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HoO Ships as Disney Royals

Has this been done? I feel like it’s been done.

Percabeth- Rapunzel and Flynn Rider

Jasper- Aurora and Prince Phillip

Frazel- Anna and Kristoff

Calleo- Tiana and Naveen

Solangelo- Megara (Nico) and Hercules (Will)

Reyna- Frickin’ Moana she’s so cool

did someone say PIRATE AU???

  • k so let me set the scene for you here
  • Link is a privateer for the royal fleet of Hyrule of something 
  • He’s the captain of a ship and fine af. Cue image of Long-hair Link with a long green waistcoat and a tricorn hat (you’re welcomeee)
  • Anyhow maybe like 10 years ago Princess Zelda of Hyrule was apparently captured by foreign pirates during a boating accident and the King and Queen are desperate to be reunited with their only daughter
  • So they basically announce like a 1 million rupee prize to the person that can bring their daughter back to them
  • This has been available for years and no one has done it so it’s like a legend at the point
  • But Link gets it in his brain that he’s gonna be the one to rescue this goddamn princess and return home to GLORY
  • So he sets out with his crew to where the royal ship crashed when she went missing and starts patrolling around
  • It’s not even a contest. Like Link and his crew get captured so quick
  • Link gets dragged over to the new ship in shackles and he’s about to spit on the feet of the captain of the other ship but he looks up and it’s a WOMAN?
  • He goes all heart-eyes emoji
  • Anyway I think you can guess where this is going but Link certainly doesn’t
  • So Captain Tetra agrees to spare his life but he keeps her as prisoner on her ship while they sail around and hunt other ships and stuff
  • And this captain knows Hylian geography and navigation and legend TOO WELL for someone who’s supposedly a foreigner? 
  • Link is totally transparent about how much he wants to take her to bed btw and Tetra has him knocked around more than once for being lewd
  • That only makes it worse. Link is SO in love with her
  • One day another ship attacks when they’re not prepared, everything goes to chaos, and Tetra has to free Link from his shackles for the first time to fight because they need every man
  • At one point Link saves Tetra’s life 
  • After the battle she can’t keep hiding that she totally digs him too and they tumble back into her cabin
  • Anyway he’s halfway through undressing her, kissing her neck, when he notices the pendant on the golden necklace she wears
  • it’s the sigil of the Hylian Royal Family 

**Feel free to use, just don’t forget to let me know and please credit (link back to the post)

Things Lila Bard has done
  • robbed about 20 people 
  • imprisoned a guy in her hotel room 
  • attempted to steal from 2 separate magic shops -
  • killed 6 people (that we know of) 
  • burned down the ship where she killed a guy because it was the easiest way to clean up 
  • defiled two corpses (and kept a part of their remains as souvenirs who does that) 
  • stole an Olympic-level athlete’s identity for over a week so she could replace him as a competitor even though she had little to no training (and somehow no one caught on) 
  • got rid of said athlete by putting him on a prison ship and sending off to the other side of the country 
  • crashed 5 maximum security Royal Balls (even though she got caught at 3 of them)
  • infiltrated and captured an infamous pirate ship in under 3 hours because someone dared her to do it
  • has generally done whatever the fuck she felt like doing, even when that required breaking the cardinal rules of magic and/or physics 

In conclusion: I would say that someone needs to stop her but literally every other character in this series already tried

Sore Loser

Fandom: Undertale

Characters: Undyne character study with a bit of Asgore and Undyne father-daughter fluff and some Alphyne

Length: 4227 Words

Summary: Undyne ran away. She had never run away before, let alone from a child. In the aftermath of her defeat and just before a fateful cooking lesson, Undyne sorts through her thoughts. Also she plays piano.

I missed Undyne Appreciation Week but my life is an UNDYNE APPRECIATION LIFE so by God I am getting this up here. Here you go, character study going over what was going through Undyne’s head after she loses to Frisk on the pacifist route but before the cooking lesson. If you enjoy it, please be sure to let me know!

I have included a headcanon here about Undyne finding and meeting the Yellow human soul before meeting Frisk. I know I don’t have game evidence to support or deny it, it’s just my headcanon. If it doesn’t match your particular headcanon… well, you were warned, maybe don’t complain? It’s very easy to ignore anyway.

Can you guess which songs Undyne is playing on the piano? It’s preeeetty obvious, haha.

Link to A03 or you can read it below

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GREAT FICS I’M FOLLOWING - some dramione, some not

  • Alternate History by Incarnadine - DRAMIONE
    • AU. Snape’s first Defence lesson goes horribly wrong for Hermione when she is caught in a freak spell explosion and finds herself in a strangely altered version of the world she knows. While desperate to go back, she can’t resist getting involved when she realises her memories may be the key to thwarting Voldemort’s plans. But can staying lead to anything but heartbreak for her? - I LOVE alternate worlds kinda like a soft version of reverse by lady moonglow tbh
  • Witchnapped by straightlyconfused - DRAMIONE
    • A night out with Ginny leaves Hermione trapped in the clutches of Draco Malfoy in the middle of a war. He’s got a plan for the entire magical world but first he’s determined to claim her as his own. Can Hermione escape him or will she fall for his charms and submit to his will? Dramione. Post-Hogwarts. Rated ’M’ for a reason. - see this trope is a guilty pleasure bc it can be done well or horribly problematic so we’ll see
  • Desperate Measures by Mary Royale
    •  Cassiopeia Black wasn’t the sort who was willing to just sit idly by while her House fell down around her. When Cassiopeia is given a Muggleborn witch orphaned by Death Eaters, she uses magical adoption to make the baby a true Black. Pureblood!Hermione. Slytherin!Hermione. - ship is unclear at this point but like really interesting fic so far !!
  • The Dragon of Durmstrang by Timeframe
    • Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, left England with his Godfather after the death of his parents. Living in Switzerland, educated at Durmstrang, and close friends with Viktor Krum, his life seemed to be perfect until his past finally caught up to him. Now he must face, not only the Tri-Wizard Tournament, but also the darkness that looms over his head. 
  • fair fortune by sweetasylums 
    • it begins with the end. –- [thief of time redux, timeturner, marauder’s era, sbhg, hermione granger & sirius black] - okay y’all DON’T UNDERSTAND how excited i was to find this fic !!! thief of time was one of my all time fave fics and i was very disappointed to find out it was abandoned so this literally made my entire week. the writing is amazing. 

allthecowslovetheleo  asked:

For the shipsss: mc x maxwell and mc x sean (if it hasn't been done yet)

sorry it’s a lil late dear @allthecowslovetheleo​ !! thank you though for asking about my two fave ships mahal kita kaibigan <3

here’s my trr mc, eliza wong!! HAH SHE HAS AN ACTUAL NAME SUCK ON THAT PB

Send me a Ship and I’ll Break Them DOWN

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Eviternity (i)

Summary: Merman Warren discovers Ship Captain Y/N Y/L/N aboard The Royal Beauty. [Merman Warren au]

Rating: T

Word count: 1.4k

Warnings: none?

Tagging: @raypclmer @quiskcilver @rax-writes @kurtwxgners @phoenixejean @darth-summers @rinzlxr @emmcfrxst @jxbilationlee

A/N: those who have been waiting patiently for this, thank you ! i hope that you all enjoy! also if you haven’t read the prelude, la sirene, i linked it for you bc you gotta read that to understand what’s happening. thank you !!


There was something about his eyes. Something about the way that those deep, piercing eyes seemed to reflect something from deep within you before he sunk back beneath the waves, disappearing as though he had been nothing but a phantasm that you and your crew had collectively imagined.

Yeah, that was it. A phantasm.

Or so you had found yourself believing, after a week had gone by with no more signs of anything slightly related to a merperson at all.

Your crew had started to grow slightly irritated that you continued to have them bob in that same spot of the ocean for the past seven days with no word of a change of course – But you couldn’t leave. Not yet, not when you still believed that they were out there.

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anonymous asked:

But consider this: Monty was a pirate hunting for mermaids because the payment for securing one for the royal family would allow him to sail to other worlds with less trouble. He does get his hands on one, but the sail back to the mainland gives them time to bond. By the time they make hit back, Monty decides he doesn't want to sacrifice somebody else's freedom for his own and sets her free...only she sticks by the ship even afterwards.

macklin, you beautiful son of a bitch, you’ve done it again

monty fell for her the moment he pulled her out of the water. he knew he shouldn’t have- these sirens play their tricks, he’s been told- but seeing her so terrified in the net, staring at him with huge, wide, fear-stricken eyes, he could barely stomach the thought of keeping her imprisoned.

he dropped her into the vat of seawater and lay in his bed that night, staring at the ceiling, horrified and trying to tell himself it was just a job. just another job. he’d be paid, cleared of his charges, and free to sail the open sea. no more bounties, no more chasing cargo. but every time he heard her sonorous wails, his heart grew more and more fragile.

after many months of sailing and talking, monty knew what he had to do. so, in broad daylight, in front of all of his crew, monty dragged the vat to the top deck and pushed it over, tipping his mermaid love free. he saw her disappear into the waves and bit back his tears, contenting his aching heart with the knowledge that he did what was right.

he loved her, so he set her free.

he is turning to leave, ordering the ship to sail away from port, when he hears a splashing, and sees his lady love jumping out of the water, high enough to reach him on the deck, and she kisses his cheek. she tells him she’s staying, if he’ll have her.

“you’re- i set you free,” he stumbles.

“and i’ll remain free,” she replies. “but, if you’d like, i’ll be by your side.”

many months later, monty is sitting on the beach as he mermaid love lays next to him, kissing her sweetly and listening to her songs as she runs her fingers through his coarse, curly hair.

“i love you, monty,” she says, and his heart is capsized in the sea of his love. he’ll never, ever be the same, and every single day he rejoices that he, for once, did the right thing.

“i love you, my merry-maid.”

TLC Ship Weeks: Ever After

I’m sorry. What have I done lol

“Where is he?!” Cinder burst through the doors of the medical wing of the Eastern Commonwealth’s Palace. “Where is the emperor being held?” Panic littered her thoughts and she couldn’t bother paying attention to the volume of her voice.

The woman at the desk pointed down the hall, the corridor where Emperor Rikan once laid on his death bed. The hall that was meant for the royal family if anyone were to ever fall ill. Of course. But she was in no condition to think rationally.

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A Malec Mermaid AU, that nobody asked for ...

I was thinking about mermaids, about Malec and how it could be done differently, this is what came to mind. 

- mermaid!Alec and Prince!Magnus in a modern setting

- Alec has no interest in humans, while his sister is obsessed with them and their inventions and always tells Alec about all the new things she discovered

- Alec doesn’t get his sisters interest, but tags along to keep an eye on her, especially after that one time, a human almost saw her

- One time they spot Magnus, the prince (I mean, there are some royal households still around), with friends on a ship and Izzy is all about how handsome he is and how charming he seems, how funny. Alec is pretty unimpressed. 
“He’s loud, he’s probably ignorant, and the way he fools around with the others he’s going to end drowning accidentally.”
“You’re a buzzkill, Alec.”
“I’m a realist, there’s a difference.”

- Alec doesn’t like humans in general because he has seen how they catch fish and other creatures, and with knowing about the tricks humans use to catch them, Alec just doesn’t trust them.
-> and with the more and more invasive also divers have become and how they are talking about shark infested waters (”Sharks live there, humans aren’t even supposed to be underwater, what are they doing here? Why can’t they just stay home?”)

- one day though, a boat Magnus is on, gets attacked out in the open sea and when he falls into the water unconscious, Alec sees him sinking down (or he hits Alec as his sinks, your choice) and Alec’s like ‘Oh, hell no, he actually managed to fall of his boat?’ 
-> But then he notices the burning boat on the surface and realizes, that something much more serious is going on, he feel a second explosion coming and drags Magnus as far away as he can, dragging him on land of an island in front of whatever country’s coast this story happens in. 

- when he finally gets him on land at some deserted place, Alec drags him out which is seriously exhausting because a big fin in shallow water is no fun. Then he just looks at Magnus and because he doesn’t know much about what to do, slaps him in the face a couple of times. 
“Come on, don’t die. My sister’s going to hate me if you die.” 
Eventually Magnus wakes up and coughs out water and Alec is instantly relieved. But then he remembers, that he himself has to get away before Magnus realizes what he is. 

“Who are you?”
“Are you-are those fins?”

- Alec panicks, knocks Magnus out again and then escapes. Magnus gets rescued eventually and has a killer headache for the next day.

- Now, of course they meet again, and it’s this time, that Alec needs help. He’s caught in a  bay, that is part of the palace grounds after a really heavy storm (or some other reason, point is, he is caught.)
-> Magnus finds him because reasons and after his initial shock, he is super excited about mermaids because now he knows he didn’t fantasize when he almost drowned that one time.
-> Alec on the other hand is super not amused because he despises the fact of being at the mercy of a human’s hand, ends up being surprised though when Magnus indeed doesn’t tell anybody about him. Doesn’t mean though, that they become best friends instantly. 

- Alec bites Magnus three times, during the prince’s attempts to ‘make contact’. 

“I have sharks as friends, I could tell them to eat you!”
“Yeah, well if they could enter the bay, you could also leave, don’t you think?”
“Good point.”

- Magnus is super patient though and also finds Alec truly interesting and in his own way very charming. 

- When Alec reveals, that he can change into a human, Magnus’ first response is “Oh, now you have that idea?”
-> He helps Alec, who’s still limping because of an injury he got from the storm incident, out of the water, but on the way through the palace towards another exit to the open sea, they get discovered and Alec instantly brought to the ‘infirmary’ and he’s stuck again.
-> maybe it’s the case, that mermaids can only turn human once in a month and then have to wait for the next full moon to get back their fins, so Alec is stuck on land. 

- When Magnus starts openly flirting with Alec, Alec surprises him by giving dry responses or even teasing Magnus a bit and throwing a few innuendos back at him. He also throws a lot of unimpressed glares.

- Of course they fall in love at some point, but I don’t have a clear idea of how that’s going to end.


Well, just seeing the episode which was tea-rrific!! and a lot of people doesn’t understand it, so I have decided to put some pictures and explain what happens.

In the begining Daring tells Sparrow to propose a royal challenge and Sparrow says that the challenge will consist into have a date with the fisrt girl who walks in the door, and Hopper says that the loser will have to clean the grimmnastics suit of the winner.

So, then comes Lizzie and Sparrow laughs at Daring because everybody knows that Lizzie is… Lizzie.

Daring goes to Lizzie and asks for two lattes for both of them, but Lizzie confused says “Off with the foam” and cuts it with her very sharp fingers. Then Daring gives her some flowers saying that he made them grow with his smile, and Lizzie cuts them, as she did with Dexter.

During lunch Daring goes to Lizzie, who is alone, and shows her a picture he does of her, saying that he is a royal artist, but Lizzie says that he is not and goes letting Daring veeeery confused.

Then, without the permission of Lizzie, they have a walk into a dragon, and Lizzie enjoys it a lot.

But she doesnt look very happy and Daring asks what is going on, and she says that she had never had a date before and that she doesn’t know what people did in dates, so Daring (smiles with a very profound smile) and tells her that on dates people do what they had done this day, so she says that it was magnific.

Things like that, Daring says that they can meet again, and Lizzie kiss him saying yes (and Daring looks very impressed), but that it must be a secret because she has a cruel reputation to maintain.

So, at the end as Daring couldn’t say that they have had a date, he ends cleaning the grimmnastics suit of Sparrow while everyboy laughs, but he sees Lizzie and she winks at him (this picture is very cute) and Daring ends with a very royal smile (He falls in love!!!!!)

At the very begining I didn’t ship Daring with no one, because he was an absolute narcisist, but seeing that episode it’s seeing that Lizzie makes Daring to show his best, and I love how they play with the casanova and misunderstood girl who has never had a date thing. I’m not a hard Dazzie shipper, but I have start liking it (Although, I always be a Kizzie!!!!)


Done very quickly because I wanted to upload this before the Battle Royale episode is released. Ever since it was said Dom modeled her suit, ship, theme, everything after Hater just to piss him off, I started thinking hey maybe she did see him as some sort of role model or something before she started conquering. Maybe there’d be some sort if exchange of words at some point in time between them once Dom gets unmasked. So I got drawing during some of the biggest free time I’ve had this semester. Haha.

Hope you all can enjoy. Whatever that Battle Royale has planned out tomorrow is probably way better than what I pooped out.


The Royal Navy and the shape of things to come:

The current British Defence Secretary, under this Conservative government, Rt Hon Michael Fallon, has said that the Strategic Defence & Security Review 2015 will be delivered late this year. Here’s the scale of his challenge.

We have three pillars, sacred to the Royal Navy as a credible force. There is also an absolute budget of, at present, £34-billion, between all three branches of Britain’s armed forces. That’s just over £11-billion for the Navy to play with, without stealing from the Air Force or Army. So, for the Royal Navy, a permanent at sea carrier force and Trident SSBN presence is essential. These are also requisites for this government - meaning two Queen Elizabeth carriers must enter service and four boats of a new class be designed and built to replace the aging Vanguard fleet. Unlike the government, as far as we know, the Royal Navy also sees it’s amphibious assault assets as essentials to be retained; remembering 1982.

The two Queen Elizabeth-class carriers, though not CATOBAR configured, will boost capability exponentially. Their design offers increased sortie rate and operability in poor weather conditions. Procurement of F-35B STOVL aircraft is initially expensive, hence just 64 currently to be purchased. However, with BAE Systems building components, the programme will, after a time, make money for the United Kingdom - the whole ‘UK’ unless Scotland fuck off before then. To protect said carriers, six Type 45 Destroyers exist, currently unparalleled in airspace control. However, four still require Harpoon launchers to provide a credible anti-ship capability when operating solo. Thirteen new Type 26 Frigates are also on order which shall carry 48 Sea Ceptor SAMs, eight TLAM cruise missiles and eight Harpoon anti-shipping missiles. There is also an opportunity here for individual ships to specialise in specific tasks, e.g. ASW. Seven Astute-class hunter-killer nuclear stealth submarines shall also provide crucial protection to the carrier groups - plural as both carriers will be available for deployment, if required, in times of heightened tensions, with full air wings.

All of the above should be relatively safe, within the small budget, along with Trident and it’s replacement home beyond Vanguard (pic 9). However, the amphibious assault fleet may be in shallow water. HMS Ocean (pic 4) is indispensable and with RFA Argus to reach the end of her lifespan in the early 2020s she will likely inherit the role of primary casualty ship. Bulwark and Albion (pic 5) are also vital to the Royal Marines, along with the three ships of the Bay-class (pic 6). Sadly they may prove targets for cuts however. Ultimately, the Royal Navy is currently running on minimum wages. Cuts from 2010 will even have to be undone with the two carriers requiring far more sailors than now available. 

The equipment is there, the research and development is done, and it is world beating; quantity however, is not. More missiles, more men, more ships and Britannia could again rule when required. The Royal Navy is in a good spot to defend it’s share of the budget, for once.

Chapter 5 of Time at the Studio!

Hello, my beautiful Maksyl fam! I hope you’re all having a beautiful day/night/whatever-it-is-where-you-live. This is the 5th chapter of T.a.t.S!

I would like to send a special thank you out to all of my amazing readers. Your encouragement and suggestions keep me writing, and I love every single one of you! As a special shout-out, I included a lot of your requests.

You’ll see what they are, I’m sure, as this chapter wears on.

In case you haven’t read the previous chapters of Time At The Studio, they are here, here, here, and here!

I sincerely hope you all enjoy this chapter! Let me know, fam.

Love you always!
“This is such a stupid movie,” Val groaned.

The next thing he knew, he was being assaulted by flying pieces of popcorn.

“Shut up, Val; It’s a great movie,” Zendaya hissed, shooting him her famous death glare.

Meryl sighed wistfully.
“It really is an amazing movie. Why can’t I be Rose?”

“God, Jack’s so beautiful,” Zendaya chirped as Leonardo DiCaprio’s face filled the screen.

On the other side of Meryl, Maks chuckled.

“Ваш маленький план неприємні наслідки на вас, брат,” Maks whispered.

Your little plan really backfired on you, bro.

“припинити говорити,” Val frowned.

Stop talking.

“Guys, I swear to God, if we miss the best part because of your chit-chat session, I will end you both,” Zendaya warned, and Meryl laughed.

“Please be quiet for us, okay, boys?” Meryl added.

The brothers reluctantly agreed to the girls’ requests.

They were hating themselves for allowing the girls to pick the movie.

“Mepiл, you know how the story ends, right? Everyone di—”

“Maksim Chmerkovskiy, if you decide to say anything about this movie in a negative light, I will have to force you to leave. Also, I will tell Larisa.”

“Isn’t telling my Mama a bit childish?” Maks chuckled at the sentiment.

“Nope. What’s childish is you ruining the movie for my friend and I by talking through the ending! Now shush!” Meryl replied, swatting Maks’ shoulder.

Maks turned and made a face at Val, not daring to say anything else to upset the fanatic girl next to him.

Not long after, the girls were screaming for a different reason.

Zendaya and Meryl gaped in horror as the large ship collided with the iceberg.

“No!” They both shrieked at the same time.

“Why would anyone ever consider this a classic?” Meryl howled, clearly distressed.

Meryl’s mom popped her head in the room.

“Meryl, please keep it down, honey. Your brother’s trying to study upstairs.”

“But mom, this is not okay,” Meryl repeated, clasping Zendaya’s hand tightly in her own.

“Wait; are you watching Titanic?” Meryl’s mom questioned.

“Yes! Now please, mommy, shush!” Meryl screeched.

People began to fall overboard, plummeting to their deaths in the icy waters below them.

Val smirked. “Finally, this is getting interesting.”

“Val!” The girls scolded in unison.

Meryl’s mom quietly padded out of the room, smiling and shaking her head at the group of teens behind her.


Meryl’s head leaned against Maks’ shoulder, and his arm was wrapped around her waist.

She was crying heavily into the crook of his neck.

Meanwhile, across the room, Val was still apologizing to Zendaya for being sarcastic throughout the movie. Zendaya was purposely being difficult though; if Meryl knew Zendaya, and she did, ‘Z’ was definitely going to forgive Val by the end of the night.

Zendaya was a great flirt when she wanted to be.

“Why would anyone ever think to make such a terrible movie?” Meryl sniffled into Maks’ shoulder, ignoring the flirt-fest occurring on the opposite side of the room.

“Mepiл, it actually happened in history,” he spoke softly.

“Yeah, I know, but still…” She trailed off for a moment, but then continued, impassioned.

“I can’t believe those royal frickheads abandoned proper safety procedures to make the boat look nicer! I’d take something safe over something aesthetically-pleasing any day, thank you.” She huffed.

“I know, Mepiл, I know. Thankfully, boat designers have done a better job since the time when the Titanic sailed. Not-so-surprisingly, though, those regulations had changed as a result of the Titanic’s wreck.”

“It’s just a shame so many people had to die to prove that the ships were unsafe,” she sighed. Maks hummed in agreement.

“Okay, guys,” Meryl cleared her voice and turned her ‘announcer voice’ on, “next time we hang out, we are not watching ‘classic’ movies. We are watching a comedy, or we could just not watch a movie at all.”

The other three agreed quickly.


The rest of Meryl’s week passed by uneventfully, each one of June’s sweltering days morphing into an eternity. Meryl spent each eternity in her air-conditioned room texting and reading, or out taking another ice-dancing lesson with Charlie.

That week’s dance lesson rolled around again, and Meryl switched her usual dance attire from sticky leggings and a tee shirt to loose shorts and a tank top.

Before she left the house for dance, she hopped into her garage. She grappled around in the dark for the light switch; once the light clicked on, Meryl began to scan the area for the single thing she’d come for in the first place. On the far side of the garage, a full can of blue paint lay on one of the many shelves. Meryl crossed the room and stood on her tip-toes, grasping at the base of the can.

Curse her short stature. Curse it.

The can rocked back and forth on the shelf before falling off it completely.

Meryl caught the can just before it hit her dad’s tool-bench. (Meryl had never known why, exactly, her father had needed a tool-bench in the first place. It wasn’t like he actually did anything with it. He wasn’t a mechanic. He didn’t even do household repairs. It was probably just a dad thing, she’d always figured.)

The can of paint in hand, Meryl swept her dance bag up off the floor, shouted a ‘see you later’ to her parents, and began the short walk to dance class.

She arrived twenty minutes early, and the doors to the dance studio weren’t unlocked yet.

She slouched against the front of the building, exhaling slowly.

An unfamiliar voice sounded from next to her.

“What’s with the paint?” The question wasn’t said in an aggressive way; the asker was simply curious.

Meryl turned her head and looked at the source of the voice. Standing in front of her was a girl who looked to be about her age.

She had stunning, thick hair, which was braided back into a low ponytail. This new girl’s soft pink leotard contrasted—in an elegant way, Meryl thought—against her dark skin.

“Oh, it’s just for a project I have to do after class,” Meryl explained politely, offering the girl a friendly smile.

“Ah,” the nameless girl grinned knowingly. “You don’t have to tell me the real reason. I was just making conversation.”

Meryl was caught off-guard at thebnew girl’s intuitiveness.

“No, no! It’s not a bother or anything. I just have to do a bit of home renovation,” Meryl bluffed, smiling apologetically.

“Okay,” the girl smiled, still a bit dubious, but she dropped the subject anyway.

“I’m Daphne. It’s nice to meet you, Ms. Home Renovation,” Daphne gave her an easy smile.

Meryl introduced herself as well, returning Daphne’s friendly expression. “What class are you here for?”

“I’m here for ballet with Miss Lopez. She’s always late,” Daphne explained, giving a casual roll of her eyes.

“This is the first time the doors haven’t been open, though; do you think the studio’s closed for the day or something?” Meryl wondered aloud.

“No, I’m pretty sure they’re open today…Hey, Home Ren; don’t look now, but there are a couple of really hot boys behind you! They look like they’re walking towards the studio,” Daphne smirked.

Meryl looked behind her, curious, and let out a genuine laugh.

Val and Maks were walking her way.

“Those are just two of my friends,” Meryl explained. Daphne rose an inquisitive eyebrow in response.

“How do you stay ‘just friends’ with either of those boys? You must have some serious self-control, girl,” Daphne laughed.

Meryl cracked a genuine smile.

“Mepiл,” Maks called from down the block, and Daphne’s mouth dropped open.

“Wait, they’re foreign, too? Forget ballet; I need to sign up for whatever class you’re taking,” she joked.

“It’d be good to have another friend in the class,” Meryl admitted, half-kidding, hald-serious, and Daphne grinned at the statement.

Before she could respond, though, Meryl’s vision went black.

“Guess who?” An unnaturally-squeaky-sounding voice screeched in her ear.

“Huh…Val?” Meryl guessed, and immediately the pair of hands was removed from her eyes.

“Damn it, Mepiл,” Val laughed, greeting her with a swift hug.

“Hey, ‘Mepiл’ is my thing with her,” Maks called out, catching up to the group.

Upon reaching them, he thwacked Val on the back of the head.

Meryl cast a quick glance at Daphne, who was silently pointing between her and Maks and mouthing ‘you sure?’

‘Sure of what?’ Meryl mouthed back.

“Just friends?” Daphne questioned aloud, and Meryl turned a bright shade of red.

“Um,” she glanced towards Maks, who began chuckling.

“Yeah,” she answered slowly. Daphne didn’t seem too convinced.

“My Mepiл and I have a unique relationship,” Maks answered coyly.

“By the way, I’m Maks. This is my brother Val,” he was still chuckling at Meryl’s red face throughout his introduction.

“I’m Daphne,” she replied, “it’s really nice to meet you guys!”

Then, out of nowhere:

“Just out of curiosity, do either of you have any idea what she’s doing with this can of paint?”

Maks and Val glanced at the tub of paint on the floor, then at each other.

They both cast appreciative glances at Meryl, whose stare still remained fixated on the ground.


Eventually, the doors were opened. The teacher Meryl identified to be Miss Lopez had sprinted towards them after seeing the students standing under the studio’s canopy, swiftly unlocking the doors and allowing the students entry into their respective rooms.

Meryl had, of course, traded phone numbers with Daphne. They decided to make plans to get together soon.

This exchange (while making Maks happy because his friend was happy) still made him pout; after all, he didn’t have Meryl’s number and they’d spent more time together.

Meryl, ever-forgetful of that minor detail, laughed as she punched her number into his phone.

“I need a picture for Caller I.D.,” he informed, and so Meryl took about 50 different selfies on his phone before determining that only one out them all was usable.

She set the one as her picture.

“Really?” Maks mused, smirking at the abundance of pictures of Meryl now on his phone.

“Taking selfies is a skill that I haven’t mastered on the first try,” she answered.

Slowly, the room started to fill up with familiar faces.

Miss Sharna clasped her hands, smiling at the group.

“Welcome, class! Let’s get started!”

Class began.


Meryl blew strands of hair out of her face as she rolled the bright blue paint onto the house’s exterior. Redecoration was a definite process, as the trio had soon discovered.

Val had carted over a wagon of dance-related furnishings—such as a long ballet barre for the inner right wall of their hideaway—over from the Chmerkovskiy house. The three had stopped there briefly to gather supplies they’d kept stored in the garage.

(Of course, while they were there, Meryl engaged in conversation with the boys’ parents. This warranted yet another dinner invitation Meryl was happy to accept.)

It took a while for Val to figure out how to assemble the long ballet barre from the array of pieces and screws in the box it came in.

Meryl decided not to ask how he had gotten such supplies.

It was better to be clueless, she’d decided, than to be informed of a potentially-illegal situation involving the theft of dance-related furniture.

Along with the large barre, Val had carted along an iPhone dock for musical purposes.

Maks carried over two semi-large fans so that the cabin could be cool, even in the midst of summer’s heat.

Maks was in charge of dusting the cabin and clearing it of cobwebs.

Once he’d finished that task, however, he began to use a large tub of paint he’d brought along to coat the interior of the cabin. The fans helped blow the paint’s fumes outside of their cabin.

He used a large brush to slather bright yellow paint onto the walls, taking time to make sure not a spot of wood was left uncovered. He wanted this place to be perfect for them all.

Meryl borrowed a bit of fluorescent red from one of Maks’ paint tubs and wrote in large, capital letters ‘OUR STUDIO’ directly above the cabin’s front door. She pressed a yellow handprint on one side of the phrase, calling the boys out to do the same.

She breathed out a content sigh.

They were almost done creating their secret studio. She couldn’t wait until they could utilize it.

Not Like It Should Have Been || Anna and Hans


     “Anna… will you marry me?”

     Anna stared down at the blond man on his knees before her. She thought she loved Kristoff… Actually, she did love him! She knew that for a fact. But she wasn’t in love with him, and that was a very important difference. Not that she couldn’t be, eventually, but… well, it had been five years, and…

     “Kristoff, can I talk to you? Alone?”

     The ice harvester’s face fell as he looked at the freckled princess. “That’s a, ‘no,’” he said brusquely, getting up and brushing his knees off. The decorative little box that contained the special ring made of a troll gem snapped closed, and his soft brown eyes grew hard with upset. “Forget it, Anna. You pretty much answered my question.” He turned on his heel and marched across the cobblestones towards the gate, a confused Sven on his heels.

     “Kristoff, wait!” she called chasing after him.

     “I said forget it!” he shouted over his shoulder. And just like that, he was gone.

     The smell of the sea and the sound of the gulls was extremely distracting. After all this time, Anna still wasn’t used to being able to leave the palace grounds. The events of a few weeks ago still swam through her head, further adding to her distraction. Oh, to be a gull, soaring above the petty woes of human problems.

     “Your highness?”

     Her attention snapped back to the merchant before her. “Oh! Um, yes. Forgive me. I thought I saw… um…” She had nothing. She hadn’t thought she’d seen anything. “I’m sorry. Go on?” In a valiant attempt to get her mind of Kristoff, Anna had plunged into actually doing something responsible for the kingdom, and she was proving to be not very good at it. Just the airhead everyone always thought she was.

     “Yes…” the merchant went on uncertainly. “I was saying that my kingdom’s tax has been forced to increase. Which means prices have gone up.”

     “Right,” she said. “Yes. Well, according to our trade agreement, prices were fixed for ten years from the date of signing. That was only four years ago.”

     “But without the increased price, we can’t afford to make the trip to Arendelle,” he explained.

     Anna’s eyebrows drew together and she fretted her lip. “I might be able to convince Queen Elsa of an increase,” she said, “but not as much as you’re asking. That’s well outside the parameters of our budget.” Especially after the Great Freeze, as the events surrounding Elsa’s coronation were coming to be known. So much damage had been done to ships and crops and houses and people that Elsa had willingly paid for that Arendelle’s royal coffers had dipped considerably. They were still recovering from the financial loss. “May I take the proposal to her and discuss with you in a week?”

     “Yes, Your Highness. Thank you.”

     Oh, good. Anna exhaled for what felt like the first time in a week. She nodded to the merchant, then headed down the docks to peruse the market, as long as she was here. It was always nice to see the exotic wares and pretty trinkets brought in from other kingdoms and countries.

     She let the sights and sounds and smells completely envelope her, and she danced and swung between stalls and off of the posts along the edge of the dock.

     Anna should have known better. She knew she was a klutz, and a ditz and was easily distracted by the world around her. That was why she didn’t see the fishing nets until about three seconds after her feet got tangled up. Lifting her skirts and petticoats, she peered down, trying to untangle them, and the swishing, swooshing fabric obscured the edge of the dock.

     For a moment, Anna felt like she was walking on air, and then she plunged into the waters of the fjord.