she's not there for your entertainment

Coral Pearl wasn’t Pink Diamond’s personal pearl, but she was one of her pearls anyway. When the youngest diamond was shattered, it was hard for everyone in her court. It might have been even harder for all the pearls. Of course it was, pearls were servants after all. They were chattel. They had to obey orders and follow their owner.
A pearl without an owner… It was worse than it actually seemed. The other gems didn’t only judge them, they treated them how they wanted. Lots of gems, especially the ones who had never owned any pearls, did whatever they wanted to them. They captured them, they used them for entertainment… Anything. Coral Pearl had learned to avoid other gems if possible. Sometimes she was really close to being found. She lived in fear. It was awful.

Something about my pearlsona’s past. It wasn’t easy for her.
My mom said “You should show this to your psychologist and analyse this drawing with her!!” when she saw this.

Things 2NE1 has personally taught me
  • A woman defines her own goddamn sexuality. She is beautiful whether she dresses skimpily or conservatively.
  • Insecurities will continue to exist into your 30′s. That’s okay. You are still perfect.
  • Coming from a broken family is okay. You’re not less valuable just because someone didn’t know how to love you.
  • Gay is a-okay.
  • Thick is good. Petite is good. Women’s bodies are always good. So, so good.
  • No matter how much society denies it, you are fucking gorgeous and will have many chances to show it.
  • Your body is yours. Get plastic surgery. Get tattoos. Reject each vehemently. Just do what feels good.
  • Never let a man’s opinion of you shape how you see yourself.
  • It’s okay to just walk away from it all.
Dear Fellow Guys....stop hitting on women at work. Let me explain.

So i work as your friendly underpaid barista and currently we’re having problems with one of our regulars hitting on our women staff members. The first woman he hit one, he wrote a note to her….as in elementary school note passing. Now of course, she’s at work and the model in f&b and retail is that you do everything in your power not to piss off the guest.

So in hopes of not causing a scene, she kindly wrote on the note that she appreciate the interest but she’s a lesbian. Now, 1) she shouldn’t have to out herself to a complete stranger all to avoid a bad yelp review. 2) She shouldn’t be forced into a situation where she has to entertain a guests unwanted attentions to avoid at the least, a negative review on yelp. 

So once she passes this dude the note, he then starts jokingly exclaiming “I always fall for lesbians” in the middle of our cozy cafe, effectively outing her to anyone within earshot. Now my co-worker isn’t closeted, she’s out and proud etc, etc. However, that doesn’t give someone else the right to disclose her sexuality without her permission, and especially not after he effectively coerced her into outing herself in order to avoid his come-ons.  

Another one of our regular guests, hits on one of our baristas on a regular basis. No matter how much she casually brings up her boyfriend. It’s gotten so bad that I’ve had to literally stand in front of her so he can’t force eye-contact with her (Naturally we do this kind of thing in a low-key manner so that we don’t actively piss off guest and thus put our jobs at risk).

I’ve had to actively shut down people on behalf of my women co-workers (Nah dude, she’s seeing someone. She’s not interested in that sort of thing. Dude, chill out.) because they simply can’t understand the fact that they are at their jobs and simply just want to get their jobs done and go home. Stop taking advantage of the unequal power dynamics to force her to engage you. She’s seem nice? Of course she is, her job revolves around being nice. She seemed into you? No, I can promise she’s not, she’s doing her job and told me five minutes ago how you were clearly staring down her chest. 

“But how am I supposed to let her no I’m interested in her?” you might say. My answer, that’s not my fucking concern. There are plenty of opportunities to meet people in this world that don’t revolve around you forcing them into an uncomfortable position while they’re literally trying to earn a living. Not every person your interested in obligated to entertain that interest. 

Simply put, stop being goddam creepers and let people do their goddamn jobs. 

Masterlist Jeon Jungkook

So this is a collection of my favorite imagines, one shots, and smut that I’ve enjoyed reading. (none of these links are mine. Will credit writers)

Detentio0n by naughtykpopimagines

Taekook Threesome by naughtykpopimagines

Vampire Series    Ch.1  |  Ch. 2  |  Ch. 3 by naughtykpopimagines

Give Me Love by noir0neko

Tease by jungblue

Touch Your Toes by dom-joonie

Mirrors by btsmutimagines

Tease by btsmutimagines

Sunday Mornings and a White Shirt by jeonghsk

Punished by exobtssmutimagination

Needy by exobtssmutimagination

Straight Face by exobtssmutimagination

Lock the Door by monstaccato

Ribbing by ellieljade

Syrup by cuzimsickwithhope

Lay Back by xiuminsm

Baby Girl by xiuminsm

Tight feat. Jimin by cuzimsickwithhope

Baby, You’re The One by noonatrash

Six Days Without Fucking You Are Too Long by parkjiminsprincess

For your entertainment by chimble

I’ll play along pt. 1 by jackoffjae

Good Boy by bxngtxnfluffandotherstuff

Lesson by bangtantrashwrites

The following is by bxngtansmut

It is wrong to track a person’s whereabouts. It doesn’t matter if they’re a celebrity. IT IS WRONG TO TRACK A PERSON’S WHEREABOUTS AND SHARE IT. It’s stalking. It’s dangerous. You never know who might get ahold of that information and what their intentions might be. With the amount of stalkers Taylor has, I’m still confused as to why people think it’s a good idea to post this information or discuss it with anyone that may ask. Taylor is a real person who has security with her at all times because there is a REAL risk to her life anywhere she goes. There are boundaries, and just because you love her, does not give you the right to breech those boundaries and put her in danger for the sake of your own entertainment. Please remember that before you try and defend yourself or others who participate in this kind of thing. If you love Taylor as much as you claim to, please respect her privacy.

@jakei95 has been stressed out for the past couple of months. She works super hard to entertain the fandom with her amazing work. Don’t be so hard on yourself jakei, we as fans respect your time and effort. We will patiently wait for your next underverse comic when it is ready. <3

This has to do with coffee. 

I promise. 

Just bear with me. 

*deep breath*


Stop. Full. fucking. STOP! entertaining the notion that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are equally noxious candidates. 

I fucking get it. Clinton doesn’t mark every box on your absurd checklist of ideological purity. She thinks every world problem has an american solution. She’s got money and she’s got friends with money. She’s an unapologetic capitalist. She’s a master at making political sausage and all the ugliness that tends to go with it. 

So fucking what? 

DONALD GODDAMNED TRUMP, Fuckface von Clownstick himself, is her opponent. This dude carries endorsements from actual nazis and the muthafuckin KKK. He’s got goddamned animatronic fuckwaffles at his rallies assaulting black people and threatening the media. 

This bloviating turd storm is threatening to jail his political rival and use the power of the government to litigate against his detractors. If he loses? The election was rigged by his crooked opponent and well, theres some second amendment solutions to that. 

This is an authoritarian wet dream.

But hey man, Clintons just as bad because she deleted emails?

Fuck you.

I aint even tryin to be polite about this anymore. If your heads were any farther up your asses, we’d need to replace your abs with a window so you could see where you were going. 

Clinton is a talented, capable, intelligent and experienced politician. She’s thoughtful and patient. And if nothing else, her emails (if you actually read them) point to a woman who genuinely cares about doing whats right for this country and its citizens. Does her vision of whats right differ from yours? Sure. But she’s provided ample evidence that she’ll listen to, consider and consult with experts when your vision and her vision come to odds. 

Trump? That tumescent, bilious vomit sack (and the people he would empower and validate should he win) poses a real and present danger to everyone in this country who isnt a white christian male. And he doesn’t fucking care. 

So spare us the goddamned pity party and/or the smug appeal to political reductionism. 

“but you said this was about coffee!”

I lied. But hey, global warming is going to destroy the coffee supply and Trump still thinks its a hoax perpetuated by the Chinese to ruin our economy. So there’s that. 

So get off your ass and vote Clinton. 

Because if you dont, when Trump has folks goose stepping on the whitehouse lawn, you dont get to a part of my super cool underground resistance movement. 

We’ll have sweet leather jackets. 

And coffee. 

A Seasick Crocodile

Summary: After one too many bad setups, Emma thinks the best way to get out of another blind date is to tell her sister-in-law she already has a boyfriend. But when her brother makes the assumption she’s dating Killian Jones, Emma just might need a Christmas miracle to pull it off.

(Scary accurate photoset by @lenfaz and beta duties by @evil–isnt–born who keeps me entertained AND consistent.)

A little birdie told me it’s @nightships birthday today. Hope you like your present, Jess! Thank you for making me pretty things <3 

Ao3 or FF


 “So I know you really didn’t like August all that much, but I was thinking–”

“No.” Emma glares across the table at her sister-in-law, trying – and failing – to keep from brandishing her fork like a club. “No more Christmas party blind dates.”

“I know the last few–”

“Seriously? Mary Margaret, he was gay. You set me up with a guy who doesn’t even like women. The one before him turned out to be a skip. The one before him was Ruby’s ex.” Emma ticks them off one at a time on her fingers, her irritation only growing as she relives each horrible date. “So this year, I’m saying no. Absolutely not.”

“What have you got to lose?” Mary Margaret asks, completely undeterred by Emma’s protest.

“I already have a boyfriend!” Emma blurts out, reaching for her glass of wine and taking a large gulp to hide the lie. It’s the only thing she can think of to shut Mary Margaret up, since her brother is sitting uselessly next to his wife with an amused look on his face – amusement she is pleased to note disappears the moment she makes her announcement.

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like how insecure in your own beliefs do you have to be to block someone you’ve literally never talked to

also: franchesca ramsey is a grown ass woman with a job why is she wasting her time blocking 19 year olds on twitter

You Posting a Hot Picture on Social Media while They’re on Tour: BTS


*lips dry up as he gets a better look at your cleavage* he thirsty*


“What can I say? She is so going to regret it when I come back…”


“Yep. That’s my girl. You can watch but not touch.”

Rap Monster:

Will face-time you to announce the punishment he came up with, so that you could get ready.


Will tease you with exposing his body through a video-call.


“Did she just… Yes she did.”


“Why is she like this? How am I going to perform now?!”

Thank you, whoever requested for this. Thank you.


You know one aspect of Tumblr I hate? No one is allowed to like villains anymore

Because if you like a character (a FICTIONAL character mind you) you automatically condone their actions.

Let’s say your favorite villain of all time is say… the Joker for instance. If you share this on Tumblr, the chances are someone is going to swoop down on you and ‘casually remind you’ that the Joker is a psychotic murderer and a manipulative abuser towards Harley Quinn and you should be ashamed if you like him.

You’re not allowed to enjoy a villain being a villain anymore… everything has to go back to politics and how if you like them, you support their actions. Steven Universe ESPECIALLY falls under this. NO ONE is allowed to like Jasper or even entertain the notion of her being redeemed without someone coming over to rain on your parade and drill it in that she’s ‘an abuser’ and ‘how dare you support literal trash, I can’t believe you’re in favor of her actions’

What blows my mind about this anti-villain mindset is that three years ago EVERY SINGLE PERSON on this site was bending over backwards and making incredible leaps and stretches to justify the actions of Loki and paint him as a misunderstood woobie. The wobbie who stole the throne twice, tried to kill his brother, invaded Earth and caused a lot of deaths, and so on

I don’t understand how he is different from any other villain (Actually I do, he’s played by Tom Hiddleston and for awhile everyone had a crush on him)

It’s not just Loki either, I also remember back in 2014 there was a WHOLE FANDOM dedicated to Randall from Monsters Inc. 

Randall, the kidnapper who tried to strap a child into a torture device to suck the scream out of her… EVERYONE was painting him as misunderstood and bullied because Monsters University was coming out. When the movie came out, we learn that he was ALWAYS sort of petty and his grudge against Sullivan started over a minor accident

Oh let’s not forget Pitch from Rise of the Guardians! Everyone was all over him too!

At some point after specifically 2014 we went from loving villains to HATING them. A good villain makes you hate them granted, I’ll give you that. But now we HATE the people who LIKE them!

We went from wanting to redeem every villain to immediately wanting to burn every single villain at the stake and anyone who likes them. What caused the change? What flipped? It’s a mystery that baffles me.. and it’s something I really hate

Why should we hate the people who like villains? It’s not fair at all. Let people like what they like, there are bigger problems in the world than someone liking someone or something you don’t like

anonymous asked:

Hi! I love how you right your HCs -^^- it's really entertaining to read ^^ Anyways! Do you mind writing a HC that MC is having an asthma attack and she forgot her inhaler at home with RFA + V & Saeran? Thank you and have a nice day ^_^

i’m really glad you like them ^^



  • he recognizes that MC is having at attack right away
  • she is a bit panicked, so he starts to go through her backpack for her, looking for the inhaler
  • “dont worry, sweetheart, i’ll grab your inhaler”
  • shit shit shit shit its not there
  • he moves back around to face MC and takes her hands
  • “baby, dont freak out. you forgot to pack your inhaler today but dont worry, i’m going to call the paramedics so just squeeze my hand while i make the call”
  • Yoosung dials NINE ONE ONE
  • while they wait for the paramedics
  • Yoosung tries his best to help MC breathe slowly
  • “look at me. look only at me”
  • when the ambulance arrives they are able to get MC medicine!!!
  • someone tells him “you did the right thing, kid”
  • but they might as well have said “here’s a nobel peace prize”


  • him and MC were at the park when some kids on their bikes stirred up a bunch of dirt
  • she started coughing and before long, it was an asthma attack
  • Zen held onto her hand and watched as she rummaged through her purse to fish out her inhaler 
  • after about 30 seconds she was frantic, and Zen could tell her inhaler wasnt in there
  • he scooped MC up to get her away from the dusty area
  • okay, okay, he’s read about this
  • first, we have to sit up straight
  • him and MC face each other on a park bench, the both of them sitting criss-cross-applesauce 
  • Zen straightens out his back and motions for MC to do the same
  • we have to stay calm and breathe slowly
  • “baby, i know youre scared but i’m right here, okay? grab my hands and you can even squeeze them if you want”
  • “look at me and dont look anywhere else”
  • he could see the panic in MC’s eyes, but Zen knew he had to stay relaxed 
  • “breath in through your nose with me”
  • they breathe in
  • “breathe out through your mouth with me”
  • they do this together for about five minutes before MC is completely back to normal
  • after that they go home!! Zen makes a joke about that being “enough excitement for one day”
  • even though he made a joke about it, the incident terrified him and since then he carries around a back up inhaler


  • MC starts to have an asthma attack and searches around in her purse for the inhaler
  • she starts to get frantic and her breathing gets worse as she realizes she left it at home
  • Jaehee holds one of her hand, and with the other reaches into her own bag
  • she pulls out a back up inhaler for MC to use
  • “Jaehee, why do you-”
  • “i got one as soon as you told me about your asthma”
  • there was no way Jaehee was going to risk MC being caught without her inhaler
  • she trusts MC and all, but if you wanna do something right you have to do it yourself


  • Jumin is always the Stone Cold Robot Man™
  • but as soon as MC is caught without her inhaler, even he panics
  • he suddenly forgets how he’s supposed to deal with this
  • MC is a hyperventilating mess and he feels so useless
  • he calls an ambulance
  • the moments waiting for help to arrive are the most frightening moments of his life
  • even after MC receives treatment, he is still a bit mopey
  • “i was such an idiot…i cant believe i failed you like that”
  • MC would very suddenly take on a stern tone
  • “hey, you didnt fail me. you helped me. i dont know what i wouldve done if you werent around, Jumin”
  • “really? i felt so…helpless”
  • MC would give Jumin a quick peck on the cheek
  • “you took care of me, Jumin, like you always do”


  • MC forgot her inhaler? no problem! he’ll just grab the back-up from his backpack-
  • wheres the backup????
  • he could have sworn it was in there…
  • well, no matter! good thing he has a back-up for the back-up-
  • he knew he shouldve gotten a back-up for the back-up’s back-up
  • Seven reaches back inside of his backpack and pulls out a thermos of warm tea
  • it was MC’s tea, but her bag is too small for the thermos so she makes Seven carry it around
  • he gives it to her
  • “here, i read drinking a warm, caffeinated drink can help provide some relief”
  • he read shit like that all the time
  • while MC was drinking they drove back to her place together to get her inhaler
  • after that, they just decided to stay in


  • V is the best at calming MC down when she forgets her inhaler
  • she has a tenancy to panic, and V is the perfect balance for that
  • even if they are in a public place he will sit down with her somewhere secluded and do guided breathing
  • after she’s calmed down and breathing normally, V will play a hand game or do something silly with her to lighten the mood
  • lots of sweet smiles, little kisses, and giggling!
  • he usually has a back-up inhaler handy, though!
  • usually if MC forgets her inhaler and has an asthma attack she’ll feel kind of guilty, like she’s making a scene or something
  • V knows this so he’ll say lots of things like “you know i love you, right?” or “you’re so cute” after she’s back to normally
  • he makes sure to stay positive and calm always!!


  • when him and MC are out together and MC has an asthma attack without her inhaler
  • thats when he finds out she has asthma
  • he is honestly scared out of his mind
  • he thinks MC is going to DIE
  • and then he realizes its an asthma attack!!
  • he is really racking his brain to scrape up any information on how to deal with an asthma attack when you’re inhaler-less
  • well, you cant go wrong with calling the paramedics….right?
  • ….right??!?!
  • Saeran calls an ambulance and tries to be as reassuring as he can, although its not his strong point
  • when everything is back to normal and MC gets her medicine Saeran is like
  • “so…you have asthma?”
  • “yea, sorry about all this”
  • “yknow, you couldve just told me. you didnt have to have an asthma attack to let me know about your asthma…”
  • MC would roll her eyes and punch Saerans arm playfully, telling him to shut up


GOT7 Reaction: They have a crush on a youtuber

Anon said: “can you do got7 having crush on a youtuber ? i really like the one with bts 💕”

Sorry for the lack of reactions school is keeping me busy!

JB: *sees notification on phone, instantly gets happy*

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Mark: “Look Jackson she uploaded a video”

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Jinyoung: *you mention him in one of your videos*

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Youngjae: *finds everything you do adorable*

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Bambam: *tweets at you until you notice him*

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Yugyeom: *secretly binge watches your videos until he is one day caught by one of the members*

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For your sanity DO NOT imagine Sally and Paul going on a date and asking Percy and Annabeth to babysit their toddler. And Percy being so excited, he starts packing his stuff from camp to entertain his little sister. But on the other hand, Annabeth is so nervous she starts panicking, she’s seen the little girl before but only for a couple of minutes, she’s never taken care of a newborn child, not even his brothers because her step mom wouldn’t let her. And Percy starts comforting her and telling her how awesome his little sister is while massaging her head, so she calms down. And when they arrive she’s still a bit nervous, while saying their goodbyes Sally holds Annabeth strong and whispers “You’re gonna do fine, you’ve got Percy by your side”. Then she sees the little girl who stars showing her little arms towards Percy the second she sees him. Then Percy brings his little sister to Annabeth and the little girl falls in love with Annabae and won’t let Percy take her away from her new big sister. Percy is kind of mad and goes like “It’s my turn to have her you’ve been holding her for three hours now.” every 15 minutes. When it’s almost midnight, the three of them cuddle and fall asleep on Percy’s old bedroom, Percy hugging Annabeth and Annabeth having the baby on top of her chest. The next morning they wake up to the sound of flashes, it’s Sally taking silly pictures of her children (cause she considers Annabeth as one of her own too), she takes her baby with her and lets Annabeth and Percy rest for a couple of minutes while she makes breakfast. They are eating their breakfast and Percy won’t stop grumbling about how Annabeth took all of his sister’s attention and didn’t let him take the baby away from her and Annabeth is just red, Sally is just listening her son with a smile on her face and after a couple of minutes when everyone is silent eating she just goes “Both of you are gonna make great parents one day.”

i. the girl you love is a magic trick. swallowing swords, swallowing fire. sometimes the swords come up dressed in blood. sometimes the swords find homes in her ribs & don’t come up at all.
ii. the girl you love is a magic trick. disappears in a swirl of a cloak & erases herself from your sight; vanishing act made easy. sometimes she hides her body so well that she can’t find herself again.
iii. the girl you love is a magic trick. slices herself in halves and opens up like a fruit for you to look inside. sometimes the seams don’t line up right & she can’t stitch herself together anymore.
iv. we teach our girls to be exhibitions of twisted artwork: be tolerant, be invisible, be this & this & this. if you love her, tell her she doesn’t have to be magic; she can be herself & you’d love her just the same.
—  girls aren’t meant to be your entertainment | inkmagician

Caitlin’s been a little bit frosty towards me as of late – apparently, outing your best friend’s deep dark secret can earn you the cold shoulder. It will take me a while to warm up to the idea of Caitlin being a meta-human, but regardless, I needed to show her she is still my best friend. What better way to rekindle a friendship than with a night out on the town?

We carb-loaded at Big Belly Burger before hitting some bars downtown. Caitlin wasn’t super into it – I guess she was just frozen in fear of what she might become and wasn’t able to let loose anymore. So I bought us some Kamikaze shots to get her to relax, which led to martinis, which led to Jack and Cokes, which lead to I-don’t-even-know what. Somewhere along the line, Caitlin forgot her woes and even rode the mechanical bull at some country-western joint where I stood out like a sore thumb.

We hopped from bar to bar and somehow ended up at a Mexican place which proudly declared it was home of “El Gigante,” a seven-pound burrito that’s near impossible to finish. Impossible for a regular Joe, maybe, but for two meta-humans? Challenge accepted.  Caitlin and I donned some protective bibs and plopped down at a corner booth, ready to tackle the beast (it couldn’t be any worse than a man who manipulates shadows, right?). Wrong. That burrito was a massive monster of melted cheese, meat, salsa, and something called “ghost peppers.” Holy Batman. Those peppers were hell. Literally. Two bites in and I started sweating. Not a simple shiny sheen like after a simple workout, but more like the nasty-Niagara-Falls-sweating-after-trying-to-keep-up-with-Barry sweat. I saw my reflection in the napkin dispenser go from slight blush to full on Hellboy. Luckily, Caitlin saw my plight and grabbed my hand just before I passed out. She blasted me with cold that cooled me right down. What would I do without her?

Together, hand-in-hand, we were able to finish the burrito. We had our picture taken (it’s now hanging on the wall just to the left of the bathrooms, which we both desperately needed after conquering El Gigante. TMI? Sorry.) and we both got dorky t-shirts to commemorate the event. I’m hoping our little adventure thawed some of the ice between me and Caitlin, but honestly, I’m not sure how much of that night she will remember. We did have a lot to drink.

Toujours Pur - Part 2

Walburga stands in the middle of her bedroom, sifting through a large pile of beautiful dresses.

Her mother enters without knocking, standing silently behind her.

Irma: It’s more slimming. The white shows off your stomach.

Irma: But men can be entertaining, if you pick the right one.

She pauses for a moment to consider.

Walburga: He is also my cousin.

Irma: Toujours Pur, my dear.

Irma cuts her off, all warmth gone from her voice.


Part One

ACOTAR vs TOG (Rant)

Ok so, I saw something today that kind of (and by kind of, I mean really) pissed me off? I get it. Ok it’s fun to think “What if Aelin was in Feyre’s place?” Or like “What if Rhysand met Rowan” (which actually I think Cassian meeting Aedion would be WAY more entertaining but whatevs). But when you start comparing the worth of ACOTAR with your basis for comparison being Aelin vs Feyre…We have a problem.

The post I saw was “If Aelin Was in ACOTAR”. And basically it just talked about how Aelin would f*ck sh*t up. Which yeah! She totally would! But this author was frustrated because Feyre didn’t do the same things as Aelin. But you know what?


A Court of Thorns and Roses is NOT Aelin’s story. And you know, Feyre probably would never have become as embittered as Aelin. She wouldn’t have “arrogance issues” and she probably wouldn’t have massively astounding trust issues either.

Aelin’s story is about trust. Is about learning that she is not alone. That she HAS that power. That she can use it for good. That she CAN be a queen and she CAN be loved. And that she has more love to give than she thought.

That is NOT Feyre’s story. Feyre’s story is about healing and for once in her gods given life enjoying herself. Recognizing her beauty. Adapting to a sudden change in her life and actually doing something more than just surviving.

Both of these characters are strong in their own ways. They have their own faults. They deal with their own trials. Do not compare them any more than you would compare how Audrey Hepburn would handle your life.

Would you do that? No. So don’t degrade Feyre or Aelin based on the actions of the other character.


Reader x Klaus

Requested By Anon

“How’s you studying coming along?” Klaus chuckled when you thundered down the stairs and tore into your dinner as if you haven’t eaten for a week.


“Elijah likes to go on a bit.” You sighed and he chuckled, putting a finger to his lips as Elijah headed to see where you’d gone.


“I was wondering where you’d gotten to.” Elijah sighed and Klaus glanced between the two of you.


“She was attempting to escape your lecture, pity humans get hungry really, it interrupts you monologues.” Klaus teased and you had to hide the giggle that threatened to escape you.

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