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Could you imagine if you got one of these little groupies preggo and she had an abortion? Shit man Hollywood would do a blockbuster on you. But funny how nic-hole, slime-one and others dorks kiss that little pricks arse even though he did the most despicable act. A real lowlife. What a fucked up world this is.

I hear you mate, I hear you. 


Ishida: well…unprotected sex means ending up pregnant! But wait, she a ghoul, he a half-ghoul is the baby a half-ghoul or a ghoul? Does he eat human flesh or human food? The mother cant eat human food, but the baby asking for human food? 


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So I know the next ACOTAR books will be about different love pairings and what not (I've read all other theories and what Maas has said and etc). But, do you think there is even a SMALL chance one will revolve around Feyre and Rhys's child? Like tbh, it's understandable why Maas didn't incorporate it in the 3rd because there were sooo many other plots/problems that needed to be resolved. But I must admit, I was low-key expecting (and hoping) this pregnancy concept to become true. #OTPfangirling

I’m gonna play both sides of this, so bear with me.

FOR Feysand Baby:

I’d almost hope a novel would be directed at it, a novel that takes place with each part being a different point- like Baby-vs-Teen-vs-Young Adult just because I’d want to know EVERYTHING including but not limited to—

  • How everyone treats Feyre when she’s preggo (esp. Rhys, if he gets all territorial around her).
  • Rhys fumbling around trying to take care of her and not being sure if he’s hovering too much or not doing enough.
  • How he responds to childbirth.
  • Rhys and Feyre learning how to raise a baby with the rest of the Inner circle hovering around.
  • Who the best babysitter is.
  • Who the worst babysitter is.
  • Who the child favors the most (it would be something distressing like Amren or Cassian I bet)
  • Who’s worst with the child.
  • Who godparents might be if that’s a thing.
  • How they raise the baby- namely that Rhys learned his cruel mask by watching his father- how does a Baby who is swarmed with overwhelming love learn the cruel face? Do they? 
  • Will Feyre allow it to be trained as an Illyrian knowing how brutal their training is or just ask Cassian/Azriel to do it (I feel like Rhys would strongly prefer the baby do the warcamp training to gain their respect as a possible future high lord of night)
  • What would baby’s magic look like? Just night court powers or something more like Feyre’s? Will it be another mind reader like Rhys?
  • How the Inner court handles a pubescent teenager.
  • What kind of person it grows up to be.
  • Any siblings??????????

Basically I’d almost need an entire series, lmao.

Now, the argument against:::

A lot of fantasy series mark the happily-ever-after with a baby, and I don’t think ACOTAR will. Maas is a FANTASTIC writer, and she already included in ACOMAF the bit where Feyre tells Rhys she’s not ready to try for a child yet. She wants to go have adventures and be with him first.

Remember, Feyre is 19 when ACOTAR starts and 20 when ACOWAR ends, she’s VERY young for a human and practically a baby for a Fae as well. Rhys has had 500 years of adventures and experiences, whereas Feyre has been fighting for her life almost non-stop. Even when she was falling for Rhys and Mating with him Hybern was a threat looming overhead. She hasn’t been able to really rest her whole life- the poverty, fighting to survive, Tamlin taking her, Amarantha, recovering, Hybern, spying, the war–

I think Feyre needs a decade or even century or two of adventure and happiness with her Mate, of learning more about being Fae and just enjoying her life with the Inner Circle and everything. Feyre and Rhys have CENTURIES, even MILLENNIA in front of them for babies, she can absolutely take her time.

Maas put it out there that Feyre wants that time to finally experience absolutely as much as she can- and it’s not saying she cannot live her life to the max with a baby, I’m absolutely not saying that and I even really want to have children one day, I’m not anti-babies. But Feyre said herself that she would like time with just Rhys first.

Again, timeline-wise, between meeting and Mating was 1 year, a good 6 months of that year comprised of Under the Mountain AND her withering away in Spring, another 2-3 months of that were Feyre only visiting Night, and it was ANOTHER 2 months before she let herself fall for Rhysand.

So, I mean, 3 months she had to fall in love with Rhysand and Mate with him, about 2(ish?) months stuck in Spring with Tampon (I don’t call him ‘Tool’), and then a couple of months of Hybern hanging over him. Feyre has a lot to learn about Rhysand and him about her. They’ll fall deeper and deeper in love and really get their dynamic before having any babies and that’s GREAT!

TL;DR::: While both sides have merits, when you sit down and think about the timeline I really don’t think Feysand baby will be more than a background whisper in the books as other things are happening, and if it never happens in the books that’s totally fine.

Because now I keep thinking about it and yeah- Feyre is 20. She met Rhysand when she was 19. She found out he’s not evil when she was 20. SHE’S BARELY KNOWN THIS MAN (isn’t evil) FOR 6 MONTHS AND THEY’RE ALREADY MARRIED?!

Her father would have ENDED him.

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Hiiii!!! i have to ask something that has been worrying me for days now: do you think touka will die? or that she will suffer a drastic change (like, for example, casca from berserk) ? i dont know what hurts the most.. i'm just so worried.. i feel like crying.. help my soul i know that touka is someone really important to kaneki's character, and that she helps him grow, but do you think ishida would do something like that? AAAH I'M SCARED TT A TT

(Man I really need to read Berserk)

I don’t think a drastic change is coming to Touka since it wouldn’t really fit any arc parallels. As for death - well, it ain’t impossible anon, but I still don’t think it will happen. 

It might be that like Kaneki dies and Touka is left behind at the end of the first manga, Touka dies and Kaneki is left behind at the end of this manga. That’s a possibility for a parallel, and the ring Kaneki got this chapter serves as a potential device for Kaneki to remember Touka by after she is gone. Because I don’t want to be accused of wishful thinking, I acknowledge the possibility of this outcome. If Ishida is more nihilistic than I anticipated and :re is in fact about the impossibility of breaking the cycle of tragedy, this could be the way things go.


Because Touka seems to be aware of her own deathflags, I think that we can expect a curveball from Ishida and be hit by a different death in the family. Because of various pieces of foreshadowing, such as the rotten womb poem, the artwork of a person with characteristics of both Kaneki and Touka, and the unprotected sex in 125, I think the real death we can expect is of their child. In fact it’s Touka’s awareness of her vulnerability (esp when/if she finds out she’s preggo) that’s going to keep her alive, although it will be her choice for action that will ultimately result in the child’s death.

Since Kaneki’s had his Sun phase now, what remains is Judgement and The World. Will Kaneki really be able to continue into The World phase if his Sun is extinguished? The loss of a child will be hard, but would the loss of Touka now of all times even be bearable?

Finally, I don’t think :re is about an endless cycle. I don’t see what would be the point in writing it in the first place if that was the case - I would think the original series would be tragedy enough. Touka and Kaneki have already successfully fulfilled the failed missions of their parallels Yoshimura and Eto, proving that the cycle can be broken. And, as is the tagline of :re:

That sounds like a call for hope if I ever saw one. Say it’s only referring to Haise’s dreamworld if you like, but it remains at the tagline for the start of the whole series, and ought to be reflected in the entire thing, just like how “Melancholy becomes this mysterious man of the new age” defined the entirety of the first manga. And the last two stages of the Fool’s Journey are ones of triumph, not failure. Ishida has always championed faith in front of the gaping void. At the end of the first manga, Touka seemingly hopelessly has faith in Kaneki returning to Anteiku, but, come :re, that’s just what happened. 

That’s why I think :re is about hope. Maybe that just means Kaneki will survive, but I think, for something resembling a happier ending, Touka has to be there too. So don’t cry just yet anon, I think we should have faith just like she always did.

had a lot of fun coloring that last one so i colored a few more drawings from my sketchbook! they’re the rest of my 3ot farmer’s seasonal outfits (the puffy flower skirt is her spring outfit)!

at the time i drew this it was fall in my game and she was preggo so….she’s pregonate in the fall one! the sunshine tunic seems like it would be something good to wear for someone who’s pregnant since it’s all loose and flowy :o

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Just realized Allison's trait was that she hates Children! Was she tense during the whole pregnancy? :/

she was, i didnt realize that she had the trait until she got preggo! she was just a sim a made aaaaages ago and just sorta updated her a bit and plopped into my game without paying attention to her traits lmao

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Hmmm...what if Miyamoto never told Jessies father that she was pregnant? If she had several affairs over her course of travels with one night stands, Maybe she couldn't remember who the father was and just decided to keep things to herself? Its something different then the generic "He found out she was preggo and left" kind of deals. It would be interesting to see them maybe one time meet one another, but never actually know that they were related.

Dang that’d be a interesting idea also!

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I swear to god all the Dtl guys gotta have an amazing pull out game bcs they do the Bow chika wow wow all the time with the MC and she never gets preggo

KinkyMint, dammit! Tumblr still won’t let me tag you in anything! It’s the screenie that we were cackling over for, like, ever! 

But really, Precious, it’s simple. They wear these:

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It's really not cool all this abortion shaming you are doing. It's really no ones business, other than the person who experienced it. And if you are aware of a girl who was distressed by her decision, why potentially cause further stress by spreading it all over the internet? What a dick move.

You know what is a DICK move? Sticking your unvasectomized dick into a chick and not giving a flying fuck if she gets preggo or not. That is a DICK MOVE.

How am I abortion shaming? Im PRO abortion and ANTI fuckboi.

If you can find someone who is more pro vasectomy than me on youtube then let me know. Dr Snip doesnt count because that is his job and a fine job he does.

I refuse to name any girls names because the unfair stigma is they feel even more shame when they shouldnt. The fuckboi should pay all the costs and fees involved and some compensation should be offered for emotional pain etc.

Sam? Your thoughts bro?

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I had a dream lauren was pregnant and the whole band was disappointed in her cause she still drink alcohol and im like 🤦‍♂️ . But though she was preggo she still performed with 5h. She was like 2 months. Idk it wasn't showing

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Hi! I'm looking for a fix where Emma works as Regina's assistant and Regina hired Emma when she was preggo and Emma's been in love with her since. Emma walks in on Regina and Hood kissing and she's devastated and Regina goes to her place for dinner and Emma snaps at Regina. I know this is really messy but I'm just trying to spit out anything that can help you remember the name bc I can't remember it :/// thanks for your help!!

I’m not sure which one this is. Can anyone else help?