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30 Day Gemsona Challenge

Day 2/30: Weapon Summon: What’s their weapon? How do they summon it?

Azurite’s weapons are shoes!! She is able to project her shoes out of her gem, letting them hover behind her. Once she kicks those projections, those shoes will clip on her feet automatically.

Azurite loves doing spins and flips while fighting, which comes by naturally, due to the reason of her being able to hover closely to the ground (1 meter at maximum) 

This is my first ‘Real new era’ piece. With Tsunade retiring, Kakashi taking over as Hokage and Sakura taking over as top medical ninja in Konoha, together the two of them set up a massive amount of support programs for post war survivors. Everything from therapy to service animals (provided by the ninken and the Inuzuka clan and maybe with some convincing from Sasuke, Nekobaa). Kakashi doesn’t want anyone else to live through what he had to live through alone and Saukra agrees, mental health is as important as physical health. She saw what it could know and she knows what it can do and together they help to start healing not just the shinobi but the civilians who lost someone. AND they share these programs with the other villages and promote mental health and that ASKING FOR HELP IS OKAY. Sakura also takes charges of physical rehabilitation programs to get people back on their feet and back home because she knows family is so important and she is thankful everyday for her parents. And she gets to focus on her career and healing others and her friends.

This is not kakasaku please don’t tag it as such. Thank you.

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Omg no why does everybody say Alec needs to date other people just because he's never been in a relationship before? There is no handbook or training in order to know how to care for a person that stuff comes naturally. My father was my mother's first relationship as well (she was 17 at the time) and they've been married for over 30 years now and never ever did she think or felt the need to date someone else in order to be there for my father, I just don't agree with y'all I guess.

Lol okay so here’s the thing– i obviously don’t know your parents or their relationship but I’m guessing your father wasn’t a 300yr old something warlock? And Alec doesn’t need to date someone else so he knows how to be there for Magnus, he needs to either spend time alone or try dating others so that 1. He knows himself and who he is in this new Institute Head position and how he lets that affects the people around him, and 2. there’s not that imbalance between the fact that Magnus has all of this knowledge/experience.

But honestly the main thing is, right now with the war, their relationship needs to be put on hold so they can figure out who they are as leaders of their people first and foremost, which is why I think Magnus made a mature decision. (Even if hasty and sad to us viewers)

The twin (8)

Summary: One day every teenager imprisoned  on the Ark was send to Earth to see if it was survivable for everyone else.
There were exactly 100 of them and they were forced to leave behind everything they knew, their parents and their life and go and live on a planet that everyone thought was unsurvivable because of the  radiation it was exposed to almost a 100 years ago.

Kellina Griffin was one of them, this is their path to a whole new world.

8. You let any of my people that wish to go out, out.

“This is not normal.’‘ Kellina said more to herself than anyone else as she looked around again, already thinking of ways to save herself and her people.

Kellina walked around her new, as she decided: temporarily, home. She and her friends were staying here for over a week now and she had a routine. Wake up, 30 minute exercise, shower, breakfast, library-watching guards, walking around… This was not a random routine. She knew exactly what she was doing. She was getting out of here, and she was taking her friends with her, weather they like it or not. 
Clarke was starting to act like the rest of them, like Monthy, Jasper and the rest. This was not going great, and Kellina knew it. 
So she just continued her walk, stopping by the third set of stairs on the second floor, just as her watch showed 5:45 pm.
’'Ten, nine, eight…” She started to count down, “Seven, six, five…” when she reached “four” she started to hear hard steps from behind the corner in front of her. “Three, two…” she whispered to herself, “One.’' 
’'Hey.” She smiled at the two guards that walked past her. 
“Hello” The taller guard smiled politely while the shorter one just nodded in salute. 
“Sharp on the clock..” she smiled to herself knowing she has figured out the exact time table of the guards patrolling the halls. 
“I will get out of here.” She said to herself as she continued her walk towards the dinning hall.

“ Kellina, you’re here” Clarke smiled as her sister reached her.
“Ya, it’s not like i have a chose ha?” She smiled sitting down next to Clarke.
“I really don’t know why you hate it here so much.” Monthy said siting down opposite the Griffin sisters. 
“I don’t hate it here, I just can’t accept the fact that our friends are dead.’' Kellina said suddenly getting serious. 
’'What are you talking about? We’re all here?” Jasper said as he took another bite of his chocolate cake. 
“Yes some of us are here, but that’s so far from all of us.” She said her voice shaking. 
The rest didn’t seem fazed or even upset. 
“You do remember them, right?” Kellina asked shock written all over her face, “Bellamy, Octavia, Raven, Finn?’' 
Clarke was the only one who’s face fell a little bit at the mention of their friends.
’'Why do you gotta be like this?” Jasper asked.
“Why?” The girl was shocked, angry, disappointed, her feelings were all over the place. “Why?  Because they are our people! They are our friends! they deserve better that just being forgotten so we can live a happy lie!”
“Kel.. relax, eat some cake. take a breath. It’s okay.” Monthy said offering his friend his cake. 
“I have to go.” She stood up and walked out of the dinning hall without eating anything.
She had to get out of here, Now! Storming down the hall right up to  president’s office. 

“Miss Griffin? What brings you here?” Dante lifted his eyes up to the young girl who walked in to his office without even knocking.
“I want out.” She said shortly. 
“I’m sorry?”
“I want out of here, i wanna go back on the surface. You can not keep me here.’' 
’'You’re right we can not…” Dante let the pain brush fall from his hands.  ’'Please, have a seat.“ He motioned towards the chair on the opposite side of his desk. 
She sat down, but still kept her eye on her surroundings.
’'Thank you… I need to ask you for a favor.” Dante started, “We, people of mouth weather, as you know we can not go up, to the surface.. because of the radiation.”
“Yes?” She knew he was beating around the bushes, she knew there was something he was not telling her or maybe she should be afraid of what he might tell her.  
“We have been testing different things, medications, diets, that could help us live back on earth. However none of that worked, for a longer period of time…” Dante made a long pause before continuing. “But now, we found you, and your people.”
Kellina did not like the way this conversation was heading, but she kept quiet. 
“While we were treating you all, after the explosion, we saved you from, we tested your blood. And we kno- we believe it might be the thing that would able us to go back to earth.”
“So you want my blood?’' Kellina  asked, not amused. She had suspected there was something they had been doing, because Maya-Jasper’s new 'girlfriend’ was absolutely burned with the adventure on the upper lever when Kellina and her sister first tried to escape and open the door which let the outside radiation inside, and she still somehow magically managed to recover in less than 2 days. 
’'Technically yes. But of course we wont take any more than we need to.” Dante ensured her. 
“What if you need more than i can give?’' 
’'Then we wont take it, we could take it from more of you, so it will not seriously hurt any of you. All we need you to do is talk your… friends, in to agreeing in to letting us take what we need.” Dante smiled a fake smile. “So what do you say? Do we have a deal?’' 
’'No, i can give you my blood, but i will not tell my people to give you their. and you have to promise me not to take it from them without their consent.’' 
’'Okay, we’ll do the tests on you for now then… And what do you want in return?’' 
’'You let any of my people that wish to go out, out.’' 
’'Okay.” The president was visibly not happy about this but agreed anyway. 

Around fifteen minutes later Kellina  was escorted by a nurse and a doctor to a white room with a small plane bed in the middle. 
“Anything we should know? Any allergies? Sicknesses?” The doctor asked making Kellina  roll her eyes as she sat down on the bed. 
“You don’t have to ask, you already ran all the possible tests on me when they first brought me here… so why bother with casualties?”
“Okay then.” The doctor helped the girl lie down and sticked a needle in to her vein. Before hitting the switch that would let the blood actually go up the tube she smiled a sarcastic smile and said “Thank you for your sacrifice.’' 
’'Fuck yo-” Before Kellina could finish she felt a medicine tickle up her other vein and swing her in to sleep.


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I hate those pseudo-feminist Jpop fans. When their favorites sing something about girl power they’ll go like “YAAAAAAS TRUE FEMINIST ICON”. But  when it comes too Kuu it’s like

“What kind of sex choreo is this? Isn’t she a mom already?”

“She’s over 30, why is she dressing like that?”

“omg what a slut”

“Now she’s romantic and then she strips lol get your shit together gurl”

Like, I don’t think you’re doing feminism correct… At all…

My mom just posted a meme saying “if you’re over 30 you should be over a shitty childhood, you’ve had time to recover”

A) almost all her kids are over 30 now what’s she trying to say 🤔
B) she constantly talks about bad experiences in her childhood, how she’s still not over things, she’s got tons of mental health problems 🤔🤔🤔

A new Steggy thing!

Hi, hello, welcome! I am procrastinating internship applications and wrote a tiny thing I’d like to share with you. So. Here goes.



Fucking static.   

Peggy gritted her teeth against her heartache as tears rolled down her cheeks in streams. Her fist slammed into the communication table as she stood.   

She would not let him die.   

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Psychotic - Chapter Seven ❧  Dylan O’Brien

Warnings: Sexual Content

Chapter Seven

The next few days went by in a blur. Judith went to classes and went to Dylan’s to continue working on the project. Oddly enough, neither of them spoke about what had happened just days ago. It seemed like it had never happened.

Now, Judith was sitting in a booth at the biggest coffee shop on campus. Alayna sat across from her, a mocha sat in front of her. She hadn’t spoken with her best friend in days and Alayna insisted they meet up. Considering she wasn’t going to Dylan’s or have any classes, she didn’t see any reason to decline.

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Hi @taylorswift,

this is my mom. My mom has a disease which is called “morbus crohn” which means that her gut shrinked together and she cannot eat certain things otherwise she gets really bad stomachcramps.

She has had this disease for over 30 years now. And in these 30 years she had 6 operations. For 25 years everything has been fine. But the last 5 years were terrible for her. She had to stop eating less and less each year or she would get cramps. Every 3-6 weeks she had to go to the hospital because of those cramps. Every year over Christmas she had to go to the hospital and stay there for atleast 2 weeks. She lost a lot of weight and was very weak most of the time.

But my mom stayed positive.
Last year in September we went on a short vacation. Which was terrible for her. She had cramps the whole time and she decided for herself that she needed to go to the hospital even though she was terrified that anything could go wrong.

She had her first operation and after that everything seemed to be fine.
BUT 4 days later when she was supposed to go back home something went wrong and she needed to have another operation which didn’t help at all. My moms situation got worse and worse. But my mom stayed positive.

I remember visiting her on one of her worst days. (Picture above) I told myself that i won’t cry because i wanted to make her laugh. The second i walked in and saw her i cried so much. I think i never cried so much in my entire life.
She was so weak, she had to throw up every 5 minutes. She felt so much pain but she kept smiling at me . Believe me seeing someone you love in so much pain is the worst feeling in the world. My mom is my best friend.

She went through another operations and another. The doctor was helpless and didn’t know what to do.
He told my dad:“ there is a high possibility that your wife will die any minute. I don’t know how long she will keep doing like that and i don’t know what to do else. We tried everything.

But my mom didn’t give up. The doctor asked other doctors invited different experts to look at her. Before my mom went through her last operation she told my dad that she will win this for us. She said and i swear she did: i’ll leave the woods today. This is the day. I know it and next week i’ll be home with you.“

And that’s what happened. Every day she felt better and better. She gained weight and after 1 ½ weeks she was allowed to come home.

Why am i writing this? Because OOTW became a song about my mom. ESPECIALLY the bridge.

“Remember when you hit the brakes too soon” After the first Operation we thought everything was already fine.

“Twenty stitches in a hospital room” my mom got 23 stitches.

“When you started crying Baby, I did too But when the sun came up I was looking at you” The day i visited her. We both cried but she told ne she will win this fight.

“Remember when we couldn’t take the heat I walked out, I said “I’m setting you free” “ My dad and i both were terrified that she might die but told her that if she can’t keep going because the pain is too much, she should let go.

"But the monsters turned out to be just trees” The disease was a monster but couldn’t kill my mom. The disease turned out to be just trees.

“When the sun came up You were looking at me.” When everything was over she looked at me and I knew everything was going to be fine.

The picture was taken today my mom is happy and she has so much life in herself and part of it i am thanking you Taylor.
If OOTW did not excist i think i would have been very negative and scared my mom was in the hospital.
The Song helped me to stay hopeful and it helped my mom to stay positive. This song turned out to mean so much for us.
Whoever is reading is please be nice to your mom because someday you will miss her telling you for the 5th time to clean your room. I know it.

I love you Taylor And THANK YOU,

Your friend Manu ❤️

P.S. This Post is so Long i am so sorry but i needed to let it out.


Geiko Mamezuru, one of the most respected geiko in Gion Kobu, on her life goals.

Gion Kobu, as well as other geisha districts, is fighting with hard economical situation. People are not interested in traditional culture anymore and many geiko and maiko quit in the middle of their careers. Mamezuru has been working in Gion for over 30 years now. She has started studying traditional arts when she was only 12.

This is Charlie. He is deaf. His original owners decided he was “too energetic” to keep, and when he was 8 months old they brought him to the pound. Luckily, his new owner spotted him just in time as he was days away from being put down. With some training and a lot of love, she helped Charlie learn over 30 signs. Charlie now visits children in hospitals and participates in children’s charity walks. He loves being carried around by his mom and playing with his many friends at the dog park. Charlie is a good dog.

Unpopular opinion.

*Gilmore Girls revival spoiler alert*

Everyone’s talking about Rory being pregnant like its the end of the world. “So sad she ended up like her mother” except she didn’t? Lorelai was 16 and had to raise Rory all by herself and didn’t get a chance to continue her education. Rory had everything, private school, college etc. and now she’s over 30, if she didn’t get pregnant now she probably never would, besides, all that’s happened to her was caused by her own choices. 

Diamond Lake

This happened to me when I was around six years old.

One summer day, my dad said we should go camping. We had never gone camping before. At that moment, my mom got this funny look on her face. She said no. She said we were never going camping, ever, shaking her head and mumbling to my dad, “You know why. That skinny thing.” That was the end of that. Mind you, this happened about 15 years ago. I was little. I haven’t put much thought into it since, but I recently remembered it and asked my mom when I saw her at church yesterday.

I asked her in the parking lot after Mass and she got quiet, just like when my dad mentioned we should go camping all those years ago. Then she spoke.

“Well, it was over 30 years ago now and you’re an adult. I suppose it’s okay if you knew. I was just a teenager and Mike was barely older than I. Along with your aunts, Laurie and Kim—”

“Who?” I asked, never having heard of either of those people. She didn’t explain, and instead kept talking.

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