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for rebelsaurus29

pairing: theo/blaise

prompt: adopting a kid/sending a kid to school (any age)

word count: 891

Two?” he asked, taken aback. 

“One each,” Blaise said, eyes soft with longing. “One for you and one for me.” 

“Two,” Theo agreed. “Two.” 


They chose a little girl first. Her eyes were a shade of blue that made him think of Italy and Blaise and warm postwar summers spent in heady relief. Her name was Allegra, the Orphanage said. He wanted to make her eyes sparkle, light them up with love. 

A Muggleborn, they added apologetically. 

He didn’t care. He was enchanted the moment, the very second, he saw her. 

“Cara,” Blaise smiled softly. “She’s beautiful.” 

Theo had thought it would be harder, truth be told. Most people got the children they were given by whatever strange toss of fate and what Granger liked to call “genetics”. He’d supposed choosing would be more difficult. 

But then she’d gazed up at him, with her honey coloured curls and her sparkling eyes and he’d known


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@hcrnedprince ;; just really goes along with my crazy ideas way more than she probably should tbh

        Belle was drunk– like, really drunk– and there was no way she was calling her dad to come pick her up. The last thing she wanted was that lecture on how she wasn’t being ‘safe’ or whatever. It wasn’t like she did this all the time, she just… needed the night to unwind. And boy had she unwound. Leaning against the side of the building, she wavered slightly as she scrolled through her phone then came to the one person she knew would understand. 

        “Adam– Adamm… I n-hic- need a ride, will you come get me? Pretty please?” She whined, words slurred, when she heard him answer the phone.