she's pretty bye

yo i kinda wanna see the new pirates of the carribean movie bc i fondly remember being like 11 or 12 and not only having a huge secret crush on elizabeth and lowkey shipping will/jack before i even truly understood what shipping was lmao and it would be fun to relive those feelings

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Who are your closest and lovable friends? ^^

Ah! I love everyone sm! they’re all so amazing and i dont deserve to be in any of their presences!(Ŏ艸Ŏ) [anxious nerd trembling]

But shout out to @panpunk & @moonshinesxsunshine, they’re pretty much my family at this point and idk what i’d do without them. ily both so very much.♡

*squints at the tags* who let bendis touch my daughter sharon carter again

have you ever had one of those situations where you’re attracted to a person and they’re attracted to you and you both know it but you’re both so awkward that it still takes a bit of alcohol for stuff to happen