she's perfect in every single one of these pictures

I think it’s so funny how every endorsement I see of Clinton HAS to be framed as like “Is she perfect? No, but she’s better than Trump.” The problem I have with this isn’t that it’s keeping politicians accountable, it’s that this accountability is only ever applied to Clinton and its done in such a way that make it seem like she’s somehow uniquely problematic. No one, not a single god damn person reblogs pictures, news stories, or quotes from President Obama and says “Damn, I really don’t like how he bombed the shit out of thousands of innocent civilians in the Middle East or how he ramped up deportation raids and ruined the lives of tens of thousands of peaceful undocument immigrants living here in the United States, but like he’s alright I guess.” No, instead every single post I see about Obama is about how much we’re gonna miss him and I don’t disagree, I think he was a great President, I just think it’s amazing how the callous or problematic decisions he made as Commander and Chief don’t ever taint his public image, at least not the image that his base has of him. Yet we hold Clinton to a completely different standard, the handful of problematic decisions she has made during her 30 year career define her in a way I haven’t seen before, to the point that the only “acceptable” way to support her is to speak about it in a tacit or even hesitant tone, like “yeah, I know she’s a corrupt bitch, but I’ll still vote for her I guess.” The notion that she is somehow more problematic than any other candidate who’s been elected prior to her is patently false, being a world leader is a implicitly dirty job, it just so happens that we’ve come to expect men to do these dirty jobs so we reserve our judgement. I mean, people aren’t even allowed to celebrate the fact she’s the first female candidate for president because it’s apparently “white feminism” to take note of the accomplishments of women in our country if they also aren’t literally perfect feminist icons. It’s not just enough to be exceptional as a woman to be celebrated, you have to be perfect. Also, if a single god damn person brings up another candidate in this race and tells me how their record is spotless I swear to god I’ll lose my mind because the reason for that is that no other candidate in this race has a mother fucking record of having any sort of governmental leadership position. Its not that they are somehow magically more pure than Clinton, it’s that they never got promoted to a position that would actually force them to make difficult decisions of national importance. It’s easy to keep your hands clean when you’re an irrelevant congressmen from butt fuck nowhere or simply have exempted yourself from the political process altogether until magically deciding now that you deserve to be President. 

as more and more pics from the vsfs come out one thing that i notice is adriana is serving face and bod in every single picture. whether she’s walking or posing she is so self aware when it comes to her body and facial expressions every frame is a perfect picture. all of the nepotism squad has pics with their mouths open, eyes half closed, arms limp, back hunched, etc. and it’s a real testament to how talented adriana is and how far the bar has fallen for that show. it’s crazy

What photos Sophie thinks the characters have on their desks-

Bit of a random idea I had earlier 😁

Connie: Picture of Grace, with two small pictures at the bottom of the frame- one being her and Alfred, and the other being a department photo. She loves her colleagues deep down 😘

Dylan: A big framed photo of Dervla. That’s it. A hairy, grinning Dervla that he smiles at every single time he looks at it.

Zoe: Zoe has a couple of pictures. One of her and Max on a holiday together (in the rain), one of her and Sharice and one of her and Tess on a night out.

Cal: Possibly a family picture- him, Ethan and their mum back when she was in perfect health because he’s a sentimental softie. And a picture of Connie from his uni days when she lectures, but he only keeps that one on show when there’s no-one around.

Ethan: I like to think he has a picture of a night out- either with Lily and Cal, or his “lads night out” with Cal and Lofty.

Lily: A photo of her family, whoever that may be- maybe her mother because she was a strong one and she aspires to be exactly like her.

Robyn: Girls night out with Rita and Louise obviously. She’s red faced and very, very pissed but she still loves it because it reminds her what it feels like to be truly happy. There’s also a framed photo of her and Lofty in a photobooth being ridiculous fools in feather boas.

Lofty: The same photobooth picture of Robyn alongside a selfie stick picture of him, Robyn, Rita, Louise, Tess and Charlie in the staff room- everyone he cares about. With Dylan in the background looking startled as he realises what they’re doing.

Tess: Tess has a few- one of her, Sam and Saskia back when they were both younger on Christmas Day. One of her and Charlie as they attend a nurse’s ball together, dressed up and looking pretty. One of her and her fellow nurses, because she need someone to mother whilst her kids live away. And finally, one of her and Zoe at Tess’ birthday meal.

Charlie: 3 pictures. One of him and Sam, one of him and Tess from that summer when they took Little Abs to the local Chevin for Dixie, and a copy of the department picture because let’s face it, he loves them all wether he likes it or not.

Louise: Her, Noel and Big Mac when they went to a concert. Big Mac had just spilt his beer all down Noel’s front as he tried to get in the picture, and every time she sees it it makes Louise giggle.

Noel: A single photo from a marathon he and Big Mac ran for charity. It’s him, Mac and Honey at the finish line grinning like a bunch of sweaty Cheshire cats.

Big Mac: A selfie from a lads night out with Noel, Max, Lofty and Cal. He only likes it because he looks “incredibly handsome” in that light. Or so he says anyway.

Honey: A selfie of her and Noel on their first “get to know me” outing to the local Zoo. It was only afterwards that they noticed the baboon was photobombing them with its red butt.

Max: A selfie of him kissing Zoe’s cheek, and she blushing the colour of tomatoes. It made her protest but him smile.

Rita: A photo of her and Ash at the last Christmas do. Also, her lock screen is Lofty when he fell over a bucket of sick, with Connie stood behind him looking very disapproving. It’s her favourite photo she’s ever taken but probably not a good choice for a desk pic.

Jacob: He’s still waiting for the perfect opportunity to catch Connie out- so far she’s thwarted every single surprise attempt he’s made to photograph her when he thinks she isn’t looking.