she's really hot as well

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I find it hilarious that Paul's dad and Mimi were both protective of 'their boys' and disliked John and Paul.

it’s almost like…… they suspected… that their “friendship”… meant something… quite deep.. and real.. and almost.. gay….. interesting…


“I’m gonna sleep with Ruby. She’s really hot. Sorry but she’s my type”

“There goes my job.. Well.. I guess Regina will have to marry Emma and Belle, I’m sorry, but I guess I just have to kill Belle”.

Fanboy Michael

You were a very well known artist. You have been on a huge world tour lately and it has been rumored that Michael Clifford is a huge fan. You knew who that was, I mean who didn’t know who it was. He is from the band 5 Seconds of Summer and you happened to enjoy their music. All of those rumors came true when you were watching a interview of the boys and they were asked about their celebrity crushes. Michael automatically said you, “y/n of course, I mean she’s really hot right now and everyone seems to enjoy her music as well as myself.” he smirks a bit and points at the screen, “y/n if you’re watching this I’m single.” and the interviewer backs him up with some snide comment mocking what he just said. All of the boys scoff at him and laugh. You decide to drop it at first to try to keep fans on both sides calm. Honestly though, how could you pass up Mikey? You get in contact with Michael and you both talk for awhile, you guys meet up and that’s when fangirl Mikey really shows out. He tries to keep himself calm to try not to freak you out. You giggle at him all night because of his awkward stares and questions. You both hit it off pretty well though. You continue to talk and send each other memes and such. The fans in both fandoms seemed to love you two together. Everything seemed to be going well between the both of you and you really liked him. You both continue to talk and then start to date and you live happily together, even if you’re apart on tours.

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That’s none of our business

If all my future husbands met
  • Me: *holding Jack's hand* well I'd like you to meet all my other husbands...
  • *walks into a room*
  • Jack Johnson: Sammy? Really?
  • Sammy Wilk: What she finds me hot as well
  • Dan Howell: Who the hell are you two
  • Michael Clifford: Oh hey Jack!
  • Jack Johnson: Hey dude, it's been ages!
  • Dan Howell: okay so how does Michael Clifford know him but I don't?
  • Sammy Wilk: I didn't even know they were friends
  • Rapmonster: Uh hi?
  • Sammy Wilk: what Kim is a -
  • Dan Howell: shhhh don't speak
George Weasley Imagine for anon

#11 “My eyes are up here” 
Hope you like it!

*George’s p.o.v*
I was walking down the hallways with a glass of water for my ultimate prank with Fred. It will be hilarious. And it will all consist of some spells and a glass of water. I was so focused on the prank that I didn’t really watch where I was going, until I bumped into someone, spilling all the water. 
“Oh my god!” The girl who I bumped to said. I recognized her from some classes we have together, she seemed nice. And of course, she is beautiful. Really beatiful. And neetheless to say, she is smoking hot as well. And I literally spilled water on her. Damn.
“I’m sorry I didn’t watch were I was going” I managed to say without stuttering. God, why I’m so nervous?
“It’s fine, really. I didn’t watch were I was going either” she said, with a smile. Crap, that smile. Is. So. Beautiful.
“Let me help you clean you up” I said, as we got to the nearest bathroom, which happened to be a girls bathroom but thank god it was empty.
When I was about to dry her up I became aware of the situation. I mean, I spilled water on her chest. On her DAMN chest. And after this thought, I couldn’t help but watch the pair. She was wearing a red bra, that let me tell you, I bet it suits her perfectly.
“Uh-hum my eyes are up here” she said, and I felt my cheeks heat up.
“I don’t recall spilling water on your eyes though” I said, actually NOT thinking of what I was saying, until I became aware. “Oh shit, I meant to say ‘what’s your name anyway?’” I said, trying to cover up.
She giggled as she extended her hand. “I’m y/n, nice to meet you” she said.

Interview: So who is she’s kinda hot about?

The boys: Well it’s not really about anyone it’s a lyrically deeper song for the misfit kids, to let them know they’re loved and it’s okay to be different and who you are and-

Interview: Okay we actually don’t give a shit about the lyrics or meaning behind the song we just want to know who it’s about. We don’t care about the hard work or intelligence. So are you dating anyone? Come on give us views(: