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I… I almost got killed. The killer took a shot at me. He called my dad’s house, and I answered it. He showed up right away after a few minutes. I was running away from him, and he took a shot at me. I came here right before it hit me.


This post is dedicated to my amazing friend, Jaz!!

Her b day passed recently and I feel so horrible for being so busy and depressed lately with my college nonsense :( I remember when i first met her! Her blog was only 4 days old and she followed WingSpiral. I talked to her because her avatar looked cute! I called her character Bloodshot amaze-balls XD she said the same for Sabe and Dust.

I asked if she wanted to do pony prom and said “HMMMM i think Blood would go interesting with my new oc from @ask-soprano-and-the-misfits! Her name is Vanilla Morning!” So we did pony prom and HOLY CRAP did we fall in love with our Vanilla Blood ship. It was the foundation for our bond and is what brought us to be such close friends in the first place. We talk about anything from dress up games at 5 am to DBZ in the morning, to plushies, phones, shopping, etc! Legit anything.

Gonna make this a long, story short: I absolutely love jaz as a sister.

She means so much to me and I taught her everything/anything I know about tumblr. I remember proudly and tearfully watching her art improve daily, weekly, and monthly to evolve into what it is now. Here we are, Jaz :) Months later. Still tumblr BFF’s living only a few hours away from each other in real life and both experiencing the ups and downs of Tumblr together… as sisters.

I love you so much it’s insane <3 and our friendship will last forever, Jaz. happy Birthday.

@ask-nurse-bloodshot / @mod-pony-jaz <3 <3

okay so…. I’ve seen some people say they hate the way Tamsin’s character changed in s4 and 5, and that it was a waste of her badass character before, but I honestly disagree?

we didn’t see a lot of Tamsin’s past, but it was clear that before she got her seven extra lives she thought she made too many mistakes and wanted to fix them. She told Bo that she always believed that Freya controlled her until she got angry, and she was visibly upset after she changed when they went to Valhalla.

I don’t think her personality change was out of nowhere, I think it happened because she wasn’t raised by her kind and controlled in the way she had been before. Kenzi was basically a mother to her, and even after Tamsin was essentially an adult she kept trying to look out for her until she left to find her kind. She was surrounded by people who loved and cared about her, even if she had done terrible things in her past lives.

her cold attitude was a result of the way she had been raised in all her other lifetimes. in her last life, she grew up feeling love and being in love. and I don’t think it made her weak– she still kicked ass and had snarky, deadpan humor, she was just softer and less uncaring.

idk, I just have a lot of feelings about Tamsin.

i told my very straight heteronormative friend about tjlc last night and she completely agreed with the gay or trash mentality and said that it absolutely had to be a romance because there is no other way with everything they’ve written into the show……………. honestly bless her i’m crying 

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new follower and thank you for making this blog. I love her so much she's just too cute, I want to take care of her like a kitten

s-same……  _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):_

I put Cassandra in a dress
(now I run for my life)


Endless Summer with god herself (at Ak-Chin Pavilion)

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