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Moving In Together (Wonho Angst/Fluff)

@ii-ahn requested: Wonho angst/fluff where you two are best friends but you like him and were having a fight when you suddenly blurt out that you like him then it turns out he likes you back.

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Word count: 1,856

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lol not really

You and Wonho knew each other since you were little. You were neighbors and grew close growing up. He was like an older brother to you, he was your rock, the one you could tell your deepest secrets, the one who would come over at night when you were sad. He was your best friend and you couldn’t be separated. This friendship continued through middle school, high school and now through university. You two applied at the same university and got accepted, so it was obvious that you would move into an apartment together.

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Hey there, he is ready for me. Let’s go someone quiet though. Yes?

(Blame rebeldrferguson since she reminded me of Pingu so had to look at him and found cute Pingu gifs and just… yeah. Can’t source gifs cause they are reposted all over. Capaldi gif by (X) And hey, it’s friday and am listening to good music. Right now it’s a song called Crazy About You. How perfect. Was friday.

I’m just gonna leave this here and pretend I really don’t think this guy is cute. Handsome. Has the most wonderful accent. Stunning smile. Beautiful eyes. Great hair.  etc….

See? Don’t like him at all.

Not one bit.