she's not yet the queen of the universe

So, I was watching Star Vs. The Forces Evil episode Into The Wand and something caught my attention. Lil’ Chauncey, Moon’s war pig-goat pet thing, was in Star’s memories. She remembers him.

 She knows Chauncey died in battle but no specifics on which battle or when. Then we get to The Grandma Room and we see Moon’s tapestry and her poem which I sum it up as: Toffee dun goofed. Toffee is clearly terrified and there have been lots of theories as to why this happened. Most of which tend to be shippy or something else.

But look at Moon’s face. Look at that rage, that pure open hatred. What did he do? What could warrant such open hostility from someone we’ve seen as being so cool and reserved? Then is hit me: Star was alive when this event went down. Because Chauncey died in battle, shown here in this tapestry and Moon is clearly an adult and Star remembers Chauncey. Then I remembered how the royal guards used to babysit Star. Why? Where were the nannies? The caretakers? The royal nurses? They taught her how to fight, how to use a sword and weapons, how to kill an enemy with her bare hands before she ever hit puberty. Why would Queen Butterfly, Mrs. Prim and Proper, allow her only daughter to be cared for and basically raised by guards

Because she felt it was necessary to better protect her young daughter. I’m willing to bet this is Moon unleashing some serious mama bear rage against someone who threatened her very young child. Star was old enough to remember Lil’Chauncey, but perhaps not the attempt on her life or whatever it was Toffee was planning on doing to the royal family. Maybe it was a betrayal on his part since there are so many hints and theories revolving around the two.

(Just as a side note, I am very aware of the Moon/Toffee ship and while I do think it is kind of out there, I also kind of like it too. Unless it ends up being like the Luke/Leia thing like one new major theory proposes. In which case, NOPE.)

I also thought it was strange that Moon and River decided to send their daughter to Earth to better control her powers….without any other supervision except for Glossyrick who they and we all know probably isn’t the best person to be keeping a rein in on Star. It probably had something to do with keeping her from setting the whole kingdom ablaze in glitter and flaming rainbows, but I also feel there was something else to it. While there are no mentions of Toffee after Storm The Castle, Moon is clearly afraid. 

I don’t know if we’re doing the right thing River.

Also, for all of Moon’s faults, she loves her daughter more than anything. Star’s safety is paramount to Moon and even the cleaving of her family’s ancestral wand is no where near as important to her as Star’s safety. 

Oh, I’m always mad. But I’m happy that your safe.

I love this theory because it explains so much: why Moon acts distant but at the same time is a constant presence in her daughter’s life. Moon maybe trying to do what she can to protect her only child while also living up to the very high and difficult position of being a Queen of an entire…planet? Like, she’s trying her best to be a good parent and Queen even if she doesn’t go about it in a way that Star can respond to.

Also, don’t tell me we aren’t going to learn something new on Monday about Moon. Look at this image I found for Page Turner’s preview. She just looks so tired and so sad. This is a woman whose seen some shit, done some things she’s regretted and probably has a lot of dangerous enemies.

All to protect her only child. At least, that’s my theory until canon will most likely disprove it.

EDIT: OK, so…I am both awed by and grateful for all the likes and re-blogs this post has gotten so BIG THANKS TO EVERYONE! XD

           Also, after watching the last few episodes of the season I feel like this sort of at least helps support my theory. There is no proof – yet – I hope – but give what we’ve seen it makes me happy. Moon clearly is worried about Star. She wants her training to progress farther and quicker, there is urgency in her voice and it’s clear that she’s scared. Also, all the magic in the universe is disappearing? Makes me wonder just WHAT that wand even is, or at least what makes it so special if Ludo having half of it means it has negative effects on a universal scale.

           Also? Toffee’s picture comes up on the screen with the corn and everything? Like, Moon, pay the frick attention!        

           Another thing is that while Glossyrick claims to be doing his job to train Star to be a good Queen I still don’t feel…like he’s a good teacher. He plays the vague-advice thing way too much but then he kind of just lets Star do whatever she wants to anyway so…I don’t know if this is the most effective way to train Star since she is still just a young kid and has a hard-enough time paying attention. I don’t know if there is something to it but I don’t like how cavalier he is about things. The final few episodes’ kind of bugged me. Like, dude, this is her child’s future were talking about. She has every right to stick her nose in thank you very much.

           But Moon’s fears and the lesson she learns in this episode tug at the heart strings. This woman has to accept that her young daughter is growing up fast, into a universe that is facing some serious peril and Star will undoubtedly have to fight soon enough. Moon is afraid, the fear is palpable and she wants to make certain that nothing can go wrong. She probably does have some suspicions of what’s causing it but she can’t be certain. Also, Eclipsa? Heck yeah is she going to be important given how frequently she’s been name dropped.

           Things are getting serious in the universe of the show, Moon is afraid and she’s know that Star is going to end up in the middle of it. For a woman who already has so many huge responsibilities on her shoulders and yet she probably feels powerless to protect her only child.

           Gah! The feels!


Notes from SJM Nashville Event

Sorry these are so late, but here are notes from the Nashville event Tuesday night. Its kind of a jumbled mess, I typed as she spoke. ACOTAR at end.

Tower of Dawn is a parallel novel, completely line up with EOS
Planned for this to be Yrene’s return
Action, Romance, Shirtless scenes
Little Raunchy
Yrene is one of her favorite characters shes written
Yrene is calm, strong, self confident, determined to do good in world.
Sets up final book
“People who spoil things are the devil”
Ch. 3 find out Yrene is the one attempting to heal Chaol
One of the best healers in the Torre Cesme
Has a hatred for the empire
Not happy has to heal Chaol, because empire killed her mother
Has a stubborn streak
Sarah tried best to get right and be respectful of disabilities
Watched videos on how to get around with a wheelchair, take a bath, get on couch etc.
As realistic as she could in a fantasy setting
Chatted with people about experience in wheelchairs
Explore Chaol’s emotional baggage, he is reluctant to talk about feelings, goes on a journey

Hardest thing about going on tour is leaving her dog.
Her dog is a drama queen and runs her life

Wrote first draft of ToD in 5 days, eventually became 180000 words

Major shit happens that will impact final book, must read it.
Wrote book on drugs for illness that made her super focused.

Story about healing and finding life again, wrote it when she needed to go through that journey as well.
Her emotion was at that of Heir of Fire.

Calls pages bible pages, says she could go for a 500,000 word book for final ToG (not started on it yet)

Love (or Lust) at first sight when met husband
Hardest question to ask Sarah is Spike or Angel

As much as she plans ahead, her characters take their own journeys, doesn’t force her characters on their own course
They usually end up where she wants them
Feels like magic to her, like this is happening in an alternate universe and she is just channeling it.

Acotar-Tog not part of her plans (“for now”)
Sarah would make a better assassin than queen according to herself, other way around according to her husband.
She makes her husband trap insects and release them, won’t let husband even kill gnats
Love animals more than human beings
Played soccer for 10 years, founder of varsity swim (worst in league)
“When in doubt ladies just whine, dump extra curriculars and whine your way through it.”
All these names are a joke, regrets Chaol’s name.
One regret, dog dies in Throne of Glass
Abraxos is inspired by 2 things, Ferdinand childrens book and her cousin’s dog Buddy which they saved from side of road and had been a bait dog to teach dogs how to fight. Tribute to Buddy
Chapter about Abraxos would be him sniffing flowers, would chase bumblebees, think of Manon’s hair. (“The Wyvern and the Bee”)

Bad advice motivated her, teacher ranted about fantasy books weren’t real books Philip Pullman was a hack etc.
Had a public livejournal that everyone read, she found out from a drunk girl
Wrote in journal “I hope my teacher is crushed to death by a box of fantasy books.”
A lot of people are going to tell you you cant do it, dont listen to them. If writing is what you love do it. It’s a long journey to get published, you have to bust your ass. Turn off the internet turn off your phone and write. The only person that will keep you from getting published is you.

Dad had heart attack over the summer, better now, he almost died, 5% survival rate, lost a month and half time of last ToG book writing.

Was scared dad wouldn’t see the end of ToG series. Dad said he wouldn’t recommend Tower of Dawn to people who have recently had a heart attack. Will have time now to not rush last ToG with new fall date.

Acotar Spinoff
First of spinoff projects
Novella meant to be read by everyone
Structure of new books is different romantic pairing in each book with new and old characters
Promise will not be as long as Tower of Dawn, around 60,000 words
Full of Smut
Overarching plot to spinoff books
No set date for first full Acotar spinoff novel, but has 300 pages of first book written
2019 or 2020 for first full novel
Novella takes place during Feyre’s birthday, cozy vibe and dark emotions, narrated by both.


Its so amazing that beyonce has constantly tried to experiment in every solo album she released. In her first album as a solo artist, “Dangerously in love”, the lead single ( which is now considered to be one of the most iconic songs of all time) – “Crazy in love” was too retro and full of horn riffs and blaring fanfare which tbh no one used in the 21st century. Nevertheless, beyonce took the risk and recorded it. She came up with the (now iconic) catchphrase – “uh-oh-uh-oh,you know”  and made it one of the most popular songs of all time. Using Arabic tune with a hint of bollywood style in “baby boy” or using sexual tone yet  remaining extremely classy in “Naughty girl”  - she took these risks and succeeded.

In her second album, she changed her musical style again, using 1970-80s funk influences and urban contemporary elements like hip hop. Plus her vision of creating a record using live instruments helped in making this album different than her last album and gave us amazing songs like “Ring the alarm” which uses a siren as its melody. YES SHE USED A SIREN.; an amazing ballad “Listen” which showed her vocal prowess and is now considered one of the “it” songs in X-factor auditions; “Irreplaceable” which became one of the best selling songs of 2000s .

In her third album , “I am…Sasha fierce” , she did this whole fun concept of a battle between her true self and her alter ego which is brassy, big headed, confrontational and witty. All this managed to invoke the interest of everyone. The album not only gave us three iconic songs ; “Single ladies” , “If I were a boy” , “Halo” but also managed to impress the critics and fans alike and won 6 grammys- the most by a female artist in a single night.  
In her fourth album “4”, which boasts of one of the most beautiful ballads and romantic songs of her career till date was critically acclaimed because of its mid-tempo songs and evocations of late 1970s and early 1980s pop-soul. It gave us her most funky and creative song  yet called “Countdown” , and a feminist anthem “Run the world(girls)”. Also Love on top which had one of the best key changes of all times is considered one of the hardest songs to sing and won a grammy. The whole album was a major departure from beyonce’s dance-worthy  tracks and the world’s biggest star managed to explore her talent in ways few could’ve predicted.

But what truly made her the greatest entertainer of this generation was when she released her eponymous fifth studio album on itunes without any announcement receiving MASSIVE critical acclaim and commercial success.By exploring darker themes for the first time and embracing her sexuality beyonce made the kind of record people look upto. The album gave us an iconic song called “Drunk in love” , the feminist anthem “ flawless” , the raw yet oh so beautiful “XO” and one of the sexiest and most visually appealing songs of all time “Partition” Rather than working for no1 singles, she created a body of art- an album with an artistically rich music video for every song. The album marked a wide shift in the industry standards of heavy promotions and the whole hype around singles. There was no looking back, Beyonce had changed the rules of industry and marked her place permanently as the undisputed queen of the industry.

If that was not enough, beyonce released “Lemonade” , her most critically acclaimed work to date, receiving universal acclaim . It was considered the best album of 2016 and marked its place in history as one of the best albums of all time. From the visuals to the poetry to the lyrical content- every aspect of the album was perfect, receiving extremely positive reviews. Beyonce broadened her reach towards different genres of music  and effortlessly executed each and every one alike -  reggae(hold up), hip hop (formation), country(Daddy lessons) , rock (Don’t hurt yourself) , dance ( sorry) , Ballad ( Sandcastles) , Soul ( Freedom ). The album is considered to be a monumental feat in the history of music and is planned and executed with utmost perfection. Something that is synonymous with beyonce now. The lead single “Formation” officially became the most awarded song in history surpassing Michael Jackson’s thriller.
It truly amazes me how people try everything to tarnish her image and some even have the audacity to compare her with the mediocre artists of this generation who a few pop/RnB/country hits but can’t even hold a note without breathing heavily. Nevertheless, beyonce continues to be a legend and set an example for other artists. 


“After the examination of religious texts and much debate, Henry decided that their marriage was invalid, had never been legitimate and therefore had never existed. She was stripped of the titles of queen and wife, her daughter declared a bastard, and was condemned as having been living in sin with Henry as the Dowager Princess of Wales, his brother’s wife. And yet the Pope, along with a significant number of European universities, doctors and leading thinkers of the day, declared that the marriage was completely valid and endorsed her as Henry’s true wife. Under oath, in the confessional, in private letters, in court and upon her deathbed, Catherine never wavered from her conviction that she was the true wedded wife of the King. (…) Yet Catherine was not one to choose the easy road. Wearing a hair shirt under her cloting and rising at dawn to hear Mass, she saw her steadfastness as a crusade to save her husband’s soul. For Henry had not just rejected her, he had turned his back on the Pope and the very tenets of the Catholic faith that had shaped their mutual devotions. Convinced Henry was heading for damnation, Catherine elected to suffer in his stead, praying that God would forgive him. Watching her supporters go to the stake, or the block, she lived her final years in the expectation of following them and was prepared to embrace the opportunity of becoming a martyr”.

- Amy Licence, Catherine of Aragon: An Intimate Life of Henry VIII’s True Wife

Broken Systems

Watching Oxygen this week - which I liked, although I don’t know if enjoyed is a word I can apply to an episode with that little joy - I was struck by how much this season has featured systems as villains. And in most cases, it’s not even that the system was originally crafted to be evil, but rather that any system when taken to extremes has the potential to cause great harm. 

Thin Ice and Oxygen both feature the system of capitalism, taken in the former to levels of evil we are familiar with and in the latter to levels that have not come to pass, but are scarily easy to imagine. Smile gives us the system of an artificial intelligence designed to make us happy, but through no malicious evil decides the best way to do that is to kill anyone who is sad. And Knock Knock has the system of the wood lice, which to save Eliza’s life kill many generations of housemates. The Pilot is perhaps an exception to this, in that the puddle is not trying to kill Bill, but it is still a system that becomes terrifying as it tries to fulfil it’s goal of running away with a pretty girl. 

This could be chance, but five episodes in a row without a malicious or chaotic evil, without deliberate corruption or even malfunction outside the original parameters, looks very much like a narrative choice. And it’s a narrative choice that very much echoes current affairs. The capitalism episodes are a very direct parallel, but we are also seeing national pride turn into xenophobia and populism elect Trump. Our systems are breaking, and not even the most moderate or apolitical person could deny that now (although many people have been screaming about this for years). 

We’re also becoming more aware of systemic racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia and transphobia, and how even if you stop people from being explicitly bigoted that still doesn’t solve the problem, because the problem is with the system not the individuals. This adds another narrative element, because we have the first lesbian companion (the first explicitly queer full time companion), and she’s also black, meaning she and people like her suffer from at least three types of systemic oppression.

I don’t think this can go on forever in Doctor Who, because Doctor Who is not a nihilist show. That’s kind of how I’m feeling about the world right now, even as I’m slowly chipping away in my own way. But Doctor Who is a show that always falls back on hope, on joy, on the idea that we are perhaps not quite as fucked as we though. And now that systems have been established in the Doctor Who universe as susceptible to evil at their extremes (or even slightly outside of normal parameters), it’s time for a string of episodes which break those systems, or reject them entirely.

I think it’s fitting that the next episode, Extremis, features both the Catholic Church - the epitome of a system corrupted by it’s own rules - and Missy - chaotic evil incarnate. And though Missy is definitely the Queen of Evil, she also rejects order and systems, and so is yet again an ally. For now.

I’m interested to see how this reading stacks up at the end of the series, especially because I think it depends very much on how the latter half goes, and the way Doctor Who provides hope and rebellion in a systematically fucked world. We could do with some of that around here.

Let Me Warm Your Heart Part 2

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3| Part 4| Part 5

Word count: 2017

Summary: Credence misses a certain kind lady. But he meets an unexpected visitor instead. All is not what it seems and even though life tends to be rough at times, every cloud has a silver lining.

Warnings: Mentions of abuse, violence and blood.

Disclaimer: GIF Credits to their owners. Also I don’t own the FBAWTFT universe. Queen JKR does.

Credence searched through the gathering crowd. His heart plummeted into the melancholic depths of disappointment as the lady with the kind smile failed to turn up at yet another NSPS meet. He reminisced how her face lit up with a smile, how unlike others she had apologised and with kindness radiating from every gesture, helped him gather the scattered flyers (even though it was probably his fault that they fell in the first place). It was far too rare for people to deem him worthy to bestow kindness upon. It was more often than not a case of shoved bodies, rough touches and muttered insults. Not pretty smiles and an overwhelming softness of the heart.

Credence couldn’t help but feel sadness clutching him in its cold grasp, he really shouldn’t have gotten his hopes high. After all, it was highly unlikely that she had the free time to attend all of the rallies. She had indeed said that she had work to rush off to the other day. A hopeful part of him wished that it was just that, a busy schedule which kept her from coming back. But then again, she might have completely forgotten him. Who would remember a lowly, wicked boy like him? And if at all she did remember him, it would be with disgust at his uselessness, disappointed with anything he did. The way Ma was.

Credence sneaked a glance at his adoptive mother as she went on about the malignant virus of witchcraft that was fast spreading amongst the unaware and naive naysayers. She urged the people to be proactive and join the cause, they had safety in numbers. It was the vigilant who could save themselves after all. He thought that if he repeated the propaganda enough times, he might even start believing it. It was not that Credence disbelieved that people like witches and magic existed. He knew that his biological mother was wicked, that her blood was tainted, the same blood that ran through his veins. He had heard about it numerous times over the span of his childhood, receiving divine punishment at the hands of his Ma in a bid to loosen Satan’s hold over him. Such instances though, had become rarer as the years passed. The punishments hadn’t stopped, just the reasons had changed.

His hand felt a ghostly sting and Credence flinched, remembering the latest disciplining. His barely healed hands clutched the flyers tightly as the memory of a few weeks back washed his subconscious. Ma had been so angry with him when she had seen him idling around the back instead of handing out more flyers like he was supposed to. He had just found the crowd oppressive and decided to get a few breaths of clean air, a brief respite from the heat. That was when she had stumbled across his feet, not hard enough to cause him discomfort, but enough to make her presence known. He had expected harsh words, an angry shove or complete unapologetic indifference even. Because that was how he was used to being treated. Instead like an angel shining her heavenly aura on lesser mortals, she had come to his aid. Being the worthless being that he was, he’d somehow managed to become a stuttering dimwit, rendered dumb by her kindness and beauty. This was an exchange that hadn’t escaped the watchful eyes of his mother, though thankfully she hadn’t seen who it was that he was speaking to.

No amount of pleading would dissuade her from meting out what he rightfully deserved. It was just a matter of time and it came when they reached the rundown excuse of a church that they called their house. The moment the door to the living room closed, he silently slid off the belt from its place, grasping the buckle in the hope that the ordeal would end faster if he willed it to. Just thinking of the belting had his hands smarting in remembrance of the vicious hits. Ma had been especially angry that day.

“Hello there, young man. Won’t you give me one of those flyers?” An elderly woman broke Credence out of his reverie, a wrinkled hand outstretched towards him seeking a purple handout. Her eyes crinkled as she gave him a benevolent smile. She looked of Asian heritage, probably Japanese judging from the pastel kimono that draped her delicate frame; with her soft demeanour and quite mannerisms, she faintly reminded Credence of summers spent lying in the warmth of his birth mother’s lap, but it was a fleeting thing, this barely remembered memory.

Though he had been expecting quite a different interruption, even this was welcome. After all, it was not everyday that people treated him with such gentleness. As if reading his mind, the old woman queried, “Were you perhaps expecting someone else?” Pink dusted his cheeks as Credence replied in embarrassment, “N-no!” It came out louder than he had intended. Glancing at his mother to make sure that her attention was focused elsewhere, he quietly mumbled, “ I meant…no. That is not the…case.” His speech was marked by ponderous pauses, as if mulling over what would be appropriate enough to voice out loud.

The old woman merely nodded in understanding, though what she comprehended from his mumbles and pauses, Credence could only wonder. They stood in comfortable silence for a while before the woman spoke again, “What is your name child?” He jerked as if virtually slapped and something skittered in the woman’s eyes but it was gone before he could really observe. “C-credence.” He spoke so softly that it was a wonder that the woman had heard anything at all. But her serene smile indicated that she indeed had heard him. “You have a beautiful name”, she complemented him, making him blush again. As the rally broke up with the end address from his mother, the elderly lady stared up in the sky as if thinking about something before saying, “I better get going now. Hope you have a good day son!” her eyes twinkled and Credence couldn’t help but be gripped by a weird sense of deja vu,feeling as if he had met the woman somewhere before.

Y/N laid down her quill with a sense of satisfaction as the last report was written, bringing her paperwork to completion. Standing up, she stretched her muscles before waving her wand to summon her coat. Capping off another day at work, she stumbled out of the inconspicuous gates of MACUSA, weary and bone tired but happy at the pace of things. She started walking at a leisurely pace, setting off towards her apartment idly wondering about what she should have for dinner. Today felt like a sushi day.                

Tasked with scouting for a new place to conduct the next meeting, Credence walked the bustling streets of New York City. He had been walking for well over an hour and twilight had set in by the time he truly found anything of use. Before his eyes lay a dusty playground, more derelict than green. It was not exactly spic and span but with some cleaning, it would do. Credence looked at the playground which was sandwiched between a confectionery and a chic boutique selling trendy flapper dresses which seemed all the rage these days. Yes, this would do. He was just about to venture a bit further inside to give a last cursory glance to the venue when he stumbled across an empty glass bottle.

Landing hard on the dusty pavement with his hands outstretched to break the fall, a hiss escaped Credence. The fall tore anew his barely healed palms. Cradling them close to himself, he took a closer look at the demon that had devised his fall. Was that a beer bottle that he spied? “Oi, who goes there?” A gruff voice enquired from the depths of the dimly lit playground. Fear grabbed Credence as he stared at the questioner. Three men, drunkards by the look of them, appeared from the murky shadows. A pudgy faced man, with a pronounced limp approached him followed by a stockily built man and a towering youth with a face attacked by the most vicious case of acne Credence had ever seen.

“Looky what we ‘ave ‘ere eh? A pup, wet behind ‘em ears!” The towering youth chuckled nastily, showcasing yellowing teeth much to the amusement and hollering of the other two. He had a surprisingly gravelly rasp. Probably a result of excessive smoking judging by the cigarette clutched in his blackened fingers. “Ya think ya can just come here an’ bust upon us, pup?” The stocky man’s words would have been intimidating had they not been uttered in the squeakiest voice ever heard. All this would have been an excellent backdrop for a comedy show and Credence might have even found it funny had he not been in the midst of it. “Answer da question. What ya doing ‘ere, punk!” pudgy face bent down for emphasis , getting too close for comfort, spittle spraying everywhere and his body reeking of alcohol, rancid sweat and something more unpleasant best not named.

Credence could barely manage a frightened whimper as hot tears ran down his cheeks. It was one thing to be belted by Ma for his actions. He deserved that, after all, it was meant for his own good, wasn’t it? But what had he done to deserve this? He cowered as pudge face yanked him by the collar of his shirt, drunken vigour easily lending him the strength to haul the frail boy up. “The cowardly brat’s snivellin’ like a damned 2 year old, if I ever seen one. What ya boys say we beat some sense inta him?” Credence felt a tightness blossom in his ribs, pressing down on his chest making it difficult to breath. His sight became hazy and all he could think of was the world of pain, broken bones and smashed teeth that was awaiting him. He saw the raised fist and closed his eyes, as the tightness in his ribs grew, threatening to burst him at the seams. Any moment now, he would be beaten into pulp.

Suddenly, the air rang out with a shrill alarm, a siren similar to those of police vans. “Shit! Why’s the police here?” the squeaky voiced man called out and Credence snapped his eyes open. Pudgy face shoved him away as the three bustled out of the playground, scampering ahead of one another, beer bottles scattered in their wake. Shaking violently at the near beating, Credence curled up into a ball and couldn’t help but continue crying as the siren grew louder and his mind went into overdrive. The police would find him and take him in for questioning. There were empty beer bottles here, he had obviously been up to no good, they would think. Wait, if the police took him up for questioning, his Ma would know. Dread latched onto him, pooling into an acidic swirl at the pit of his stomach. Oh what would she say? The mere idea of her wrath sent him on the edge of a panic attack.

Credence barely noticed when the siren stopped, for the ringing in his ears only continued to grow louder with every passing second. He was going to be arrested!! Someone was calling out to him, asking him if he was okay, but the world was a cacophony of white noise. They crouched beside him and attempted to pull his body upright. Resisting the movement, he flailed on the ground muttering incoherently throughout. Suddenly, his face was grabbed by a gentle touch and Credence found himself staring in the most mesmerising pair of (Y/E/C) eyes he had ever seen. “It’s okay love, they are gone. You are safe now. Nothing will harm you…I won’t let anything harm you!” His body gave a violent shudder. Letting out a choked sob, he fell into the soft embrace of the kind woman for whom he had been waiting for so long at the rallies. His angel had finally come to his rescue.

A/N: Ahh the time for the fated meeting has finally arrived! Writing this chapter through Credence’s P.O.V. was super fun as well as a bit anxiety inducing. I was constantly worried whether I was portraying him correctly.Just some trivia, the first sushi shop in the U.S. reportedly opened in 1906 in the Little Tokyo neighbourhood of LA apparently. I actually went and researched this on the net and Wikipedia threw this up on “the history of sushi”. Well, now that my nerd curiosity and obsessive authenticity mania has been satiated; addressing another twist- a mysterious old woman (Oba-san, if we are getting technical here) has appeared!! I wonder who she could be? 😉 Please excuse any typos that may have crept in. Thank you dear readers for the overwhelming love that you are showering on this story! Stay tuned for the next chapter and let me know how you all found this! ~mystical reading nerd


First pic: Stormy, Icy and their nephew Marek, Darcy’s only son

Second pic: Eris, the Witch Queen of Melody, and Riven’s estranged mother

These artworks go together because their story arcs are linked. 

What happened to the Trix in Almost Magical:

A couple of years back (prior to the start of the webcomic) the Trix were on the verge of retiring from their exasperating plot to take over the Universe. Yet, they decided to give it another shot. During the time, Darcy fell in love with a man and soon became pregnant with a son. She named him Marek. Because of this, she decide that it was time to give up the Trix’s quest for power. Icy and Stormy however, refused to do the same. Instead they decided to form an alliance with a powerful Witch living in Melody. Darcy, who only wanted what was best for herself and for her sisters, tried to stop them, and as a result, lost her life at the hands of the Witch Queen.The Trix finally realized how selfish it was of them to choose power over their bond as sisters and finally gave up and went into hiding. Meanwhile,  Marek had been entrusted by Darcy to a guardian.

In present time, Marek is estranged from his aunts, but occasionally makes contact with them. Icy and Stormy constantly egg him to go live with them, however, Marek would turn them down each time, wanting to live his life the way he wants to.  Marek is kind of a dirtbag.  lol. He works but sometimes gets into trouble. He’s a thrill seeker and is a little on the extreme side of things. Marek is a wizard, though not a very seasoned one. He is kind of a foil to Kai (Musa’s eldest son).  The two eventually cross paths and team up for *cough some quest that’s too far away to talk about right now *cough huhuhu

Eris (her history and present time):

Years ago, Eris was known as the Witch Queen of Melody- an informal title that was mythic in nature. She was known to be dangerous and ruled a coven of witches-an underground society that operated more like a crime syndicate (She’s basically like… the Godfather or something).The previous ruler and the current one, Queen Galatea and the government of Melody had been trying to stop their organization but had failed continuously. 

The realm of Melody was split into two prominent administrative divisions- one was more progressive than the other. (Like a first-world Melody and a third-world Melody lol)

Eris enjoyed power, but understood her limitations (she also knew that it would be less trouble) and so she took control of only half of Melody- the less progressive half where she was able to protect herself from the government. The power she possessed often provoked many evil magical beings to challenge her. She withstood each one.

THEN! All that changed when (the fire nation atta-)Eris found herself a maaaan, and got pregnant with Riven. :’D

She loved her baby and wanted Riven to be her heir. But some of her enemies used this form of weakness to their advantage. So they put a curse on her, a curse that one day, this child would be the cause of her kingdom toppling down.

When she heard of this, instead of getting rid of her child- which she could not bring herself to do, she waited for Riven to be born, then left him and his father (erasing her lover’s memories of her as well).

For a long time, she believed that she had successfully stopped the curse from ever happening. That was until many years after when the Trix(just two of them- Icy and Stormy) came knocking on her door, seeking an alliance with her. The two persuaded her to be a part of yet another one of their attempts to take over Magix. At first Eris, turned them down, believing that what she had was enough, and that it was less trouble. But the prospect of ruling the entire Magical Universe became suddenly enticing so she decided to take up on Icy and Stormy’s offer.  (Refer to the Trix’ story) 

Secretly, Eris planned to have the two killed once it was all over. Darcy, who did not agree with her sisters’ plan found out about this, and decided to find a way to stop Eris from killing them. And so she discovers Eris’ weakness and learns of that Riven is destined to destroy Eris.

Long story short, because this is getting long, Darcy tracked Riven down, and sought for his help. She successfully persuaded him by warping the truth and telling him that it would lead to him reuniting with his mother. What Darcy hoped to accomplish was for Riven to carry out the curse put on Eris. (Riven decided to keep this a secret from Musa, believing that it was better that she would not get involved. Also, because, this involves Darcy. Coz you know. Dating history  (Fun fact: In the original series- during season 1, Darcy commented on Riven, stating that she sensed a dark power over him and an aura she likened to the Dark Prince.))

It didn’t take long for Musa to discover that Riven kept this from her. She did not hesitate to go after Riven.

Basically, things became messy. This all led to Darcy losing her life at the hands of Eris, and Eris’ losing control over Melody and her kingdom crumbling (inevitable and self-fulfilling prophecies ftw). Eris, who managed to survive this, resolved to picking up the pieces and going underground. The society of Witches had been reduced to smaller businesses and working with the black market, and ultimately became divided. (Presently, Eris has no control over all of them, though many witches still respect her and see her as a prominent figure.)

As for Riven and Musa, they went home, Riven- feeling worse about his mother than he did before.  And well, things were never the same for them and their young family after that.

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Friday the 13th - Obscure and Unusual BatCat

Friday the 13th is upon us so it is time for another look at a lesser known story involving the Bat and Cat (follow this link to my first post related to Friday the 13th). This time, we are looking at Detective Comics, Annual # 7 from 1994.

This is an Elseworlds story set in the swashbuckling pirate days of yore, where we follow the adventures of Leatherwing, English privateer who preyed upon the Spanish with his fearsome ship, the Flying Fox:

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empty home

sequel to cold sheets a post 2x18 angsty fic from magnus’ pov this time

It felt… empty .

His loft, his home, after decades of warmth it suddenly felt devoid. Almost like someone had moved something and Magnus couldn’t put his finger on what. It left him with that discomfort, an edge of frustration born of something that wasn’t quite right . It shouldn’t have felt like this.

It was his home. His sanctuary.

At least it had been when Camille had left him nearly a century ago. Back then there hadn’t been this emptiness except in the scotch decanter.

Now he had this hollowed out feeling in his chest to match the empty decanter on the coffee table and the one place he had always felt relaxed and in control of, suddenly felt askew.

He let Alec get too close, get too comfortable too quickly. Stupid, stupid man.

Camille had always been separate from his home in a way. She had her own abodes, a level of independence that should have been telling but Magnus had always been a little blinded when it came to love.

Alec on the other hand, shared in his home. The Institute had been just that, t he institute . A cold dormitory built for work rather than comfort. For Alec, Magnus’ loft had been a refuge from that impersonal environment he’d grown up in. A refuge Magnus had welcomed him into with open arms. It’d been so long since he’d had someone he loved in his space and Magnus had craved it. Having someone there to talk to, to hold, to sleep next to. All of it was like a drug and the more he had, the more he wanted.

Now he’s gone cold turkey.

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Finn Balor has found his “Demon Queen” ?

To think that we only thought Finn Balor had eyes for Legos! but oh boy we were wrong!

The former WWE Universal Champion was seen with a beautiful young woman, and everyone speculates that it was WWE’s own Cathy Kelley as she seen wearing a similar outfit that she once wore which could be seen in the picture. Cathy Kelly is known for being a ring announcer, television host, journalist, and actress. 

 There have been rumors going on that this beauty is actually dating him, but yet both haven’t confirmed anything.

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If these rumors are actually true, I wish them nothing but the best to this beautiful couple! 

We know more about Ahmanet than Nick, and yet Universal thinks we’re gonna root for Nick

I mean, bitch please:

Ahmanet was a princess who was promised to be queen, yet when her baby brother was born, not anymore! So, obviously enraged at this, she lashed out, and then was buried alive.

So then Nick wakes her up or some shit, and she’s mad. She was denied her power, all because of a baby boy.

So, she decides to take over the world.

Cliche, but understandable in her case.


All I know about him is that he’s gonna get with Jenny, he’s gonna defeat Ahmanet(SADLY) and he runs around a lot, that’s it

Who sounds more interesting, like the character you’d root for? The ancient, scorned princess or Tom Cruise?

Team TARDIS - Twelve’s Era

July 18: Team TARDIS. The 12th Doctor has had some amazing team TARDISs- from just himself and Clara to being River’s companion, and then with Bill, Nardole, and even Missy! This is a day to celebrate the companions in 12’s time on the show.

Listed in no particular order, the members of Team TARDIS in Twelve’s era:

The one time I’ve tried to do cosplay, it was of Clara from Flatline. She’s in Doctor mode–she’s even wielding the sonic. Clever, brave, take-charge, flawed, needy, loyal, complicated Clara. I’ve always seen myself in this woman with a penchant for telling stories (though I lie considerably less, I think, but then again I’m not balancing ‘normal’ life with ‘Doctor’ life), an English degree, and a life away from family. I still haven’t rewatched the end of Face the Raven because I’m afraid I’ll burst into tears again–but I’ll watch the end of Hell Bent with a huge grin on my face. Most of the gifs I’ve made are of Clara. She’s off having adventures between her last two heartbeats, a place where everyone lives, and that’s important.

Missy, from the enigmatic Mistress of the Nethersphere who just wanted her friend back, to someone genuinely afraid on Skaro (as this snippet from the Series 9 trailer hints at), to someone making a seemingly wholehearted attempt at being ‘gud’ whose past catches up to them. Queen of evil, yes. The Doctor’s friend, yes. Those aren’t necessarily incompatible. (And even if this attempt doesn’t stick, as it probably won’t because there’s only so far I think you can take the Master without them not being Missy anymore, the attempt still happened. And that’s important.)

Bill Potts, who smiles when she doesn’t understand something, who dreams of a wider universe when she can do anything she wants to do. Who asks more questions than anyone I’ve yet seen enter the TARDIS. Who makes eyes at a puddle, whose tears bring hope. Even after everything she goes through, she still looks at the universe hopefully, and that’s something I’d like to do. To ask questions like Bill, to demand my place in the universe like Bill does, to be secure in my past and my identity as Bill is. Bill is clever and vulnerable and strong all at once, and I’m hoping she makes a reappearance in the Whoinverse, either as a companion or a recurring character. Because she’s not dead, she’s living on her own terms as herself, and that’s important.

Nardole grew on me, I have to admit. I wasn’t very fond of him in The Husbands of River Song, but by the time he’s leading kids to safety in The Doctor Falls, I realized I’d gotten at least a little attached, if not fond of Nardole. Like, what exactly is a Nardole? He’s over 200 years old (yes, the sonic sunglasses showed the Doctor that), he once was blue, he used to work for River Song, he’s some sort of cyborg-butler-burglar-conman? And he’s not a typical companion, either. He’d rather be in bed than out larking on some planet, he’s loyal to both River and the Doctor (one wonders how he and River met), and he’s not afraid to tell it like it is. If fear is a superpower (and it is), then Nardole’s got that on lock. You can be terrified and still be clever and brave, and that’s important.

River Song, surprised at this ‘Surgeon’ fellow knowing who she is. It’s not until later that she learns that the Surgeon is actually the Doctor, but in the meantime that leaves room for hilarity, including the Doctor’s mock reaction of how a companion ideally should react to seeing the inside of the TARDIS for the first time, and for poignancy, when he reveals that he’s been standing next to her the entire time. Finally, the Doctor’s grown enough to handle his loss of her (thanks, Clara and an azbantium wall) and he and River meet at a point where he only knows one thing more about her than she does–that at the end of the night, she goes to the Library. Finally they understand each other in ways that the Tenth Doctor could never have guessed all those years (for the Doctor) before. Love just means time, and that’s important.

But then, of course, no one is small to the Doctor. He may hide that fact when he’s afraid of the pain that comes in losing someone, whether they’re close to him or not. He’s afraid of that pain because he knows that it can make him break his promises (once, he killed a general; once, he blew up part of a spaceship along with himself). He can be funny, he can be fierce, he can be gentle, he can be terrifying. He’s the man who stops the monsters, and he can be a monster himself. But Twelve knows this. He knows who and what he is–it took him a while to get to that knowledge, but now, all of himself (and, in the future, all of themself) is invited. He knows that on his good days, he’s the Doctor, that he tries and that that’s probably the point. That he chooses kindness and knows it’s not weakness. Compassion may kill him, has killed him, but he wouldn’t want it any other way. And that’s important.

Nobody is small on Team TARDIS. Nobody is a sidekick, be they companion or Doctor.

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I am friends with local queens. Ones that have been perfecting their craft and slaying for years, and newbie queens on the scene. Let me tell you what they told me.about drag race. They tell me that Drag Race started as an amazing concept, but it got ruined. Queens in the mainstream is everything, but the fans aren't. They blame the younger fans. Older more seasoned fans accept the winner, get ready for next season. Younger fans don't. They cry, and scream, and become racist/transphobic 1/2

2/2 They said it’s down to the fact that these young girls, just like any fandom, somehow believe they have a chance with the queens. They told me stories where girls discussed things that they’d do if they could while waiting for M&G’s. The problem is these fans are only seeing a character. They treat it like every other fandom. It isn’t. These are real people. This is reality. And people need to stop. Also they said this is like 35% of the fandom. Most are respectful.

I definitely agree that it is primarily the younger fans getting irked about winners, being racist and transphobic, and fetishizing the queens. I personally feel as if Drag Race as a whole would be better if as a whole, the fetishization stopped and people were more content with it being a show, and not a personal gunfight. But, despite attempts, it is impossible to just stop that, and when it does originate in certain queens’s followings, queens seldom if ever indicate that it’s wrong. I just kinda wish that people would grow up and accept the winner, and be happy with it. (That being said, I still am one of the fans who agrees that Ms C was unfair, but she was chosen and nothing’s stopping that so that’s that). Thank you so much for your input, and hopefully by next season, some of the fans won’t watch as avidly and be so rude and the like. I myself am a “younger fan” as I’m not yet in university, but I do agree with the fact that it for the most part is the group of high school or middle school fans, who don’t appreciate the art in all honesty. These are the people who will both put on some eyeshadow and call it being a bio queen, and/or completely discredit drag if it doesn’t look fishy. Thank you for the ask!

Swan Queen Week Day 4: Family Vacation

Six Flags

Rated M (set in the AWCM universe)

full story here:

“Are we there yet?” Cora asked from the backseat of the car.

Henry was passed out, his head resting comfortably in her lap, as her head rested against the window. Snow and Charming were cuddling in the very backseat, Emma was driving, and Regina was fiddling with the radio station from the passenger seat.

“Not yet, mother,” Regina replied as she tried to find a station that wasn’t pure static.

“Are we there yet?”


“Are we there yet?”



“How about now?”

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hi, i want to support the wonder woman movie and maybe i go to see it even at the cinemas but, i've never seen any dc movies (or read the comics or seen a tv show, apart from first season of flash honestly) so any advice? like, what should i know or where to look for info pre-watching the film to not feel lost and understanf things. THANKS

I haven’t seen the movie yet myself, but since it’s starting with the orgins of Wonder Woman, that’ll hopefully mean it’ll be accessible to newcomers – esp. since Wonder Woman’s backstory isn’t just a universally-known thing like Batman or Superman’s backstories. Here are the basics:

  • Wonder Woman, aka Princess Diana of Themyscira, was sculpted from clay by her mother, Queen Hippolyta (some stories say Hippolyta created her “with” a guy, making them her father, but no matter the story – Hippolyta is definitely her mother and she generally doesn’t have a father to speak of. at least, not one that’s around.)
  • she received her superpowers as gifts from the Greek gods – for instance, Hermes gave her the ability to fly
  • her basic weapons: lasso of truth (anyone bound by it can’t lie), bulletproof bracelets (exactly what it sounds like), her tiara (razor-sharp boomerang), the invisible jet (exactly what it sounds like, only tends to show up in slightly… squirrely works)
  • Diana grew up on Paradise Island, aka Themyscira, which is inhabited by the Amazons – all women, and basically a utopia (see the character was invented by a psychologist who believed that a matriarchy would be superior to the current world he lived in, and all her weapons are metaphors for shit, it’s a long story, google it if you’re curious)
  • Steve Trevor, a human man, crash lands on the island in the 1940s and Diana helps him
  • Diana then competes against other Amazons to become the Amazon’s ambassador to the human world, the defender of truth… the Wonder Woman, if you will
  • spoiler alert: Diana wins
  • so she goes back to the human world with Steve Trevor and becomes a superhero
  • Diana Prince by day, Wonder Woman by night (or whenever people show up to fuck shit up)
  • so basically her thing is truth, justice, and the American w–hey this sounds familiar…
  • she’s willing to kill if needed but she’s very kind and mostly wants to help people
  • she’s also great with kids, little girls especially
  • she’s had a lot of sidekicks over the years, depending on the year
  • in this movie we get Etta Candy, who was one of the original sidekicks back in the 40s, which i’m super happy about because a lot of people tend to forget about her
  • she also regularly picks fights with Greek gods and demigods – Circe in particular is a recurring thorn in her side, as is Heracles
  • this isn’t really relevant to the story but she’s also canonically bi! actually i think most of the amazons are…
  • also Batman and Superman both have on-off things for her depending on the continuity – can you blame them?

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Peaceful Invasion

There are only four true castles in the universe. Each is halfway outside too: the first and only line of defence against an invasion from Outside, filled with weapons and warriors beyond any other ken.  There are often small invasions: a world lost here, a dimension there. We cannot be everywhere and have only so many pressed into service beyond our fortresses.

There are three castles now.

Something happened. A debt was called in.

There are almost too many stories about the fae and debts. What they often forget is that we pay our debts back too.

“Starflower. You should not be here.”

The hole into the universe where the palace was has been sealed by glamour. It holds, but there are entities on the other side. Things seeking to enter the universe. I did not know I was staring at them until the voice pulls me free.

I turn. I freeze. “My Queen. You live?”

The Queen of Midnight smiles. She is the shadow of a shadow, and yet she is not gone.

“I do not understand?”

“Nor I,” the admission a whisper of crow wings. “Two queens and two kings: each the heart of their castle, the cornerstone on which all was made. That is lore as much as law. I should not remain yet something holds me to existence.”

I shudder within and without. “I am but a Keeper of Events. This is beyond me.”

The Queen laughs then. I had not known she could laugh. I mean, I knew it was possible. But no one had heard it. I will not recount it here. “And me as well, O Keeper. The Midnight Castle was the smallest of the castles, you know. Perhaps even the newest. Even we do not recall their making, nor what we did to be bound to them.”

The Queens and Kings cannot leave their kingdoms. Sometimes they have gone mad, and we have chained them with weapons and geases until they are sane again. Always they return to their duty. Always the castles of the fae stand, first and only bastion against the wild forces Outside the universe. But nothing is forever. Even the fae are not forever. We are the magic, perhaps, but even we cannot last. We are not enough, and sometimes – just sometimes – we barely hold our own. The universe is a small speck of stability against the impossible vastness of the Outside. And there are always too many things wanting in.

“My Queen.” I have no words.

The Castle is gone, but some of the old wards remain. There were protections here: pacts and deeds made even before the palaces were build. Dawn. Noon. Dusk. Midnight. Each containing powers enough to destroy the very universe we protect, hurled outward in constant battle against what seeks inside. There are other defenses. Magicians. Monsters. The Outsiders we have bound into our service. But we are the front line, ever and always, and the alarm that goes off reminds me.

I produce a blade, though I have not held one in over twelve million years. The threat comes from within the universe, but there are always those trying to let other entities within. I spin, moving, the blade a blaze of light as it flowers.

The eleven year old boy standing on the remains of the gloaming road grins. He is eleven, and – somehow he catches the blade and steps aside all at once. “Hi! I’m Jay and we’re not friends but I did an oops and I need to fix it.”

The Queen makes a sound. I can feel she is more real under the force of the grin. I can’t bear to bring my blade in for another strike against it. No one can glamour a fae. But this feels somehow like that, though not like it at all. “What are you?” I ask, and my voice sounds almost mortal in its terror.

“That is Jay, who is jaysome,” the Queen whispers.

I heard stories. Everyone has: of the power that walks with a magician, of a child that isn’t a child, of a creature never human who seeks only the best within others. Jay turns, stares past me at the glamour – so thin, the wall. It strengthens. Jay pulls energies, binds them into it and then says: “Shoo. Go away.”

And everything pressing against the wall retreats.

I would laugh, were it not so terrifyingly absurd. I would laugh, were I not certain that he has no grasp of just how deep his power goes.

“Uhm. I did an oops because I was part of the science side of tumblr,” he says to the Queen, as to a friend met in a coffee shop. “And Honcho had to fix it and he got really grouch-face about it and said I had to fix my own oopses so I’m totally here to fix this castle!”

“You cannot.”


The boy does not move. I turn. The Queen of Midnight is old, even as fae count years. The cornerstone of the castle, a power half as old as time some said. I had not understood the extent of the Queen until she said no to such a force. “The Castles are walls. They are weapons, and contain many more. You are many things, Jay, but here and now you are not a one who can make the castle.”

“Oh,” Jay says in a small voice, and then grins again. “I can fix that,” he says, and his pride is so fierce I think it would crack the palace itself were it whole. He is gone a moment later.

He is back. He is back, but he is thirteen. And there is power and will in him enough that the palace is. Jay gestures, coldly casual at thirteen, and the Midnight Palace snaps into existence. Pulled. Built. Desired. I have no words for what he does. Jay is not even breathing hard as he nods to the Queen.

She says nothing at all. I turn. I should not have, but she is my Queen. She is solid again, real again, but for a moment not the Midnight Queen I know.

Until this moment, I had never seen her afraid.

I move between them. Jay’s smile is not jaysome. It is other things. “If you make it so I never was, there is a chance you might not be.” As threats go, it’s nothing.

Jay chuckles. The sound is, somehow, normal. “You tempt me. Unwise, little fae,” and then he is gone, and Jay is back. Jay who is eleven, with a huge, innocent grin of joy.

“I totally fixed it,” he says even as new alarms go off. It’s a tone I’ve never heard, at once wary and welcoming.

“My Queen?” I ask, even as I put my sword away.

“A warning for when Jay visits. So that we know to expect the next peaceful invasion,” she says dryly.

“I am really good at that,” Jay says, and then is gone a moment later.

The Queen looks at her castle, and then at me. “We had best see what has changed.”


“Jay cannot help but change things, even when he is not eleven.”

And she says nothing else, and I do not ask. I never will.

I think I can be that jaysome in my own small, small way.

So here it is my illustration of Chapter 27 of Ever After High: The Storybook of Legends by Shannon Hale. The Rebels reception of Raven after Legacy Day is by far one of my favorite scenes on the books, plus I just love the clothing. Didn’t drew Cupid ‘cause in diary universe she hadn’t yet arrived at school plus we only got a fast glance at her outfit in the episode. Dexter is missing since he didn’t arrive yet.

Ever After High © 2015 Mattel 


Moffat Appreciation Day

I dedicate this post to all Moffat’s characters of his era. The Girl who waited in a garden who grew into a woman struggling to figure out who she was beyond the stories in her head that somehow became her real life, the girl raised to believe she existed only for a singular obsession to murder a man yet who ultimately learned how to balance love and a life of her own choosing, the nurse who never wanted to be extraordinary, but could always stand up for the moral decision and fight for his family, the old man in a young man’s body who just wanted to see the universe and do the right thing, but lost site of his own moral compass, the FBI agent who never let his sexuality define his life and career, but couldn’t stop others from making it define him, the queen who tried to save her people by making a choice she couldn’t live with, the woman who thought she had it all under control who could only really learn about life by losing control, the lizard woman from the dawn of time and her Victorian human wife who were the detectives that inspired Sherlock and Watson, the socially awkward soldier scarred by war who made the ultimate decision only a leader could make, the shy fangirl who was also competent and intelligent, the fallen hero who spent a lifetime at war and nearly destroyed his own people, including the innocent, to save the universe, the hero who wasn’t very good at showing affection and accepted that he would never be like the humans he worked so hard to protect yet questioned his own character, the self proclaimed queen of evil who showed no remorse for killing yet showed a misguided loyalty to a former friend, and the many others who made this era fantastic.