smacked his chest, but still grinned. “I love you, too.” He kissed her back, enjoying the moment while it lasted.
She pulled away, having him trail after her until she was out of reach. “How about I go swim for a bit, and then we go back to our room to… calibrate… Then we get ready to go get shitfaced with our friends.”

Garrus rolled his eyes, sighing, “Really, it’s the rest of you who have the calibration obsession. I don’t know where I fit into it.”
“Is that a no?”

Another sigh, “You know me,” He grasped her hand and pulled her close again, nuzzling her neck, purring softly, “I always need my equipment calibrated.” There was a silence, a seagull shrieked somewhere in the sky. Eventually, Shepard couldn’t hide her wicked grin. “…Yeah… that was bad…”

“A real 'savor the last shot before popping the heat sink,’ hm?” She patted his hand.
Garrus just groaned. Selene laughed softly as she stood and stretched, and began on her way down the beach. He watched her as she walked, smiling back on those fond, if horribly embarrassing, memories. They’d come a long way since that night.

It’s hard to believe how much had changed, how much HE had changed. Hell, even Shepard. War and heartbreak shaped them anew, and even if Selene sometimes looked so lost when someone said the wrong thing, and it’s so utterly heartbreaking, he’s thankful for the last 3 years.

Without that hell of a war, he never would have left C-Sec, or met his squad, for whatever little time they had, or had the opportunity to travel the galaxy… or meet the most wonderful, gorgeous, honest-to-spirits best damn woman in the universe.
His eyes traveled to the glinting gem on her hand, and his mind wandered to that prime real estate on the beach they could buy. It didn’t have to be Earth, it could be Palaven, even Thessia or Rannoch. He’d follow her anywhere. Afterall, there’s no Vakarian without Shepard either.

Then, his visor lit up with an alert he hadn’t seen in months. He didn’t even have the chance to call out to her, barely out of his seat when Shepard went stock-still. Her back arched, and her fists clenched, every muscle in her body tensed. She fell to the sand.

Garrus couldn’t hear anything but the blood in his ears as he skid to her side. Convulsing, her eyes wide and blank. Her pulse skyrocketed, and then plummeted, and then repeated. He shouted her name. Human blood smells like iron, it stuck to the arms that held her, made them sticky and slick at the same time and made the sand below them blossom like a rose.

By the time the savior of the galaxy was shipped to the nearest hospital, the doctors announced her dead on arrival. He was shown the device that was fired into her, from long range. Presumably from a passing skycar.

Experts explained how it worked, how it disabled her amp, how it was specifically made to target every piece of Cerberus machinery in her body. It cycled each and every part through overload and useless repeatedly. The cybernetics implemented to rebuild her were set to actively destroy her body, eat away at anything and everything. She could not be saved, not even by another few billion credits.

Tali and Liara wondered why they were so late. Kaidan told them not to worry. James insinuated something scandalous.

Garrus carved another name into his visor.
A new ring around his rifle barrel.

Okay guys lemme get something straight about Rose Tyler

Valid arguments against Rose Tyler:

  • she was very selfish
  • she was often unreasonably jealous of ladies that interacted with the Doctor
  • she expected Mickey to be loyal to her even though she basically ditched him
  • she often made stupid decisions and did things she was not supposed to 

Invalid arguments against Rose Tyler: 

  • she wanted to travel with the Doctor forever and decided to leave her family behind (because that’s what you do when you grow up and find someone you’re happy with + in travelling with the Doctor Rose was able to live up to her full potential)
  • she was in love with the Doctor (and he was in love with her and they made each other complete that’s canon and if you don’t ship it that it’s your problem)
  • “she basically threw herself at every guy” (well first of all, there was only Adam and Captain Jack, she was interested in Adam and his intelligence but quickly became disappointed with him, and Captain Jack doesn’t even count because in that Moffat two-parter Rose’s character was f*cked up pretty bad)
  • “she never did anything but get into trouble” (sorry, but you need to re-watch seasons 1 and 2 because she saved the Doctor almost as much as he saved her and figured out many things on her own (see |x|)
  • “she was a Mary-Sue” ((yes, people have actually said that) I made a post about that not long ago feel free to check it out |x| )
  • “she treated Mickey like sh*t” (there were problematic elements in their relationship but she never treated him badly, he was like a brother to her rather than a boyfriend + Mickey wasn’t exactly the role-model partner)
  • “she was just a stupid shopworker and wasn’t worthy of the Doctor’s interest” ((yes, people also have said this) if you think that, then you’re classist you totally missed the point of the rtd era which showed that everyone, no matter how ordinary, is capable of extraordinary things and the Doctor sees that)  
  • “she’s ugly and dressed bad” (well that’s just horseshit  I think Billie Piper is gorgeous and the way Rose dressed was totally appropriate for her class + her clothes were comfortable and well-suited for travelling 

All these arguments have been made by various fans of the show and I felt that many were completely out of the blue (there was one person who said Rose was a b*tch for becoming the Bad Wolf because she basically abused the TARDIS but that goes without comment) 

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AU Brittana as doctors

This was fun!

1. Brittany’s an OB/GYN (because she’s really good at dealing with cranky/shy/hormonal women) and Santana’s a paediatrician (because kids are totally better than grown-ups).

2. Brittany and Santana got to know each other while working on the same case. Before that, they knew of each other but Brittany thought of Santana as the mean and totally unapproachable tiny human doctor (who has also totally slept with most of the nurses on her floor). She didn’t get why Santana was a paediatrician until that first case when she saw how hard and stubbornly Santana worked to keep Baby Boy Benson alive.

3. They truly bond over their first loss. A premie, born at 22 weeks and totally a lost cause regardless of the many hours they both spent trying to save her life. That was the time that Brittany saw how truly invested Santana was in every tiny person she worked on. It was Brittany who told her it was time to stop. It was Brittany who told her that she’d done everything she could. It was Brittany who went with her and had to tell the dad that his wife was in the ICU but their baby hadn’t made it despite their best efforts. It was Brittany who followed her down into the basement and watched her completely destroy an entire room full of medical supplies. It was Brittany who held her as she fell apart.

4. The first time they sleep together is after their biggest success. A survival rate of less than 5% and somehow there’s a baby in the NICU upstairs making good progress. Brittany drags Santana to that same medical supply room and doesn’t stop kissing Santana until she can’t breathe, doesn’t stop touching her until her moans of pleasure start to sound more like pain. Santana looks at her curiously once she finished and Brittany doesn’t understand how Santana hasn’t figured out that she’s completely and totally head-over-heels in love with her yet. She doesn’t get to tell her because Santana’s already kissing her again, hands wandering delicately around her body. 

5. Brittany doesn’t tell Santana that she’s completely and totally head-over-heels in love with her until they’ve been meeting in that supply closet (and any on-call room they can find) for six months. Brittany doesn’t tell her until she comes out of an emergency c-section one morning and finds Santana at the end of her night shift, cuddling and singing to the baby they delivered last week wearing her glasses and tired eyes. When they’re kissing against the door of their supply closet later that morning, Brittany pulls back and asks Santana to come home with her. It’s the first time they’ve ever had sex outside the hospital and Santana looks shy as Brittany holds her hand the whole way there. She presses her into her soft worn sheets and makes love to her how she’s been waiting to for weeks as the sun gets higher in the sky. She wakes up just as the sun’s starting to set and finds dark eyes staring at her, a hand stroking her face. Brittany doesn’t tell Santana that’s she’s completely and totally head-over-heels in love with her until Santana leans over and tells her first.

Some Thoughts on the Development of Clara Oswald

We’re really beginning to see just what Clara’s role is and the meaning of her relationship to the Doctor. For me, she just wasn’t a very good fit as a companion for Eleven: they were too similar, and didn’t have much to teach each other.

In that way, I can see how she would have developed feelings for him (and vice versa, within reason) and they certainly enjoyed each other’s company, but if they had traveled together for a full series and beyond, I don’t think either of them could have learned much from each other.

For most of Series 7, save for the few scraps of development in The Rings of Akhaten, Clara is a pretty plot device. She was “born to save the Doctor,” and ripped herself into a million little pieces to do so. But when only a page or two of your story has been already written, how can you afford to clump together the scant sentence fragments that remained in this dimension and call it a character? 

Clara was a template of a companion who was as sweet and pretty as a store-bought biscuit, with the complexity and blandness to match. The latest model of a smirk in a skirt whose superimposed image alongside the Doctors of the past just seemed…unearned.

This is who has been there from the very beginning? This is who convinced him to steal the TARDIS? 

But now, finally, we’re beginning to know who Clara is, and know her as someone empathetic yet stern, with an aching curiosity and an unwavering confidence.

While I still think the time stream hopping was a weird and honestly unnecessary plot point, no matter who did the deed, perhaps the choice of Clara Oswald leaping into the vortex could be deserved after all: just not that early on in the character’s development.

Clara and Twelve work marvelously together, and I’ve found myself genuinely captivated when they’re on screen together. The strongest individual scenes of every episode thus far have been the little conversations they share together, whether they’re silly, serious or sentimental.

They remind me of a gender-swapped Seven and Ace: this time around, Twelve is the hot head and Clara is the “Professor.” It’s a companion pairing we haven’t seen before in New Who, and it’s the first time in a while that we’ve seen the Doctor and a companion truly learning from each other and growing together.

She may think she was born to save the Doctor, but it’s truly the Doctor who seems born to save her characterization.

Read Me a Story

This is a drabble incentive for @wintersquares for her donation to Save Klaroline Magazine, her only request was a happy ending and I hope this delivers!

There is a girl in a hospital, sweet little thing. Illness you know, mustn’t ask too many questions, that would be rude. At least, Caroline assumes that’s why no one ever talks about what she has, they want to spare her feelings. Most days, she can even appreciate it.

Caroline’s not the one to wallow in self-pity, always ready with a smile for anyone who visits. Not that many do. She doesn’t mind though, the nurses were warm and friendly, comforting in ways she didn’t really understanding. The doctor always makes her smile.


His name is Dr. Nik. (Nik with a ‘K’, he’d told her to call him that to cheer her up. It worked.)

But Dr. Nik can’t be with her all the time, although every time he leaves, Caroline swears he looks a little too sad, lingers in the doorway a little too long. It must be her imagination, but she watches him all the same.

Maybe it’s the boredom that’s making her see things that aren’t there, the days are long, the TV is boring, and she’s so tired, all the time.  For days on end, she can’t bring herself to get out of bed, and that doesn’t give her a lot of options. The nurses change her IV, stop and chat for a while, but then they leave too, and Caroline is left alone. Mostly, she reads. Magazines that always have the same stories, medical journals with dust for covers, mysteries and romances. She reads a lot. She reads it all.

One day, she has a new book. She’s woken up after being out for who knows how long and it’s just lying on her bedside table. No note, no explanation. Caroline can guess one person who’s responsible.

“Dr, Nik, did you leave this here?”

“Sorry Sweetheart, it must have been one of the nurses.”

There’s a flutter of disappointment in her stomach but Caroline tells herself that it’s nothing, that she can ignore this like every other time because there’s nothing there. Instead, she focuses on the new addition to her sparse room, inspecting it carefully.

“It looks old, but it’s new.” It’s a contradiction, but there’s really no other way to describe the leather bound tome. Not too heavy, but not a quick read, pages fresh cut and spine unbroken, but as Caroline flips through the pages, she spies illustrations drawn with a practiced hand that look like nothing out of this century.

“Let me know how it goes.” Her doctor gives her one last smile and this time Caroline knows that he stays more than is necessary, and she’s not crazy to see that there’s something pained about the way he looks at her. But then he’s gone and it’s all in her head again.

So, left alone and to her own devices, Caroline starts to read. It’s not one long story, but a collection of them, though they all seem to be about the same girl. And wouldn’t you know, that girl has her name. It’s a book all about a Caroline and it actually makes her laugh, this must be why it was left for her.

One by one, she reads it all.


It turns out; the girl named Caroline isn’t the only one in the book. A Klaus takes up the pages, always next to Caroline, and they’re the reasons the stories happen, words and worlds all centered on these two lovers and the many ways they’ve saved each other.

Caroline falls in love with them herself.

“Have you ever read this book?”

Dr, Nik pauses from rifling through her chart, the same thing he does every single day.

(Caroline’s not a doctor herself, but there has to be more to it, right? Maybe it’s because nothing changes, but he never does anything more…medical. She’s never questioned it.)

“What’s it about?” he asks, weirdly hesitant.

“These two people in love,” Caroline says with a soft sigh as she traces the empty cover. This had to be a special edition; there wasn’t a title or an author. Weird. “It’s all about the places they go and the things they do.”

“And where do they go?” he asks, and even from her spot on the bed, Caroline can see that the grip he has on the clipboard is white-knuckled.

“Um, all over,” she says, suddenly suspicious. “Rome, Paris-”


It’s not a question and barely more than a whisper, but Caroline hears it all the same and her eyes narrow. “You have read it,” she accuses, suddenly unsure why he would be lying to her about something so stupid. And it upsets more than it probably should, it’s a book, a million people have probably read these stories, but something about the thought of him lying to her causes her throat to close and eyes to sting. It’s absurd but it’s the truth.

“It’s just a guess,” Dr. Nik says, and for one moment he stares at her so intensely that Caroline is left breathless, and not for the first time, she wants him, wants him in ways that aren’t just inappropriate, but that make her angry and sad because it feels like something’s missing and she can’t articulate the feeling of loss.

The moment dies as soon as it began. A lethargy settles in her bones, something Caroline is very familiar with, and the next thing she knows, her head has hit the soft pillows and her world has gone black.

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A Twin Thing

I am the older sister to a pair of twins. Or, well, I was. I’ll get to that. Nicolas and Michelle always seemed to share everything. They were so in sync you’d think they were telepathic. They were so close, when mom got them separate beds around the time they were 7 or 8, she’d always find them asleep together in one bed in the morning. I was 6 years older than them, so I had my own room to myself, but sometimes I could hear them talking through the wall. They often discussed the dreams they had at night. I remember one conversation went like this:

“Hey Nic? I dreamed I was a mermaid last night.”

“I was there too! I dreamed I was a giant lobster. You had a sparkly yellow tail.”

“Yeah I did! I had a gold crown as well. I think I was a mermaid princess.”

I didn’t find this odd. They had watched The Little Mermaid earlier that day and you know how kids are with their active imaginations. But things kept happening. One twin would instinctively know when the other was hurt, even when they were apart, which they sometimes had to be at school. One time Nicolas was home sick while Michelle went to school, and he became irrationally angry, throwing a fit a refusing to go back to bed when mom told him to. He kept screaming that Michelle was sad and someone called Aaron was going to pay. Michelle came home later that day with a bruised face and tears in her eyes and ran straight to Nicolas, crying about a fight with her upperclassman, Aaron.

Mom and I were mystified, and these strange, telepathic seeming instances seemed to keep occurring. We guessed it was one of those twin things that even science can’t explain. Fast forward a few years, and I’m attending the local university. It’s my first year, and the twins are 12 years old at this point. Halfway through the semester, I got a phone call from my mom. She was sobbing hysterically, I could barely make out her words. All I got was that Nicolas was in an accident and was in hospital.

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At the end of the day, after all the adventuring is over and Ashildr is asleep, Clara takes her 5 minutes.

She cries.  She cries for every time she reached out to take the Doctor’s hand to find only air, every time she saw something wonderful and wanted to show him, every time she asked herself what he would do in her situation.  She misses his jokes and his ridiculous clothes. She misses his eyes, his caring, and his never giving up.

Most of all she misses what it felt like to be with him, like they could take on the universe and win and like they could lose everything but it wouldn’t matter as long as they didn’t lose each other.

Because they lost.  They saved everything, yes, but they lost each other.