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My DGHDA silly headcanons

• Todd likes musicals. He has a whole collections of soundtrack records hidden in his closet right next to wear he hides Dirk’s jackets
• Dirk once tried to borrow Farah’s jacket. Never again.
• Farah handcuffs Dirk to drawer handles in the apartment if he starts really annoying them. Calls it “Time Out”
• Amanda usually joins Dirk when he’s in time out and the others aren’t around. They swap stories. Dirk talks about cases, Amanda talks about Todd. It’s why Dirk knows a weird amount about him
• Dirk steals Todd’s band shirts on Laundry day.
• Todd will never admit he thinks the band shirts look good on Dirk
• Dirk will never admit that although he loves the shirts they oddly smell of bananas. Like all the time. Nothing gets rid of the weird banana smell.
• There are times when Todd stays up late drinking because he’s feeling real down so Dirk brings the record player into the living room and sits with Todd in the dark whilst they both listen to the entirety of Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd.
• In Amanda’s contacts, Dirk is called Literal Sunshine
• The rowdy three wrecked Todd’s apartment. They apologised but the sofa will never be fixed.
• Dirk refuses to tell anyone what the red jacket really is for but Estevez borrowed it?
• Vogle cannot tie his shoe laces. Amanda lets him borrow her boot laces to practice.
• Cross can be a bit shaky at times with his hands (I blame the obscene amount of energy in him) so Martin occasionally feeds him so they don’t make a mess. For Todd’s sake.
• Gripps can sing really well but he’ll only sing in the shower.
• Dirk can’t cook to save his life but he tries. There’s usually a Tupperware box, in the fridge, filled with some sort of mystery meal that no one dares to touch
• Dirk- probably those super sugary colourful cereals (although that’s only when he finds them because Todd always hides them. Dirk and sugar don’t mix well)
• Todd- coffee, that boy hasn’t eaten a proper breakfast since he was 14
• Amanda- cookie crisps (although swaps to the health stuff when Todd is around)
• Farah- probably mainly special k but whenever she’s feeling down she buys some lion cereals)
• Ken- Reese’s Puffs. Loves peanut butter
• Bart- plain cornflakes because she doesn’t understand why she’d eat cereals which have little kids or weird animals on them (although she probably steals Ken’s every once in a while, because they smell so good and she has a bit of a sweet tooth)
• Dirk also buys things like Golden Nuggets or any other yellow cereal for aesthetic
• Dirk also shares his cereal with sharkcat and Rapunzel. Although Todd isn’t happy about it.
• Rowdy 3- haven’t eaten cereal for god knows how long until Amanda joined them. Vogel and Cross seem like they eat the same sugary stuff as Dirk. Anything to give them energy. Gripps seems to be a man with a love for flavour so maybe one of those cinnamon ones. Martin probably shocks the whole system and eats muesli. Without milk. Imagines them as fucking nails.
• Estevez- probably has a quick coffee and baked good (bagel/pastry) on the way to work and he’d pick up a breakfast sub for Zimmerfield on his way.

( thanks to @amanda-is-psychic for help with the cereal sub-section 😂 )

rad-lionz-deactivated20170902  asked:

Okay okay what about a uber happy ukulele playing MC?(lmao not really ukuleles but they're so happy instruments it's just more laughter.) Like SHES so hAPPY N SILLY ThE sUn IS jEAloUs oF HER sHiNE. JUst precious. More precious than Yoosung, more precious than V. Very hAPPY, HEALTHY, OPTIMISTIC AND IN TUNE WITH HER EMOTIONS. (None of that I'm acting happy when I'm actually sad LIKE I HAVENT SEEN THIS AND I N E E D IT???? ) RFA+V+Saeran pleaseee

ask and you shall receive, my friend! one happy cinnamon roll mc coming up!! 

hope you enjoy❤~  [side note: she/her pronouns for mc!]


  • isn’t mc just the cutest??? how can one person be so happy and cute?
  • look, he literally can’t get enough of her 
  • she brightens the room, his apartment, his life 
  • anything she does is adorable, zen could probably die 
  • he becomes extra cuddly and kissy and oh my go d 
  • she has a positive outlook on anything and it totally affects him 
  • her laugh is the best melody he’s ever heard. her smile is brighter than the sun
  • she knows how to make him smile in less than 5 seconds
  • these two are the most supportive couple 
  • but also….
  • Guard Wolf Zen Activated - must protect the adorable mc at all costs
  • he hears the slightest hint of a catcall, he gives that person the death glare
  • then grins back to mc when they leave 
  • tries so hard not to corrupt her you’re gonna have to eventually, zen
  • also, im sorry, she what? plays ukulele??
  • guess what: the cutest and most giggly couple song covers!!


  • oh my god, she’s cuter than me
  • isn’t even upset
  • is! so!! happy!! that!!! she’s!!! happy!!!
  • she cheers him up no matter what and turns everything into something happy
  • everyone she meets leaves with a smile and is more energetic 
  • rika who?? mc is the real magician
  • the ‘smiley face food’ couple
  • mc’s ketchup smiley is much better, though 
  • she makes him really feel like superman yoosung aww
  • like, as long as she keeps sticking with him, he could probably do anything
  • the animals and his staff also love her?? oh my godddd 
  • yoosung has been caught more than once just daydreaming with a smile on his face because mc is so cute
  • also what’s personal space?? when they’re together, they’re arm and arm
  • love love loves her singing and playing. it relaxes him
  • flowers minus well be popping out of these two 


  • jaehee: *softly* holy moly im gay
  • mc’s smile is so enchanting and jaehee can’t handle it
  • just the sound of her voice makes jaehee feels invincible 
  • she aspires to be that happy
  • one day, mc gave her a cup with a little foam heart (like the pic, you know)
  • and she swears, she nearly faints
  • mc is the cutest thing
  • look, she’s so cute how can jaehee not give her cheek kisses??
  • when they get home, though, jaehee is super cuddly
  • also! mc is so supportive of her interests, it makes her feel so special and loved 
  • then jaehee finds mc playing ukulele 
  • and that she’s singing one of the zen songs from the movie they watched last night?? 
  • mc sounds? so good??
  • jaehee can’t help but join in 
  • and they’re all grins and singing, though it’s like 8am 


  • the polar opposite of jumin
  • bUT she makes him laugh!! 
  • and he smiles a lot more with her
  • it’s not just “he’s nicer” no, no. listen
  • he’s so much happier. 
  • those tangled threads? mc untangles them so easily
  • she helps him sort out his emotions healthily and help him get in tune with them
  • she even made him a little song to help out
  • he hums it a lot, because she made it for him. it also helps a lot
  • also mc is the actual cutest in his eyes, elizabeth got knocked down a peg
  • but its okay, since elizabeth loves mc too 
  • she hugs elizabeth and elizabeth meows happily
  • jumin can’t believe she has this effect on pets, too
  • it’s amazing and she always knows how to help him with anything

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • aw no, she’s so precious
  • he can’t help but get attached 
  • and even if he tries to avoid her, she just spins it into a positive light?
  • she’s also..always like that. he’s never seen her sad 
  • he knows he has to protect her with everything he has 
  • once, during a “i’m dangerous” episode, mc brought out her uke and sung to him
  • wow that snapped him out of that fast
  • loves to lay his head in her lap while she plays the uke or with his hair and tells him stories about how happy he makes her
  • he always responds by saying she makes him even more happy
  • they like kissing like that 
  • they’re also a ‘smile while they kiss’ couple 

v / jihyun

  • this man will do everything to protect mc
  • he would give up everything and anything to keep that smile on her face 
  • but he also finds himself being more careful with himself
  • because she tells him that she would be sad if he gets hurt
  • so now he can’t get hurt nice, mc im proud
  • look mc could say “i’m sad that you can’t see..” and he’d get the surgery the next day
  • alSO he feels like he’s safe enough to tell her the truth. the whole truth
  • he thinks she’d get sad, and she is, but she still manages a positive outlook
  • and then they cuddle for a while and mc keeps complimenting him 
  • v now thinks this is what actual love feels like 
  • he thinks the pictures he takes of mc laughing are the best he’s ever taken
  • he doesn’t claim to be the sun now, she’s outshined him. in the best way
  • now he feels like he doesn’t need the sun with her around 
  • his heart squeezes at her smiles 
  • also really wants her to teach him how to play the uke 


  • he doesn’t know how to take it at first
  • she was too bright for him, too positive
  • he wasn’t sure what to do
  • but she was so supportive and kind
  • and he made her laugh once, which he really wanted to do again
  • so he did and soon she got him to laugh
  • he finds it easiest to smile when she’s around 
  • it feels like nothing can hurt him around her 
  • for the first time, he feels loved
  • also, she sang him covers on her uke
  • he loves her voice
  • now he can’t sleep without listening to her play it 
Game of Thrones: An Angry Recap

Season 7 Episode 7: The Dragon and the Wolf

Outside of King’s Landing:

As Dany’s troops are positioning themselves all around King’s Landing, Bronn and Jaime have a deep and meaningful discussion about the construct of masculinity between the conflicting priorities of cocks and what-even-is-the-point-of-not-having-a-cock. Oh, the subtle socio-anthropological nuances of Game of Thrones, more refined each episode.

But back to Dany’s troops! The Unsullied, motionless as ever, stand still as an army of Dothraki rides through their ranks making… scary noises? Where did they pick those up? I’m pretty sure the Dothraki were not yodeling like that in season 1. But, whatever, who cares about continuity? Most characters have been replaced by a caricature of themselves this season, so why not make the Dothraki more foreign and more different? Apparently it’s supposed to make for some good TV instead of, you know, raising a lot of eyebrows and bordering offensiveness.

The real Team Dany, meanwhile, sails into King’s Landing, and we find out that Jon is completely healed! Based on the established timelines, it took him about 10 minutes to heal and put his cothes back on, as this is approximately the time it takes to sail from the North to King’s Landing. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Aaaaaaaaaand our sexist joke counter immediately goes DING! as Tyrion mentions the far superior King’s Landing brothels. I mean… sure. The best brothel in show!universe was undoubtedly Littlefinger’s fine establishment, which is not operating any more, so… someone else must have taken over? And how would Tyrion even know? Has he been to all the brothels? (Okay, he probably has.) Based on the show’s characterization, I’d say the best brothels are in Dorne, but… who cares. Maybe D&D are contractually obligated to mention sex all the time. Or they probably just think it’s worthy of all the Emmys, which, sadly, seems to be the case. Ugh.

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At some point, the pack decides to host an Easter egg hunt for the kids back in Beacon Hills. And every year, without fail, Scott and Stiles stay up until about 2am hiding all of the eggs. They end up constantly finding each other’s eggs instead of new hidden locations. Now, the majority of these eggs are filled with candy, of course. But there are five special golden eggs with $10 each in them, and those are placed in super secret, difficult to reach locations. 

The kids are unleashed onto Scott’s lawn the next day and most of the parents are sitting on the deck drinking Lydia’s mimosas. Scott and Stiles, however, are not-so-subtly following around their daughters, Gabrielle and Adalyn, to see who is going to find the most eggs. (”I know it’s not a competition, Lydia but..Jesus she found four eggs in a row. Four of them. And I was the one who hid those!”) 

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Long regarded as one of the brightest stars of the Valiant Universe, Faith Herbert finally has a limited-series of her own. And if you somehow don’t end up loving her, or this new title, then there just might be something wrong with you.

Here’s the official word from @valiantentertainment​:

Orphaned at a young age, Faith Herbert – a psionically gifted “psiot” discovered by the Harbinger Foundation – has always aspired to greatness. But now this once ordinary teenager is taking control of her destiny and becoming the hard-hitting hero she’s always known she can be. But flying solo is going to be tougher than she ever thought when Zephyr uncovers a deep-rooted alien conspiracy … will Faith find herself in over her head…or ready for her biggest challenge yet?

Let’s face it: comics – especially those that specialize in super-hero fare – have a tendency to produce a certain type of hero. Before you roll your eyes and dismiss my proposition as an ignorant generalization, pop the lid off one of your nearest longboxes and pull a comic out at random. I’m willing to bet that if you do this at least once– and especially if you grab something other than a team book – you’re going to snatch a title that features an emotionally tortured, physically buff, reluctant hero. Now don’t get me wrong, I love these type of guys (yes, they are usually dudes), but their prominence in the medium is so well established that it’s finally time to admit they border on trope. Now try the pull-a-comic-at-random experiment again and see how long it takes to pluck out a title that features this: a plus-sized heroine that’s self-possessed, emotionally balanced, and endearingly self-deprecating. It might take you a while.

Or maybe it won’t, if you’re a longtime fan of Faith Herbert.

For those of you new to Faith Herbert – also know by the alias “Zephyr” – she’s one of Valiant’s longstanding B-characters who originated during the Harbinger series. She was, from the beginning, a fan favorite – a geeky girl who was suddenly awarded the gift of flight, her nearly incessant pop-culture references and genuine desire to do good made her not only eminently likable, but gave her a human touch that her tortured counterparts often lacked.

This is not to say that Faith hasn’t struggled – and in fact, with issue #1, writer Jody Houser captures Faith in a moment of transition and turmoil. Having just broken up with her boyfriend, Faith has moved to LA to start again; in an almost perfect set-up for a new launch, Faith must establish new friendships, solidify a secret identity, and scope out new terrain in the superhero game. True to Faith’s character, Houser delivers a script that’s funny, disarming, and appropriately eerie as Faith stumbles upon a new set of mysterious, suicidal villains. Best yet, Houser highlights the uniqueness of Faith, but in ways that keep the character’s integrity intact – nothing smacks of tokenism here; Faith’s weight is established as a norm, not a hollow stunt.

The art, by Francis Portela is pitch-perfect. Faith is rendered in poses that are heroic and beautiful; funny and tough. The large panel shots are especially stunning here – Portela has a keen ability to depict large panoramas while still hyper-focusing on the select features of his centerpiece characters. He shifts from macro to micro almost effortlessly, and it’s a joy to see.

Overall, Faith #1 is everything a launch should be – funny, engaging, and compelling. It hits the stands January 27.

Review by Max Delgado ; Twitter: @LongBoxProject

Limited Time Offer: Get Faith #1 FREE when you spend $25 and subscribe to the Faith’s new four-issue mini-series. (You’ll still get our bitch’n box for free, too)

Shout-out: @mindeclipse

1x03 "We Shall Overcompensate" - Episode Recap

If I got a dollar for every time this show makes me smile like a goof, I’d probably have made more money in 20 minutes than I do with my entire monthly paycheck.

I know, I know, the show is problematic at times and it’s impossible to please everyone, but it just makes me feel so many things and well, I’m allowed to let my heart win over my brain for once, eh?

I mean, when you have an episode starting in a bright and sunny school lawn, with Amy and Karma being adorable together, how else do you expect me to feel?

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