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What do you think of Snatch?

In the interest of full disclosure, I am a *huge* fan of the original movie. It appeals to my intensely irreverent, often morbid sense of humor, it’s imminently quotable, and the way he uses music is fantastic. Which made me both predisposed to like the show, and ready to knee-jerk dislike it, all at once. That being said – I really enjoyed it. 

It’s not without flaw, nothing is. While there’s (as far as I can remember) no anti-lgbtq sentiment, there’s no overt representation either (or none that I can remember, and if I watched it for ten hours and can’t remember it, then it might as well not have been there). There are some “maybe if you squint” characters but fuck that, it’s 2017, give me my queer people. And while Billy is *exquisite*, the show is also also pretty white most of the time.

The plot is fun, if occasionally a bit off in the pacing, and I genuinely enjoyed the story. I thought Rupert Grint was funnier than I expected him to be and Lucien Laviscount was a joy to watch for both his acting and the fact that he’s so pretty it makes my eyes water. The girls were both fine. Not particularly groundbreaking performances and not particularly inspired writing, but they did their best and I liked both of them. I wouldn’t watch The Chloe and Lottie Show, but it was fun to watch them be clever a lot and I have a feeling they’ll improve on a second watch, when I’m not nervous about how the heists are gonna go.

Most people I know became aware of it as “what Luca is up to lately” and he did not disappoint. His character had subtleties I wasn’t expecting and he did a great job at bringing that tenderness and doofy grin that we all love to this performance. Plus, even if you think the show sucks, you should still watch it on mute just to see him in those clothes. Good lord, that man is dangerously attractive in gangster-wear that’s tailored to within an inch of its life.  While I know it’s a pipe-dream at best, I would sell my left tit for the fic to be piles and piles of Albert/Billy, because omg how pretty would that be?

For me, where it really shines (other than Billy fuckin’ Ayers, who I would watch trim his nails) is in the older generation. I found Lily (Luca’s character’s mother) to be the kind of pragmatic, sharp, realist that I enjoy more and more as I get older. I have a pre-existing condition when it comes to Dougray Scott, so that was always going to be fun and his buddy, Hate ‘Em, is a joy. Maybe this is just me, and my age, showing, but watching that generation trying to get respect and be worthy of that respect, trying to stay relevant and trying to be okay with letting go of their heyday, that was really something.  If you like watching Marc Warren chew scenery like it’s covered in HP Sauce, you’re in luck, and there are a few other badass over-40′s in the bunch.

Will I watch it again? Sure! For me, a caper flick (or caper show) is always better the second time around, because I’m not so anxious about how things are going to go and I can enjoy the foreshadowing and twists. 

So.. final verdict:  C’mon, it’s ten hours. What were you going to do with those ten hours? Mass Effect: Andromeda doesn’t come out until Tuesday. You gonna watch Iron Fist? No. Don’t do that. Love yourself more than that.  Love yourself this much:

( @paintedimaginings I yoinked your pic because it was a perfect image for the sentiment, thanks for posting it!)

@underfart-snas is having a hard time with people not doing as she asks with her flowerfell au, and has pretty much had to shut off her blog with a password because of it. Flowerfell might completely disappear if she continues to receive hate for not letting people be “kin” with her characters. I think she deserves a lot of love and support for making her beautiful undertale art, which has inspired many in the fandom.


“Is there? I guess there are some things that aren’t totally annoying about her…”

“Like…I don’t know… How she never gives up on anyone. Not even me. She may be a princess, but she treats everyone like they’re her best friend. Her voice isn’t terrible, and she’s pretty–

ANNOYING. She’s pretty annoying. Shut up, next question.”

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Rebelcaptain prompt: Cassian is romantically involved with someone else when he first meets Jyn.

WOW a prompt this is a little rushed also a little OC and not sure if it’s what you wanted, but it’s what came lelel hope this is ok!!! 

“Listen here, Cassian,” Jyn demands as she barrels through his door like a tornado, slams it against the wall so hard she’s afraid she may leave a dent but tries not to think twice.

Then moves to shut the door because she’s pretty positive everyone in the damn precinct would eavesdrop if she let them.

Cassian’s scouring something off the bookshelf in his office and stumbles with her sudden outburst, dropping the book in his hand. It clatters to the ground, and he seems to hesitate on whether he should scoop it from the floor or come to a standstill at the command of her voice.

She continues before he really has a chance to ponder further, takes a step into the room until they’re standing face to face. She watches as his brows furrow in confusion, but she’s got to get this off her chest before it literally consumes her— “You can’t just leave without telling me. I’m your goddamn partner. Your partner! Partners don’t just leave each other! And you of all people—of all people—know what that means to me, and you still—you know what, forget it. That’s not why I came here—”

“Jyn, what on earth—”

“Don’t interrupt me,” she bites as she steps closer, narrowing her eyes. She feels a war waver between her heart and her head, but takes the risk of falling forward anyway because, hell, what does she have to lose? She licks her lips, juts her chin until she’s challenging him with a defiant stare. “I came to tell you I love you.”

Cassian blinks. Color floods his cheeks before he’s opening his mouth again to speak.  

“Wait, hear me out first,” she rushes, clenching her fists, gaze moving to the ground. “I know you’re with Sabine, I know. And Sabine is nice, really, and I don’t want to get in the way of your relationship, and I don’t need you to reject me because hell, I already know the answer. But I just—if you’re going to leave, then I have to get it off my chest otherwise I’d hate myself for never letting you know. And I…”

Jyn chews on her lip, feels her palms grow sweatier by the second, wonders if that’s enough or if she should say more but really, the less time she can spend embarrassing herself, the better. 

So she jerks her head so that their eyes meet, and for that split second, she feels her heart beat a little too fast, panic rising like a rapid tide, and suddenly words are clumsily spilling from her lips, “I really love you. And I’m not—I’m not ashamed of that. But I cherish you more as my partner, and I would never want that to stand in the way of our relationship.” She pauses, narrowing her eyes. “But I am incredibly pissed at you for transferring to Jedha without telling me, and for that, I really fucking hate you right now.”

Then Cassian’s raising a brow and crossing his arms. “Are you done?”

She’s about to open her mouth to retort snidely when he cuts her off with a small laugh under his breath.

“It was a question. You don’t need to chew my head off,” he says in a low voice.

“I wasn’t—”

“I broke up with Sabine.”

Jyn blinks, feels her heart stilling, slowly. “You… what?”

Cassian sighs and runs his hands through his hair, eyes averted towards the book still collapsed against the ground. “I broke up with her about a month ago. Should have been earlier, but… And she knew why, immediately, as soon as I brought it up—” He stops, then, lifts his gaze to meet hers, amusement dancing in his eyes. “Jyn, you can’t tell me you thought we were together this whole time.”

There’s a pregnant pause. Then, carefully, “Every time I mentioned Sabine, you said you guys were fine.”

Cassian blinks. “Because we are fine.”

She juts her chin defensively, raising a brow. “Then—”

“We’re fine,” he says, drawing his word out, “because we broke up on good terms. The break-up was a long time coming, and it would have been sooner if neither of us were afraid to hurt the other, but then—” He stops momentarily, considers his words, before stepping forward. Jyn feels her breath hitch just a little when he steps foot into what space she has left. He tilts his head, eyes deliberately assessing her. “Then I met you. And you seem to be all I can think about lately.”

Jyn is silent. She’s afraid if she says the wrong thing, everything in that moment will shatter like glass, and she’s not quite sure if she wants it to end that quickly. It’s happened before. She’s quite good at that, really.

He reaches out until both his hands are gently caressing the length of her arm, ducks his head so that they’re eye to eye. “Jyn, please tell me you get what I’m trying to say—”

Jyn cups the sides of his face, feels his scruffy beard scrubbing against her palms, and pulls him down until their lips collide. And Jyn is not a romantic dreamer, but she’s pretty sure she’s been thinking about this moment a lot, but kissing him, here, now, is better than any moment she’s ever conjured up in her head. His hands move slowly to wrap around her waist, pulling her closer so that their bodies are pressed against each other.

Then, he’s tearing himself away, eyes furrowing in afterthought, “Who told you I’m going to Jedha?”

“Are you not going to Jedha?”

“I am,” he says slowly, “but it’s a small investigation. I’m only going for the weekend with Bodhi.”

Bodhi, who has been vying her to confess to Cassian for goddamn weeks.

Jyn could kill him, she really could.

And later,

“Bodhi, I could kill you.”

“I didn’t say he was going to Jedha for good, just indefinitely.”

So the bar in at is an antifascist hangout so there we graffiti in the women’s room such as “Fuck Trump”, the transgender symbol, an anti-racist neighborhood watch sticker, and “Kill Trump” on the walls

Also I’m pretty sure a cute girl flirted with me and I’m gay

OH NO, YOU JUST DIDN’T (Theo Raeken drabble)

words: 655

A/N: just a little brainfart i had one day :))) i’m just amazed that this is only the second theo one i’ve written … but the world needs more cody imagines !! anyhow, enjoy ! xx and gif credits to the owner ;>


When exiting the classroom which Y/N with her friends just had a very boring English class in, Lydia and Stiles was arguing about the difficulty of writing essays. Apparently, Stiles was very much against all the writing assignments that Mrs. Smith had given them over the year, when in the other hand Lydia had no problem with it. Although, when Lydia ever had a problem with school assignments ?

“… should definitely reconsider all these assignments, because I’m pretty sure she has passed the limit of gi-“

“Stiles, shut up,” Y/N said, looking at her passionate friend. “The assignment has been given, there’s nothing you can do about it.” That was enough to defeat Stiles - for now - and send him off to wander to his locker.

“Hey Lydia, what’re we having next ?” Y/N asked.
“AP Bio,” she answered, glancing behind Y/N. “And you should totally scurry away to your intimidating boyfriend before he literally pores holes in my scull,” she continued before speed walking to her own locker.

Glancing after her strawberry blonde friend, Y/N walked to her locker. Opening it, she changed her book to AP Biology, which she also fortunately had with Theo. And speaking of the devil, he was indeed talking with Scott down the hall, his back towards her.

That sweater totally admired his sculpted torso and made his back look even more defined that it already was. And damn those jeans couldn’t make his butt look more cuter. Biting her lip, she took her last glance and shut her locker, before starting a speed walk to him.

Just a few meters before approaching him, she sprung into running. She ran past him, giving his cute little but a slap. That startled Theo, and he turned around confused. When he saw your slowing figure meters in front of him, he smirked evilly.

“Oh no, you just didn’t,” he said before springing after her. Laughing, she started to run again. Reaching the end of the hallway, she turned left and stopped behind the corner. When she heard Theo approaching, just a few steps away, she moved from her position and pulled him to her. Leaning on the wall, she put her arms around his neck, his wrapping around her waist.

“You’re so gonna pay for that,” he said mischievously.

“Oh, I know,” she said smirking, a little out of breath. He leaned in, kissing her softly. Pulling him closer, Y/N deepened the kiss. She took everything out of it, making up the lost time due to the fact that she hadn’t seen him since this morning.

When finally pulling himself from the kiss, Theo asked, “what class do we have next ?” before continuing his kiss attack on her neck.

“Umm .. Bio .. I think ?” she hummed, satisfied.

“Mmmm it’s so tempting to just skip it for something more productive activity,” he breathed to her neck.

“I couldn’t agree more … but I still need to attend, because I’m going to fail it if I don’t,” she said, pulling him from her neck and looking him in the eye.

Pouting, he protested, “but I could always tutor you. You know I’m great at that.” Now his pout turning into a seductive smirk.

“Yeeahh, except we never get to the tutoring part,” she said, rising her eyebrows accusingly. Theo’s almost excited expression was quickly wiped from his face, when she patted him on his chest.

“But you’ve never complained when you told me to ‘never stop’,” he said, a mischievous glint in his eyes. “And besides, I won’t let anyone else tutor you - except Lydia - because I know what goes in those heads of teenager boys. So, you don’t have much of options left.”

“Except, I still have Lydia,” she answered, smirking at him. Cornering him with this answer, he gave up by a look of pretended hurt.

Starting to walk towards his locker, she dragged him with her. “Aww, c’mon pretty boy. We still have that class.”

It was really nice to meet you but I’m just not looking to repopulate the Earth.
—  white woman, in Boulder, at the Laughing Goat

“It’s because it was you, Choi Joon Ki, because it was you, I fell in love.”

2015 kdrama women’s week day 1

All Time favorite second lead character: Min Ha Ri (She Was Pretty)

Beautiful, poor , misguided Ha Ri. I feel like I was the only one in the fandom who still loved her by the time this show was over. It’s really rare to see a second lead get the same emotional narrative that a main lead gets, but this shows way of flipping the leads made it necessary to give Ha Ri depth. I don’t agree with everything Ha Ri did. Obviously she should have told Hye Jin the truth sooner, but there is a trope in dramaland where the best friend is endless and unconditionally supportive, which us great, but just not realistic.

Ha Ri was not the basic best friend who can do no wrong and will endlessly put her life and hold for the main lead, Ha Ri was real character who fucked up and earned her redemption. Ha Ri did not hesitate to hurt any asshole guy who talked down about her best friend because of her appearance, and she was constantly torn between herself and family obligations. Ha Ri was far from perfect, but I endlessly love her

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gender is weird bc i’m nonbinary so i see wlw things and i’m like !! that’s me! and then i see mlm things and i’m like! same!? when i don’t identify with either really so? i feel like if either a boy or a girl were to date me it would be a little bit gay


DON’T GIVE ME UP | a bellamy/clarke mix {listen}
love is w e a k n e s s”