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Pulse Part 9

Part 8

Genre: Angst, fluff is coming tho don’t worry
Words: 2,165
Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Injuries, cute Peter Quill
Summary: Soulmate AU in which one’s heartbeat becomes perfectly in sync with their soulmate’s once they meet.

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“Bucky, what’s going on?” Steve approached his friend’s side after as he saw Bucky start to stand, albeit wobbly, to his feet. He could see he was staring to feel better, but wasn’t back to being quite himself yet.

“I-I can’t be here right now. Get me away from him, away from her, away fr-”

“Slow down, Buck. What is it?” His hand clasped Bucky’s shoulder both to support him and to encourage him to share what was on his mind. Only Bucky could see the frustration hidden behind his eyes. So much was going on, he didn’t need to be dealing with Bucky’s freak out right now.

He looked back to Peter sitting calmly in one of the chairs, scrolling through his phone to pass time, before looking back at Steve. “Just…” His voice cracked as tears filled his eyes.

Steve pulled his body into his own before he could get an explanation out. It was a crushing hug that Bucky desperately needed, but even the comfort of his life-long friend’s arms couldn’t push the heart-wrenching pain out of his chest.

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Lick Me ‘Til Ice Cream

A/N: God, forgive me, for I have sinned. Literally, don’t read this if you don’t have the intention to go to hell because I’ll be right there with you for writing this. This is my first ever smut so I hope you enjoy it as much as you can. My imagination went somewhere else in order to write this so make sure there’s some water near you, because you’ll need it.


Warning(s): Just filth. Pure filth, daddy kink, inappropriate use of ice-cream

Word count: 2,975

Pairing(s): Joker x Reader / Joker x OC (Original Character)

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          She thought that she’d never get tired of being intimate with her boyfriend. That they’d always keep it new and playful in the bedroom. Never once thinking that her lover would one day fail to make her feel like their relationship was something extraordinary, as it was. However, no matter how hard he pounded or how deep he filled her, it never felt more than a quick fuck in her mind. The same old tricks of the trade when she knew he had something more up his sleeve.

The man was the Clown Prince of Crime.

The King of Gotham.

The Joker.

He wasn’t a boring man, nor an uninteresting man. In fact, early on in their relationship, he had used toys. He had used foreplay. He even tried his hand at dirty talking. But low and behold, their sex-life had dwindled away to the point where she had no more excitement left in her. It was like their spark had died out and they now had to settle for… simple sex.

She refused to believe that there was nothing they could try to spice things up. But every time she tried to advance on him, he would just shrug her off and slide into bed. Playing it off with a cold,

“The heist took it out of me. We can do it in the morning.”

He was gone before she woke up every morning.

Come to think of it, she hardly saw him anymore, even if he was in the house with her. He was always either out on a heist or in his office all day trying to plan for the next one. She wasn’t allowed in his secret sanctuary of high security safes with stolen money and top secret files only he had the right to just look at.

She missed him.

She missed her lover with his never-out-of-place vibrant green hair she could spot from a mile away. His wild cackle he calls a “laugh” that he only softened for her. His o-so-kissable bright red lips that he always used to steal her lipstick to paint over. His dark, meaningful tattoos that contrasted so well with his beautiful bleached body. The way he moved, the way he expressed himself that made grown men shake in his presence.

She just wanted him back.

She wanted to kiss her boyfriend.

She wanted to hold her boyfriend.

She feared that she might actually go just as insane as he was if she didn’t find a way to attract him again.

Of course, she had the pleasure of making him feel good and that made her happy. But what kind of girl doesn’t want to show herself off for her man? Who doesn’t want that special attention from the one she loves?

Deciding that it was time to take immediate action, she knew that her plan would go one of two ways. Either it would end up with her being sprawled out on the huge mahogany desk in his private office being “taken care of”, or, end up with her being screamed at for thinking she could enter his untouched room without permission and injure their intimacy further.

“Fuck it,” she thought aloud, “Ride or die type, right? Let’s give him the choice of whether or not he actually wants me to ride or die.”

          Coming home with bags upon bags filled with tubs of ice-cream, she now started to wonder if their freezer was big enough to fit all of them inside.

Subconsciously, she shrugged her shoulders as she literally stopped in the middle of their living area to think about it before continuing to haul the bags to the kitchen.

“Oh, Mister J, you’re gonna love me.” She muttered to herself as she giggled at the thought of her plan.

Beginning to put all of the tubs in the freezer, she heard a door slam and footsteps padding along the floor.

Was that him?

He’s out of the office for once in his abnormal life?

Rushing to where the footsteps could be heard, she spotted his signature fluorescent hair and practically sprinted to the man she had grown to love. He was wearing, as usual, no shirt but she didn’t complain. Who would? The man was practically crafted by the Gods. His tight-fitting trousers hung low on his hips, exposing his prominent V-line which made her mouth water. She enveloped him in a giant bear hug as she jumped and swung her legs around his torso while snuggling her face into his neck.

“Doll, you’re killing me here.” His deep, gravelly voice sounded as he wrapped his arms around the girl that had attached herself to him to ensure she wouldn’t fall.

She loosened her grip, only slightly, and lifted her head up to look him in his blue, icy eyes. Another thing she missed about him.

“You’re out! I feel like I haven’t seen you for 53 years!” Her excitement was bubbling as she had no intention of suppressing it.

“But… You’re only 21.”

“You can shut up.”

“I’m offended.”

“Just kiss me.”

And so he did. Their lips crashed together and moulded perfectly, as if they were missing puzzle pieces and were only made for one another. The smiles both of them had on their faces during that rare moment were ones of pure dedication and trust between two people.

The innocent kiss escalated into something more heated when he pushed her up against the wall, his hands either side of her head and her legs tightening around his abdomen to bring him closer. Hands reached up into his silky hair and tugged gently, making a groan escape from his open lips before he nibbled on her bottom lip and moving to her neck. She kept her eyes closed and focused on the man pressing into her as she felt him sucking on her sensitive skin.

She nearly lost herself in the little bubble they had created around them but she realised she still had a plan to carry out amidst all the sexual tension. She caressed his cheek, pulling him up to meet his gaze and bit her lip.

“As much as I want you to take me right here, right now, I got something planned out especially for you, Daddy.”

Unwrapping her legs, she let him go and instantly felt lost without the pressure of his body pushed against hers. Instinctively following behind her, his vision now clouded over with a sense of lust and want, her boyfriend grabbed her wrist and turned her around. She slammed into his chest with the force he exuberated on her before smirking up at him, gently rubbing their bodies together to create friction.

“Where do you think you’re going, doll face? Daddy isn’t finished with you yet.” The low growl coming from him indicating he needed her now and was not prepared to wait for a stupid plan she thought of.

“Mm, but you’ll like this surprise, J, I can guarantee you. Just be patient with me? Please?” She pecked his lips, hoping he’d understand what she was trying to do and listen to her. “Go back into the office and wait for me. I’ll be there in T-5 minutes.”

She knew talking in “heist-terms”, as she liked to call it, made him excited and that’s exactly what happened since she felt him twitch through his tight trousers. A smile and a wink was sent in his direction while she walked off. Surprised that he didn’t protest when she brought up the subject of her walking into his office, she heard him begrudgingly make his way back into the room he finally came out of and close the door.

Working quickly, she rid herself of her everyday clothing, leaving her in her black lacy undergarments. A shiver ran through her body as the cold air hit her, making goosebumps appear on her smooth skin. Forgetting the cold and remembering she had a man waiting for her, probably feeling very uncomfortable in his pants, she took the ice-cream scoop into her hand and carefully placed two scoops of the vanilla sweetness onto a cone, licking it once because she couldn’t resist.

She put the tub of fresh ice-cream back inside the freezer and walked towards the entrance of the one room in the house she had never been in before. Taking a deep breath, she knocked and cleared her voice, “Mister J?”

“Come in.” The invitation took a while to register with her before slowly turning the gold handle and opening the door.

The room was stunning with a high ceiling and marble floor, a white rug sitting in the middle of it. The walls painted to match the rug, her eyes followed up to the sparkling gold chandelier that illuminated the room. A large vault was situated at the back, behind where her man was sitting, and she assumed he had tidied up as he was expecting her arrival. Her jaw almost dropped to the floor as she examined every detail of the area. She didn’t know when she would be allowed back in so took her time to soak in every ornament and burn it into her memory.

“You having fun there, baby?” His voice broke her trance-like state and she snapped back to reality. She felt a sudden coldness running down her chest and in between her breasts before she looked down and realised the ice-cream she was holding had begun to melt and drip down her, not realising she had titled it at a weird angle when she was inspecting the place.

“Shit.” She cursed before licking at the rim of the cone to try and stop any more from running down. All the while her tongue was working it’s way around the cone, J had leapt up from his sitting position and approached his girlfriend, licking up the valley of her breasts to remove the trail of ice-cream. A gasp emitted from her lips as she felt his warm tongue make its way up her chest and push into her mouth as he enclosed her lips with his, making her taste the sweetness on it. Moaning into the kiss, he lead her to the middle of the room and sat her on top of his desk, as she predicted would be there, and ran his pale hands up and down her sides.

“Was this your surprise? Ice-cream?” He questioned, grinning up at the lingerie-clad woman.

“What, I thought I’d try something new.” Her own smile replicated his as she held the cone in front of his lips and watched him suck the some of the melted liquid off the top.

There was something oddly arousing looking at the most feared criminal in the city in the eyes and see him lick an ice-cream cone and have it drip down his chin.

“You know, doll. The ice-cream’s great and all, but I would much rather have your juice running down my chin.” As soon as those words came out of his mouth, she physically twitched and felt her pussy become even more slick, if that was even possible.

“Well what are ya waiting for? Be my guest.” She unclipped her bra and slid the straps off her arms, asking her boyfriend to hold her cone for her beforehand though because she “didn’t wanna drop it”. He shook his head at her, chuckling and pressing his lips against hers once she took the item of clothing off.

Holding the cone, he absentmindedly swirled the ice-cream around her nipple, erecting it almost instantly. A whimper came from her throat before he pulled away from the kiss and started to suck on her breast, lapping at the sweetness it was covered in.

“J…” She sighed and leant her head back as the man standing in between her legs worked her nipple. Slowly, he trailed down her stomach and pushed her body onto the hard surface, laying her down. She took the ice-cream from his grasp, allowing him to pull down her skimpy panties and expose her glistening mound as he let out a growl by just looking at it.

“Oh, baby girl, how I’ve missed your pretty pussy.” He commented before pulling his hand up and teased her by tracing his finger around her lips and inner thighs.

“Please. Don’t tease me.” She looked down at him and pleaded with her eyes.

“Please, what?”

“Please, Daddy.” She answered quietly.

He shifted his gaze to the cone in her hand and his eyes lit up with mischief and desire. Grabbing said cone, he titled it and waited for it to drip on her clit and run down, causing her body to jolt at the sudden coldness and shiver in pleasure.

After a few drops had melted, he decided it was enough for now and flattened his tongue on her before dragging upwards. The mixture of the ice-cream and her own pussy collected in his mouth and it tasted heavenly. He groaned as he sucked on her bundle of nerves which sent vibrations through her body before she moaned out loud and gripped the side of the desk. Her reaction only spurred him on further as he picked up the pace on his assault and run his tongue down to her hole, pushing inside and felt her tighten around the muscle. Starting to fuck her with his mouth, he brought the ice-cream back around and let it drip onto her clit again, the sweet juice running down on his tongue. Her cries could be heard from next door but neither of them cared.

She felt that she was close to her release now and pulled on his hair, bringing him further into her.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum! Don’t stop!” She begged and arched her back.

Guess what?

He stopped.

“J, I swear to god, I’m gonna fucking kill you.” Her eyes glazed over with lust, anger and desperation as she watched him innocently take a lick from the cone.

“Oh, but, baby, if you kill me, who’s gonna fuck you like you deserve to, huh? Who’s gonna make you cum when you’re a good girl? And who’s gonna punish you when you’re not?” His voice lowered into a sexy whisper as he unzipped his trousers and let them fall down his legs, palming himself through his boxers.

“… I do like it when you make me cum…” Her eyes fixated on his circular motions his hand was moving on his crotch before she reached out and pulled his underwear down for him, stroking his length.

“I know you do, doll, and that’s why you’re gonna be a good girl for Daddy right now and suck his cock.” He demanded, her jumping off the desk and onto her knees in lightening speed.

Her lips made contact with the tip and rubbed the pre-cum over it before allowing the head to be pushed into her mouth and sucked. His head fell back and grabbed her hair into a make-shift ponytail as he groaned. “That’s it, baby. Take more of Daddy’s cock.”

Wasting no time, she obliged and engulfed as much as she could into her warm mouth and swirled her tongue along the underside, beginning to suck hard. She placed her hands on his thighs to keep herself steady as she bobbed her head up and down his shaft, revelling in listening to his sounds of appreciation and tightening his grip on her hair.

She suddenly felt a cold liquid against her lips and looked up. He was rubbing the ice-cream on himself, the kinky bastard. She pulled off with a pop and grinned at him, letting him coat his dick fully. He growled at the sensation of it covering him before she ran her tongue up and down to taste him and hummed on his cock which made his hips buck into her mouth resulting in her gagging. The feeling of her throat closing up on his tip made him go wild and he pulled her off, pushing her back onto his desk and rubbing himself up and down her soaked slit.

“You want this?” He asked with his deep voice and looking her in the eyes. She smirked and grabbed the cone from his hand and licked it.

“Go ahead and fuck me, Daddy.”

He didn’t need to be told twice and slammed himself into her, letting her adjust for a moment as they both cried out in pleasure at the new feeling they hadn’t felt for a long time. Once they were ready, he didn’t hold back in pounding into the tight walls that kept clenching around him, bringing him closer and closer to his orgasm.

“I’m gonna cum, baby girl. You wanna feel it in ya?” He reached down and rubbed circles on her clit with his thumb, matching the rhythm of his thrusts and making her moan so loudly she was pretty sure the whole of Gotham could hear her.

“Yes, please, Daddy, I want your cum. I’m so close.”

He felt her pussy clench one more time around him and it sent him over the edge. Releasing himself inside his girlfriend, he stilled his movements and groaned as he felt her do the same. She screamed and gripped the desk so tightly, she could’ve sworn she broke a bone, her juices running down his cock and onto the desk.

Heavy breathing was the only sound that could be heard and the whole room smelled like sex and sweat the two of them created. They rode out their highs before he pulled out and laid next to her, pulling her close while she wrapped herself around him.

“We might need to get some more ice-cream for next time.” He joked, not knowing she bought gallons of the stuff earlier in the day.

Don’t worry about it, Mister J, I got it covered.”

Safe or Smothered

Summary: Dean loves his family, there’s no doubt about it. He cares more than is healthy, if anyone was being honest. Of course, this sometimes leads to conflict; especially when it comes to his little sister.

Word Count: 2586

Warnings: swearing, mild gore (its literally just a bullet like if you can’t handle that then how do you watch the show smh)

A/N: hey guys! Sorry if I haven’t been as active lately but my keyboard doesn’t connect to my tablet and stuff:( but I remembered that this was in my drafts, so I decided to edit some of it and then post it. I’m sorry about the inconvenience!!! My keyboard should be fixed soon.

“Damn it, Y/N,” Dean growled as he slammed the motel door shut. “If you’d just listen to me for once then you wouldn’t be in this situation.”

“He was going to shoot you!” Y/N shouted, wincing as she landed on the leg with a bullet in it. “Do you honestly expect me to stand by while you get shot? I’ve seen you do it for me and Sam, so please, tell me: how is this any different?”

“It just is,” he grumbled, grabbing the first aid kit. “And you know it.”

“Oh, ‘it just is,’ he says,” Y/N called after him. “Good one, De. You should be a lawyer. Listen here, I saved your ass back there, and you’re acting- ah! - you’re acting like I’m dying.” Y/N panted as he dug out the bullet, his stony silence piercing the air.

“Listen,” she continued. “I get you want me to be safe, but there’s a difference between keeping me safe and smothering me.”

“Y/N,” Dean said gruffly as he tied a knot on the bandage. “This is the third hunt in the past month that you’ve gotten shot. I don’t even want to think about all those other times where you could’ve stayed safe if you hadn’t decided to do your own thing-”

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Unexpected Interruptions

Percy x Reader

 Rated S for Stupid Smut (Because I suck)

A/n: First off I want to apologize for the trash you are about to read, I’m horrible at smut. Secondly, this took way longer than it was supposed to. Sorryyy

It was so quiet.

The day had been lazily dragging by without a single scream of terror or shouts of orders being thrown at yourself and other campers that had stayed behind for the winter. You yourself staying behind to help your best friend Leo Valdez with his projects other campers requested for him to make or fix. You being there to take care of Leo whenever he worked too hard on things to the point of passing out or whenever he refused to leave the bunker to go grab something to eat, you were there.

Every once in a while when you can convince the workaholic to take a break, you too would take the time to sit back and relax. Now was one of those times where you took advantage of that time by finishing that new book Annabeth recommended to you about a week ago. You had started it that afternoon once she’d given it to you, heading down to the beach and reading till sundown, finishing less than half of the book and heading back to your cabin to continue, where all of your noisy half-siblings were.

In short, you never got to read in peace once you got to your cabin, which is also the reason you’re laying in your boyfriend’s bed in cabin 3. Percy being the only residence here besides the occasional visit from Tyson made staying over really convenient, especially since you’ve made it into your little hideaway.

You snuggled up to Percy’s pillow, taking in his sea salt and somewhat minty scent that strangely mixed into the blissful smell that was your boyfriend. A grin lifted the edges of your lips as you thought of him, distracting you from the captivating book you were so enthralled in. You shifted your position to what you thought would be a more comfortable position onto your side before groaning and flipping on your stomach to continue.

A squeak of the door made your head turn to identify the intruder, the sound of grunting and shuffling told you that it was probably Percy coming back from training younger campers.

True to your suspicion Percy shuffled into your sight, his face breaking into a grin when he saw you lying on his bed looking so cuddly and cute while reading your book, “Thank gods you’re here.” He groaned out while easing himself on the bed and crawling up to you.

Wrapping you in a warm embrace he continued, “You look so cute and cuddly laying in my bed, honey.” He kissed your temple slowly, his lips lingering there while he traced feather light patterns down your arm and attempting to pull your hand away from your book to kiss it, but eliciting a soft whine from you as you refused.

He huffed in annoyance and decided to pepper kisses down the side of your face leaning slightly in front of you to peck your lips quickly.

“Percy,” you whined again, “It’s getting good and you’re in the way!”

You flipped the page quickly as you began to wonder what the main character would do next. Before you could even read a single word of the new page; Percy yanked the book from your grasp and placed it behind his head.

You gasped, “Perseus Jackson! Give that back now.”


You glared back at his amused face and made a grab for the book, but his reflexes were faster than yours and he rolled off the bed with the book in hand.

“I want your attention and this stupid book is depriving me of that!” He whined cutely, his eyebrows creasing and his eyes becoming puppy like.

You held back the grin that wished to replace the scowl taking residence on your face, “Percy. Book. Now.” You spoke firmly with a hand on your hip and the other hand held out in demand.

He grinned ’How cute...’ Percy thought as held in his squeals of how cute she was knowing it would only further enrage her.

However, Percy unintentionally hinted at his plans of not giving in so you lunged forwards, determined to retrieve your stolen book.

However, you only caught air as you soon realized Percy had sidestepped your attack, a smug smirk mocking your weak attack choice, “I thought I taught you better than that, babe.”

You huffed and shook away the hair that hung in front your (e/c) eyes, “ Shut it, Percy. I didn’t know that this was an evaluation, now give me my book back!”

“All I asked for was your love and attention, was that too much? This book is in the way. I’ll give it back later if you give me what I want…”

Percy licked his lips and winked at you, giving you his usual signal that he wanted to make out with you. You rejected the idea this time, staying strong and ignoring the way your heart picked up speed at his actions, “No give me the book!”

This time you swung your foot around the back of his knees and pulled forward to give him no choice but to fall backward. Although he did catch you by surprise when his hand grasped your shirt and pulled you along with him.

Your breath left your lungs as you landed hard on Percy’s chest, internally scolding yourself for being so unaware of his move. That’s when you noticed exactly WHERE you fell…


“Hi there,” You felt his voice rumble through his chest as he spoke, “All I asked for was cuddles and love but I don’t mind this at all.”

You moved your hands to either side of him as you tried to lift yourself off of him, but your attempts were futile since he locked his arms firmly around your waist. In fact, it only made things worse.

Percy groaned as you accidentally rubbed against his crotch, lifting his hips up to meet yours in instinctive response.

You bit your lip at the sight of him groaning, ‘Gods he’s so hot…’ You thought to yourself.

Percy looked up at you with lidded sea green eyes, “Please do that again~”

Hesitating was what caused him to whine a bit in need, also causing your panties to pool with your arousal. You started to grind on his crotch which elicited a soft moan to fall from your lips and his head to fall back onto the floor, his eyes screwed shut. You sat up and placed your hands flat on his firm chest that he worked so hard to achieve.

His hands slipped up your body, massaging your hips before moving up your stomach to your breasts. Your lips parted in a silent moan as he reached behind with one hand and unclasped your black lace bra while his other flicked the nipple he had uncovered.

“Percy,” you gasped, tearing his focus from your body to your voice,“Bed. Now.”

Percy didn’t have to be told twice as he sat up and locked his hands tightly around you as he somehow clumsily stood up whilst carrying you. He dropped you on the bed, automatically connecting his mouth to yours in a greedy kiss.

He sat between your open legs, his hands riding your shirt up to pull it off. Your mouths separated for what felt like hours as he shimmied your sweater off your warm body; your chest exposed to the chill air of the cabin making your nipples perk up even more.

Percy didn’t leave your breast unattended as his hands cupped both of them in his large hands, absentmindedly flicking and pinching one nipple with his forefinger and thumb while his mouth paid close attention to the other swollen nub. He kitten-licked and sucked on it as he looked up at your face– mouth agape in silent moans and eyes lidded, meeting his lust filled gaze.

He released your nipple with a pop, lifting himself up enough so he could tug at your leggings, “Can I…?” He asked almost bashfully, it always shocked you how he goes from a sex god to the dorky boyfriend you know so well.

You nodded quickly with a smile, lifting your hips up so that he could tug the black fabric down your legs faster. Once they were off fully, Percy looked down at your underwear– or should he say lack of underwear.

“Are you seriously wearing a thong?”

You felt your face grow hot in embarrassment, you found yourself stuttering out a simple answer.

“Do you… Not like it?” You asked hesitantly, afraid he thought you were a bit too risqué with your choice of undergarments.

“No no no,” he said quickly, licking his lips,“ I love them.”

He hooked his fingers in the strings and started to pull them down and off when your words stopped him,
“This is a bit unfair.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m the only one naked here,” you pouted,“ I want to see your body too.”

He smiled at your words and leaned down to peck your lips sweetly,“You got it, baby girl.”

He moved off of you long enough to remove his dirty CHB shirt and blue jeans. He crawled back over your waiting body with a smirk,“ Better?”
You looked his body up and down with a smirk, “Definitely.”

Your hands smoothed over his chiseled chest, his rippling muscles were most likely hand made by the gods themselves. You sighed in contentment, a small smile slipping across your swollen lips as you traced over his abdomen slowly.

Percy let out a puff of amusement, "Someone’s fascinated,” He teased, leaning down to leave his markings on your neck.

You couldn’t stop the small moan that left your lips, your body arching upward to brush against his own, which elicited a hum of pleasure from Percy as a response.

He pulled away to admire the small purple and red markings that began blossoming across the nape of your neck, smiling at his masterpiece proudly before glancing up at you with a mischievous smirk. Anxious of his next move you chewed on your bottom lip, breath hitching as he began to kiss down your stomach. You watched as he slowly made his way to your now bare sex. He spread your legs further making you blush. His hot breath fanned across your sex causing you to whimper in anticipation. Your hands gripped the sheets beneath as he finally pulled your lips gently apart and took an experimental lick.

“God, you taste amazing..” He purred as he finally began to attack your sex with soft nibbles and licks. You bit lip painfully trying to hold back your moans. His tongue pushed into you slightly and you lost it you couldn’t keep quiet anymore.

“Oh god…P-Percy, Mmm..Fuck!” You screamed, your hands making their way to his hair tugging at it slightly. He pulled away and grinned at you like you were his prey.

“Do you wanna cum now or do you want me to ease your orgasm out of you, sweetheart?” He whispered against your sex making your back arch slightly.

“I-I want you to ease it out of me…P-Please?” You knew you sounded desperate, begging like a child who wanted more candy but you had waited too long for this to happen.

“Okay babe, don’t worry…I’ll take care of you.” He got off the bed after giving you a kiss on the forehead, making his way to his drawer. He rummaged through it and quickly pulled out a condom. He knelt back on the bed about to open it when you whined grabbing his attention. You shook your head and he looks at you uncertain for a second.

“I’m on the pill…I wanna feel all of you…” You bit your lip hoping he’d agree, you’d waited too long for this and you didn’t want that barrier.

“Okay sweetheart… I want you to tell me if I get too rough okay? I don’t wanna hurt you.” However, the idea of Percy getting rough only served to turn you on more, but you nodded anyway and spread your legs in invitation making him groan as he gripped his length.

He crawled over to you pressing a passionate yet sweet kiss to your lips before nudging your entrance. You let out a little whine, thrusting upwards making his tip push in, he growled before slamming in the rest of the way with a firm thrust. You screamed out in pain and pleasure, burying your head into his shoulder, clinging to him like he was your life line. After a minute you felt the pain subside, you wiggled your hips experimentally. You whimpered and thrust up once again this time with more force.

“S-Shit, Y/N don’t do that.” He groaned.

“Jesus Kitten you feel so good,” Percy added his jaw clenching in restraint. After calming down a little he decidedly took control of the situation, pulling out almost completely before thrusting back into you roughly. Your nails dug into his bare back making his thrust faster.

“Faster..” You screamed as he sucked a bruise into your neck, his growls getting slightly more feral which only served to bring you closer to your end. You felt the pit in your stomach making you pull back and look into Percy’s eyes.

“P-Percy…I’m close…” You whimpered your eyes tearing up from the amount of pleasure you were feeling.

“M-Me too, sweetheart.” He panted softly his right-hand intertwining with yours, he leaned down and kissed you with so much emotion, you felt your stomach coil tighter and you moaned against his lips. He pulled back and whispered in your ear.

At the worst possible timing, Leo Valdez came barging in, his usual mischevious grin plastered across his tanned skin, “Hey Percy, wanna help me- HOLY HEPHAESTUS!” He shrieked in surprise.

As if it couldn’t get any worse that it already was, Percy and you both were too close to climax when the unexpected intrusion happened and both came with loud moans, immediately separating once the new third party made himself known.

Percy instinctively tossed the messily bundled blue sheet across your bare body before scrambling for his own clothes to hide his body from Leo’s prying eyes, “What the hell are you doing in here?!” Percy hissed, tugging his boxers up, his pants following shortly after.

Leo swallowed nervously, “I was about to prank Jason and wanted your help.” He explained quickly.

You groaned and waved Leo out of the room with muffled curses following the retreating boy.

“Make sure you wrap it up!”

Percy tossed the closest thing he could grab– Your bra– and chucked it at the laughing Latino who caught it with ease, wrapping the strap around his head like it was a bike helmet.

Percy gasped and shouted a quick, “Hey!” before running after the cackling son of Hephaestus, his shirt still forgotten on the wooden floor of cabin 3 along with the still naked you hiding underneath the covers, facepalming at the dorky hotness that was your boyfriend.


summary: Thirty-two years of sisterhood sounds like forever, she thinks, but is is not enough.

sort of post ep for paper clip. part of my series of fics i’m writing as i rewatch the x files.

“I think it’s about something we have no personal choice in. I think it’s about fate.” - Fox Mulder, 3x02 Paper Clip


They’ve discussed names, a little unseriously. Bill had insisted that it would be another boy, so they had agreed unofficially on Charles. (He liked to name the children after family members; there was Billy, and then Melissa was after his mother and Charles after his father. But they hadn’t discussed girl names.)

“I liked that one name you suggested,” Bill offers the next morning. They know the routines of early parenthood well, but he is no less fascinated by the baby, moving his fingers through the sunlight for her to track. “What was it… Dana.”

Maggie smiles; Dana was her favorite of the considered girl names, but she’d figured Bill would never go for it since it wasn’t traditional. “Dana Katherine,” she offers, stroking her daughter’s downy red hair. The baby snuffles, turning her face into Maggie’s shoulder. “For my grandmother.”

They take the baby home after a few days. Bill goes in first - wisely enough, Missy and Billy tend to be rambunctious, especially right after breakfast. Maggie’s mother has been staying with them, and she embraces Maggie at the door before leaning over the baby carrier. Missy and Billy leap at her before their father stops them. “Go and sit on the couch,” he says in that kind but stern way he has. Billy sticks out his lower lip and stomps over to the couch. Bill scoops up Missy and sets her next to her brother; she swings her legs in excitement.

The kids have been arguing for a few weeks now about whether or not the baby would be a brother or a sister (Billy in favor of the former and Missy of the latter). Maggie opts to sit between them with the baby in her arms so they won’t come to blows over who was right. “Kids,” she says. “This is your new sister, Dana.”

Billy pouts, flopping back against the back of the couch, and Bill and her mother swoop in to scold him. But Missy is intrigued, crawling closer to get a look. Dana half-dozes, tiny hands waving in the air. Missy pokes her foot. “Day?”

“Dana,” Maggie corrects, amused. “Don’t poke her, sweetie, you have to be gentle.”

Melissa reaches for the baby again, and Dana catches her sister’s finger in her little hand. “Day,” she says, satisfied.

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Thief Part 2

Anon asked:  Part two to the their Peter imagine where maybe he gets angry and then they make out or somethin please 👀
Word Count: 1314
Warnings: Sassy Jubilee, attempt at a fight scene, small awkward moments, Peter Maximoff being cheeky af

Peter Maximoff was stubborn.  He knew that you were the one that had taken them, but he couldn’t find any proof.  Her friends refused to tell him if she’d done it, and Charles refused to read her mind.  And no one was letting him near the security cameras.  He was stuck having to assume she’d done it.

So, like the totally mature person he was he decided to investigate.  And by investigate he meant going around humming the Batman theme trying to find a way for you to confess.  It was harder than it looked.  Raven Darkholme, tired of all this, decided to end it all in a training session.

“Today class,” Raven began.  “We’re going to work on hand to hand combat.  No powers are allowed, and trust me, I will know if you aren’t.  Go pick your partners.”  You turned to Jubilee, ready to begin.  But someone got in the way.

“Hi Y/N,” it was Peter.  Of course it was him.  He was constantly trying to get you to admit that you’d stolen the box.  And obviously, you weren’t going to let him win.  “Why don’t we work together?  We clearly have issues that we need to iron out!”

“I didn’t take your Twinkies.” you replied, looking for Jubilee.  If Jean was reading your mind right now, she would’ve helped.  But to no avail, you were on your own.  

“Are you sure?  Because Jubilee and Jean said it wasn’t them.”

“What if it was Ororo?”

“We both know that she would take it more discreetly.”  He was right, and you knew it.  You just had to convince him that it wasn’t you, and time was running short.  

The whole session didn’t go well.  For some reason, the both of you were more sluggish than usual.  Raven suggested (more like mildly threatened) that you both stay after, and train more.  Since almost no one wanted to get on Raven’s bad side, the both of you agreed.  You picked up a punching bag, and prepped yourself for an attack.  But before you could do anything like that, you felt a breeze pass by you.

“Whatcha doin’ (L/N)?” Peter asked.  You rolled your eyes, and sighed, turning towards him.

“Taking this punching bag,” you gestured towards the bag. “And pretending it’s you.”

“Wouldn’t you actually want to train with me instead?”

“I would, but I have a feeling that you’d use your powers.”

“Me?” Peter scoffed.  “Pssssh.  I’d never do that.”  He was lying.

“Why don’t we make it a game then?” you asked, a coy smile making its way to your face.  “If you can win a sparring match without using your powers, then I’ll tell you what happened to your Twinkies.”

“And if you win?”

“Then you have to stop bugging me about what happened to them.”  He smirked, and you knew that you had yourself a deal.  Peter charged towards you, and you moved to the side.  Then, you ran to him, and tried to punch him.  He saw it coming, and also dodged.  This continued on for several minutes, before you were finally able to flip him over, but not without him taking you down with him.

You landed on top of him, and pushed yourself above him.

“Does this mean I win?” he questioned.  You sighed, and knew the jig was up.

“Yeah, you want the truth?” you responded.


“I took the Twinkies.  But I didn’t know they were yours!”  And he seemed to change expressions, from curiosity to a knowing smile.

“I knew it!” His face was still a smile.  And it was only then that you realized how close you two were.  Peter’s hands found their way to your waist, and your hands began to cup his face.  And you could feel your faces getting closer to one another.  Were you two going to kiss?  You weren’t sure, but you didn’t want to do it in the Danger Room.

“We should probably leave now.  I’ve got homework that I need to do.” you blurted out.

“So you’re telling me that you almost kissed Peter?” Jubilee asked.  The two of you were sitting on her bed, and it would’ve been a girls night if Ororo wasn’t on a mission, and if Jean wasn’t on a date with Scott.


“But then you got yourself out of the situation with the excuse of having to do homework, which is definitely not true.  You finish your homework before we go to the Danger Room.”

“I know, I know,” you groaned, while pressing your palm to your face.  “It was really awkward, and I don’t know why I didn’t kiss him.”

“Well at least you didn’t steal another box of Twinkies from him.”, she replied, while staring at the box of Twinkies.  “You did check to see if those were his right?”

“Shit.” you muttered.  Picking up the box, you checked each side of the box, and found a message on one of them:

These are Peter’s Twinkies.  If found in someone other than his or Kurt Wagner’s possession, then they have probably been stolen.  Either by Y/N or Scott.

There was an awkward silence between you and Jubilee.

“Should we hide it?” you asked.

“He’ll probably know it was you.” she replied.  You two stared at it awkwardly, not sure what to do.

“How about bringing it back to the pantry.”

“We’re too slow for that.”

“Then what do we do?”

“What do you mean we?  I didn’t take the box.”

“Thanks Jube, it’s nice to know that you have my back.” you sarcastically spoke.  “I’m going to bring this back to the pantry.”

“Good luck!” Jubilee called out, as you walked out of the room.  You knew the way to the kitchen, and hoped that Peter wouldn’t find you.  Just as you placed the box back in the pantry, you felt a presence behind you.  

“I knew you took it.”, Peter said.  You turned around to see him leaning against the doorframe.

“I didn’t mean to,” you replied.  “Again.”  He sped to the pantry, where you were, and examined the box.  

“I don’t know about you, but if I was someone else, I’d assume that you liked me.  And that you were stealing these for my attention.” He looked up from the box, and gave you a playful smile. “Which is kind of cute.”

“If I was someone else, I’d assume you were taking this too far.”, you teased.  “And that you liked me.  Which is also kind of cute.”  You weren’t sure if you should tell him about your feelings, but you needed to get it out of the way.

“You know, in the Danger Room, I thought we were going to kiss.”, you stammered, it felt like you were fumbling for words, not sure where this was going to go.

“Did you want that to happen?” he asked.  The two of you were close.  Very close.  You would’ve nodded if your body didn’t decide to freeze up at this very moment.  Instead of that, you decided to be as smooth as you could in this situation.

“Uh huh.” You felt his hand on your face before his lips met yours.  Immediately, a feeling of warmth went across your entire body.  Your arms went around his neck, as his went down to your waist.  After what seemed like forever, you had to pull away for air.

And turned to see Jubilee in the doorway, with her mouth wide open.

“You know, I was wondering what was taking you so long.” she said.

Out of the Frying Pan (1/?)

Emma Swan is only doing this for one reason, well, make that two. To get her show’s numbers back up and, maybe, impress her son. She doesn’t like admitting to that second one though.

Killian Jones is doing this for absolutely, positively, just one reason. To expand his restaurant. And maybe get Regina off his back. So that’s kind of two reasons.

Neither one of them is doing a year-long Food Network all-star competition because they’re celebrity chefs and there’s not really any other choice. Of course not. And neither one of them is enjoying it because they maybe, kind of, sort of enjoy each other. That would be insane.

AN: Oh hai, we’re back at it. This has been lingering in my drafts forever because I wrote it while I was posting YPBLAG. It is also impossibly long, but this time with different perspectives! And cooking! It also totally messed up my sponsored ads on Facebook for weeks because I kept googling so much Food Network information. And an enormous thank you to @laurnorder who is the best. Straight up.  

Also living it up on Ao3 if that’s how you roll. 

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My Princess -Wonho Mafia AU (chapter 10. FINALE)

Character profiles      Chapter 1    Chapter 2  Chapter 3     Chapter 4   Chapter 5     Chapter 6   Chapter 7   Chapter 8   Chapter 9 (smut)

Originally posted by monstaxmemes

Y/N’S POV [February 15. 7:09 am]

Slowly I woke up the next day, our clothes were everywhere.I looked to my side and saw Wonho still in a deep sleep. Last night things got heated quickly, he made my body crave something I’ve never had before. Although I was scared that didn’t stop my body wanting what it needed. As I lost in my thoughts I didn’t notice him waking up until I felt his warm hand on mine. A blush came to my cheeks and there was no way to hide it, I felt beyond shy about what we did last night. 


I woke up to only see y/n staring at the ceiling, a small smile appeared on my face as I remembered what happened last night. We were finally free, she’s all mine. She is my princess and I am her prince. Softly my hand reached for her, a blush began to form. She was feeling shy.. After all she did get shy with any type of affection and well last night was one big step. 

“Good morning princess,” I said in my deep yet raspy morning voice. Her plumped lips formed a smile, “good morning” she replied. She slowly moved closer to me, I wrapped my arms around her waist as held her close, softly I placed a kiss on her cheek. “How you feeling?” I asked her.

“A bit sore… But I’ll be fine.” she replied as she played with her fingers. She then turned around to face me, I felt her soft plumped lips on mine. I smiled and kissed her back, she was shy but much more confident with affection. Her hands began to run through my hair, a soft sighed left me, it felt relaxing.

After a while of laying in bed and talking we showered and got ready to go out for breakfast. There was food in fridge and we needed to eat. 



Last night when he asked me to run away with him I was unsure of what do to. I love him but I also love my father. He raised me and given me everything I could ever need so I can’t help but feel like a traitor. But he was becoming scare and demanding, he wanted to marry me with Kihyun and I could never marry anyone who I didn’t love. Wonho also mentioned about us getting married, I love Wonho but I’m not sure if I’m ready for marriage just yet. I had informed him about how he felt and he was glad I did so, he said there was no rush to do so, that made me much more relaxed.

Today all we’ve done is woken up, shower, go out for breakfast, buy groceries, and now we were currently shopping for home supplies. But I couldn’t help but feel like we were being watched and I think that Wonho feels the same because he’s keeping an eye out for anything suspicious. We were ready to check out, our cart had cooking supplies such as pans and coffee mugs, and other small things such as silverware. 

Wonho always seemed like the type to not be interested in shopping and running errands but he hasn’t complained at all. Once we paid for everything we headed back home. His house had 3 rooms and 2 bathrooms, one in the main room and one seperate. It also had a lovely kitchen, a big living room, and a huge garden. I love it, it has everything a home needs. After we put everything we had bought away we cuddled up in the living room and began our movie marathon. 

KIHYUN’S POV [1:30 pm]

I couldn’t believe my ears once I heard it. Wonho had stolen MY girl. Y/N IS MY WIFE TO BE. Wonho and I have been friends for years but I couldn’t forgive him this time. He always got the girl and I was tried of it, those two were very good at acting. In public they hated each other but secretly they were in between the sheets. As soon as y/n’s dad found out he promised to kill Wonho and I wasn’t going to stop him.

I looked down at the computer as her father drove, we were tracking them down by a secret chip her dad had installed in y/n earings. Pretty sneaky ehh. When we first found out we had asked the boys if they knew where they were heading. No one knew, except Shownu. He refused to speak, and her father not being able to control himself, shot him 2 in the abdomen. According to the boys who rushed him to the hospital, said he was fine, he just needs recovery. But that was the least of my problems. I needed to know where y/n was, she can’t be with Wonho. She just simply can’t.

I’ve always been the nice guy and maybe that’s why I was always the one with a broken heart at the end, but it was over now. There is no more being Mr.Nice Guy, y/n needs to know how I really feel about her. She couldn’t say yes to being my valentine because all she cares is about Wonho, but she needs to learn that there’s other guys who are dying for her love. Guys like me, I can treat her better than Wonho does, I can love her harder that Wonho does, I can do anything better than Wonho does.

We’ve been driving for about 4 hours now, and according to this GPS we are an hour away from y/n. I wonder if she’s okay, if she’s eaten, if she knows what she’s gotten into because she’s blind. She doesn’t see that this whole situation has gotten out of hand.

[2:25 pm]

I looked around, we were 5 minutes away from y/n. My heart was beating faster than it should I needed to hold her. I looked to my side, her father’s jaw was clenched, his blood was boiling, or so he told me so. The car stopped in front of a house, outside there was a familiar car, Wonho’s. I got my gun and so did her dad, we loaded them and rushed out of the car.

Y/N’S POV [2:32 pm]

I was cuddled into Wonho’s side as we peacefully watched a movie, sudendly 3 loud bangs where heard at the door. I shot up, the loud banging caught me off guard so it did give me a fright. I looked at Wonho, he motioned for me to be quiet as he quickly turned off the TV. 

“ I KNOW YOU”RE IN THERE WONHO! OPEN THE DOOR AND GIVE ME MY DAUGHTER BACK BEFORE I END YOUR LIFE”, my father yelled through the other side of the door. Tears where starting to form in my eyes, this wasn’t supposed to happen. Wonho took my hand and quickly pulled me up, rushing me as far away from the door. 

There was a moment of silence before someone kicked the door down, that’s when I came face to face with 2 men. My father and a scary Kihyun. My father pointed his gun at Wonho.

“Let go of her.” He demanded.


“Save it young lady, you’re in big trouble” he snapped at me.

Kihyun looked over at me with mixed eyes, they were always happy but not this time. They were dark and full with anger, I watched as he took his gun out and pointed it at Wonho. 

“Give me my girl back!” He yelled at him.

Wonho’s eyes widen, he’s never seen him like this. “Kihyun…” He began to speak up.

I interrupted him, “Appa… I love him… please let me be happy.” I began to beg but he wasn’t having any of it.

“I told you to end it with him but you disobeyed me!” He boomed. “You had a chance and you screwed it over! You maybe be a princess but life isn’t a fairy tale darling… I’m going to count to 5 and you better move away from him before I shoot.”

I looked over at Wonho, my eyes covered with tears, it can’t end like this. I’m not leaving him, if he dies, I die. Kihyun walked over to me since I wasn’t moving away from him. He roughly removed me away from him, he kept a tight grip on my arm so I wouldn’t escape. He moved next to my father and pointed his gun back at Wonho. 

Wonho didn’t say anything, had he given up on us? My heart broke as I watched him. He was crying, he was crying. Never in life life had I seen him cry. It was like he was made out of stone, he always bottled up his feelings but he was finally releasing them, 


“Y/n I love you”


“Don’t ever change for anyone, you got that?”


“I’m going to be gone for a while but that doesn’t mean we’ll never see each other.”


“Please take care of yourself, we’ll meet again, I promise you… See you later my princess…”



I quickly turned away as I began to hear the guns go off. Kihyun and my father began to shoot him to death. A thump was heard, his body had hit the ground and the shooting had stopped. With much force I managed to look his way, his body was on the floor. It didn’t move, he was bleeding out, his chest wasn’t moving the way it should. At that moment I knew I had lost the love of my life.

Thank you all for joining me on my first ever scenario series, I am glad many of you love it but everything sadly must come to an end. Please let me know of what you guys would over all rate it, feedback is very helpful. I’m sorry I made you cry, I did shed a couple of tears as I wrote this. Thank you all once again

Cheater Part Six

A/N: SO this has been a long time coming. I kinda lost inspiration for this fic and got sucked into everything else. I’m thinking that there is going to be three or four more parts. Let me know what you guy think and if you liked it.

Word Count: 1000

Cheater part 2 part 3 part 4  part 5

As You got to the lab, you found Bruce checking Tony’s vitals while he laid on a table. When the four of you entered the room Tony looked over but quickly averted his gave when he saw you.

Once Bruce set down the blood pressure cuff and told Tony he would be fine you walked over to the table and crossed your arms staring at Tony.

Looking at the group of heroes that had made their way into the lab you looked at Nat. “Could we please have a moment?” you asked her.

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Slipping Through My Fingers

I couldn’t get @lesbianlinkle‘s Hyrule Warriors post out of my head, so I wrote fic for it. 

Summary:  Cia had waited thousands of years for Hylia to return to her, but eventually, she finds she must take matters into her own hands to rescue her love from her own mistakes.

(Also on Ao3 and FF.N)

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Winner (Sehun)

Badboy AU
3101 Words

***It’s been a while huh? I’m so sorry but I hope this makes up for it. It’s not my best and I’m a little rusty but it’ll get better haha. Thank you for reading.

Rough hands, chapped lips, and a permanent scar on his cheek-Sehun was a loser, he told her that all the time. 
“Why are you even my best friend? I’m the scum of this earth.” he would joke but deep down she knew he fully believed his own words. She would try to tell him, “You’re not scum Sehun and it’s not too late to turn around.” but they both knew that it was easier said than done. Sehun had gone too deep in the world of lying, cheating and surviving to just turn around and start anew. 

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No More Dates

The moment he said those three words to her, things shifted between them.

Shifted in a way that no best friend wants.

I love you changed everything.

Y/N remembered watching Joe’s eyes, the nervousness swirling in them as he waited for her to respond, and she also remembered the broken look when she told him she didn’t feel the same way.

She did love him, but she wasn’t in love with him.

And so she had left that night, wondering if she had just lost her best friend.

The next morning though, Y/N called Joe, telling him that when he was ready, she would help him find a girlfriend. It was the least she could do, she was still his best friend, right?

He had been reluctant at first, but she told him that was fine, to talk to her when he was ready.

Two weeks later, he did.

And now, a few months after that, Y/N regretted the decision.

Joe had been on many a dates, although none had turned into anything serious. Yet.

At first, he had been picky, too picky, until she rolled her eyes and said no woman was ever going to be perfect, so stop expecting her to have everything he wanted.

That changed things, and Joe started to enjoy himself more on the dates, although none leading further then a second or third date.

It was exhausting.

Especially since he kept complaining to Y/N that she hadn’t found him a girlfriend yet.

Her protest had been that she was trying, but he wasn’t making it easy for her.

He simply shrugged and say she needed to try harder.

She threw a pillow at him.

They were in Joe’s bedroom, him getting ready for yet another date, Y/N sat on his bed, flipping through Tinder on his phone, trying to find some more potential matches.

“Does this look okay?” He asked, and she looked up at him, meeting his gaze through the mirror.

“Yes. And so did the other five shirts. Will you just pick one?! You’re supposed to be leaving soon!”

“I just want to look good.”

“Fine. Wear the red one, it makes your eyes pop.”

“Really?” Joe looked at her, over his shoulder instead of through the mirror.

“Yes, now go change.” Y/N rolled her eyes, tossing his phone towards the end of the bed. None of the girls stuck out to her, they weren’t good enough for him.

Laughing, Joe tugged the shirt he had on off, and she couldn’t help it as her eyes scanned the exposed skin, her breath catching slightly.

He was attractive, she admitted, but best friends found each other attractive all the time.

In no time Joe had finished getting ready and he stood in front of Y/N.


“She’s a lucky girl.” She told him, ignoring the way the words tasted bitter on her lips.

“Thanks. Honestly.”

“What are best friends for? Text me after it ends, or in the morning if it doesn’t end tonight.” She winked at him, laughing as he rolled his eyes.

“Lock up when you leave!” He called to her, heading for the door as he pocketed his wallet and phone.

“Will do!”

The emptiness that followed the front door closing was nothing, she told herself.

Except it was everything.

Y/N took her time leaving Joe’s flat that night, not knowing why she was reluctant to leave it. There was nothing here that wasn’t back at her own place.

And she had already stolen one of his hoodie’s, so she had the calming scent of him with her.

Not that she needed it.

When she did open her own front door, pulling the key from the lock, a feeling tugged at the pit of her stomach.

It felt wrong coming back her alone, while Joe was out on a date.

Shaking her head, Y/N went about grabbing a snack and her computer as she settled in for her night of movie watching.

During the third romantic comedy, it hit her.

And it left her gasping for air, it hit her so hard.

Only to be made worse when Joe text her the thumbs up emoji, their sign of saying that the night wasn’t finishing yet.

That made Y/N want to throw her phone across the room. Because it could have been her.

It was supposed to be her.

But she had messed up.

She didn’t sleep that night, tossing and turning, her her found revelation racing through her mind.

And at five in the morning, as the sun started to rise, she threw on some pants and shoes and walked out the door.

There was no point in lying in bed.

With headphones blasting music into her ears, Y/N started walking. Letting her feet carry her body while the music carried mind away. She needed to escape her thoughts.

Hours later, her phone buzzed with a text from Joe.

You up?

Laughing, she typed out a quick reply, falling into a nearby bench. Yup. Been up for a while.


Looking at her surroundings, she tried to figure out where she was first.

Give me…half an hour?


“It never takes you half an hour to get here. And that was actually forty five minutes.” Joe said as Y/N walked in the door.

“I wasn’t home.”

“Where were you?”

“Other side of London.” He stared at her for a moment, waiting for her to either continue or say it was a joke, but she shrugged, leaning against the counter.

“Why the hell were you on the other side of London?” He finally asked, stirring the scrambled eggs cooking in the pan.

“I just started walking, and that was where I ended up. How was your date?”

“Started walking? It’s only half eight in the morning!”

“Been up since five, although not sure I really slept. Your date, how was it?” Y/N asked again, reaching for a piece of bacon to nibble on.

“Are you alright?” Joe asked, and she could feel his eyes on her, but she didn’t look at him, instead watching the steam rise from the eggs.

“Fine. Stop avoiding the question.”

“My date was fine. Not sure if I’ll go on another one though.”

“Why? You’ve refused to go on more than two or three dates with any of the girls I’ve set you up with. What’s wrong with them?!”

“They aren’t you.” Joe replied simply, and this time Y/N did lift her eyes, only he wasn’t looking at her any more. He was looking down at the pan, lifting it off the heat as he turned it off, turning to grab plates.

“What does that mean?” She asked softly, fear and hope running through her veins.

“I know you said you don’t love me back, but I’m sorry. I keep comparing every single one to you.” He put the plates down on the counter, meeting her stare. “I can’t help it. I love you, Y/N. I can’t just get over it. But going on these dates seems to have made things easier for us, so I kept going on them. But they aren’t you, and they never are going to be. So there. That’s why I only do one or two dates with each other them.”



“I don’t want you going on any more dates.”

“But you were the one who wanted to help me find a girlfriend…”

“And I did. Until I realized something last night.” Y/N told him, moving around the counter. Joe watched with widening eyes as she moved closer. “I don’t want you to find a girlfriend with someone else.”

“Then who do you want me to be with?” He asked, and she smiled up at him, reaching up to grasp his shirt, pulling him towards her.

“Me.” She said, kissing him.

“You taste like bacon.” Joe laughed after they broke apart, and Y/N started to giggle as well, leaning into him.

“‘Sorry it took me so long.”

“I’m just glad you did, I was getting tired of letting girls down.” He explained, his arms moving around her.

“At least know all the good date spots.” She mumbled, yawning lightly.

“Hmm, true.” He ran his hand up and down her back. “Want to go to bed? Breakfast can wait.”

“You may have to carry me. I don’t think I slept last night.”

“And then you walked the length of London, you nutter.” Joe chuckled, “Time to go to sleep.”


“Y/N?” He asked, scooping her up as her arms moved around his neck, her face buried into his shoulder.

“I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

The Rugby Player - Calum Hood Smut

Originally posted by 5sossimagine


Word count - 2313

Pairing - Y/N and Calum 

Smut?: Yes! 

A/N: I’ve wanted to write this for so looooong!!!!!

Sucking in a deep breath, you bit your hand and held back a scream. Your whole body tensed and with your other hand you gripped the blanket so tightly the bones of your knuckles looked as if they were about to rip through the skin.

Calum had just been tackled to the ground and he was currently out of sight due to all the men piled on top of him. You hoped he was okay. Last time this had happened he’d been kicked in the face with someone’s studs and the team had to call out medical. He’s merely suffered a black eye, a couple of cuts, concussion and some damage to his pride, but you’d still cried at the state of him afterwards.

“Y/N,” Ashton laughed next to you. “Calm down, he’s fine! He wasn’t tackled, they’re piling on him because he scored.”

“Yeah, but he could still get hurt, Ashton. Why couldn’t he be into swimming like you or be into sitting at home and playing video games like Michael.” You folded your arms grumpily, letting out a sigh of relief when you saw Calum stand up from the pile.

Calum’s eyes immediately found yours and he smirked, sending you a wink before he jogged off down the playing field. You heard some girlish squeals behind you. “Yeesh, why are you guys squealing? He was winking at Y/N.” You heard an unfamiliar voice tell them. Their squeals stopped.

You felt a finger poke your spine and you turned around. Three girls were staring you. They all looked about sixteen. “Are you Calum’s girlfriend?” One of the girls asked.

“Um, yeah.” You shuffled uncomfortably, wanting to turn around and keep an eye on Calum.

“Oh my God! I’m so jealous!” One of the girls wailed and you laughed. “He’s so hot.” She stuck her tongue out and started panting. You couldn’t blame her. You were once like them, drooling over the Maori boy through the television. After a year of fantasising over him, you finally met him in a supermarket.

You’d both gone for the last bag of Doritos, Calum’s quick hands making it easy to snatch them from your reach. You’d looked at him, a mixture of horror and surprise on your face. Horror because you were a sweaty mess from your morning jog and surprise because, well, the Calum Hood had just stolen the last bag of Doritos.

He’d smiled at you, waving the Doritos in your face as he spoke to you, “You can have the Doritos if you give me your phone number.”

Ashton’s voice brought you back from your thoughts and to your conversation before the girls had interrupted you. “Hey, you should be glad he decided to play rugby years ago. If it weren’t for him being a rugby player, you would never have been a fan of rugby and if you weren’t a fan of rugby wouldn’t have worn that rugby shirt in the supermarket which would’ve meant that Calum probably wouldn’t have approached you.”

“Smartass,” you muttered.

You moved your eyes back to the game just as Calum was tackled violently to the ground.

“Okay, now you can freak out.” Ashton shouted as he stood up with the rest of the roaring crowd. You bolted from your seat, scurrying down the stairs to the barrier where Calum’s team manager was stood.

“Is he okay?” You shouted over to the manager.

The man rubbed his hands together. “I’m not sure, that was one of the worst tackles I’ve seen.”

Those were not the words you wanted to hear.

Gripping the metal barrier, you climbed into the area with the manager. If Calum was escorted off, he’d be brought here.

He hadn’t got up yet. He was still lying still on the ground, a couple of his team members stood around him as medical checked him over on the field. Slowly, Calum began to sit up. He looked a little puzzled, a hand raising to his head to wipe the blood from his forehead so that it didn’t go into his eyes.

You saw the medical man speak to the referee and Calum before he helped Calum off the floor and moved him in your direction.

Calum did not look happy and the blood dripping down his face only added to the angry look he had on his face.

The look softened when he saw you. He started to feel less angry and more guilty as he saw the tears streaming down your face. He knew you hated it when he got hurt and he hated it when you cried because of him getting hurt.

He hoofed himself over the barrier and pressed a quick kiss to your forehead before turning away so that you couldn’t see the blood.

“Let me play.” You heard him demand.

“Hood, look, that wound doesn’t look like it’s going to heal anytime soon. You need to go to the hospital for some stitches.” His manager told him.

“It’s fine. I’m fine.” He snapped. “I’m the best player on the team. We need to win this match. Just get the medical to stitch me up”

“The medical just check you over. They don’t do stitches or anything. They’re firstaid. And Calum, the team can hold off the other time for another fifteen minutes. It’s probably impossible for them to overtake us now, Hood. we’re too far in front. We’ve already won.”

“Let me pla-”

“Calum! Let your girl take you to the hospital. She looks like she’s about to have a panic attack.”

That seemed to smack some realisation into Calum.

He whipped round and saw your shaking body and heaving chest.

“No, baby, no.” he mumbled, stepping forward and pulling you into his sweat and blood covered shirt. He could feel the rapid beat of your heart against his chest and he moved his hands to stroke your hair and back, a motion that soothed you.

“Don’t panic, don’t cry.” He whispered, rocking you side to side slightly.

“I-I can’t h-help it.” You sputtered out between sobs.

“I know baby, I know. What do you want to do? Want me to take you home?”

“No,” you pushed him away. “I want to take you to the hospital.” Grasping his hands, you kissed his bloody knuckles. “Please.” You muttered against his skin, sensing his reluctance.

He pulled you back into him. “If taking me to the hospital will make you feel better I’ll go.” He told you, not being able to resist your angelic, tear-stained face.

You nodded, tugging him to the exit.

“Feel better now?” Calum mumbled into your shirt.

“Much.” You sighed, brushing your fingers through his hair.

The two of you were currently lying on the bed. Calum was between you legs, he had his arms wrapped around your waist and his head resting of your soft stomach.

You had shut all the blinds and turned off the lights in an attempt to sooth Calum’s headache. He’d refused to take pain killers, saying that “I’m a rugby player, Y/N. I’m too manly for pain killers. Yet here he was, squeezing the life out of you as a wave of pain flashed through his head.

“How ‘bout you?” You asked, tickling the sides of his neck slightly. He groaned and nuzzled his face further into your stomach to avoid your tickling fingers.

“Good. A little sore and tired, but good.” He unwrapped his arms from your waist and pushed himself up so that he could look into your eyes. “And horny.”

“Calum,” you warned. We can’t, you have a headache. And a fractured rib.”

He snorted. “Y/N, please, this is nothing. I’ll be good as new tomorrow. And orgasms will take my mind of the headache.” He smiled smugly.

“Calum, the mood isn’t rea-”

He pushed himself up onto his knees and cut you off, slamming his lips to yours. “Shush.” He grabbed you hand and pulled it towards his shorts. He forced your hand to cup his crotch and you immediately applied pressure. He moaned quietly, unable to control the way his hips thrusted into your hand.

“Y/NNNNN,” he drawled, throwing his head back as you began to palm him through the thin material.

“How did you get this hard?” You giggled when he nearly toppled to the side.

“All you baby, all you.” He pushed your hand away and shucked off his shorts. Apparently Calum hadn’t felt like putting underwear on when he’d put his shorts on.

His curved cock stood proud against his stomach, leaking slightly at the tip. He wrapped a hand around it, stroking it gently. He let go and moved his palm in front of your face. “Spit.” He commanded. You did as you were told, spitting into the palm of his hand.

“Mmm, baby,” he gasped when he held his cock in his hand again.

You edged closer to him. “Calum,” you murmured, not taking your eyes off his dick. “Let me touch. I want to touch, I want to taste. Please.”

Calum pushed away your needy hands. “No, no. Not tonight, baby. You can only watch.”

“Calll, nooooo.” You whined, giving him your best puppy face.

“Y/N, yesssss.” He mocked you, closing his eyes so he surrender to your puppy face.

You groaned, yanking off all of your clothes so that you were completely naked, just like Calum.

“Please let me touch you.” You begged, moving your own hand to touch yourself.

“‘Gimme your fingers, Y/N.” He tapped his lips with a finger on his free hand.

Slowly, you slid your fingers into his mouth, loving the way his tongue curled deftly around your digits. You moaned with him as his tongue gave each finger special attention.

Reluctantly, you moved your fingers out of your mouth and moved them back down to rub yourself. “Good girl.” He groaned at the beautiful sight of you.

After a couple more minutes, Calum got up and moved off the bed. He held out his hand for you to take.

“What are you doing?” You asked as he lead you over to the large armchair in the corner of the room.

“Not what I’m doing. It’s what you’re going to be doing?”

“What?” You gave him a puzzled look as he lowered himself into the chair, keep his legs spread apart.

“I want you to ride my thigh until you come, Y/N.” You watched as his cock twitched at his words.

“You want me to what?”

“You heard me the first time.” He patted his thighs. “Pick a thigh, any thigh.”

You laughed at his cheesiness.

“Which thigh do you recommend, Cal?” You stood in front of him, trailing your fingers up and down his arms.

He closed his eyes at your touch.

“My right leg, your left.” He patted the thigh. “Still no touching though, baby.” He smirked and, once again, curled his hand around his member.

“No fair.” You pouted, positioning yourself over his thigh.

You used his shoulders to find your balance as you lowered yourself down onto him. He traced patterns into the skin on one of your hips with one hand, the other was preoccupied with something else…

“Good girl,” he praised you when you sat properly.

You gasped at the new sensation. You had never ridden Calum’s thigh before. You’d never ridden anyone’s thigh. You were glad it was Calum you were trying it with first, he was perfect for it. He was a rugby player for God’s sake! He had wonderfully toned and thick thighs.

You began to grind yourself slowly at first, simple forward and backward movements. You were already soaking the skin of his thigh and you were thankful you were able to get so wet so quickly because the wetness of his thigh made it ten times easier to slide your nub against his skin.

“‘Atta girl,” he gasped, beating his hand faster. He kept eye contact with you the whole time. And just when you thought the sensation couldn’t get any better, Calum began to rock his foot against the floor, increasing the pleasure for you.

You screeched and gripped his shoulders tighter, adding to the collection of bruises and cuts he already had from the game earlier today.

The tapping of his foot sent delicious shocks of pleasure up your spine and you begged him to touch your tits. “Touch my tits, Cal. Touch them.” You used one hand to grasp an erect nipple and tug on it slightly. Calum growled and pushed your hand away. Using his strong, large ones to tweak the hard little buds.

“You enjoying this, baby? Do you like riding my thigh.”

“Yessss,” you hissed, feeling your eyes getting heavy.

“I can tell you’re close. So so close. Those pretty eyes of yours need to stay open and so does that beautiful mouth of yours, I want to hear you scream when I make you come on my thigh.”

You moaned at his dirty words, feeling the tension in your stomach building rapidly. Both of Calum’s hands were at your hips, quickening your movements.

“‘C’mon baby, ‘c’mon. I know you’re almost there.”

“I’m so close Cal.” You shrieked, feeling your nails pierce into his skin.

“OH, GOD! CALUM!” You screamed as your orgasm hit you like a truck.

Your head fell back and you screamed Calum’s name so many times it was as if it were the only word you knew in the moment. Your body quaked with the strength of your orgasm and your hips bucked a few more times before they finally stopped completely.

Happy and sated, you flopped onto Calum’s chest.

“Can we do that more often?” You asked sheepishly, hiding your blushing face into his chest.

“Of course, baby. But I believe you have to return a favour.” He smirked, gesturing to his rock hard friend.

~Ellie xxx

sin eater, part 1 (between heaven & hell)

Yes, I know I have a number of unfinished fics on the go at the moment, but this is my birthday present to @kliomuse. Cass, we bonded over Captain Swan, and fic, and books and life in general, and I am so happy to call you my friend, both on Tumblr and off. You’ve helped me so much with our brainstorming sessions and your notes, and this is for you! A little fic set in the world of BH&H during the Jazz Age, in the city of Mardi Gras and voodoo, sinners and saints, New Orleans. I have never written this time period, or tried anything approximating Southern Gothic, so we’ll see how this goes. Posting in parts on Tumblr for now and I’ll upload to and AO3 when the whole thing is complete.


Summary: A desperate young woman seeks a deal with the devil, but in the city of sinners and saints called New Orleans anything can happen, and while a demons answers, an angel listens and the souls of two young lovers hang in the balance between heaven and hell.

New Orleans, 1923

The young woman hitched her canvas bag a little higher on her shoulder and stared through the bars of the tall iron gate in front of her. Was it truly to keep people out…or was it keeping something in? Her grandmère had always warned her not to dabble in the arts practiced by the voodoo queens, the potions, the fortune-telling, the creation of charms and amulets to ward and protect, and most of all, the summoning of spirits.

“Once opened, the door cannot be closed, child. You will be forever marked, and those from the other side will have seen into the very heart of your soul itself. And they will want it for their own, they will crave it more than a newborn babe craves the milk of its mother’s breast.”

For a moment she quailed, the long-dead voice whispering in her ear like the call of the wind through the cypress trees out on the bayou. But then the gate creaked, hinges squeaking as the elaborately wrought cross in the middle began to part in two. It was only an inch, maybe less, moved perhaps by the rumble of a passing train or a strong breeze. But she’d heard no whistle in the distance, and the air around her was absolutely still. She shifted, looking around for any sign of a caretaker or sentry who might spot her and chase her off. Finding none, she approached the open gate and squeezed through the gap, flattening her skirt against her thighs lest it get snagged and the bag bumping awkwardly against her hip. She could feel the hard outlines of the carefully procured items inside, a candle that had never been lit, a container full to the brim with salt, a cloth-bound journal, and a small, sharp knife.

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Danger IV

Members:Taemin x Reader x G-Dragon

Genre: Angst/Smut


I tried to hold these secrets inside me My mind’s like a deadly disease

It had been two months since you had awaken from the physically induced coma. A broken arm, 12 lacerations to your face and arms, 3 fractures along your skull, and a deviated septum later… you were surprised to still be alive. Opening your eyes for the first time seemed to have been a blur but as you finally gained the strength to rotate your body,  and there he was. GD had never left your side. According to the nurse he had basically lived there the entire time you had been “asleep.” Having Seungri and Choi bring him food and clothes while the nurse provided an extra gurney for him to sleep on. He was just as much afraid of Taemin returning to finish the number he had done to you, but he wouldn’t let you go down without a fight. So he stood. Day in and day out waiting for you to open your eyes once again. 

The doctors had been convinced that you wouldn’t make it and GD had his doubts. Even contemplated removing the life support, but every now and then your eye would twitch or your finger would curl… and made him believe in hope again…restoring his faith that you were there listening and waiting…wanting to come back to the surface and face the world once again.

He had told you what was going on, how you ended up there, the fact that you had been unconscious for a little more then 4  months and how your family had been. He spoke to you on how he had people following taemin’s every move should he get bold one day and come here. But even though you had been in pain and asleep for so long, your vision as well as your memory could only visualize the color black. Occasionally you would get a flash of a memory, the painful scene you last remembered like a horror movie on repeat. But that only fueled your fire. Soon you would see him again and when you did… it would be his turn to suffer. 

You and GD had become good friends, talking about the mistakes that were made in your relationship and why things hadn’t gone the way they needed to. He was dating again, although nothing serious, it was a start. He had told you the complete truth, how he had cheated while he was on tour with a dancer and how she had stolen all of his money in return. He apologized for the many hardships you guys had been through but you weren’t hurt anymore. At this point it was a relief to have your suspicions validated and the bad habit of drinking having some sort of justification but even then till now one thing never changed about you….you were always loyal.

“She wasn’t anything serious to me but…she kept the loneliness away. I know you suffered from me being away but i was suffering to…I hope you understand.” His voice was soft and remorseful but you had already known of the affair long before he would ever admit it. It was exactly what you thought it was, An excuse to escape from responsibility. 

“It’s fine…at least we have now. Thank you for being here. I really appreciate it. I’m feeling a little sleepy now. Hope you will be here when I wake.” You voice was merely a whisper before the morphine had kicked in and you had suddenly become sleepy. “I’ll be …right….” Your eyes had closed and you were already drifting into the darkness. No dreams or images in your mind, just the color black. Suddenly a light came into view, accompanied by a burning sensation that radiated from inside your arm and slowly making its way up. Your eyes jolted open in pain, tears beginning to stream down your face as you clawed at the IV attached to your left arm.

“Pain is such a beautiful thing isn’t it?” You knew that voice all to well. Glancing  at the seat GD once sat in, there he was. The man that caused all of this, Taemin. Still trying to claw out the needle that rested in your arm, he watched you intently. Desperately trying to grab hold of the cord and press the help button. “It doesn’t work. I cut it on my way in…Oops” he evil grin had you ready to jump from your bed and run, but your legs wouldn’t move and soon neither could your arms. You voice had been lodged in your throat as your breathing slowed. The fire becoming more and more intense. “They say that a stimulator such as morphine mixed with a depressant like… Succinylcholine can cause temporary paralysis in the muscles if given the right dosage amount. Now that you’re relaxed a bit lets talk.” He place himself at the edge of the bed, stroking a piece of hair away from your face.

“We may have gotten off on the wrong foot here. I didn’t mean to hurt you I can promise you that much. I just couldn’t help my emotions! But it’s been so long… we’re passed that now aren’t we?” He smiled as he stroked your face. Fighting against the medication you mustered up enough strength to whisper a few words. 


 Without hesitation he threw his body off of the bed landing on his feet. “Somewhere in here.” he responded as he stroked the white curtains that hung above the window. “I had told the nurse I’d kill her and her whole family if she didn’t tell him they moved you to the other building so he’s probably frantically looking for you there. He’ll figure it out later and come back in a few minutes I suppose but I needed to see you. Badly. You’ll come back to me when you wake won’t you?” He turned on his heels walking closer to you.You could feel the tears in your eyes stream down the side of your face in fear. He gave you a toothy smile before whipping away the tear on your right eye. “Sleep now babe, you’ll be released soon and I’ll come see you then.” he smiled before you could no longer fight the urge to close your eyes.

Originally posted by blacksmith-gentilhomme

“Ms. _______ are you ready to go?” a body guard GD has hired called out to you as you grabbed your bag from the room. 

“I guess.” You replied gripping your bag before lifting yourself off the windowsill. Giving the room one last glance before turning to leave you stared out the window once last time, admiring the fireworks. Fourth of July, you whispered before walking out. It had been close to two weeks since Taemin had come to visit you in the hospital and you were finally able to leave. GD had come bursting into the room that day in frantic tears hoping you were still alive. He figured it had to be Taemin behind the nurse confusing him with your room location but when he had come in that day, you were fast asleep, so still you could have been mistaken for being dead. The car ride was fairly quiet as you and the driver had pulled to the curve. A red car driving dangerously close behind you made you nervous but you figured it had to do with GD as well. 

The car came to a halt as the door opened and GD crawled into the seat beside you. “Nice to see you awake and moving my love.” His voice was soothing and you had missed him very much. However you often asked yourself in your dreams if you only cared because he watched over you. 

“Thank you! Nice to see you to” you placed back out the window when you could have sworn you had seen someone behind a car taking pictures of you before dashing off into a crowd of people. “Hmm” you thought to yourself before the car drove off leaving the area behind.

As you pulled up to the front of your apartment complex, you realized the door to your apartment was still open. It had been almost four months since you had been there and you wondered if you had anything left in that place or if anything had been stolen but at this point it didn’t matter much. Walking through the door, you could see your light post had been destroyed. It was a gift from GD long ago when you first started dating. Turning to glare at him he shrugged. “I was mad….”  

You ignored him before walking into the kitchen after smelling something burning. Stepping through the threshold you noticed a cake had been sitting in the middle of the kitchen with a lit candle sparkler. A decorative piece of chocolate laid on top of it that read “Welcome home darling <3”. You turned to GD in shock “was this you?” you asked pointing to the cake. 

“No I had been in the hospital with you all morning” he responded stepping close and holding an envelope. “This was by the lamp post by the cake. It has your name on it.” He handed you red envelop, slightly nervous, you opened it anyway with GD by your side. Inside, was a note with a handful of photos.

 “Welcome home Darling I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed taking them. -Taemin” 

Flipping them around you almost threw up. They were photos of your bloodied body, some more graphic then others laying on his bed, handcuffed and naked. Along with a few other graphic pictures that you refused look at. Jumping back you cut your hand on a piece of glass that was resting on the counter top. Rushing to the bathroom to clean it off GD grabbed the pictures following you and resting on the door frame. 

“What are you going to do Jagi?” Gd’s voice full of concern. 

As the blood washed down the drain you scuffed and with perfect conviction you turned to GD.  “What do you think I’m going to do… I’M GOING TO KILL HIM”

*credit to whoever owns gifs

Halsey- Control

*Written by Admin Jel 

Necessary Evils
  • Rating: M
  • Relationships: Fenris x Female Hawke
  • Chapter: One-Shot, Completed
  • AO3 Link: Click Here

A demon tempts Fenris. All he need do is give her his soul and she’ll grant his every desire…

She is a mass of dark wings and darker shadows, appearing on his bed like a weightless ghost, her hands on folded knees and a grin on her face. Raven-hair haloes out on his pillow, blue eyes icy and bright surrounded by dark clouds. She is the coming storm, the thunder in the distance, the electricity that sparks in the air. She waves a leg at him as he scratches at the parchment, giving her only a cursory glance. “Don’t be rude! Where’s my proper greeting?” She asks, faking a pout as she turns to sit on the edge of his bed, feathers falling about her as she moves.

“You are making a mess,” he replies gruffly, gesturing his pen at the feathers around her. She only laughs and spreads her wings, six of them in all their darkened glory, shaking them so more feathers fall. She goes to him, her feet never touching the floor, her arms draped over his shoulders and her mouth beside his ear. She licks him from lobe to tip, giving his pointed ear extra attention. He reddens at the feel of her tongue while she only chuckles.

“I’ve brought you another,” she says, reaching into her robes and drawing forth a musty book. The edge of the pages are burnt and black, the cover oozing with dark slime. She drops it onto his papers, destroying his written work, and opens the cover with a sharpened fingernail. Each finger has a ring, sharp and golden, ornate jewelry with imagery of hawks and wolves. Her fingers are as dark as her wings, delicate and dangerous, and she taps at the index. “You see? Just like you wanted.” He scans the page quickly, his eyes finding the words that mean the most to him – silence, magic, tranquility.

“Thank you Asmodai,” he says while she laughs again. She stands away from him, wandering about his meagre room, her fingers touching the books on his shelf.

“That’s not my name!”

“It is as good as any other.”

“Give me your soul and I’ll tell you what it really is,” she says, looking over her shoulder at him with a smirk. This old game again. “Fenris,” she whines, her hands slapping down on his desk, “give me your soul.” He leans back in the chair and smiles up at her, shaking his head. “I can give you what you want. What you need. I can give you Danarius’s head on a platter.”

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Guess who isn’t doing homework right now but totally should be…..

Kirsten felt like shit.

Complete, utter shit.

She knew it wasn’t  because of the stitch, but she also knew that she was Kirsten Clark. And Kirsten Clark never got sick. Ever.

She also knew that there was no way in hell she was going to the doctor. She despised doctors. They acted like they knew everything about her, like they were smarter than her.

So, she went into her room to take a nap. Camille was out with Linus, so for the first time in a while, the house was quiet.

Except for the sound of her self sneezing repeatedly, just before she began hacking out her lungs.

She got out of her bed, wrapping the covers around her shoulders to protect herself from the suddenly cold house. She searched through the poorly-stocked medicine cabinet in the bathroom, and, after walking away empty handed,she collapsed on her bed, sighing loudly.

She really did despise being sick.

Contemplating if she should make the effort to change out of her pajamas and go to the drug store, she realized the answer to all her problems.


His apartment would definitely have medicine, would not require her to change out of her sweats and tee shirt ensemble, and would have a bed. It would also have a Cameron. She really hoped it had a Cameron. And, technically, Cameron was a doctor.

Which was how she ended up using the spare key he kept hidden under a rock outside his apartment building to get into Cameron’s apartment. He seemed to be out, which, despite never have bothering her in the past, sent an acute pain to her heart. She took a few spoonfuls of cold medicine, before collapsing onto Cameron’s bed, pulling hoodie she had grabbed, before wrapping the blankets tight around her and closing her eyes.


Cameron immediately noticed that someone else was in his apartment. For one, said person forgot to lock the door. Also, person had most likely stolen the hoodie he had left on the table.

Which led him to believe that this person was Kirsten Clark, notorius for leaving doors unlocked and stealing which ever shirts of his that she could find. 

Something that he may or may not like.

He walked into his bedroom, smiling as he saw her curled up under the covers,  her hair messy and splayed out on his pillow.

His footsteps must have woken her, and he watched with a small smile as her eyes slowly dragged open.

His happiness from the fact that she was waking up in his bed, wearing his sweater, quickly faded into worry as she began to cough loudly. He was at her side in an instant,  holding onto her as the coughs died out.

“I’m fine” she says, smiling weakly.

Not buying it, he presses the back of  his hand against her forehead, the way she did a few months before, wincing at the heat.

“Kirsten, you need a doctor”  

She laughs. “And here I thought Dr. Goodkin was my personal well-fare manager. Resigning already?”

“I’m afraid if I don’t you might kill me. Throwing your self in front of vans would put  a lot of stress on any the well-fare manager”

She shivers, and he is instantly back into doctor mode.

“Stay here. I’m going to go get you some medicine”

Except he doesn’t come back with just medicine. Instead, he comes back with a basket stacked so high the only thing visible is his unusually-floppy hair. He places the basket down, before emptying it, listing thigs as he takes them out.

“Tea for your throat, some cold medicine, soup, also for your throat, tisssues, you don’t need to be a neuroscientist to figure out why, Gatorade, because that’s what you need right now, and the 1st season of Doctor Who because you’re stuck here”

To prove his point, he wraps his arms around her, stitcking to her like seaweed from when they went to the beach, refusing to let go

She rolls over, making room on the bed for him. Now that he’s here, she feels much better.  The logical part of her wants to say it’s the medicine doing its job, but the romantic, wistful part of her, the part that only comes out when she’s with Cameron says different. She smiles as he sits down next to her, and she leans into the pillow watching as he slipped under the covers, his leg pressing against hers.

And she can’t help but wonder if he notices it as much as she does.

Its times like these when she really wishes she didn’t have temporal dysplasia. Despite things becoming much easier, since joining the program, despite Camille constantly yelling “Yes, he has feelings for you Kirsten” she still wasn’t sure.

But her self hatred and fear that he shared none of her feelings quickly went away as she heard him swallow loudly, quickly moving his leg away from hers, looking insanely, yet very adorably, awkward.


A few episodes later, her head ends up on his chest, his arms wrapped around her. She murmurs something sleepily, and after his “what?” she repeats it slightly louder.

“thank you for taking care of me”

thank you nat my-broken-resolve for fixing my muse, and moonshinemonty for giving me inspo to write something involving kirsten breaking into camerons apartment like the love-sick cinnamon roll she is

Stolen Moments: Don’t You Wanna Stay Pt. 1 (Clexa)

“You don’t have to leave yet.” Lexa whispered as her lips met Clarke’s again in a heated kiss. “You’re right.” Clarke laughed against Lexa’s lips. “I needed to leave ten minutes ago. I think you’re trying to seduce me Heda.” Lexa kissed down Clarke’s neck. “Considering you are lying naked in my bed I would say the seducing part is complete.” Lexa dragged her teeth against Clarke’s pulse point. “Now I’m just trying to make sure you’re satisfied.” Lexa moved her hand slowly down Clarke’s body.

“I’m satisfied just having you in my arms.” Clarke smiled grasping Lexa’s hand and bringing it up to her lips kissed each finger one at a time. Lexa rolled onto her side and let Clarke pull her into her body, simply enjoying the intimate moment. Clarke’s fingers once again started to trace Lexa’s intricate tattoo that adorned her back. Clarke pushed back Lexa’s hair to look at the simple symbol that was there. She noticed the small scar that cut the tattoo down the middle. “What happened?” Clarke asked her index finger moving slowly down the raised skin.

Lexa took a moment before she responded. She knew that it would come up eventually and it would be hard for Clarke to understand, but she knew that she had to try to explain it. “When I was chosen to lead my people I was given the Commander’s Spirit, as those chosen before me were also given the Spirit to dwell in them and help guide their choices.” Lexa turned to face Clarke. “It connects us to the Spirits of the Commanders from the past and when I die it will be moved on to the next Commander that is chosen.”

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A Stray’s New Home

Part 11 (Finale)

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Fandom: The Miraculous Ladybug

Pairing: Adrinette, Ladynoir

Words: 4,233

Summary: After so long and so much had gone on, what was there left to say? What was there left to do? Adrien is stuck as he tries to figure out what to do to get Marinette to talk to him again. Have things been ruined? (Let’s find out).

Notes: Well, this had been a journey and a half but here it is. If you guys still want an epilogue please tell me, I don’t know if I’m going to write one but here you guys go for the last part. Yes, I cried at Plagg as well. Don’t judge me.

It was two days before Adrien was finally allowed to walk out of the white limo and back into his own house, but he still wasn’t home. He had returned, yes, and he was walking on his own, but the thoughts that followed him made the walls around him seem too open, too empty, too cold. The silence seemed to weigh down on him; pressing in on the ponderings that had been tailing him all day.

The doctors had refused to release him from the hospital for an entire day after he’d been transformed into Simulacrum. They claimed the akumatization had left his body taxed and was the reason for the upset stomach and constant headaches; not even bothering to consider the cause might have been the black haired girl that had walked away from him.

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Rebel Falls AU Fanfiction: Dipper and Mabel's First Raid

Rebel Falls AU was created by the wonderful cherry violets:) 

Soos’ pickup truck engine rumbled lowly as they coasted over the forgotten dirt back roads. Rocks spun up from the wheels and hit the bottom of the car with soft taps. The cool summer night winds wafted, rustling the forest around, making the riders uneasy. Stanley gripped his brother’s rifle tightly as he scanned the forest line from his passenger seat view. Next to him was Soos, his face hard and expressionless as he drove without headlights.

Dipper and Mabel sat crouching in the bed of the truck with Stan and Wendy. They held on tightly to the sides of the truck bed as they jounced and jolted about, trying not to slip around on the smooth metal base. Dipper sat as far away from Stan as possible with Wendy sat on one side and Stan hovered defensively over Mabel on the other. They all had become more protective of her since Gideon had escaped, for obvious reasons. 

Mabel stared up at the stars dreamily as the rest of them stared into the forest with furrowed, worrisome looks.  Wendy squinted into the darkness, ax in hand. Dipper swore he saw a pair of orange eyes in the shadows of a large redwood tree, but when he looked back they were gone.

His stomach rumbled and the wind combed through his hair, his hat in his hand. The car hit a bump and he winced silently as his arms rubbed against the side of the truck bed walls, his bandages pulling and irritating his skin. He tried to swallow the pain quickly and block the memories of fire from his mind before they could enter, but he was pulled from his fortitudes by the sound of his sister’s voice.

“Look Dipper,” She said, pointing to the sky, “It’s the Big Dipper.”

Dipper looked up to the sky as Stan shushed Mabel. The trees overhead loomed over the trail, swaying ominously, hiding the full moon from sight. But the stars shined clear above them. Directly above them sat the Big Dipper, seeming as if he was watching over them. The constellation’s tail pointed right to where they needed to go. Dipper and Mabel stared up at the starry guardian with the same brown eyes framed with the same brown hair. Mabel reached out her hand to Dipper with a smile. He took it, gladly, and continued his watch over the forest while she continued her watch over the skies.  

Soos turned onto a paved road minutes later and slowly the trees thinned, which was good. But Dipper started noticing cabins lining the road, which wasn’t so good. They drove on the smallest road along the side of town going less than 25 mph, but he was still uneasy. They hadn’t been in town all together since the last… incident. Dipper felt like a fugitive in a town that was once home, now hiding in the back of Soos’ truck like a criminal. His hands shook in anxiety and his heart pumped with the thrill. 

Stan was the opposite. His hands were steady on his small pistol, and his face was emotionless. He had been on missions much riskier and more complicated than this one. But this was Dipper’s first raid, he had to show Stan he was old enough to go on more missions. Mabel was on her best behavior too. 

As Soos drove into a thicker part of town they all seemed to hold their breath, watching and waiting for a walker on the street to appear and recognize them, or a light inside one of the houses to turn on. But the road remained deserted, and the houses dark. He grudgingly admitted Grunkle Stan had strategized their raid time flawlessly. They had fought over the time all week, but in the end he won. Dipper looked down at his watch. 2:28 a.m. 

“This is it,” Wendy said. The car rolled to a stop. They were two minutes ahead of schedule.

Stan jumped out of the car with Mabel beside him. Stanley got out of the car and stood next to his brother, rifle slung over his back. Wendy and Dipper stood up and looked over the hood at their destination. The group of rebels stood in silence, illuminated in the soft green-yellow glow of the Dusk2Dawn sign above them. They looked past the chain-linked fence topped with curling bobbed wire to their mission point on the other side, the abandoned convenience store.

The weeds growing in the pavement cracks were higher than Dipper remembered. But the atmosphere surrounding the rectangle building was just the same; full of a feeling of vengeful hate and emptiness. The glowing words ‘Dusk2Dawn’ on the face of the store were dark, the only letters working being ‘u’ and ‘n’. The old paint peeled on the outer walls, the faded ‘Open’ Sign hung in the window. Darkness seemed to seep out of those windows, and although they were dark it felt like there was something inside, watching. Waiting.

The whole energy of this place made Dipper clench his teeth and Mable pull on the bottom of her sweater. Soos shuddered. This place looked just as Dipper, Mabel, and Wendy had left it earlier that summer. The trio of adventurers never wanted to come back to this awful place, but they had no choice.

After Gideon escaped prison a couple weeks ago none of them could set a foot inside of town safely. Gideon had gotten the whole town back on his side as he had previously that summer, and was feeding them lies again. Lies about the Pines family. Now they got ran out of town every time they were seen, and chased by the incompetent cops for ‘disturbing the peace’. 

Grunkle Stan and the kids had gone on a desperate run to the supermarket for food a week ago after dark because Stan knew the manager well. But the manager refused to sell them anything in his store, and blamed them for all the horrors that had taken place in Gravity Falls.

So, naturally, Grunkle Stan let off a smoke bomb, the twins jumped into the shopping cart, and they ran. The stolen cart wasn’t very full though, and between Stan, Stanley, McGucket, Soos, Wendy, Dipper, and Mabel the food hadn’t lasted very long.

Lazy Suzan had been sneaking them food some nights, her leftovers from the diner. But they couldn’t live off of pies and pancakes forever. So Dipper made a plan to get into the Dusk2Dawn before all their food ran out. Stan had tried to help, but that only made them fight even more. They had put off tonight all week because they hadn’t been able to agree on anything, all the food they had left now back at the Shack was Grunkle Stan’s ‘Apocalypse Can Meat’. They had to pull this raid off, or else Dipper didn’t know what they were going to do for food.

Stan and Stanley immediately got to work on the fence barrier. This wasn’t the first time they had ruined a chain link fence. They were practically professionals. McGucket had fixed up 2 pairs of wire cutters from the Shack basement for them as well, and they cut through the chain link fence like a dream.

While the brothers worked Dipper got out his journal and reviewed his 5 Step Plan. Stan had told him to keep it simple. He put a check on Step 1: Get to the store unnoticed. He looked ahead to the next steps: 2-Cut the fence 3- Break in, 4-Raid, 5-Get home unnoticed. 

He chewed on the back of his pencil and reviewed the steps over and over while Mabel scaled the fence. Wendy kept watch from the bed of the truck.

Within a few minutes Soos was driving through a large square gap in the fence. Stan and Stanley followed him and placed the cut out piece of fence back where it had been, so if someone drove by they wouldn’t notice a large gash in the fence and call the cops. That was the last thing they needed tonight, especially after they had gone through the danger of the forest roads just to avoid them. 

Soos pulled around to the back of the store and turned off the truck. Dipper disappeared. Wendy opened the truck bed’s back door.

Stan started picking the back door’s lock with skilled fingers, but before he could unlock the door the handle started to unlock itself. Stan stumbled back in surprise when he heard the handle begin to click and jiggle on its own. Wordlessly the gang grabbed their weapons tighter, knowing too well the ghosts that haunted here. Soos covered his mouth and Mabel whipped out her grappling hook. Stanley aimed the rifle. Then the door burst open, and out walked a very confident Dipper Pines. 

Stan smiled and ruffled Dipper’s head in a proud way, but Dipper shied away from his touch. There was an awkward silence. Everyone knew Dipper was furious with Stan. Everything kind Stan did Dipper just seemed to shoot down. 

Stan coughed to break the silence and quickly was back to his business self. He pulled off his backpack and turned back to the group.

Strength, Spirit, Brains,” Stan said gruffly, throwing a flashlight at Wendy, Mabel, and Dipper. They were using code names tonight, just for extra caution. “Hard Work,” He continued, throwing a flashlight at Soos (which bounced off his stomach and hit the ground), “And Engineer-“ He finished, passing the last flashlight to his brother, “Don’t any of you turn on the lights,” He said, scowling. “We don’t want anyone to know that we’re here. Don’t shine your light towards the windows. If you see something that’s food, grab it. If you see something we can use, grab it. If you see money, it’s mine. Don’t eat anything; we don’t have time to eat. I’m talking to you, Hard Work. Move fast, and be quiet. The faster we go the faster we get out of here, and the sooner we get to eat. Got it?”

They nodded silently, faces determined. Even Mabel (who usually would have said something obtrusive) was quiet. She knew how important this mission was; her empty stomach constantly reminded her.

They flipped on their flashlights. Stan softly stepped into the condemned building in with his flashlight high. Dipper followed, then Mabel, then Wendy. The back room was very dark; there were no windows on the walls. Even with the flashlights you couldn’t make out much. Dipper watched shyly for a moving shadow or eyes in the darkness, gazes lingering on spider web bound corners. Dipper heard some mice scurry on his left as he shined his light on a pile of boxes labeled with marker, ‘Nacho Chips’. He started to make his way over to them.  Hopefully they weren’t stale.

 Suddenly there was a crash to his left, near Mabel. Stan and Dipper stepped back and their searchlights scoured the room for someone, or something. Dipper pulled Mabel back. 

“What was that?” Dipper said quickly. “Who’s there?”

The florescent ceiling lights above them whirred to life, flickering threateningly. The room grew somehow colder.

Dipper stood shocked. He hadn’t expected the ghosts to give them any trouble, considering that they hadn’t come with any rude teenagers.

 “Strategist!” Stanley hissed to his brother, Stan, from outside. 

“What do they want?” Stan said, turning to Stanley. Wendy stood in the door’s threshold, separating them. Dipper looked around, squinting against the harsh, unsteady light, and saw a shelf had smashed on the ground. The jars on it had exploded, spilling precious food. Jam, olives, pickles. He grimaced as another shelf fell to the ground, covering him and the floor in a foul smelling juice. 

Then things started to rise up from the ground, just as they had earlier that summer. It was just as terrifying as it had been then.

Boxes flew around them, smashing into walls and exploding their contents all over the floor. Stan ducked as a particularly large one soared over him. Stan pushed the kids back.

The broken jars and shards of glass surrounding them glinted in the rapid light. Then they too rose, and joined the boxes in the air. The rough, sharp edges pointed warningly at them. Dipper stood in front of Mabel protectively, and Stan stood in front of Dipper.

“Stanford!” Stanley called, forgetting code names entirely.  “Get out of there!”

 Dipper’s mind raced. Had the ghosts here been affected by the supernatural energy from Grunkle Stan’s portal like the other creatures in Gravity Falls? They hadn’t ever been this violent before. Except with Wendy’s friends, and other teenagers.

Dipper mentally slapped himself. He ran back to Wendy and pushed her out the doorway. She roughly fell into Stanley. Last time they had fought the ghosts she hadn’t been taken, but she was still a teenager. He had forgotten.

He heard the glass shards drop and the lights flicker off as soon as Wendy left the threshold of the store. Stanley stood there awkwardly, keeping Wendy on her feet.

“Do the ghosts hate females?” He asked confused. “Is that their reason for haunting?”

“No,” Dipper replied, pulling out his journal. “Teenagers.

“I didn’t think they would be offended with you in their store Strength, since you weren’t taken by them last time. But I guess you’re going to have to stay out here and load up, because we cant have you go in there again,” He said, snapping his book shut.

Wendy stood and picked up her ax, which she had dropped on purpose when Dipper had pushed her. “It’s okay, man,” She said calmly. “I can be the lookout too.”

“I hope no one saw that light fiasco,” Stan grumbled from inside the store. Mabel grabbed Dipper’s hand and they followed their Grunkle. The back room was now even more of a mess. Stanley and Soos stayed in there, sorting through the smashed boxes and food. Stan and the twins moved on. 

The place was as destroyed as Dipper remembered. The aisles were once in orderly lines stacked perfectly with merchandise, but now the shelves were strewn all over the floor. Some were tipped on their sides. Some miraculously still had some merchandise stacked inside of them. Although, after the whole place had been turned upside down, it was surprising how good of condition things were still in. All of the food still seemed edible, a few machines were still even usable. The rest of the machines were smashed like old cola cans under a car tire. Some of the larger freezers still hummed though, but a few of the glass doors were smashed in. 

Dipper shined his flashlight on the ceiling and saw footprints. He walked down the wobbly aisles, his light sending shadows marching like soldiers on the walls. The soft hum of the machines that still worked buzzed in the background. The place looked so different than it had when Dipper first stepped in here. Without the adrenaline of being with friends this place just seemed…evil. And although they had faced worse, Dipper doubted he would ever be able to walk into a convenient store with the same feeling of excitement he used to have ever again.

Mabel seemed to grow lines under her eyes as she gathered bags of Cheetos in her arms. She soon later walked right into a spider web and starting breathing so fast Dipper thought she was being possessed.  Her reaction to seeing the remains of the Smile Dip she didn’t shove down her throat weeks ago was quite the same. But she kept coming back inside to get more food, disputer her fear. 

Dipper filled boxes and grocery bags with random food he found, and Soos carried them out to the car. This food wasn’t in any way nutritious, but after living with Stanford the whole summer this was basically gourmet to them. 

Overall the raid seemed very successful. Stanley had found a freezer in the back that had a bunch of Hot dogs, corndogs, and hamburgers (as well as buns). There was an abundance of Twinkies and other fatty packaged pastries, as well as really old donuts that only Soos could eat.

 Stanley and Dipper made sure they got enough water to fill up a fourth of the truck bed before they let Stan start getting soda, coffee, and beer. There was so much Pitt Cola it would take them weeks to finish it all. 

They stole plenty of cereal (But found no un-lumpy milk), chips, beef jerky, candy (Mabel insisted), Hot Pockets, nuts, applesauce, jam, pudding, old (But edible) bread, pancake mix, peanut butter, muffins, granola bars, gram crackers, and a ton of condiments. Stan had grabbed everything in a can: Canned meat, soup, beans, vegetables, and chili. They also found that one of the freezers still working had boxes and boxes of ice cream, as well as ice to keep them cool on the ride home. Wendy made them grab all the ice though, because she knew how much ice helped Dipper’s burns and they had no ice trays back home. 

Stanley found many things in the back that they had been desperately needing. Batteries, matches, blankets, flashlights, gas in gas cans, candles, soap (Which Dipper said they didn’t need, but no one listened), firewood, toilet paper (Or as Grunkle Stan called it, 'paper gold’), pain killers, Neosporin, bandages, and cat litter (Stan said they could use it to repay Lazy Suzan).

The room slowly started to empty. Dipper dumped another large load of food next to the truck. Wendy was lifting the boxes into the truck bed with ease, trying to make space for them to sit on the way home as she did it. It looked like they would have to sit on top of the boxes anyway, though. Dipper checked his watch: 3:15. They had 5 more minutes until step 4 of the plan was put into action: Leave. 

 “5 more minutes, gang,” He told everyone once he was back inside. “Get your last load of whatever else you can find, we have got to go.” 

There wasn’t much left in the store, they had picked it pretty clean. Dipper walked around and managed to round up a half dozen more bags of chips that were stuffed in random places.

He held his flashlight in his mouth with his hands full of chips and made his way to the truck for the last time. He didn’t notice the smashed gumball machine next to him until his was on the ground surrounded by neon colored, dusty gumballs. He groaned and held his burned arm, which he had fallen on.

 He looked up and saw Grunkle Stan across the room trying to hack the ATM. Soos was shoving old donuts in his mouth like he hadn’t eaten in years. Mabel was walking back to the truck, a mountain of candy with her. She had turned up her sweater like an apron, holding the bottom up high so that her large pile of brightly colored candy sat in the fold of the thick fabric. She was grinning cheekily for the first time since they had entered the store.

 And, looking at his bizarre, dysfunctional, outlawed family, Dipper genuinely smiled for the first time in a long time.

The moment was broken when Stan yelled at Soos for eating. Soos ran out whimpering violently, pursued by Mabel. Dipper stood and bent down to pick up his fallen chip bags when something outside caught his eye. Beyond the glass doors he saw light, light that hadn’t been there a moment ago. One of the homes from across the street had their lights on, as well as one of their neighbors. The door of the nearest house swung open and the figure of a man stepped out. Dipper’s blood went cold. The figure had a hand to his ear, probably a phone. 

Strategist?”  Dipper said loudly. 

Stan kept on working on the ATM, not even looking up. “What?” He asked.

Dipper looked at his watch. 3:17. “We need to go,” He said, moving backwards, staring at the man outside. 

“But I’m-“ Stan started, gesturing to the machine.

“Now!” Dipper said harshly, pointing outside. Stan’s face froze when he saw the lights. He swore.

“Great,” He said. He started working faster, and in moments the ATM was spewing money.

“We don’t have tome for this!” Dipper shouted. 

Soos burst into the room, waving his flashlight madly.  “Guys!” He said, panting. “Strength says we’ve been spotted.”

“I know,” Dipper said as he watched Soos start to gather some nearby Twinkies frantically.

 Mabel ran in and said, “They’re calling the cops.” 

Brain?” Stan called over his shoulder to Dipper, stuffing piles of cash from the ATM into his backpack. Dipper checked his watch. 3:18. 

“Step 5, guys,” He said quickly. “Go go go!   

Mabel ran to Stan and started shoving money into his bag with him. Dipper bolted outside and started throwing what was left unpacked into the truck. 

Wendy rounded the corner of the store in a dead sprint.

“They called the cops. I can hear the sirens.” She began throwing food into the truck with Dipper like a madwoman. Her calm demeanor was long gone. “Where are the others? Code red guys!” She screamed inside.  

Soos ran out the door and threw his Twinkies into the truck. “Sorry, dudes.” He jumped into the front seat and started the car. Dipper checked his watch. 3:19.

“Spirit! Engineer! Strategist!” Dipper yelled desperately. 

Stanley ran out with bulging bags at his sides. “Sorry,” He said. “I raided the office and found a bunch of parts in the old managers computer me and McGucket have been needing.” He jumped into the passengers seat. 

Dipper could definitely hear the sirens now. And if the police were coming, that meant Gideon wasn’t far behind.

3:20. Dipper could see red and blue flashing lights casting over the houses and trees. Wendy slammed the truck bed door shut.

Mabel ran out and Stan came dashing from behind her, money flying in his wake. He grabbed Mabel and then grabbed Dipper in his other arm (Despite Dipper’s angry cry). He leaped onto the truck bed and they settled on top of their junk food hoard. The food was piled so high it came up to the very top of the walls in the truck bed. If you let go, the back wall wouldn’t catch you. You would just roll right off.

 Wendy jumped into the back, yelling, “Go go go go!” 

Soos slammed on the gas and they tore away. Soos circled the store, heading back the way they came, towards the street road. Those riding in the back held on for dear life at the front of the truck bed wall and sides, trying to keep the food and themselves in the back of the truck. Dipper looked up through the truck’s back window and beyond the windshield. Flashing lights sat directly in front of them. The cops had parked directly in front of the hole in the fence, their only escape. Soos slowed down.

“What do I do?” Soos yelled. “We can’t get out!”

Everyone seemed to look at automatically at Dipper and Stan. Stan gritted his teeth and looked around frantically. Dipper stared ahead through the windshield, thinking hard.

If they were trapped it would give Gideon the time he needed to get here. With the friends Gideon had made in the forest and the trust he had gained from the lies he had told to the citizens he would be unstoppable. Dipper didn’t even know what Gideon would do if he got his hands on them. He was more worried about that than the prospect of going to jail. Being trapped here wasn’t an option. They couldn’t worm their way out of this if they were caught- there was too much stacked against them.

“Who is that?” One of the residents beyond the fence yelled to another. 

“Probably the teenagers again,” One said. 

“Is it those Pines?” Another cried.

“It had better not be!” 

Dipper scanned the area quickly. There were no weak looking areas in the chain link fence or pieces of debris they could use to jump it.

There had to be a way out, there had to be a gate somewhere. He kept looking until he saw a change in the fence pattern on his left; two poles stood very close to one another. A chain connected them. Bingo. 

“Ram the gate! On your left!” Dipper screamed. 

Soos hesitated.

“Now!” Grunkle Stan bellowed. Soos immediately responded.

He let out a violent man baby yell, jerking the wheel to the left and speeding up at the same time so fast the back riders were almost thrown from the truck. The engine revved as they sped to the fence headfirst. The back riders held on with all their strength, screaming madly. Then the car jerked and the air was filled with the sound of scraping metal on metal. Dipper watched as they burst through the fence, breaking the chain right off.

Soos made a hard right turn to get back onto the road. The cops were parked in the opposite direction Soos was now going, which gave them the advantage. The crowd that had gathered by the gate also stood in their way. Dipper knew they were home free. 

He didn’t even notice how the turn and hard bump from driving on dirt to paved road had loosened his hold. Then Soos hit the gas, hard, and Dipper had no time to get a firmer grip. His hands flew above his head and e rolled across the boxes and food, clawing for a handhold as he went.

“No!” He shrieked as he rolled past Wendy, knowing he was seconds from rolling right off the truck.  Well, less than seconds away from rolling off. More like milliseconds.

Soos hit a bump and Dipper realized there was nothing under him. He opened his eyes and saw the back of the truck under him. He reached out is hand and miraculously caught on the back ledge of the truck bed.

Last year he wouldn’t have never even considered the possibility of being in this kind of situation one day: Holding on to the back of a speeding truck filled with stolen food, body flying over the road at 60 miles an hour, cop car somewhere behind him in hot pursuit, with his hand slipping from his lifeline hold.

“DIPPER!” Mabel screamed.

 “Help!” He screamed back. 

Wendy slid down, keeping her hold to the truck. “I got you!” She called. She let go of her hold with one hand and grabbed his. After a moment of struggle she called out, “Stan!”

When Stan turned around and saw Dipper flying behind the truck with only one hand he nearly started to violently swear. He slid down and grabbed Dipper’s scorched arm and practically threw him back into the truck.  He held onto Dipper until the boy had a firm hold on the truck once again.

This all happened very fast but the time it took to get back to the woods seemed even faster. Soos was at speeds he had never gone before and Stanley was having a heart attack in the front seat. Soos only slowed when he turned off the road and onto the forgotten forest path. He switched off his lights. They heard the sirens far behind them a minute later, but they passed. Still going on the main road the cops sped after imaginary thieves, fooled once again.

Everyone slumped over where they sat, breathing a sigh of relief. Stan tried to stuff the loose boxes and food back into place. They didn’t want to leave any evidence on the trail, or loose any more goods, it looked like they already had. 

“We did it,” Wendy breathed, leaning up against Dipper.

Dipper laughed shakily. “Yeah.” 

Mabel was lying on her stomach, hands in front of her, holding the wall. Her tangled hair surrounded her head and she was silent. Dipper felt bad that they had put her through all of this. Stan scooted near her for comfort and pulled out his backpack.

“Grunkle Stan?” She asked under her pile of hair. 

Stan was thumbing through the money that had somehow stayed in his bag. “What?” He replied. 

“Can we do that again?” She asked, looking up.

Stan looked down at her, stunned.  There was silence as Stan looked back and forth between the twins, speechless. “You want to go on a mission like that, again?” He asked, as if she was crazy.

“Well, that was pretty awesome,” Dipper said, shrugging.

We were pretty awesome!” Wendy whooped, slugging him on the shoulder. 

“Well,” Stanford said, turning his attention back to his cash. “I guess you two really are related to me and Stanley.” 

Mabel looked up at him with puppy dog eyes. Stan sighed as he caved.

“Fine,” He blurted. “You’ve all proved yourselves. I guess the next time me and Stanley go on a mission you guys can… tag along.”

Mabel sat up so fast Stan flinched. “Yes!” She cried, throwing her arms in the air. 

Stanley shushed her from the inside of the car, but Soos’ yell drowned out his hushing. “Victory Twinkies!” He hollered.

Soos tossed some partially smashed Twinkies he had horded by his seat through the truck’s back window. The gang ripped off their covers (Which was hard with only one hand) and devoured all of them. They tasted like plastic sugar bread and victory. Soos ate about 7.

Soon they were within sight of home and Dipper could (partially) check off Part-5 of their plan. Now all they had to do was get all this food in Stan’s secret room downstairs (Dipper still hated thinking about downstairs though, and he didn’t know if he would ever forgive Stan for keeping such a secret from him as that one), hide Soos’ car in the woods, turn off all the lights, and 'go to bed’ before the cops showed up. The cops probably wouldn’t show for about 20 more minutes, if they took the main road. Stan would be able to come up with some kind of lie, throw them off the trail. If didn’t have any evidence they couldn’t take them into custody. They just had to hide all the evidence. They would have to hurry, but they could do it. If worse came to worse they could just use the memory eraser. 

 Mabel looked over at Dipper and smiled a secretive smile. Dipper returned it, and in unison they raised their fists in the air, chanting together, and soon chanting with everyone, “Pines! Pines! Pines! Pines!”

The Rebels had won the battle. Bring on the war.