she's really good at drawing!


(Inspired by a certain scene from a certain Disney classic ;^))


i see the the “draw pearl (with ears??) at 4am when you wanna draw but don’t know what to draw” door is still jammed wide open


I wonder how Ron can stand having such a fine friend and girlfriend lol.


cute lil thing at the request of a cute lil friend of mine

`、ヽ  `ヽ`⚡ ヽ`、  ヽ``、  
a thunder shower makes for a cozy hour 

The companion piece to Himawari’s room. And another collab between ammeja (who did the incredible drawing) + me (who did the animation)! Everyone could use a good thunderstorm and blanket fort every now and then ⚡ 

I wanted to rejoin Kalafanart Tuesday but I don’t have anything new but I did update my art journal so I guess that’s something

was kinda testing out a newish style with this one. not sure if it’s worked out or not but here ya go anyway

Volley ball might become a thing on this blog, so here is the team setter (let’s hope she won’t fall trying to catch that ball)

I don’t think I’m being biased when I say Amber is doing really good in her role. She doesn’t draw focus when she isn’t supposed to, it doesn’t feel like they wrote in the American thing too much, just a few words here and there like boss and bro, it’s cute, and she has good timing with her lines. She also has good expressions and reactions. I don’t know if she’ll ever act again, but I really want to see her do so. It would be refreshing to see an actress who isn’t pretty much copy and paste of other actresses and roles. I was actually into She Was Pretty until they had her completely change her hair and makeup and she just wasn’t fun or relatable anymore. It would be adorable if she were some bada** character in a Taiwanese drama (many that I’ve watched have had pretty diverse female leads and character stories).

mysticmessofcrap  asked:

RFA (with V and Saeran if you could) reacting to MC being a really good artist but she draws hardcore smut of RFA characters together. Like Jumin X Zen and Seven X Yoosung. Even if she's in a relationship with them.

Hmmm… this is interesting ~~ mod stranger

Zen: first of all, he’s so disturbed like why the heck would you draw him licking Mr. Trustfundkid’s abs. (and on the other hand he’s also like ‘shouldn’t he be the one licking MY abs?’)

Yoosung: he’s so scarred. he needs some time alone to cry by himself after seeing your comic about him and Seven (and something involving… blindfolds?).

Jaehee: she doesn’t understand. why can’t you just draw normal art? why are you doing this with your skill? and why the heck are you drawing her and Zen together even though you two are in a relationship? (but she does love how you capture Zen’s perfection)

Jumin: he loves your art and everything but he doesn’t get why you’re drawing him with V and Zen (”how is that anatomically possible?”). but he secretly does enjoy reading it by himself from time to time (maybe jumin han does gay)

Seven: his eyes are practically flashing when he sees a YoosungXSeven comic that you made. he reads it in ten seconds and quickly posts pictures of it on the RFA chatroom (the rest of the members are scarred)

V: he’s eager to read your comic but when you actually show it to him he’s like ?? you made this ?? why am i naked here ?? WHY AM I STRADDLING JUMIN HERE ??

Saeran: as soon as he sees the title ‘My Deeper Feelings’ he thinks it’s some sort of sappy romance comic BUT BOY IS HE WRONG. all he sees is page after page after page of yooran smut