she's really hot as well

ACOHAD EXTRA (pre-chapter 19)

Hello! This was originally they start of chapter 19, but I cut it out. I thought some people might still enjoy it though, so here it is!


Kaden reached out, the bed still warm beside him but no Eleana to be seen. It was still dark out, the house quiet as Morrigan and Azriel slept. The luxurious bed sheets felt strange on his body, but stranger still was the feeling of waking up in a bed without Eleana next to him. As much as he shouldn’t, he didn’t like it. He didn’t like being enclosed in the cosy sheets if she wasn’t with him.

She was near though, she always was in a way, and when he rolled over he saw her standing at the window, observing the stars. She hadn’t noticed him yet, so Kaden took to opportunity to take her in. She had come in an instant when he’d asked – she’d had to sneak out of home, again. She hadn’t brought anything with her, and walked up to him and unbuttoned his shirt, claiming it as her own. She’s giggled as she pulled it from his body, stripping away the gear she was still wearing and shimming into his shirt. Kaden felt a strong sense of satisfaction at the sight, her tan, lean body now wrapped in his scent. He’d presented her with the book then, but she refused to read it until they were happily in bed and she was comfortable. Apparently, her being comfortable meant snuggling against his chest while he played with her hair – that, he didn’t mind at all.  

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Valentine’s Day- Andre Burakovsky

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Ok so I know this is a day late, but I worked yesterday so you get a late Valentine’s Day story from me! I’m not gonna lie, it’s super angsty. I have another story I’m writing that’s 10000000% angsty so take this while you can! Any who… there was a post recently that since Andre (on twitter) retweeted about body positivity, that maybe he likes bigger girls and as one, I will run it into the ground lol. I love this precious bean! Anyway, enjoy guys!

 Warning: Angst, lack of self-esteem

Part Two (It’s the Thought that Counts)


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“I remember the first time I saw her. She was wearing this white top thing and I think she had jeans on. She was standing at the bottom of the driveway and I thought… well I thought she was really hot. Really hot. And she gave me this smile…”

Get to know me meme: Favourite couples [7/?]
↳ Ryan and Marissa

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PLEASE draw more Seia she is so fucking cute!!!!

hot dad doesn’t know how to react to daughter’s cookies. cold shoulder ensues.

she has sakura’s poutey face.


Summary: After switching middle schools, young Ben Solo lands his eyes on who he never expects to be the love of his life. After a four year separation of having to move away with his father, you and Ben are reunited your senior year of high school, only to have an emotional ride that intervenes with the true feelings you two feel for one another–but there’s one major problem, you’re already with somebody else.

A/N: Yay for CB fridays! I truly look forward to fridays just because of cb honestly. A little side note, I’m already writing chapter 22 and I can’t for you guys to read it…although you all have a while to go, sorry! Anyways, enjoy!

Warning: You guessed it, Ben’s a fuckin perv…well, not that much, reader’s kinda one too this time around.

Word Count: 5K+

Pink. Laced. Underwear. Lost in his own dream world, Ben held the bag of ice against his nose, not realizing the blood dripping down until you had walked in and shoved a pair of tampons up his nostrils. “What the hell?” He jumped as you had stood up straight from bending as Ben had been sitting on the cot. “Did you? Did you just-” Removing the icepack and touching the string from the tampons, Ben’s eyebrow arched. “Is that a tampon?”

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“What a smooth move”(bucky x reader)

Title: “What a smooth move” 

Prompt/Requested by: “Anonymous: Hi 💖 I have a request, a bucky x reader where reader is a computer engineer in the Stark Tower and works with her bffs Tony and Bruce (they call themselves the Science Squad). Reader and Bucky have a crush in each other and when Bucky flirts shyly with reader Tony and Bruce stop him because they see reader as their little sister and they want to protect her. They’re like her overprotective big brothers. HAPPY ENDING AND FLUFF PLEASE 🙇 💖”

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Fem-Computer engineer Reader

Word count: 984

Warnings: Language, fluff. You should be aware of my crappy writing too.

A/N: This was so cute to write, I didn’t know if this as fluffy as you wanted because if I get carried away with the fluff… no one can stop me and It’s not good! But anyway I liked this one yay.


There are still prompts to be requested and yeah my requests are still open. Remember that I only write Character x reader stuff not character x character (maybe as a background but no). If you have something to say to me go and hit my askbox is always open!

Now, enjooooooooy!!

 || I don’t own Bucky Barnes or any of the Avengers, they belong to Marvel. ||

When Tony met Y/N in college they didn’t get along so well but after a while they realize that they were quite similar, besides Tony’s cockiness of course, and decided to make a truce… that later will evolve in a solid friendship.

Now Y/N was the computer engineer of the Computer Department in the Stark Tower, and from time to times helped SHIELD and The Avengers.

Once that Tony had introduced her to the team she instantly became friends with everyone, but mostly with Bruce, so now they were her best friends, almost as her big brothers.

It was almost midday when Y/N entered in the tower, backpack in her shoulder and sunglasses in her head. She was looking for her partners in crime, she wanted to show them a new program that had developed in her many insomnia nights.

“Y/N?” Bucky’s voice made her look at his direction to face him. He was in his training clothes and a man-bun.

A damn man-bun that looked so good on him.

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‘’jo main kehta hoon, jo sunta hoon jo sehta hoon, tere liye..
                        main girta hoon, sambhalta hoon phir chalta hoon, tere liye…’’

Find You

Clint Barton x Reader

Request: Clint x reader where her superhero name is mockingjay and she comes across Clint in his Hawkeye suit & he falls in love & the team makes fun of the name cause their bird names he tracks her down and ask her for dinner and she agrees cute & fluffy
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T
Warnings: Swearings, injuries mention
2, 479 words

Notes: THIS TOOK ME SOOOOOOOOOOOOO LONG, WHAT THE FUCK. I’m so sorry for the fucking long wait, my nonny. Blame writer’s block and stuff. It took me some good 5 days to finish this and I’m not entirely happy with it buut…I hope you all like it! <3 I apologize for any mistakes since I didn’t really proof read. Thanks for the request, my dear anon!

2 weeks ago

Clint took a glance around him and sighed, muttering a small curse. 

It was monday. 
It was morning. 

He didn’t even have his coffee yet and none of that was making any sense. 

But HYDRA didn’t seem to care about that at all since they sent a whole squad of their remained soldiers to break the hell loose on New York streets. Again. 

Wanda was taking a few soldiers down with her powers, Pietro was flashing around to steal their guns (and make them trip purposely) while Nat and Steve were in hand combat with a group. 

And he was…well, he was supposed to be on a roof or at least trying to take a few soldiers down. Instead he was moping and observing the whole fight right in the middle of it. 

Pietro’s voice filled his ears and instantly his mind snapped, almost like in a deja-vu. 

“Hey old man, watch out!” Pietro screamed looking pointedly at him, ready to run as Clint turned around, seeing a HYDRA soldier ready to shoot him. 

Oh fuck, not again. 

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The Bet (Part 3)

Pairing: Nerdy!Y/N/Hockey!Fratboy!Ashton

Rating: All

Request: Yes

Summary: ”Fine. I’ll be picking the girl and you’ll have 5 weeks to take her virginity.” Calum said challenging and crossed his arms.  ”5 weeks? I can do that in the matter of 5 minutes, Calum.” Ashton stated with confidence

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Blind Date- Modern Jily AU

-James was eating alone at his favorite restaurant, he does this often
-Marlene had set Lily up on a blind date because “you’re so lonely it hurts me Lils.”
-Lily walks into the restaurant and sees this lanky kid with dark, messy hair sitting alone at a table alone, fidgeting with his hands subconsciously
-Wow Marlene, you did well this guy is really hot.
-She walks up to him and has no idea what to say when she sees those hazel eyes looking up at her
-“Um… I think you’re my date. As in the blind date Marlene set us up on. Wow this is more awkward than I thought it would be. Sorry I’m late.”
-James knows he is not this girl’s date. He can’t help it though, she’s gorgeous. He plays along, feeling slightly guilty, but she had said that she was late, which meant the real guy hadn’t shown up yet
-They get to know each other, and they both like each other. A lot.
-They even set up their own next date, and James is ready to tell her the truth about her date
-Lily gets a text from Marlene. “I’m so sorry you’re date stood you up, Lils. I will beat that bastard the moment I see him, I promise you that. Don’t hate me please!”
-Lily reads it aloud to her “blind date”.
-“I can explain!” James yells.
-Lily giggles. She wasn’t really mad, James was probably 12x better than the original guy anyways
-“You were just so pretty and you smelled so good and you were standing in front of me and you said he was late so I figured he stood you up and I don’t understand why anyone would stand you up Lily I mean you’re amazing you’re literally the epitome of perfection and I was going to tell you but then you got the text and-”
-Lily kissed him to shut up his rambling
-She really could’ve listened to him ramble for a long time, she found it endearing.
-“So you’re not mad?” James asked
-“No. You’re better than any guy that I would’ve been set up with anyways.”
-James blushes at this and doesn’t have a witty thing to say. Lily kisses him again because he’s adorable.
-This is Harry’s favorite story.

If all my future husbands met
  • Me: *holding Jack's hand* well I'd like you to meet all my other husbands...
  • *walks into a room*
  • Jack Johnson: Sammy? Really?
  • Sammy Wilk: What she finds me hot as well
  • Dan Howell: Who the hell are you two
  • Michael Clifford: Oh hey Jack!
  • Jack Johnson: Hey dude, it's been ages!
  • Dan Howell: okay so how does Michael Clifford know him but I don't?
  • Sammy Wilk: I didn't even know they were friends
  • Rapmonster: Uh hi?
  • Sammy Wilk: what Kim is a -
  • Dan Howell: shhhh don't speak
The Male Stripper ~ Park Jimin {Smut} (Part 2!)

Yoongi makes an appearance! (He’s also a stripper)

(Y/F/N) = Your friend’s name


   You awoke with a jolt, sunshine hitting your face. You groaned in displeasure and rolled away from the annoying source of light. For a moment you had thought you were in your own house, that was until you bumped into Jimin when you rolled over. Then remembered the events of last night, smiling to yourself.

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She posted a picture of herself wearing a bikini. Far out she's hot😍😘

Wow, really?

Well… Now I’m kinda … Curious? 🤔

I’m torn.

But where can I see that? I mean, only if it’s public!


That’s none of our business


Prompt: what a lovely prompt anon

Summary: Out of all occasions, getting a boner on your daughter’s party is definitely fucked up.

Genre: Smoot

Warning: Iwonder

Words: 1,587 words ahon

A/N: oh wow !! it’s been a month since this was sent !! I cant believe !!! okay I think I owe the anon an apology. I’m so Sorry beb. I never had the time to get my head around these prompts so I only managed to write them now. I’m so, so, so, sorry.

Edit: I forgot to say I used my bae’s headcanon for this. Pls send phantheraglama ur love bc she deserves it

“Happy birthday Delia!” The greeting boomed all over the flat on a lovely November morning. Well, the twenty-ninth of November is supposed to be cold, but thankfully god decided to let this day pass for a birthday party.

“Happy birthday to you!” The children sang, gathering around a petite ginger-haired girl with an oversized party hat on her head.

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