she's probably the super jealous type

Girlfriend Amber

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  • to sum up dating amber in one word?
  • FUN
  • like, really, really fun!!
  • of course you two argue sometimes and you take naps and cuddle and do boring chores but amber manages to make everything super fun at the same time (somehow????)
  • and prepare to be smothered in love and affection
  • of course, amber is a warm fluffy person anyway so she’s like that w everyone
  • hope you’re not the jealous type btw
  • she’s very loving and touchy with everyone
  • but her love and affection towards you is different
  • less playful, more meaningful
  • especially in private, since she’s conscious of not only the cameras but also the fact that most people don’t appreciate too much pda
  • however, it would probably be hard to tell if amber had a crush on you unless she actually states it
  • like I’ve said, she’s a friendly girl
  • so you don’t read too much into her hugs or playful butt slaps because she’s like that w everyone
  • amber knows she can’t wait for you to make the move, because you’re so oblivious to her flirting. so she approaches you one day after practice like
  • “oh, hey, how you doing? I just wanna ask if you want to grab a bite to eat?”
  • “yeah, sure! are any of the other girls coming?”
  • she tries to play it cool, chuckling a little. “nah. it wouldn’t be a date if they all tagged along, you know. so what do you feel like? there’s a great Mexican place just down the road …”
  • and there was no official asking out either
  • you two were watching tv and a commercial for couples rings came on. you made some smart remark about the cheesiness and amber says
  • “but I think some can be pretty cute. wouldn’t you like one? to show everyone that we’re a couple? I mean, we’ve been dating for a while”
  • but you didn’t get the memo!
  • “oh, really? since when?!”
  • so sometimes, the stories you tell your friends differentiate because she sees things differently
  • at sm parties, someone might ask how long you two have been together and at the same time you both say:
  • “nine months”
  • “a year and a half”
  • and either you have the anniversary date wrong (“well, I’m sorry, okay! it’s not my fault you didn’t actually ask me out officially!”) or amber’s counting from the day she asked you out in her head, not that time with the couple ring commercial when it became unofficially official
  • because, still, she hasn’t asked you out properly
  • cheesy times where you’re at a karaoke bar and drunk amber shouts “this song is dedicated to my bae! bae, where you at? OH! there s/he is! hiding under the table, look at her/him! so cute!”
  • then proceeds to belt out the most cringy kdrama song
  • without needing the lyrics, mind you
  • amber knows all the words
  • all of them
  • but her drunk song dedication shows how she always thinks of you & wants you to be happy
  • and she doesn’t show her love too much in words (although she does tell you plenty of times a day “I love you”)
  • but its her actions that count most
  • “are you tired? why don’t you let me do that”
  • “we’re out of chocolate? do you want me to pick up some on my way home?”
  • “let me do the dishes tonight, babe. you’ve been doing them all week!”
  • and fx’s fans are mostly pretty cool that their sexy llama has found love
  • and even other idols ship you two
  • super junior are huge promoters of your ship
  • with the ladies of f(x) being close seconds
  • and got7 are fighting for third place with snsd
  • I mean, you’re pretty sure they ship you with amber even more than you do

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My biggest regret is giving away my entire binder full of Pokémon cards to a friend of mine who now hates me

(She only wanted those cards just to make her little brother jealous that she had more cards than him. I’m still hella salty about it, cuz I even put those cards in type order. Like, sheit boi, she probably isn’t even using the cards anymore that bich. I rlly want them back tbh)