she's pretty but she's not


Your baking is as good as your dancing

WIP for a friend, go check out @peachbaebee their art is wonderful and their bnha OC ria (left) is a doll 💛

Oh I wanted to mention things are slowly looking up at least.

My mom got her new car yesterday and it’s pretty nice. We also finally ordered the floor and cabinets. Unfortunately have to wait about two weeks for the walls, but it’s progress…

about 90% of her wardrobe has some sort of alliance or N7 logo on it

mypoorfaves  asked:

Describe the most lewd sneeze you've ever had the pleasure of witnessing irl 😏

omg how could you.
Actually now that I think about it I’ve witnessed like…. nothing I would consider super lewd lmao.

Although probably the only good scenario story I have is from when I was younger & this guy came to fix our oven ( I was sitting at the kitchen table doing something).
When he pulled the oven out, it must have been dusty af because he snzd like…. the whole time after that. like pretty desperate singles.