she's officially a tree

In which Vera’s tree wasn’t the only thing that made it to the ground.

When she wasn’t officiating Eden tree services, Vera Kane earned her keep on the Ark as an Art teacher. One of her students, Abby Walters, showed immense talent; but had already dedicated herself to an equally-promising career in medicine. Nonetheless, the girl’s effortlessly poetic style resonated with Vera, and she kept Abby’s painting displayed on the walls of her family’s living quarters… for as long as Marcus Kane, Vera’s quiet young son, could remember.

But until it emerged, a little worse for wear, from the wreckage of Agro station - a year to-the-day after Vera’s passing - he’d never known who the artist was.    

Y’all can blame @abbykomskaikru for this, for asking the question: “We assume Clarke got her artistic skill from Jake, but… what if it was Abby?” With a little help from @aelliots, down the rabbit hole we went.

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People are waiting for an official confirmation from tree. It's not gonna happen. She didn't even confirm tayvin.

Perez said that if People wrote an article on it they talked to Tree.

5 Times Hannah Shepard Met Garrus Vakarian 3/5 (Shakarian)

Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4 : Part 5.1 : Part 5.2 (FIN)

Summary: The third time she met Garrus Vakarian, it was to take her daughter away, and it broke her heart. It turned out she wasn’t the only one. 

- - -

The third time she met Garrus Vakarian, it was to take her daughter away, and it broke her heart. 

Janie had explained things to her, basic things – what she was doing (stopping threats against humanity) and who she was doing it with (Cerberus; she’d had no choice). If Janie had left some questions unanswered (her two year gap; the scars on her face), then Hannah trusted that she had a damn good reason for doing so.

But this was almost – even for a mother – beyond the pale. Arahot was an op gone bad on every level – and one that was indefensible.

Janie would have to come home. Janie would have to face trial.

And, as her mother, there was nothing Hannah Shepard could do about it. There was no way to make it better; no comforting words to say.

Janie simply had to be taken in.

But even though Hannah Shepard hated doing it, but she’d be damned if she let any other officer do it. If Janie had to be taken into custody, it was going to be by her mother, talk of preferential treatment be damned.

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okay i saw a post complaining about Cleopatra always being portrayed as white, and I just have to explain something:

officially? her official family tree? says she is what Americans would refer to as white. her OFFICIAL FAMILY TREE that historians use says she was inbred Macedonian Greek. the Ptolemies were Greek invaders from Alexander the Great’s conquest. Alexander put Ptolemy I in charge, and the Egyptians accepted him as a successor to the traditional pharaohs. the Ptolemaic dynasty then proceeded to marry brothers and sisters in the ‘Egyptian tradition.’ That is the official story and it’s what white historians cling to and spread to other white people who refuse to believe black people can actually do shit.

now, unofficially? Cleopatra probably looked like a black Egyptian.

quite frankly, there is no way the Ptolemies could go three hundred years of brother-sister incest without eventually giving birth to babies with no bones or like eighteen fingers. so far as i know, there isn’t a record of any serious genetic illness within the family. no seizures, no extra toes, nothing significant. three centuries of brother-sister incest and no negative result? yeah, no. the Ptolemies may have officially married each other, but that doesn’t mean they actually had kids with each other.

It seems likely to me that the Ptolemies probably had more unofficial interaction with the native Egyptians than we usually assume. and by that i mean there was probably frick-fracking.

now, as for Cleopatra in particular? let me just say that throughout their rule, the Ptolemies clung to their Greek heritage. they ignored the Egyptian language in favor of the Greek language. straight up refused to use it.

Cleopatra was the only one who learned Egyptian and used it often. she believed she was the reincarnation of Isis, one of the most important Egyptian goddesses.

now, I’m not saying Cleopatra was absolutely the product of her mother’s 'indiscretion’ with a black Egyptian as well as a history of intermingling with native black Egyptians, but i am saying that’s a definite possibility and if you consciously choose to overlook that i can’t do nothin for ya