she's rly grown on me

OF LOVE / OF DEATH.        honestly ?    at the end of the day,   looking at everything in retrospect,   i’m really happy about this blog & very proud of my portrayal of natasha.   i don’t meant to be conceited,  & truly i’m not,   i’m just so glad that i’ve been able to craft & mold this muse into something that is both unique & faithful to canon,   & i am forever so grateful that so many of you have stuck with me along the way.    i love this blog.   i love natasha.   i love writing her,   writing about her,   & showing everyone peeks and glimpses into the character that i’ve formulated over the years.     from the aesthetics,   to metas,    to writing styles,   & honestly everything you see on here  ( even the shitposts :// ),    i feel so happy about it all.    & i want to thank everyone again for being so supportive,  & also to just say that it’s okay to be proud of what you’ve done !!!   give credit to whom credit is due,  & give credit to yourself.    we’ve all put work into our portrayals,   & it shows.   & it makes me so incredibly happy.    💖💖💖