she's not one to give false hope either


I don’t really like to have tons of OCs piling up, so I just took my miraculous Holder and made her into an akuma.
Some key elements stayed, like 3 under eyelashes, the floof floof, her beauty mark and the forehead hair, but I wanted to completly distance her akuma form from her reindeer hero suit, since this design embodies something different.

I think one of the few things which can make her snap are either inedible food or when someone trashes about how her mother would only spread false predictions with her tarot reading.
And I hope that it is obvious what theme I used.

So her ability as an Akuma is that every prediction she gives WILL come true after 5 minutes. (Kind of like the Pokemon attack ‘‘future sight’‘)

Anonymous said: hi!! you said you don’t mind questions about your writing and i just wanted to ask, if you get back into naruto enough to write it, would you still consider writing that one fic idea you had on your profile where naruto invents his own jutsu but like instead of wood release he goes for flowers? bc that sounded super cute

:o I forgot all about that. 

After a bit of digging around in my docs, here is what I have (incomplete tho):

Flower Style 

Summary: Naruto had always loved plants, so it was only fitting that he would replicate Konoha’s most revered style. Except not exactly. “It’s not Mokuton without trees! That’s some kind of, of Hanaton! Flower Style!”


part 1

Heading down the hall at a pace that was a shade too brisk to be entirely suited for the Hokage, Sarutobi mentally cursed the fussy daimyo, his long winded messenger, and the incompetent assistants who hadn’t been able to handle him without summoning the Hokage.

Because of them, Sarutobi had been interrupted during one of his rare days off, when he was finally able to spend time with Naruto. Knowing how desperately lonely the young boy got, especially now that he was judged old enough not to need a caretaker’s supervision, Sarutobi hadn’t wanted to send him away, even for work. He had hoped the matter could be resolved quickly, so he had simply left Naruto in his office…

But while Naruto was truly a sweet, kind boy, he was also an energetic, lively one, and Sarutobi could only wince as he imagined the state of his office after the tender mercies of a bored five year old.

“Naruto, I’m back,” Sarutobi announced loudly as he opened the door to his office.

“I wasn’t doing anything!” Naruto blurted out, immediately hiding his hands behind his back.

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A New Path - Chapter 8

Okay, this one took me quite a long time to write, because I wasn’t really happy with it. I’ve rewritten it a couple of times. So I hope you all would like this chapter. Oh, and I want to announce that after this chapter I will write an extra one. For those who are shipping Nathaniel/Vulpino with Adrien/Chat I will write a separate fanfic. It’s still a continuation of this chapter. But it would be getting a different route of my main one. (Like some visual novel xD) So I hope some of you would look forward to that. :)

C.1 | C.2 | C.3 | C.4 | C.5 | C.6 | C.7 |

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Buy Your Love - Going Twice

Pairings: Nozoeli, Tsubahono, Nicomaki, Kotoumi, Erean

Last time on Love Live!: µ’s holds a date auction without Soldier Game Trio, A-Rise is there too and Maki is too gay to function, bidding for Nico in the heat of the moment because she has a big lesbian crush on her… no i didn’t watch mean girls last night what do you mean

Words: ~6,600

Note: your excited tags on my story give me life

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anonymous asked:

Hi, so if Beth is really shown to be alive, how do you think viewers will feel about it? There are so many Beth fans but there are the ones who dislike her. Also if beth isnt alive, I fear many people will make fun of us for believing she was. ):

I don’t give a rat’s ass. They make fun of us either way. They made fun of us when she was shot too. What’s the difference? It’s worth it to me. If the rest of the season rolls by and Beth is still very much dead, then I have no qualms owning up to my false hope. Because even though I believe she’s alive now, I’m still prepared for anything. I know there’s a 50% chance they could just be morons, but I don’t think that they are. I think most viewers won’t mind her being alive. I think most of them will be quite thrilled actually. The amount of people that adore Beth now far outweigh the amount of people who hate her. The people who hate her are just really really loud so it makes it seem like there’s a lot more of them. Beth turning out to be alive is going to be the buzz of the spring. Everyone would be talking about it. That’s good. No. That’s great. Believe shamelessly, my friend, because at this point we have absolutely NOTHING to lose!

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Lol, wasn't there BTS pics of Jen & Lana hugging from last year? I'm *guessing* they don't hate one another; JMo seems big on female friendship. I feel bad for her because she seems caught between the bad apples from multiple sides & I've seen some really hateful attacks on her from both homophobes and from people calling her homophobic(!). I wouldn't blame her if she's just done with it all, or if she avoids Lana because of the shipwars. Or if she was sick, migranes can come on fairly fast. :)

Okay so there are two different issues going on.  Jen’s social media and if she’s “avoiding Lana.”  Jen does appear to be reluctant to post selfies with Lana on her social media I think either to avoid conflict that they draw from her two fanbases or in order to avoid giving “false hope.”  From the point of view of an adult I don’t find either scenario reflects very well on JMo.  But I do not believe any malice is behind it simply a misguided misunderstanding of fandom.

But let me be blunt about if she’s avoiding Lana in general.  That’s fandom bullshit.  And it’s fandom bullshit perpetuated by fans who take pictures on set.  In the course of a week one regular set spotter said that she didn’t have any pictures of JMo and Lana because they were never near each other.  Except they filmed three scenes with each other, and there were in fact pictures taken of them.  Including this one.  On the day that person had said they were never near each other.  If you look through ALL of the set reporters you can find dozens of instances of the two of them talking and laughing during several different days filming on 6.01.  I don’t have the shot but there is one where Lana is standing and Jmo kneeling on the ground where JMo is clearly cracking up laughing.

But this picture is the major proof of the lie.  

Because there were at least three other set photographers who captured this moment and uploaded pictures of it.  As two different files framed or cropped down the middle.

What is more there are rumors, which I believe but I label as rumors all the same, that there are pictures that are being deliberately withheld because the photographers “do not want SQers to have anything.”

So here is the thing.  People get to take the pictures they want.  But they don’t get to lie without being called on it and they don’t get to shape reality.  Especially to do so in a way that is directly contrary to Jennifer Morrison’s many many MANY public statements about not liking people pitting women against each other.

Do I think Lana and JMo are besties?  No.  They are women with manifestly different personality types.  But they do eat lunch together on set, they do laugh, they do talk, JMo is not an island.  Do not use real people to drive the agenda of your fandom ship wars.  They are coworkers on a famously friendly set.  

Let’s respect them as people.  And let’s respect our own intelligence not to believe blatant manipulation.

I don’t remember now where I saw it but someone wrote a meta about how Snow has never not known love, which is basically why she struggles to understand why Emma wouldn’t want to get back with Neal (link found [thanks tersaseda!]) and I got to thinking…

You know, part of Mary Margaret’s thing was that she was unlucky in love – she lived alone (to the point that no one would even room with her, until she offered her spare room to Emma), when she went out with Whale he spent the entire time ogling Ruby; she felt ignored, unwanted, and lonely.

Basically, she felt the way Emma had spent her whole life feeling.

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Alright so, can we talk about the look on Natsu’s face in this panel? He’s not only worried about Lucy, but he’s clearly pissed off that she’s hurting. He doesn’t like that he’s one of the reasons why she’s hurting, and he doesn’t want to give her any false hope either. Maybe he’s even a little annoyed that she’s not being honest with him when he can read all over her face that she isn’t fine….I can’t help but imagine him thinking “What is this nostalgia, and how do I kill it?”…..I ship it