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Love is... a concerto in A Major - K622

By: @thegirlfromoverthepond

My deepest thanks to @titaniasfics for her help in betaing this story :) thank you so much, lady :)

the awesome art is done by the so gifted @akai-echo.

She comes every Friday afternoon, taking the girl with curly hair to her flute lesson.

Every Friday I watch as she passes before the windows of my class, talking to her daughter, laughing.

One day in September, I heard her laughter through the now-open windows, and I swear, i’ve never heard music so pure.

I know it’s pitiful. I know that i shouldn’t be completely infatuated with the mother of one of the kids we teach to, but I can’t help it.

Her husband is the luckiest man alive.

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reasons why akko x andrew is a pretty solid pairing.

I think the pair fits a little more better than what you people give it credit. This is kinda my view from a storytelling perspective:

Andrew is indeed a rich prodigy as you said. It’s been pretty well established (especially here) that his path has been laid out for him: Go to an academy, prep to be a statesmen just like his father, probably marry someone like Diana, and have disgustingly uptight aristocratic children. Essentially, he’s completely bound by his perceived fate, expectation, and duty to his father (with whom he contests, but obviously deeply respects). While he’s stoic, he’s obviously suppressed his own dreams and aspirations.

So then to Andrew, Akko is then everything he’s not but maybe desires to be. She’s unbridled, passionate and outspoken. Life with her would obviously be an adventure for him (look at their two meetings). She’s studying an art who’s practical place in the world is clearly dying because it’s her dream, and for little other reason. In short, she’s defiant of the limitations of destiny and true to herself, and I could see how she could appeal to a character like Andrew. Choosing someone like her is in essence choosing his own form of life and happiness.

Akko’s side is a little more convoluted and murky, since up to this point, the only real thing we know about Akko’s background is that she’s a Shiny Chariot fan (I can imagine there’s got something there about studying a dying art abroad as part of a not-rich family). But pressing on doggedly for the sake of argument…

Akko’s character is something of a story book romantic. She’s also insecure and being constantly put down over having no natural talent. In short, she wants validation. Andrew comes across as the kind of guy who’s approval is heard won but precious, and he shows that kindness is lurking underneath the stoicism. It also helps that he’s a handsome guy with a hidden soft side and all the accolades and composure a young heart could want. Pretty much an instant lady killer. I guess right now I couldn’t see a compelling love there, but infatuation definitely.

Really, the whole point (I feel) of putting these two in the same space is for each to drop their guard and play foil to each other. You could argue that Diana and Akko could also do this, and they do, but there is too much antagonism there for the softer sides of the characters to show.
I think it’s progressing naturally, without any forced rushing or rude sudden developments. Though it would really help if we knew more about how Akko ticked and what her secondary desires are besides just a Chariot-obsession. How does a normal girl from Japan make it all the way over to England, what makes her so dependent on this dream? I feel like there is a lot to be told there still.

I doubt it’ll ever be anything more than it has been in the last couple of episodes - a quiet subplot that is played for some heartwarming cute moments and a bit of humor.

(credited to fetusfeast on reddit)

A sliver of silver reflection.

I remember years ago, while working in C-Sec there was this case where Turian children kept disappearing on one of the wards. Posters were popping up on every street corner, countless faces. Within weeks the outpost I was stationed at was packed with dozens of Turian parents begging for their children to be found. Often mothers doing most of the talking while the fathers were either out trying to find their sons and daughters themselves or simply did what they could to somehow get us to work harder on figuring out what in spirits name was going on. This was all happening within my first year as a C-Sec officer, before I got moved up to investigations at the C-Sec HQ.

My immediate thought was to figure out where all these kids were from and after a few days of asking around and looking through the public records of all the parents that had approached us I was able to narrow it down to a half dozen blocks of residential buildings. A mostly Turian enclave area of the Citadel with some Volus and Elcor mixed in, maybe even the occasional Salarian. 

One thing I noticed was how quiet the streets were. For an area that housed over ten thousand residents, the main streets were mostly empty. The local park had the occasional shady figure who would run off if you tried to get close, but for the most part it was also empty. 

I walked down a few dozen more blocks, out of the enclave and into the Asari/Salarian dominated area of the ward. Children and families were noticeably making up over half of the locals walking by. Asari school groups, and the occasional Salarian cluster created the kind of bustle you would expect. 

Growing up on Cipritine I was accustomed to streets filled with other children playing war, and building forts out of dumpsters and cardboard in back alleys and raiding the bases other ‘factions’ of kids who were part of different educational regiments or schools. 

As a kid I was much more fascinated with tearing things apart and figuring out why they work and trying to improve them or splice them into something else. 

Sol, my sister, took after me in this aspect a little as she got past her infant years my tools and projects would often go ‘missing’ often ending up under her bed or hidden in a closet.

I was never the kind of kid who was into reckless violence and growing up unless I had some kind of conviction for what I was doing. I only ever got into one fight with this one kid named Valaksus because he kept harassing the smaller kids. Ended up breaking his arm, and dislocating his other shoulder; I only walked away with a bloody face. We ended up moving to the outskirts of the city after that.

I could see the value in something like hand to hand as a form of protection for myself and others. Aside from that, if I didn’t believe in learning something I never really gave it my full attention much to the frustration of my father. I hated rifle training and hunting trips when I was young, needless violence, and why did I have to kill them? I always had a moral high ground of thinking people could, with enough persuasion see things my way and that violence could be avoided. My dad tried to help me understand that the convictions of the self and the convictions of the cause must always be worth dying for, and while this may seem close minded as I argued, he pointed out that some people’s causes are for peace and for helping others like he was with his job at C-Sec. keeping an open mind is always important when dealing with so many different people he said; but sometimes violence is necessary. Sometimes people need to die, and it is their conviction to their wrong doing that decides their fate. When I asked him how he decides who lives and dies he simply said their lives weren’t up to him; and that whether they needed to die or not wasn’t a choice he could make as a cop, but rather a personal belief he had to set aside for a noble cause: Staying within the lines of the law and of civility.

So walking around on the Turian enclave later that night while off duty I happened to pass by an alley when I saw a kid out of the corner of my eye at the far end. 

She ran off before I could say anything, and given the lack of any other kids in the area and the fact that they’ve been going missing, I ran after her. Down the alley, through some fences, and two residential buildings I followed her to this basement under some shabby restaurant that had closed years ago.

Ended up upon this ring of Turians who were selling the kids to Batarian slavers and auctioning others to Krogans who wanted to take their revenge out on the Turians who put their species down with the genophage. The kids couldn’t fight back. The kids would get shipped out to other parts of the citadel and would be beaten to death and disposed of, even cooked afterwards by some of the Krogan, most of the kids were homeless but as they ran out of those, they started taking the ones who had families just to keep the business going. 

Even to this day I can’t recall the firefight that ensued, or even fully recall tracking down every monstrous customer of this nightmare from the ledger I found and doing the world the service of removing them from it. I had never in my life experienced such an intense rage towards another person or group of people. 

 I killed them all. Every single one.

When my dad found out he was furious. Yelled at me about fair trial and following the rule book. Especially when it came to those that I had tracked down. 

He ended up covering the whole thing up, aside from giving me credit for shutting down the crime ring, which gave the promotion to the investigations unit, no one ever really knew or found out about everyone who had bought the kids. Several of them were returned to their families after a couple raids on batarian slavers weeks later, and the ones I saved that night went home the next day. The young girl I had followed had managed to escape and led me to where she was taken, before running home once she knew I would enter the building. Turns out she knew I was a cop because she had seem me on patrol weeks before. Within weeks the enclave seemed to be no different from the streets back home.

But he covered the whole thing up.

It was the only corrupt thing he had ever done in all his years at C-Sec. I know damn well I would have lost my job and probably gone to prison for murder.

But… they had to die. Of this I was fully convinced. 

From then on my relationship with him got even harder, we hardly talked, and anytime we did, it was either him lecturing me or both of us arguing. I began to loathe all the rules and red tape the came with the job and after what I had witnessed. 

The capability for unimaginable cruelty of other people. I always had more of a mind that taking these kinds of scum off the streets in such a way that they could never harm anyone ever again was worth whatever means it took to accomplish that, even if it meant bending or breaking some of the rules. 

This is how I went about my job at C-Sec for years, each year feeling more and more restrained by the rules that felt like they were only there to help the bad guys get away. People like Dr. Saleon. 

And then I met Shepard, this… amazing human who taught me how short sighted my frustrations had left me. Who showed me more than I ever would have learned with C-Sec. She showed me the direct approach of convincing others to see her side or dealing with them if they won’t. Who had the ability to set out the ideals I had as a kid and put them into practice in the real world. And who’s combat ability was a terrifying force to be reckoned with. The first few missions with her I caught myself distracted by how quickly she moved from target to target, clearing rooms faster than I had ever seen. The Geth, and the Pirates, Mercs, assassins. The minute she arrived they didn’t stand a chance. 

I aspired to be like her. How even with merc bands smart enough to talk first, she would give them the opportunity to leave, rather than shooting them first. Always offering the handshake first and the barrel of a gun second. 

Every encounter with Saren she fought him through words as well as weapons, and her spirit never seemed to back down. Her influence was so great she was able to convince him to take his own life, the last act of defiance against Sovereign. A power with words I had never seen in my entire life.

It was as if she was glowing and I was careful to absorb all I could from her and to be at her side no matter the situation. 

After Saren, I went back to C-Sec with a renewed fire and passion for serving; for protecting those who couldn’t protect themselves. And even though the frustration of the red tape was almost immediately apparent, I kept my head held high, and always offered the handshake and a way out, before going for the gun. Those months I brought in more criminals alive and unharmed (mostly) than I had ever done in entire years of working with C-Sec. Many of them recognized me next to Shepard on the vids of the battle for the Citadel, cutting through Geth heavy lines and kind of gave up as soon as I showed up to whatever operation they had going so I guess that made the job a little easier. 

 Intimidation wasn’t something I was used to, but I learned how useful it was in ending fights before they even began. 

 And then Shepard died.


 It’s still kind of hard to talk about or clearly recall.

It felt like losing a part of myself, and life on the Citadel fell apart. 

The constant drug busts and same scenario criminal kingpin wanna be’s made me feel like I wasn’t accomplishing anything.

I was losing it. 

Everything Shepard had taught me, everything we accomplished. 

Everything she taught me to be, everything that I was and wanted to be. 

I was losing control of it all. 

I had to do something. 

Had to stop the problem at the source. 

It’s what she would have done.

I Ended up drifting for a few months from colony to colony in the terminus systems looking for trouble as I went before losing my way all the way to Omega. 

I needed a cause to believe in and Omega was no shortage of causes. 

And well… Heh… I’m sure your familiar with how that went down hmm? 

When Shepard came back from the dead it felt like a part of myself that I had lost had been restored. I fought better, the banter came natural, I could let my guard down around her. I could truly feel like myself around her. 

No way was a I about to let a rocket to the face cut short what had been returned to me only moments prior. Though I’m sure how high I was off the stims might of affected how i was feeling. Three days straight of shooting bad guys can make even me a little… whats that human word? Cookoo? 

With Shepard back in my life I could feel more myself, and I could let my guard down around her, even more so than back when we took down Saren. It felt more natural this time round for us to be just us. 

Just like old times, but better still. 

And with very few people onboard the Cerberus ship that we felt like we could trust (I removed like three dozen hidden cameras and audio devices from the forward battery, as well as a algorithm tracker from my terminal) It was only normal that we turned to each other more and more. Old friends, a hard thing to find back then. 

And then after Shepard helped me with Sidonis, and the way Kaiden reacted to Shepard on Horizon, I suppose I should have expected Shepard to want more than friendship, me being the only one she could fully trust. And well… being completely honest that caught me completely off guard. 

It was… nerve wracking and awkward, but the more we felt out our feelings the more natural it became, the more… right it was and the more we could feel like ourselves. And this innate need to find ourselves in each other and to support each other defined every aspect of who we were, and spirits be dammed if I ever let anything happen to her because I know I’ll lose myself as well. 

 It’s a kind of belonging of the soul that I think we all strive for, and I couldn’t be more at peace with having found my place in this world by Shepards side. 

Because as I’m sure you know. 

There really is no Shepard without Vakarian. 

 And damn does being me feel good. 


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anonymous asked:

Read your Hotaru drabble and it was adooooorable and such a sweet way to answer an ask. Will you do more 'spur of the moment' writing in between your other fics? Plleaaaaaase do so. I looooove it.

You are so lovely, sweet anon. Thank you. I wasn’t going to; the Hotaru drabble was a one off thing, a playful response to that specific question. But since you are so kind, I thought I’d try one more time, with no guarantees to quality. Much love. 💕

  • [Ishida Mitsunari x MC]

That night, after Mitsunari had gone back to their room in a huff, she thought of the conversation she had had with Hideyoshi a while back, and how even as Hideyoshi had been warning her how difficult it would be, she hadn’t fully believed him. In retrospect, she was glad she hadn’t: because believing him might have intimidated her, because she might have been too scared to try.

She turned and looked at her manju-boy. This was one of those nights he’d taken off his clothes to sleep, lying on his back, an arm crooked near his head, and she, as she often did, ran her fingers down the inside of this arm, its smooth paleness rendering it into an innocent terrain, a place of copper streams and lakes kissed by snow. Sometimes, when she was certain he was very deeply asleep, she would get up and study his body more closely, because he refused to let himself be examined in daylight.

She would drape the sheets off him and move her palms over his arms, his legs, his back, feeling the texture of his skin change from glossy to jagged to rough, marvelling at all the permutations flesh could take, at all the ways the body hid itself from others, even when attempts had been made to share or destroy it.

“Stop looking so repulsed,” he had said, quietly, the second time he had taken his clothes off in front of her, and she had shaken her head. She hadn’t been, she truly hadn’t: he had always been so secretive, so protective of his body, even as Saki, that to see it for real was somehow anticlimactic; it was so normal, she had remembered thinking, finally, as each layer of garment peeled away and slithered to the floor.

The scars, however, were difficult to see, not because they were aesthetically displeasing — he didn’t have nearly as many as she thought — but because each one was evidence of something he wouldn’t give up. The mountainous range on his stomach tracked stubbornness at its peak, the curve of a valley near his shoulder ran rivers of pride, and the little sinewy hills near his wrist, his palms, his fingers, mapped feelings so ugly, she knew from the thorns she had to cut through that these ones, the ones he couldn’t conceal, upset him the most.

At night, as he slept, she would turn them over in her hands, counting each tear, trying to imagine herself in a state in which she would willingly hold something as external as ripped flesh against her own worth. But every time she tried it broke something inside and she had to stop and bring his scars to her lips, peppering his hands with little kisses instead.

And then there was the matter of sex. Hideyoshi had tried to warn her as best he could, fumbling his way through another unspoken conversation they had had in his room one morning. She didn’t quite understand, but the earnestness of his attempt both disturbed and discomfited, even as it amused.

Then one night toward the end of winter, after they had been together long enough for her to lean over and nip at his bottom lip, drinking in his groan, she had weaved her hands through Mitsunari’s kimono, inside to where his flesh singed her fingers, down and down, until she heard a choked, strangled noise, like an animal pinned beneath death. She watched, frozen, as he had jerked himself away with such violence he cracked his head against his bookshelf.

What do you think you’re doing?” he hissed, and the way it shook out of him marked the first moment that she, too, had felt a certain fear.

What was she going to do? She had never needed to convince someone she wasn’t dangerous, that she wasn’t going to hurt them, but the possibility of having to do so with him broke her heart, because he was so much more scarred than she had understood.

As Mitsunari slept that night, she watched him. Perhaps I’ve made a mistake, she thought.

Then aloud, to no one in particular, “I didn’t know it would be this hard.”

But then morning arrived, and with the pheasant’s caw she was reminded why she had decided to pursue this relationship, ignorance and arrogance aside. It was still early, but she had woken anyway, and watched, through a sunlit haze, as Mitsunari got dressed. She knew it was a difficult development for him, and she saw how hard he tried, how determined he was being, how brave: she saw everything she took for granted— how getting dressed and undressed in front of someone was a task he had to practice again and again.

In that moment it reminded her that she, too, had to keep trying. They both had to keep trying, because they trusted each other, and because they were the only other person in the world who would be worth such hardships and exposures.

When she opened her eyes again, he was sitting by her side peering down with a twist in his lips, and she warmed to the brim with tenderness for him: for how dear he was, for how effortless he made their love.

“Don’t go,” she said.

“Go back to sleep, manju-girl.”

“Stay a little longer.”

“Only for a little while,” he said, softly, so softly.

And he slid beneath the covers and wrapped his arms around her, and she waited and waited until he at last, reluctantly, got up. Only then did she drag him down again, towards her lips, where she whispered, in tiny little gasps, how worthy he was and how she would never, ever, let him go. 

The Other Woman (Part 6)

Pairing: Jensen x Reader, Jensen x Danneel

Word Count: 2927

Summary: You’ve always been a good girl. You did as you were told. But how did you end up as the other woman?

A/N: Little did I know I wrote close to 7k words for this chapter, wew amazing. It was too long so I decided to cut it here where I thought was best.  I more or less consider this chapter a filler before more angst commence. Thank you for waiting and the constant encouraging messages. Lots of love <3 


You had spent your next morning in bed, aimlessly scrolling through your phone before placing it back down on the pillow. You rolled onto your side and stared at the other side of the bed; his side of the bed.

You pulled the duvet over your nose and snuggled in, closed your eyes as it caressed your cheeks. It still smelled of him, his body soap and his shampoo.

It was a peaceful kind of day. The house was usually quiet in the mornings with only bird songs welcoming a new day with its sweet melodious chorus of seemingly repeated notes. You were thankful that you could stay in bed and waste away. And also have nobody come in and catch you in this embarrassing act.

A small chuckle from the door broke your brooding. You let out a surprised squeak and jolted up, turning your head to face whomever was sneaking up on you now. Much to your surprise and confusion, you were met with a fiery head and red lips. You leapt up of the bed in a hurry and nearly tackled the woman who laughed.

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4:17 a.m.

author’s note: i had plans to write a different one shot but i got inspired for this one at midnight last night and it almost wrote itself, so here ya go. please reblog/like/comment if you like it! i always want to hear what y’all think :-)

Rafinha abruptly wakes up to his phone vibrating on the hotel nightstand – at first, he think’s it’s his alarm telling him to get up and get his ass out to practice, but then he realizes it’s a phone call from Y/N. He doesn’t know why she would be calling him this late at night unless something was really wrong, so he groggily grabs his phone, answers the call, and slaps it to his ear. 

“Babe?” He says.

“I can’t do this anymore.”

On the other side of the line and the other side of the world, she huffs out a frustrated sigh and tries to readjust the crying baby on her hip while cradling the phone in between her ear and shoulder. She checks the time - 4:17 a.m. She thinks she only got about three hours of sleep last night – well, every night for the past three months, since their son was born, and some nights she didn’t sleep at all – and she’s just about ready to pass out from exhaustion.

“What’s wrong, baby?” Rafinha says, his voice still raspy with sleep.

Mateo releases a particularly chilling scream before dissolving into a series of sobs that shake his little body.

“Do you hear that?” She snaps. “I love him, you know I do, but God – he won’t stop screaming.”

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GW2 Commission - Lorenzo

A commission for Lorenzo, of his Guild Wars 2 character.

Depicted is his Sylvari, who’s had a rough life in which she has had to adapt to the cruelty around her. She is practical, pragmatic and seemingly cold towards others, but shows fondness and a fierce protectiveness towards the few she does grow to care for. With a piercing and indifferent gaze she surveys the world around her. Behind her, always a part of her and supporting her, is her other side. Her primal and violent side, inducing fear and terror in her prey, always lurking, watching her.

your eyes as honey

or, harry and ginny are both girls and very little is different. loosely inspired by this art by @burdge, and this edit by @ginevvra. title is from sappho. 

The Quidditch pitch was empty, the sky a clear endless blue, and for this Harry was profoundly grateful as she whipped past the goalposts on her Firebolt, enjoying the sharp rush of wind on her face. She had spent the last three hours in the dark humid recesses of the Potions dungeon, serving her detentions for Snape, and flying was a welcome relief from endlessly chopping Flobberworms, or dwelling over Dumbledore’s lessons filled with Dark magic and Horcruxes and orphan boys.

Harry closed her eyes, breathing in the crisp spring air, pushing her stresses away. She could feel herself relax, the tension knotted in her muscles fading away.

Then—a rush of air and a sudden blur in her peripheral vision, and Harry rolled away instinctively, barely avoiding the red Quaffle hurtling past her into empty sky. She came up from the roll breathless and flushed, eyes already scanning the sky—

“Dozing off, Captain?”

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BTS: Reaction to their girlfriend being from YG Entertainment

From this request: It ended up being a YG girl thing, more than a Blackpink thing. We hope you don’t mind. Enjoy ^^

Rap Monster:

Namjoon would be soooo in love with his YG girlfriend. He’d love everything about her, her attitude, her rap/singing style, the way she speaks, her fashion sense, everything. She’d be the apple of his eyes. He’d sneak out to help her write songs and would love being creative with her. His YG match would be Blackpink’s Jennie, and if a song (or a baby) can come out of this union, it’d be awesome.

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He doesn’t really care if his girl is from YG or not, he’d just be really happy and excited to date someone that is so classy and with so much presence, like YG girls. He’d want to act manly in front of her, but he’d fanboy so hard for her though. He’s really a perfect match for Blackpink’s Jisoo. They’d make ahjussi jokes together. She’s so adorable, he could die from her cuteness (and vice-versa). They’d be such a cute couple. (I can even see them getting married omg)

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Suga would really enjoy dating a YG girl since YG is known for their music and the talent and dedication of their artists and he would bond with a girl who’s so passionate about her music. He’s also the type to date a girl with impressive charisma and sensuality when she’s performing. That’s why I ship him with Lee Hi, because I feel like they have similar personalities, style, presence, and interests. And it would be a very beautiful visual couple.

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Hobi would be a very cute boyfriend, he’d be super excited that his girl is from YG, he’d playfully show off a bit. He’d be very adorable, caring and supportive of her. He’d be there to comfort her when she is exhausted from practices, he’d always make her smile in every situation. I ship him with Blackpink’s Rosé or Lisa, because I think they complement each other, and since both of them grew up in foreign countries, their openness to the world would match with J-Hope’s ultra sociable personality.

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He’d like to date a bubbly and cute girl, someone he can be himself with but also someone who has a big artistic side, like YG girls do. He’s definitely want to grow as an artist and as a person with his girl. I ship him with Blackpink’s Rosé, because I think she’s very open on the world and Jimin could learn a lot from her, while she could learn a lot from him too, in different aspects. She’s also very adorable and he would melt under her aegyo attacks or just her everyday personality. They’d be a fun and outgoing couple.

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Tae would like the experience YG girls have. I see him dating a sunbae, because he’d like knowing he can talk about everything with someone who knows what he’s going through and can relate. He’d also like feeling “manly” and taking care of an older woman but would love that things wouldn’t be too serious most of the time. I ship him with 2NE1’s Dara. I think they’d be comfortable together.

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He’d be super proud to date a girl from YG. He’d definitely like the “YG swag” vibe she has. He’d often come practice or chill with her. He’d also tease her often by imitating her and making fun of her attitude when she’s in public, which is quite different from how she is with him. His ideal YG girl would be Blackpink’s Lisa. I can see them joking around and dancing their hearts out to their bf/gf’s songs.

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(Happy early Mother’s Day, B&tB fandom - have some headcanons - )

Belle’s mother:
- her name was Heloise
- from her earliest days she was a beautiful child, but goodness was she willful
- “willful” was indeed how she was often described, the most complimentary way to put it
- she learned how to dance and walk and speak with poise and ride a horse and comport herself with a proper woman’s grace, never once did she look down upon the act of being a lady
- but she scoffed at the idea she had to confine herself to it
- her family was well-to-do, not of noble blood but truly respected in society; she was presented at court once or twice in her youth though of course she was nowhere near important enough to interact with the royalty
- the older she got the less restricted she became: outspoken, seeking out every literary salon, never bothering with a hat when she was in a hurry, riding too fast down the street and sometimes not even sidesaddle
- the other girls teased and giggled and whispered
- she heard them and never cared
- she was like a pirate queen in a romantic novel, the kind of woman easily pictured wearing men’s trousers and brandishing a pistol to defend herself
- eventually came the day when boys became young men and the willful beauty with the flashing eyes who dominated every literary debate in Paris was all that they could think about
- then suddenly those giggling whispering girls did their best to be more like her
- but it’s hard to imitate such a genuine article
- her family knew well what type of young woman she had become, so when she fell in love with an artist they merely threw up their hands in resignation
- her life with Maurice was very different from her wealthy childhood and youth
- but she never missed what she didn’t have, never complained and never cared
- despite the pain and fear and sorrow at her passing she felt no regret for the life she had chosen, no regret at the end, for she died in love and having known the happiness of loving
- no regret, that is, save one: that she would never see her baby grow up to become a young woman

Adam’s mother:
- her name was…rather long, quite the mouthful as she was a noblewoman
- but you may call her Apolline, good sir or madam, and it please you
- she was always a quiet girl, a quiet woman, dutiful but intelligent
- she did flawless embroidery and read books of poetry and paid careful attention to her servants and carried herself overall with a queen’s grace
- when she did speak her voice was always calm and firm, when she spoke she always had something important to say
- and men and women without fail listened
- her husband was a not a good man, but then she had never expected to marry one; her heart had always been resigned and practical
- she left him to do what he would, she respected him for the fact that he kept out of her way, that they as good as had separate households within the castle
- once she bore him their son she asked that he come to her bed no more, and to her inner relief he listened
- she did not meddle in how he dealt with his subjects, it was not her place and she knew it would do no good to speak out or try 
- but silently where she could she tried to offset his behaviors by distributing alms and charity
- she was a good Christian woman as became a noble wife, said her prayers every night and visited her confessor regularly, though she did not know in all honesty if she believed in a God that was always looking out for his children
- the closest she ever became to being fierce when was it came to her son
- she kept him near and oversaw most of his education herself, and when her husband tried to take the boy away, the only time in their marriage she resisted
- and he who scoffed at so much she otherwise said and cared about, saw something in her eyes that made him back away silently
- her illness was a long and wasting one, she knew her end was coming well before it arrived
- her greatest fear was not where she was going but what she left behind
- she worried what might happen to her son, and she prayed that someone would come along after her to love and to protect him

LeFou’s mother:
- her name was Felicite
- alas she was well named, she was from the start a doe-eyed girl, a dreamer
- not the kind of dreamer that leads to curiosity and adventure, the kind that sits all day looking at clouds and gathering flowers and humming little songs while the cows go un-milked and the eggs un-gathered
- she was always happy but it was an empty type of happiness, telling stories to escape, so cheered by those stories she was mindless to the possibility of anything better
- her parents and her elder sister tried to toughen her up, tried to protect her, but she remained naive
- the young man who came to town wasn’t all that handsome and had no money, but he was charming and a good singer and it was too easy to be-spell a bright-eyed farmer’s daughter who still wore her hair in braids
- she was lucky enough to have family to intervene, they made him at least marry her first
- after the wedding night he was gone, left town and traveled far away
- she thought not of it, he’d told her he was a merchant
- for five years she repeated that story with a happy smile: her husband was a merchant, he had to travel far and work so hard, but someday soon his travels would bring him near, he would come home again
- when he did he would kiss her tenderly, he loved and missed her so, her darling Jacques
- when he did he would finally meet his son, the little boy she had named after his father
- she never got out of the habit of dreaming, never really learned to work hard, and though she loved him she was too absentminded to mother her son properly
- she had to stay with her elder sister, already married and widowed, and her sister’s children, by living together they made something of a household
- every few months her husband would bother writing a letter and she’d sigh over it fondly
- she would get one of her nephews to tell her what it said, repeat all the sweet words and reassurances, for she never learned to read
- no one was surprised when she caught a chill one year and wasted away, it was as if her dreams had finally taken her
- her last words were “Jacques, my love” but everyone knew she meant her absent husband; in truth her thoughts lingered rarely on her child

Gaston’s mother:
- her name was Athalie
- to call her so would have left her flustered, she most her life was “Madame Bûcher”; what name to her but as her husband’s wife
- she did not have many friends anyway, even when young she was shy, head down when addressed, speaking softly
- the woodsman made for them a little house on the farthest side of town, practically among the trees
- her world was to keep this house clean, keep her husband fed, mend his clothes, rub his back when he came home from a long day’s work; she did this well and it made her happy
- they wanted children and they tried for many years
- then they gave up, content with each other despite their silent sadness
- then when she was old, and he older, they had so unexpected the healthiest, most beautiful baby boy one had ever seen
- a boy who grew bigger and stronger, despite that she was small and frail, and her husband though stout and strong was otherwise average
- they knew not where he came from, this blessing they had so longed for, and they marveled over and adored him
- she was a faithful woman, superstitious, rosary always with her, despite her meekness insisting every Sunday her family make the journey into town to sit for mass, anything less was unthinkable
- she called her son, born to her so late in life, her “miracle from God”
- she marked his jumps in height against the front door’s frame, she went hungry so he would have everything he wanted to eat
- every time he left the house she would stop him, wipe off any speck of dirt and smooth his hair, admonish him never to hide such a handsome face
- she would send her boy to town with a list she made with symbols on a scrap of paper, praise him when he carried back the shopping one-handed
- her greatest happiness was to watch him grow, her fondest dream for the day he became a man, took a wife, started his own family
- her son’s fourteenth summer a fever swept the countryside; he was off hunting
- her husband fell ill, as she did her best to nurse him she too succumbed; together they died the same way they’d done so much else in life, unremarked and quietly

anonymous asked:

You know, I don't think you have mentioned that you love Emma? What *do* you love about her? And what are you most excited about in her character development that she's shown in s6 vs s5 vs s4 vs s3 vs s2 vs s1?

Allow me to nominate this for Best Anon Ask Ever (reference is to this post). I am so excited to write this. :) Because the thing is, Anon, that I fell stupidly in love with Emma before the end of the pilot episode.

She is my favorite character in the show, and in the running for All Time Favorite From All Things. For all of my critiques of the show, I have very rarely had any quibbles with her portion of the story. This is literally one of those “how am I supposed to know when to stop writing” situations; I could go on for quite a while and include several hundred screen shots.

But to do that, one must first begin! So let me count a few of the ways in no particular order, knowing that the moment I post this, I will think of something I should have included.

Keep reading

longliveswanqueenx  asked:

the best fan fics ?

Ooooh, now that is a very large can of worms you just opened, I love it! You’re my new favourite.

Just be aware that these are the best in my opinion only, and the likelihood of me forgetting some is very high. (I did forget some, and I’ve now added them at the bottom)

I will be adding the summaries in the near future, I just wanted to get it out there.

And one last thing, please check for trigger warnings on any of these fics before reading.

UPDATE: I ADDED ALL OF THE SUMMARIES, SO THIS POST JUST GOT TEN BILLION TIMES LARGER. I’m also going to put the stories that I think deserve a hell of a lot more recognition in italics.

The Collar by littledragonflyson [x]
Summary: When Queen Regina threatened to cast her curse the Charmings sent their baby to safety in another world. But, the curse was never cast. Six years later the Queen seeks to retrieve the child, instead enter Emma Swan age 24, who intrigues Regina enough to make her an offer- become her slave for a year in exchange for a trip home. But, who really benefits from the deal?
(This one is very, very… steamy. Definitely not safe for work)

Flight SQA016 by Curvy Pragmatist [x]
Summary: Emma Swan has recently taken a job with Crown Airlines working in the first class cabin flying from New York to London. Regina Mills is a literal high-flying business executive with terrible social skills.
(I read this entire thing in under 24 hours, and it’s not short either. It addresses disabilities in a refreshing and believable way, and I really cannot wait until it is published in paper form.

Light My Way Home by Oparu [x]
Summary: Emma, Regina and the intrepid crew of the Jolly Roger set out to save Henry from Neverland. Regina’s drained her magic so low she needs a transfusion from the saviour, Gold’s plan to sneak past the Lost Boys is a bit fishy and Emma does things with magic she didn’t think she could do. Mermaids, magic and a long journey by sea, follow.
(Such a wonderful slowburn, and a great take on neverland. Does not get anywhere near as much recognition as it deserves)

Safe by SgtMac [x]
Summary: Afraid of what she’ll do to MM, Emma and Henry kidnap an enraged and heartbroken Regina and take her out of Storybrooke so that she can heal in a place without magic. Along the way, they help each other deal with the traumas and mistakes of their pasts and move towards a possible future together as a family.
(Very heartfelt, very human)

Revenge of the Three Little Pigs by MsKezzles [x]
Summary: Regina and Emma find themselves alone in a dark forest. Two or more little pigs are hunting them. The big bad wolf is drooling. Will Regina face the consequences of her past actions? Will Emma come to her aid, or understand that justice must be served… best served - warm blooded.
(Very… Bloody. Not for the faint hearted)

The Princess and the Prisoner by Chrmdpoet [x]
Summary: Young Princess Emma grew up on tales of the Evil Queen. When she, as a child, discovers Regina is captive in her Castle’s dungeon, she begins visiting her in secret. Regina indulges Emma’s curiosity and grows to love the child immensely, a love which grows and evolves as Emma ages, eventually developing into a romance, which could finally grant her freedom from her magical prison.
(Such a classic.)

Operation Phoenix by queerfemme [x]
Summary: People usually write about Henry teaming up with Emma to woo Regina. This story is the other way around! What if Regina told Henry that she never intended the “love” potion in Welcome to Storybrooke for him? What if it had been for Emma? Beginning set during Welcome to Storybrooke.
(Very sweet and fluffy)

Down East Decisions by FlyYouFools [x]
Summary: Massachusetts State Police Capt. Emma Swan leaves her red-hot career to become the police chief of sleepy Storybrooke, Maine. She’s hoping for a less-complicated, less-dangerous life, a desire that is dashed on both counts.
(Starts cute and fluffy, then gets a little more… dangerous. I do love the OC’s that the author has created)

Lost in Translation by purple hershey [x] 
Summary: AU. Regina is deaf. Emma is the only one who refuses to give her pity. In response, Regina is thrilled by this new challenge and the stand-offs commence, but over time she finds out there is more to the blonde woman than just a target to throw a stinging quip and pointed glare at.
(I cannot express my love for this enough. It really shows how alienated some people can feel, and I love how Emma defies that)

Letters From War by hunnyfresh [x]
Summary: Emma is a soldier on reserve in Fort Benning. Regina is the Mayor of Storybrooke. Through a pen pal program designed to ease the ache of homesick soldiers, Emma and Regina begin sending letters to one another as their relationship grows from cordial acquaintance to something neither woman would have expected - until the letters stop coming.
(You will cry. Enough Said.)

All Magic Comes With A Price by spookshowbabyx [x] 
Summary: "Wishing the blonde gone and knowing the results that have come from her mother’s rage are two very different things, and if she wishes her son to take her back, she needs to find Emma before her mother tires of playing twenty questions" Set after Emma and Mary Margaret are sucked into the hat. Regina struggles to find them and bring them back.
(I love the Ursula idea. A VERY interesting concept, and you can see the growing feelings between them)

Starting Over Again by AdmHawthorne [x] 
Summary: Regina has to to decide, if she had the opportunity to come at life with a clean slate, would she? Her decision changes everything.
(I really feel for Regina, and especially the results of her actions. We kind of get to see how Regina would have been had her life not been turned upside down and her going evil)

A Fine Line by hunnyfresh [x]
Summary: Upon Regina’s banishment, the small town of Storybrooke becomes protected once again by an enchantment that prevents anyone from leaving or entering Storybrooke. Emma and Regina find themselves on the edge of the town, wishing for a way to the other side.
(Very sad, and cute. Its heartbreaking how they are right beside each other, but are practically worlds apart)

A Pale Imitation by nycz [x]
Summary: Regina is furious with Emma after she brings back Marian, but since she can’t take it out on her, Regina creates a mindless clone of Emma to hit instead. The clone doesn’t stay mindless for long though, developing an obsession with Regina.
(Really freaky. Absolutely love this, and it deserves 100x the recognition)

A Trail of Destruction by starsthatburn [x]
Summary: A hostage situation in City Hall leaves behind a battered, broken sheriff, and a mayor wracked with guilt.
(Very real, and very human.)

How to Make a Monster by Velace [x]
Summary: Regina decides to make amends after upsetting the Savior. What she doesn’t realise is that in doing so, she finds the key to Emma’s heart – food.
(Very sweet, I love the evolution of their relationship)

Tame the Dragon by morshon [x]
Summary: Emma finally comes up with the perfect plan to get Regina to go on a date with her: Ask. Now she just needs her to say yes.
(Lots and lots of fluff. I love how supportive everyone is of Emma.)

Batter Up! by Rebel Byrdie [x]
Summary: The big event on Miner’s Day is the annual softball game and this year Snow convinces Emma to play on the Blue Team. Emma thinks it will be all fun and games until she finds out that her pitching rival on the Red Team is none other then Regina Mills.
(Not what I expected, very action-packed)

Cure by pcworth [x]
Summary: In the aftermath of the season finale, Emma discovers she did bring something back with her from the Enchanted Forest past which could cost Regina more than Emma ever imagined. But will it open her eyes to something else.
(A very sick Regina, and a very cruel Whale)

Cheerleaders and Nerds by Chrmdpoet [x]
Summary: Regina Mills is at the top of the high-school food chain-attractive, popular, and head cheerleader. Emma Swan is at the bottom-the class’s biggest nerd whom the popular kids just love to tease. Regina, however, harbors a secret crush on the nerdy blonde. Will she defy the high-school hierarchy and risk her reputation to be with Emma?
(Truly representative of high school hierarchies)

Destiny is the Rabbit Hole by Maggie Merc [x]
Summary: Henry begging Regina to rescue Snow White and Emma from the Enchanted Forest in the season 2 premiere sets the formerly evil queen on a quest that takes her from the mountains of the Middle Kingdom to the pirate lair of a serial killer and straight into conflict with her own villain, the Queen of Hearts.
(This author really does not hold back)

Emotional Bonds by whiteknight [x]
Summary: When Regina Mills is attacked and Emma Swan comes to her rescue, the two women form a bond they never expected.

Family and Handlebar Moustaches by biggie woods [x] 
Summary: Set as Regina saves Emma and Mary Margaret from FTL. Emma and Regina unknowingly share true love’s kiss. They decide to put the past where it belongs and move forward to try to become the people that Henry needs them to be.
(Absolutely hilarious - contains a certain mayor with an affinity for drawing sharpie moustaches on people. So much fluff)

Feed Me (Give Me Your Heart) by Monchy [x]
Summary: "She’s six years old the first time mother chooses to punish her by sending her to sleep without dinner.“ Or, Regina Mills’ relationship with food.
(Takes a very long time to get to the SQ, but it adds so much emotion and humanity to Regina’s actions)

Fresh Blood by SkyeL4 [x] 
Summary: It’s been 2 weeks since Emma’s sacrifice. Regina’s dreams of her have turned dark & darken more when Emma returns to the town -“You think you deserve to be punished for what happened to Emma. That could explain why someone who cares so much about you is now hurting you in your dreams”. They’re not just dreams’ she almost says, rubbing her sore skin.
(Trigger warning for dub-con)

Gardening by the Moon by purplehershey [x]
Summary:  Regina flees to the Caribbean for a relaxing vacation after the stinging betrayal of her ex-husband, Robin. Unfortunately, her plans are destroyed when Robin shows up with a new woman at the same resort Regina is staying at. She’s miserable until Emma, a beautiful woman with a deep knowledge of the island, reminds Regina what it feels like to fall in love.
(More action than I expected. And who doesn’t love Emma punching Hood to defend Regina?)

Ghost From My Past by Random Dice [x]
Summary: Pulling her gun from its case, Emma ran up the walk way, only slowing when she reached the doorframe. The yelling from inside was louder and she could make out Regina’s voice among the two screaming people.
(Psssssst - Regina’s mother makes an appearance)

Hide and Seek by absedarian [x]
Summary:  Regina realizes some things in Neverland, all of which lead her to the conclusion that she doesn’t want to stand in the way of what she thinks is Henry’s and Emma’s happy ending. She decides to leave but is that really what they want? And why is Snow suddenly acting strange?
(Many unexpected plot twists, very unpredictable and very exciting)

Home by SgtMac [x]
Summary: A portal is accidentally opened which brings Experiment 626 - Stitch - through, and he ends up as Regina’s houseguest all while she’s trying to navigate a nasty illness and an ever evolving relationship with Emma.
(A cute sick Regina, and who doesn’t love stitch?! Utterly hilarious)

Honey, I Shrunk the Saviour by myfairdalek [x]
Summary: Regina, struggling to deal with her mother’s death, is stuck babysitting a 5-inch Emma after a magical accident. They try to work together to get Emma back to her normal annoying size.
(Lots of Regina feels, but also hilarity)

How a Dress Changed Everything by hope2x [x]
Summary: In an act of desperation, Regina enacts a spell that takes her back to the day Henry leaves for Boston. Regina wants to keep the Savior from ever entering Storybrook, but when she takes her son’s place, she finds herself unprepared for who exactly she encounters. She wants to fight fate but Regina begins to realize she may have to gain some allies if she wants to win.
(A what-if? fic)

Many Miles to Avalon by wistfulwatcher [x]
Summary: When Emma is pulled from her happy life in New York to help save her family in the Enchanted Forest, she embarks on a journey to Camelot with Regina, Snow, and Henry to find Merlin’s Twin Blades and stop a deadly threat. But a single savior cannot wield two swords and as their quest unfolds Emma and Regina begin to discover just how much more powerful they are together than apart.
(A great take on Excalibur, maybe season 5 will take this route. I mean, we can hope, right?)

Mills vs Swan by writetherest [x]
Summary: Regina eyes the vest warily, recalling briefly the discussion she and Henry had had about laser tag after their video game adventure. “Laser tag?”
(So much fluff)

My Little Inguene by RowArk [x]
Summary:  Emma is a 17-year-old ballet dancer in Cora Mills’ dance company, who is dancing the lead in Swan Lake opposite 18-year-old Regina’s fiance, Daniel, all while harboring a secret crush on the brunette. Throughout the production, Emma and Regina strike up a friendship as they help each other through rough times.
(Regina and Emma are both suffering under their mother’s wings. They get through it together.)

Not Just a Crossing Guard by Ms.Informed13 [x]
Summary: 'Regina burst forth, using all her strength she tackled the blonde through the open door of Mary-Margret’s classroom, “What on earth are you two doing?” The teacher shrieked. “She tackled me!” Emma cried defensively. “She has a gun!” Regina replied.’ AU Swan Queen in which Emma’s son attends elementary school where Regina works.
(Verrrrrry funny, and cute)

Operation Wings by Dakota829Snow [x]
Summary: There’s only one way for Tinkerbell to earn back her wings: complete the task of finding Regina’s soul mate.
(We can all take a wild and crazy guess as to who this is, right?)

Precious Illusions by RowArk [x]
Summary: After a vicious attack leaves Emma nearly dead and extremely psychologically damaged, Regina magically wipes her short term memory and takes on the task of caring for Emma during her recovery, and Emma finds herself connecting with Regina in a way she never thought possible.
(I love Regina taking care of Emma like this)

Realm of Shadows by Ravens Bear [x]
Summary: When Emma repays the favour owed to Mr. Gold, she finds it is the key to many things in Storybrooke, including her heart.
(I know I’ve said this a lot, but its so sweeeeeet, and I just love it.)

Shades of Black by SerenBex [x]
Summary: Regina Mills returns to Hogwarts, this time as a teacher. Trapped between doing what her family expects of her and what she knows is right, Regina has a lot of choices to make about what is best for her, her son and the people she comes to care about.
(Despite the magical - and amazing - element, it shows a very real relationship between Regina and her mother.)

Snakes and Tales by see-ess-eye [x]
Summary: When the seance to fails to get answers from her mother, Regina uses the Agrabahan viper to summon someone else from Cora’s past instead. Afterwards, Emma notices that Regina isn’t ok and she can’t resist stepping in to help her, but a certain pesky snake keeps getting in the way (and it’s not Hook).
(I love this divergence from canon - basically more swan queen)

Soothing the Distressed Soul by Curvy Pragmatist [x]
Summary: Following Cora’s death, Regina retreats into grief but with the people of Storybrooke baying for her blood and Henry becoming more distant she finally gives up and decides to leave town. Starting a new life in Boston it’s up to Emma and Henry to convince Regina to come home and, more importantly, not to trust everyone she meets in the city.
(Very informative on stranger-danger. Lucky Regina’s got Emma to help her out, though)

Tells by Heligena [x]
Summary: starts out kind of series 1 with Emma & Regina knowing about the curse although it hasn’t been broken and no-one has magic yet; is going to finish up parallellish to series 3. There’s kidnap, shared stories about their pasts, violence, loss, attraction, shared beds yada yada yada. 
(Not much is given away from the description, so I’ll help you guys out a little. The big bad makes Emma blind, and Regina tries to help her navigate life without anyone else finding out, all the while trying to put this villain in their place. HINT: its Zelena)

That Drunken Night (I Hardly Remember) by corikane [x]
Summary: Emma’s wasted and accidentally calls Regina instead of her mom. And Regina isn’t as loathe to talk to the blonde as she usually pretends. Did things change between them so radically while they were in Neverland?
(Very amusing, and I love what develops between them)

The Broken Promise by Venus.Holt [x]
Summary: What will happen when Regina is hurt, and Emma feels it is her fault? Will she go fight for the Evil Queen or will she drive herself insane. Will Emma Swan be able to protect her love and her son?
(Lots of Regina hurt/comfort, and a lot of Robin-bashing)

Flu Love’s Kiss by see-ess-eye [x]
Summary: Magic returns to Storybrooke bringing back magical illnesses as well. ‘Love Flu’ is going around and it’s catching.
(Basically forcing Regina and Emma to get very up close and personal which each other, which, is very amusing)

The Last Resort by Dakota829Snow [x]
Summary: When Snow realizes Gold is after Regina and Emma’s truelove children, the family will do anything to keep them safe-including sending them back in time to the care of their former selves.
(Having children pop up out of nowhere and tell you that their your children makes a very interesting situation)

The Manor House by 11nagrom [x]
Summary: Regina, Emma, David, MM and Henry fall down a swirling portal and emerge in a peculiar manor house after they have just rescued Regina from Greg’s torture. With Regina’s condition deteriorating, Emma takes her into her care with love and honesty. With confessions and confinement, they bond more so than they could have ever have imagined.
(Needs wayyyyy more recognition. Shows the aftermath of Regina being tortured by Greg)

The Mountains are Calling, and I Must Go by funnylesbianshipper [x]
Summary:  Regina Mills is coerced into taking her son camping. What starts as a single trip turns into a weekly habit when a blonde camp host helps Regina and her son gain a new lease on life after a tragedy.
(A refreshing take on Regina and Henry taking back their lives after the loss of Daniel, very heart-warming)

The Queen and Her Lady by starvinglunatic [x]
Summary: Set after Welcome to Storybrooke. Regina is in a dark place after the death of her mother and Henry walking away from her. She locks herself away in her house, shutting out the world. She is ready to completely give up when an injured puppy ends up in her backyard. She saves the puppy … or maybe the puppy saves her. 
(Lots of Regina hurt/comfort. Lots.)

The Secret’s in the Telling by pyrophoric [x]
Summary:  “It’s the sixth of October. A pivotal moment in Storybrooke’s history and the turning point in Regina Mills’ life. And it all began with a spell, a Sheriff, and a thief.”
(Will forever be a favourite. This author’s ability to tell a story is amazing)

The Ten Days of Christmukkah by CrazyTaraWitch [x]
Summary: The holiday season is upon Storybrooke, and Mayor Snow has decided the whole town should celebrate with a nine day long Secret Santa. Emma and Regina are closer than ever as they work on Operation Mongoose, but as Christmas draws near will Henry’s newest Operations bring them closer than ever?
(Very cute. Don’t let the fact that it’s about Christmas put you off)

Theory of Magic by janemac24 [x]
Summary: Sixteen-year old Emma Swan is determined to simply survive her final foster home before she ages out of the system, but Storybrooke, Maine, turns out to have more in store for her than she ever imagined. From her foster mom talking to birds to a potential magical war between two of her classmates, Emma’s junior year is shaping up to be a wild ride.
(Teen SQ + Magic makes a very interesting combination.)

Through the Glass by Girlblunder [x]
Summary:  Emma and her family have been on the run from the Evil Queen and King George for years. When she’s taken captive under a cloak of deception one night, she’s thrust right into the clutches of her nemeses and into the throes of an unknown plot. Who is this strange young woman she encounters in the reflections of her new prison?
(Honestly you need to read this. It deserves so many more reviews. Regina has been trapped inside a mirror by her mother before she has the chance to turn evil, and Emma is determined to release her)

To Remember Her Happy Ending by hope2x [x]
Summary: "She doesn’t even remember her family! How am I going to explain this to her when she hates me!“ She was falling apart now. The way the women in the other room had just looked at her, with such disdain. That wasn’t her wife. That was the Mayor, the Evil Queen maybe…but not her wife.
(Shows the perseverance of Emma’s love, and it’s interesting to see how Regina reacts to this new environment)

A Thin Veil by Chrmdpoet [x]
Summary: Sometimes the hardest thing in life is learning to let go, but sometimes it is far more difficult to hold on. That’s what I did. I held on. I held on to her even after she died, and I refused to let her go. She became my obsession as I dedicated my life to bringing her back. I risked everything-my job, my family, my friends, and even my life. I did this, all of this, to save her.
(I admit, I cried a lot.)

What Lies Beneath by Chrmdpoet [x]
Summary: When Regina becomes curious about the two notebooks constantly tucked under the Sheriff’s arm, she vows to discover their contents. Doing so, however, leads to a much deeper discovery-the discovery of a side of Emma Swan she had never even known existed; a haunted past, a complexity, a talent, and a beauty unlike anything she had ever expected to uncover.
(I also cried at this. I was never one for poetry before I read this and now I love it, so don’t let that put you off. The emotions that Emma portrays through words are heartbreaking, you’ll love it, especially as she slowly opens up to Regina)

Whatever this is by coraline [x]
Summary:  AU from beginning of The Cricket Game. Emma thinks she and Regina are becoming friends, and it’s… weird.
(One of my all-time favourites. So much fluff, plus a li’l angst)

Chasing Henry by starsthatburn [x]
Summary:  Tired of the tricks and lies of both of his mothers, Henry follows the dwarves, Red and Granny when they use Tiny’s magic beans to return themselves to their old land. Emma and Regina both chase after him, and they reluctantly travel together through the Enchanted Forest in order to find him and bring him back home safely.
(I love seeing Regina and Emma work together, falling in love as they do so)

If you are looking for a certain type of fic, don’t be afraid to ask! [x]

My Asgardian best friend

Pairing: Thor x teen reader

Anon Request : Can you do one where the reader is an avenger (16/17) and she’s prone to get very sick. And like Thor is really protective of her (like a brother) and takes her to Asgard because she has been ill for a while and he’s worried. (Just funny fluffy stuff lol)

“How are you feeling y/n” Bruce asked as I sat up on the bed.

“Much better, I’m not as nauseous as the last time I woke up from surgery.” I smiled weakly at Bruce.

“That’s good, I want to have you here for a few more hours just to keep an eye on your vitals ok kiddo”

“Alright, thank you Bruce. Um is-”

“Thor here? Yes he’s been badgering me to let him in for the past hour. Do you want him to come inside?” Bruce asked as he was taking notes.

“Yes please” I smiled at him before I watched him walking towards the door.

“May I finally see my tiny friend brother banner” Thor’s voice boomed.

“Yes you can she just woke up” Bruce replied before I saw him guiding Thor into the room.

“Lady y/n ! ! ! How are you my little warrior” I laughed when I noticed he was carrying a giant stuffed animal.

“Can’t you tell? I am fabulous” I used my most obnoxious voice.

“Of course you are little one, I’ll be right back I’m going to go talk to brother banner for a moment” Thor kissed my forehead before exiting the room.

*Thor’s pov*

It truly pains me to see such a sweet and innocent child be severely ill all the time. I must speak to brother banner to see if there was any improvement on her health.

“Ahh Thor what can I do for you” I looked around the room brother banner was currently in.

“I wish to know what the status of lady y/n health” I asked

“I was just going over her results and sadly nothing’s changed. When I fix one of her health issue another pops up. I’m sorry Thor I don’t know what else to do.” I watched a brother banner hid his face with his hands.

“What if I take her with me to Asgard, we have far more advanced technology. We can see what is the root of her problem and we can fix it.” I suggested.

“I don’t know Thor what if it doesn’t work”

“But what if it does, brother banner you must realize that lady y/n is like a sister to me. And it pains me to see that she is constantly I’ll, I just want her to try out all the options that are given to her” I pleaded.

“Alright I see your point. She can go with you BUT you must have people waiting for her right as she arrives.” I gave him a hug for agreeing with me

“That will be arranged, thank you brother banner you have no idea how happy I that you are agreeing to this. Lady y/n means the world to me.”

“She means the world to everyone on the team. Now let’s go tell y/n the news” I followed brother banner out of the room and entered the room lady y/n was in. Anger was building up inside me when I noticed that kid brother stark brought into the team, he was talking to lady y/n.

“Spider kid step away from lady y/n this instant” I shouted at the kid who practically ran towards the other side of the room causing everyone else in the room to laugh.

*y/n pov*

“You know I read a book on anti-gravity, I couldn’t put it down” I couldn’t help but laugh at Peters joke.

“That one was actually good Peter” I smiled

“I’m glad you liked it” he responded. It looked Peter was about to hold my hand.

“Ugh that was a lame joke” Tony groaned causing Peter to pull his hand away. I was about to respond when Thor’s voice echoed through the room.

“Spider kid step away from lady y/n this instant” I wanted to crawl in a hole and die when I saw Peter all of a sudden on the other side of the room.

“Come on hammerhead they’re just teenagers let them flirt.” I watched as tony placed his hand on Thor’s shoulder but Thor pushed it away.

“I do not approve, lady y/n must improve in health before she even thinks about having sexual intercourse the spider boy” Thor’s voice came out harsher than expected.

“Thor” I complained “he was just telling me a funny joke, please be nice to him”.

“Alright I will try but I make no promises. Anyways I have come here to tell you that you will be coming with me to Asgard. The medical team over there will examine you and see if they have a cure for you.” Thor sat at the end of the bed.

“How long will y/n be gone” Steve asked as he got off the chair he was sitting in.

“It depends on how many test my people will do. Two maybe even six months” Thor replied “I know what you guys are already thinking, but it’s for her own good. We all want lady y/n to get better and I will do everything in my power to make so. What do you say lady y/n, are you up for a trip to Asgard?”

“Hell yeah I am big guy, unhook me from these god awful machines and take me to your magic land” I was about to take the IV from my arm.

“Hold on y/n, Thor still needs to notify the people in Asgard so they will attend you right away” Bruce warned me.

“Well hurry up and tell them Thor, I’m not getting any younger or healthier” I jokingly complained.

“Not funny y/n” Peter looked hurt at my joke. “Will we be able to visit her” Peter asked Thor.

“Seeing as they know of my special bond with this little one, I will ask my parents about letting you guys visit.” I lit up with excitement at the prospective of having the team visiting me in Asgard.

“Ok good” Peter let out a sigh of relief.

“Right so I’ll be back, make sure you guys have y/n’s things packed so when I get back she’ll be ready to go” Thor kneeled down next to my bed. “I’ll be back little one, make sure the spider kid keeps his hands to himself” Thor glared at peter again.

“Aww so I can’t kiss him then” I pouted at him before looking at Peter who was already starting to blush.

“No” he kissed my forehead once again before exiting the room with the rest of the team.

*time skip*

It didn’t take long for Thor to get his parents blessing for me to be over there. Apparently Heimdall has shown his parents my health condition and the bond I share with Thor. That prompted them to welcome me with open arms and told me they would stop at nothing until they found a cure. I’ve been here three months and slowly but surely they are piecing together the reasons for my condition. Although I was loving being in Asgard I couldn’t help be feel sad that none of the avengers have come to visit me. That was until I was awaken by a loud crash.

“Y/n” Tony’s screams came from the other side of the door.

“Do not disturb lady y/n, she is currently sleeping” I heard one of the servants from the castle scowling the team. I turned to Frigga who was currently reading by the window

“Do you want them to come in?”

“Yes please” she got up and opened the door.

“It’s alright they can come inside” I could hear Frigga polity tell the servant before she escorted the team into my chamber.

“Wow y/n talk about upgrade” the tony said under his breath.

“I’ll let Odin know you guys are here, y/n you know what to do if you need anything”

“Yes I do, thank you” I gave Frigga a warm smile as I watched her exit. “I have a bone to pick with you guys” I turned my attention to the team. “Why are you guys just barely visiting me”

“That would be my fault little one” Thor came forward. “I’ve been busy with battles here that I haven’t been able to go back to Midgard so i could bring the team over here” Thor explained.

“Fine that’s a valid excuse, now come hug me. I’ve missed you guys so much.” One by one each of the team gave me a hug and told me how much they missed me. Peter was the last to approach me but Thor stopped him.

“You may only give her a handshake spider boy” Thor spoke in a harsh tone.

“Thor my boy, that’s no way to speak to a guest” Odin’s voice got everyone’s attention. “Young man you are more than welcomed to hug lady y/n that’s if she agrees to the hug”

“I do” I smiled at Peter before he went in for the hug, much to Thor’s displeasure.

“Thor my boy why are you so apposed to the relationship between the two kids.” Odin asked causing my cheeks to burn up.

“It’s because he sees her as a sister and he wants to protect her” Frigga answered her husband.

“I see, well having lady y/n here and spending time with her makes me understand why you see her as a younger sister. I’ve started to see her as the daughter we never had” Odin responded to his wife before facing me. “Oh I have exciting news for you little one, the medical team has come up with a cure for your condition. We are prepping everything for surgery, will you guys be spending the night here? If so let me know so we can set up rooms for you guys”

“Only if it’s alright with you guys” Steve responded for the team.

“Of course follow my wife, she’ll help you settle in” Odin then turned to look at me “are you ready?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be” I replied as I started to get nervous.

“Haha that’s the spirt child, Thor carry the little one and follow me” I extended my arms and Thor carried me away.

“Bye guys” I waved goodbye, not knowing if they were still going to be there when I wake up.

“A month later*

The surgery was a success and I had Thor and everyone in Asgard to thank. They kept me in Asgard for a month after the surgery just to be 100% sure I was healthy. Fortunately I did not get sick and before I knew it I was saying goodby to Frigga and Odin.

“We will miss you child” Odin smiled at me.

“Yes we will miss you, please come back and visit” Frigga gave me a tight hug which prompted Odin to give me a hug as well.

“She will mother don’t worry” Thor responded has he carried my things.

“Yes I will, you guys have treated me so well, I don’t know how I can repay you guys”

“You don’t have to repay us child, your health is what was important.” Odin replied before turning to Thor “and you my son, stop interfering in this poor girls love life” Odin’s voice turned serious.

“But father”

“no but father me, Heimdall has told me what you have been saying to that poor boy who visited last month. Y/n can choose who she wants to be involved with. Do you understand?”

“Yes father” Thor replied

“Very well, you must be on your way then. Until next time lady y/n”

“Until next time your highnesses” I replied as I left with Thor. “Please tell me you’re going to listen to your father, I really like Peter.”

“I will but I will tell you and him this, if he hurts you.” Thor stopped talking when we reached the bifrost.

“It was nice meeting you lady y/n, I’ll be keeping an eye out for you” Heimdall

“Thank you Heimdall” I nodded

“Heimdall we need to have a chat when I return” Thor’s voice deepened

“Very well, until then goodbye” the next thing we knew we were outside the avengers compound.

“Come along lady y/n” I ran towards the entrance.

“I’m home ! ! ! ” I yelled and everyone came rushing towards me.

“Y/n ! ! ! ” Wanda was the first to attack me with a hug “you look so much better”

“I know we got our little miss sunshine back” tony was the next to give me a hug.

“Friends, I am here as well by the way. Thanks for the greetings” Thor sarcastically said as he entered.

“Welcome back big guy” tony shouted.

“It’s nice to have you back y/n” Peter said as he gave me a flower, making me smile from ear to ear.

“Thank you Peter” I kissed his cheek.

“Spider boy” Thor got in front of me.

“Thor remember what your parents said” I warned him.

“You have my permission to be with her, BUT if you hurt her YOU.ARE.DEAD.” Thor threatens Peter making me roll my eyes.

“D-d-d-don’t worry sir I would never hurt y/n” Peter stuttered.

“Good, lady y/n I’ll be taking things back to your room” Thor’s demeanor changed when he faced me.

“Thank you Thor” I placed a kiss on his cheek before he left.

“So umm do you want to watch a movie with me” Peter asked while looking at the floor.

“I would like that” I was about to kiss peters cheek again when Thor’s voice interrupted us.

“NO KISSING ! ! ! !” We stepped away from each other

“Um let’s go then” we quietly made our way into the theater room, where sadly Peter was too scared to pull any moves on me.

A stereotypical suburban mom thinks she’s going to help her kid get ahead in English when she signs them up for “Spelling” tutoring, advertised on the bulletin board at the local library. Instead, it turns out that a local witch is sharing her magical knowledge for only five bucks an hour! Suburban Mom is initially horrified, but quickly realizes that with magic on her side, she can easily out-do all the other parents on the PTA. She brings self-refilling juice boxes to her kid’s soccer games, magically frosted cupcakes for the Valentine’s Day party, etc. After a while, the other parents ask her what her secret is. Suburban Mom has been having so much fun in her “Spelling” class that she spills, and soon enough there a gang of magic wielding soccer moms and dads on the school board. Together, they save the world from a variety of dastardly threats - all while getting their kiddos to practice right on time.

The Set Up

Requested by @gmw-trashs96

Pairing: Riley + Maya

Words: 2,947

Warning: Lucas gets made fun of in almost every scene, oops.

Summary: The boys have a master plan to get Riley and Maya together.

‘Rilaya’ is what Zay wrote on the chalkboard. He was sure Mr. Matthews wouldn’t mind if they borrowed his classroom while he was out on lunch break. Lucas and Farkle sat in the two front row seats with notebooks and pens. Zay grabbed a meter stick from Cory’s desk and pointed it at the board harshly.

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Angelica Schuyler-Church: Ravenclaw

Ravenclaws are defined by their wit, aptitude for learning, and wisdom. 


Angelica herself acknowledges that, of her sisters, she is “the wittiest”. She is shown multiple times to have an extremely analytical mind- not just when she first meets Hamilton but also in Take a Break, where we see her giving political advice to him even though she’s on the other side of the world. Not to mention that Satisfied is a very fast song, so to think at that speed she has to be wittiest.


In The Schuyler Sisters, when Peggy expresses fear (”It’s bad enough there’ll be fighting on our shore!”) Angelica responds with excitement for the idea of being exposed to more viewpoints (”New ideas in the air!”). She shows herself to be educated when she says she’s been reading Common Sense. There is hardly any practical reason that she would be doing this- she later acknowledges her only job is to marry rich, yet Angelica not only actively sought that out to read it, she then goes on to quote the declaration of independence and correctly attribute the author, meaning that she stays updated in current events and keeps herself well read.


In act two, Angelica is both the first to give her sister words regarding her husband’s betrayal (”Do you know what Angelica said when she read what you’d done? She said ‘You have married an Icarus, he has flown too close to the sun.’”) and the only one who can give words to the unimaginable of Philip’s death.

Musicalssorted’s official stamp on Angelica is that she is a Ravenclaw!

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anonymous asked:

Do you think you could do a fluffy piece with Kamui and Tsubaki? Thank you so much!

“Kamui~ Where are you, Princess? I have something to tell you~” Tsubaki’s voice floated down the corridor, walking through the Hoshido castle with that brilliant grin on his face. You were somewhere around here, he was certain of it. The only question was where.

“There’s no point in hiding from me, because you know I’m going to find you~” He mused more to himself than anyone else, knowing right where your room was in the castle. The reason behind his knowledge was currently unknown to any of the royal siblings.

That’s most likely because Ryouma and Hinoka would have his head if they found Tsubaki traipsing around your room, followed by Takumi skewering him with an arrow and then Sakura beating him over the head while crying her apologies profusely.

Basically, Tsubaki needed to keep this information to himself if he wanted to survive.

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pervertedbee  asked:

Because of you I got into the 12 Kingdoms and it is a FANTASTIC anime. I wish there were most episodes cause I was so amazed by Youko's character growth.


The Red Queen. I adore her character development, and my favorite thing about Youko is her continuing growth as a character. A typical story would end when Youko claimed her throne after all the hardship and heartache to get there, but nope she runs into all these political and social opposition that nearly crushes her, for a title she doesn’t want and for a kingdom she knows nothing about. And instead of running away or just lying down like a doormat decides to go and disguise herself and LIVE AMONGST HER PEOPLE to really learn what her fucking kingdom is about instead of living in her ivory tower. She joined a rebel army that was opposed to her own government and used that experience to turn her entire court around.

And one of the most defining moments for me was when she decided to abolish the practice of kowtowing/prostration as her first Proclamation. Because she knew that the first step to becoming a better country was to just treat one another with equal respect and dignity no matter what your social caste. Because she lived through that humiliation and degradation as an outsider literally not of that world. Because she’s also been on the other side of the glass and feels the resentment and fear that comes from being the one bowed down to, not being able to look another person in the eyes and knowing how they really feel.

Actual Badass Queen Youko Nakajima. Long may she reign the Kingdom of Kei…

*sorry i just love her a lot okay?!* watch twelve kingdoms ok bye.