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Disclaimer: not really a drabble, but I hope this follows the prompt.

I Almost Lost You

Maya Hart thought she would never love anyone. She thought she be alone and if she did find someone she probably would’ve been left. That’s what usually happened to her; then she met Lucas Friar. She only had seen him as a friend all through 7th grade, but in the beginning of 8th grade, she noticed something. She started to develop feelings for him. Now, this whole “triangle” situation happened and she didn’t know what to do. Now they were at the Mountain Ski Lodge. She went down the stairs to the lobby and saw Lucas talking to Riley. She sighed. She couldn’t understand what was going on exactly, but when Lucas got up.

“Maya,” she heard Lucas’ voice.

“Yes, Lucas,” she asked, nervous.

“Can we talk?” she nodded and then went to the other side of the lobby. They sat down in front of the fireplace. “So about this triangle thing…”

“What about it?”

“Do you not like me anymore?” he asked, looking serious.

“What?” she was caught off guard. Was this his way of ending this triangle?

“I saw you talking to Josh, and I know you like him and all…”

“Lucas,” she started. He stopped talking and listen knowing she only used his real name when it’s serious. “Remember what I said about Boing? He’s just a fantasy…I really like you, Lucas. Have since 8th grade started. I really want to officially date you, but you and Riley seem a better match-“



“I broke it off with Riley.”

“Wait, why?”

“I needed to officially end this because seeing you talk to Josh made me open my eyes. I did make a choice and it was you.” Maya was genuinely shocked. No one ever picked her.

“Why me? I always thought you picked Riley or some other girl over me.”

“Because when I saw you talking to Josh; I knew I almost lost you.” Maya was close to crying. They hugged.

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I posted this a few years ago but I think, after that last Anon, its high time to repost it. Even if life sucks and people are shitty to you now, if you keep being an awesome person then it all comes around in the end. 

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The Tale of Mike Canter and How Living Well Is The Best Fucking Revenge

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Remember that shitty booster seat awareness commercial that was like “4'10” is the magic number. until then, your baby needs a booster seat" like that is fucking insane i would’ve been in a booster seat until like 7th grade my mom is only 5'2" she barely makes it

Summary: Calum and [y/n] have been best friends since childhood. When the two come up with the plan for [y/n] and her friends to take a road trip and follow the boys around on their tour things get a bit crazy With Jealousy, Heartbreak, Confusion and Confessions. And it all started because of one drunken night. Some friends are can pick you up some can put you down and some just like to do both…. But hey… That’s What Friends Are For.


Chapter 8

“You Make Him Jealous.”

It’s been about 3 weeks since the drama that had happened with Calum, You couldn’t stand being around him and Amber, You were to angry and upset, You couldn’t believe he chose her over you, The day he begged you to stay you just couldn’t, You couldn’t just stay and watch him and Amber act like lovebirds while you sat there acting like nothing was wrong, You told the girls that there was a family issue and you had to cu the vacation short, You told them to stay and to enjoy the rest of the tour with the guys, You caught a flight back home and that was it.

You got a call from the girls practically everyday and they told you about the great places they have been to and how great the guys were and how much everyone missed you and how badly they wanted you to come back, You just kept lying to them and told them that things back home were still bad and you couldn’t come back.

Since you’ve been home all you’ve really been doing is just sitting around the house not doing anything, You parents would keep pushing you to tell them why you came back and you just told them it wasn’t as fun as you though it was going to be, Which actually was true because it turned to shit pretty fast.

You sat at the table with your parents for dinner and it was silent like always, They could tell something was up but they new if they pushed you too much it would just get you angry,

“Joy called.” You mom says breaking the silence, You just nodded and smiled at her.

“We were talking a lot about when you and Cal were little” She says with a little laugh and a big smile, You smiled at her, She loved talking about the old days, When we still lived in Sydney and our old house that was right down thee street from the Hoods house, She especially loved talking about how cute you and Calum were when you guys were little and how inseparable you two were.

“She asked me why you left.” She says.

“Mom.” You say with a sigh, There she goes bringing it up again,

“Wait, How did she even know i left?” You ask

“Calum called her, He was a bit upset…"She says.

He was upset? Yeah right! You were the one who was upset, He was the one who chose Amber over you! His best friend! And then he goes off acting like he’s the victim!

"He said the two of you got into an argument.” She adds.

“Oh yeah and what did he say our argument was about?” You ask.

“He said you didn’t like one of his friends, That you got in a fight with his friend and you him started arguing over it,And that why you left.” She says.

You just sit there shaking your head. He told his mom that i left because i didn’t like his ‘Friend’,

Well if my parents and his parents found out who his little 'friend’ was they would understand why i left. If Mali found out that Amber was back, If Calum’s parents found out Amber was back They would understand why you left! But of course Calum want to play the good guy and make you seem like the bad guys.

You stood up from the table and grabbed your plate, Took it to the kitchen and went straight to your room for the rest of the night.

You sat on your bed when you computer made a noise, Someone was skyping you, You opened it up and saw that it was Claudia, You Answered it and as her screen came up you saw her and Ashton sitting in Ashton’s hotel room, They were  starring at you and you were wandering what the hell was going on and why they were calling so late

“Um hi…..” You say breaking the awkward silence.

“We need to talk.” Claudia says.

What? Why? What the hell is going on… why are they skyping you late at night?….

“I called your mom, She says that everything is fine at home, In fact she told me she doesn’t know why you came home.” Claudia says point blank.

Shit. You think yourself, Now what are you going to tell them? 'Oh i left because me and calum had sex and i told him i loved him but he chose Amber over me.’ There was no way in hell were you going to let that little secret out.

“Why did you leave?” Claudia asks seeming a bit upset.

You just give them a shrug, They looked upset and you knew they were probably upset that they found out you lied, They probably think it’s there fault that you left.

“Calum isn’t in the room [y/n] we know it has something to do with him. So just tell us.” Cluadia says

You sat there unsure of what to say… You wanted to tell them all the crap that happened but you were afraid of what could happen.

“Me and Calum just aren’t as close anymore..” You say.

“That’s bullshit.” Ashton says plainly, You look at him not sure how to react.

“That’s bullshit because, I saw Calum leave your room the morning before you left, I know he stayed in your room that night, He came out wearing the same clothes he wore to the club except his shirt was in side out and his beanie was missing…. Which i’m sure he left in your room.” He adds

“I don’t know what you’re talking about! Why would he stay with me when he has his Girlfriend on tour? Why am i being treated like i’m the one lying? Has anyone sat down with Calum and interrogate him? I am not the bad guy here! Calum was the one with his nose up in the air acting like he was better than Noah! He was the one going around calling me names and treating me like shit when all i ever did was tell him how i really felt about him! I was the one who got hit in the face by his psychotic girlfriend! I’m the one he screwed and then screwed over! I’m the one who got there heart broken not him!” You yell.

They were both shocked at your sudden outburst of the truth, So were you, You didn’t expect all of that to come out but you couldn’t keep it all in, It wasn’t fair that Calum got treated like he was the one getting hurt.

They all looked at you in shock,Speechless.

“You slept with him?” Claudia asks

“You’re in love with him?” Ashton asks

“Please don’t tell anyone.” You say.

“So what? You don’t get what you want so you run away from it? [y/] if you want something bad enough than you fight for it.” Ashton says

“What i want doesn’t want me back…” You say.

“He has feeling for Amber anyway.” You add

“But i’m sure the feelings he has for you are stronger.” Claudia says.

“Than why did he choose her over me?” You ask.

“Maybe you should ask him. Maybe you should confront him in person, Don’t give him any other choice but to tell you why.” Ashton says

“Just don’t runaway from it.” He adds.

“I have to go.” You say, You end the call and you just sit there on your bed, You can’t believe you told them everything, You wanted to confront Calum but you didn’t want to make things even more worse then they already were.

It had been a couple of days since the talk you had with Claudia and Ashton, You had been busy with your mom at her shop lately, You offered to help her out so you get things of your mind, The girls haven’t called or text you since the night you talked to Claudia and Ash, But you didn’t mind, You knew they were having fun and you though it would just be a good thing to take some time a part from other people for awhile anyway.

You sat with your mom in a little cafe for lunch When you noticed someone familiar, A boy you went to school,

“I’ll be right back.” You tell your mom and you walk off to the table were the boy sat.

“You look awfully familiar. Do i know you from somewhere? Perhaps school?” You jokingly ask with a little laugh,

He looks up at you and shakes his head with a laugh.

“Hi y/n.” He says.

“Hi Matty.” You say with a smile.

He stood up from the table and gave you a hug, You sat down across from him,

“Hows you summer break so far? How’s Abby?” You ask.

“Good! Summer is good, She’s good! She’s visiting her folks for a bit, I’m gonna go and meet her up there next month!” He says, You give him a smile and a nod, You went to school with both Matty and Abby You were really good friends with them for your whole 4 years of high school, Abby and Matty dated the whole 4 years of high school and everyone knows they’re gonna end up getting married.

“How about you? I heard you and the girls went on a road trip for a bit to see your friend Calum, Right?” He asks,

“Yeah! Um.. The girls are actually still with them, I had to come home for some personal reasons…” You say

Matty just looks at you, He knew something was up, You were close to him, Really close, Not as close as you and Calum, But pretty close.

“Calum and i just had some things we didn’t agree on.” You say.

“Like?…"Matty asks, Matty was the type of person that got answers out of everyone no matter what.

"Like…. We ha sex, And i chose to love him after and he chose to love someone else.” You say.

“I can see how you wouldn’t agree on that…” He says with a little laugh, Causing you to laugh too.

“I’m sure Calum does love you…..Actually! I know for fact he loves you!” He says

“You can’t just grow up with someone and make memories, And expect not to fall in love with them, Like me and Abby, I’ve been in love with her since 7th grade and she only saw me as her friend until high school. Now look at us.” He says

“He just needs to be reminded.” He adds.

“How?” You ask.

“…..You make him realize that he made a mistake when he didn’t choose you.” He says

“You make him jealous.” He adds.

He smiles at you, He had a plan and you were a bit confused, You gave  him a weird look.

“How?” You ask.

Matty nods his head toward your phone gesturing you to look at the lit up phone, You had a text, From Kylie,

'We’re throwing Luke a big surprise party this weekend The girls and guys want you to fly out and surprise Luke for his birthday, Please say you will come. xoxo - Kylie.’

“You take me to the party, And i’ll help you make him jealous.” Matty says with a smile.

A/N: The story will be ending soon btw :)