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 @rinislove-rinislife NYAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! DO YOU FEEL HELPED YET???

Today is my friend’s birthday fellows! She was feeling a bit down lately so i thought i could get some HELP! And anyone with a minimum of education knows that throwing your friends at Loki is a good way to cure their sadness (along with eating chocolate and bananas but that bitch hates bananas i don’t know what’s wrong with her)!! So the 2 people who are gonna reblog this, feel free to wish her a happy birthday (unless it’s like June. that would be funny since her bd is on november 24th)

Bref! Je vous souhaite une bonne fête d’anniversaire à toi et à ta soeur♥! Profite bien du gâteau et n’oublie pas, là je te prête Loki parce que c’est ton anniv mais il doit être rentré pour 22h, faut pas déconner!