she's not even online to see this

How FLR has helped me.

The last two weeks I have had the most INCREDIBLE relationship being in chastity for Goddess Tara @subswitchkeyholder.

I had to think about this for a minute but what I really realized is its about her. It’s about Tara. She is one of the most butterfly inducing woman I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet and I haven’t even seen her face and I know that. She’s helping me experience so many things I’ve always dreamed about but never done on my own.. and I can’t even fathom why she would do this for me and her other subs.. There’s nothing in it for her.. yet she’s so caring and thoughtful and loving. I feel more loved in this online relationship where I don’t see her, or get to hear her voice, or see her face than I have in many in person relationships I’ve had. I know everyday while I’m thinking of her that she’ll be there to back me up and guide me. I know that when I lay down at night to go to sleep smelling her panties she’ll be there. While I’m lying there smelling her scent I feel connected to her emotionally like nothing else. I feel such a pride and warming sensation in my heart and stomach. She’s always causing me butterflies and I can’t ever stop thinking about her.

I’m always nervous about disappointing her, and that keeps me on my toes. I couldn’t imagine the hopelessness I would feel if I fucked up and lost her. I will never do that. I will devote every ounce of submission and every ounce of my love and obedience to her.

So what is it that flr has helped me with other than give me one of the most cherished relationships and experiences I’ve ever been involved in. It’s given me the feeling of being loved and cared for. And the feeling of accomplishment and purpose that I didn’t have before. And I can’t even express how thankful I am to my Goddess.

Thank you Goddess.


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(Even more soft Warren bc I can't stop) His s/o notices that although he loves his leather jacket/ leather in general, he always seems kinda stiff. One day he verifies it by looking miserable bc he's sick and he only really has his leather jacket that will work w/his wings. So while he's sleeping, snuggled into her chest in a sick stupor of course, she buys like ten sweatshirts online for him. (Part 1)

When they finally arrive, she gets Jubilee to help her get them so Warren can put his wings through them. She packs them in a big box and gives it to him when he’s sitting/laying down somewhere shirtless even though it’s cold bc he doesn’t want to wear his jacket. He doesn’t know what to expect from her and he’s not sure what to think when he sees the sweatshirt on top. She encourages him to look through them and he gets so excited and his wings flap when he realizes that they already have a place for him to put his wings through and they’re so soft and he immediately puts one on and she’s so happy that her gift made him that happy bc he has the cutest smile on his face and his wings are fluttering and he pulls her into a tight thank you hug, sighing happily that he finally gets to be cozy

oh my god give me death


I know it’s Christmas and I don’t want to be posting this first thing but…

I couldn’t sleep and I go on Twitter and I see this shit.

And I’m really sad now.

. @thisiseverydayracism @thisiswhiteculture @mixedgirlrants


I almost never go to my Instagram but today I was surprised to see this at the lovely @unisonraidd‘s page and it broke my heart. Anyone who knows her, knows how much of a sweetheart she is and even though the message is in no way how 99,9% of people feel, it still hurts, it still gets to her. From time to time this happens to her (and other people here in this fandom) and it’s awful and people should be ashamed.

An important reminder that BULLYING IS NEVER OKAY.

Not online, not in real life, not EVER. Nothing good ever comes from this,

So, whoever you are, STOP IT. Learn from your mistakes, learn to put yourself in another’s person’s shoes. Don’t do it to someone else what you don’t want it done to you.

And, whoever has an instagram account and have a moment to, please, report the account: unisonbitch and let’s clean the internet just a tiny bit.

Here how it goes:

Thank you for the attention and let’s take the account down.

if you’re making porn of a kids show (not even like pedophilia or incest just porn of characters in a kids show) fuck you for ruining something for kids when you could make porn of your own ocs instead so that way kids don’t fucking see it

there’s just no reason for you to see lapis and be like “hm i think i will draw her getting fucked and post it online” like she is a character in a very popular tv show kids are gonna fucking see that no matter how much you tag it so why make it/post it at all just make your own damn ocs nasty ass

you’re putting a whole bunch of garbage in a place meant for kids

Pining Hate

Camp Pining Hearts gets canceled due to low ratings, sending Peridot into deep despair. Steven helps Peridot organize a petition to bring the show back, and they are surprised to learn that an online streaming company is picking it up for a new season. But when Peridot is honored for “saving” Camp Pining Hearts and is invited to a taping of one of the new episodes, she’s shocked to see the new season is just a hollow shell of the show’s former glory, with bad writing, cheap sets and most of the original cast replaced by younger actors. Can Peridot accept that even a “bad” CPH is better than no CPH at all, or will she have to organize another petition to keep it off the air?

do yall wanna see my hs fankids

or at least the ones ive made sprites of so far

this is keran strider-vantas. hes a trans boy who loves crustaceans of all kinds. he writes really fucking weird (bad) fanfiction and has something of a following online. his favorite games are walking simulators and his bed is covered in plushies. has a sbahj binder called the Tiddy Compresorsosr (Wow were did they EVEN hide those thigns??) and wears that fluffy red cardigan bc hes Always cold and just likes soft things in general

this is renee lalonde-maryam. shes transfeminine and nonbinary and goes through a lot of black lipstick and liquid eyeliner. she cosplays goth versions of popular characters and spams pics of them on earth c instagram. in her spare time she likes finding out ways to glitch video games beyond recognition and/or to completion. almost exclusively listens to visual kei bands like versailles and moi dix mois

Let me start off this post by saying: I am totally unsure if anyone else has made something like this, but I felt I should share anyway.
If anyone recalls, the first time back from losing a big competition, Yuuri goes to the ice rink to cool himself down. Of course, this is where he is greeted by an old time friend Yuko, or Yu-chan for short.
As Yuuri begins to skate his idol, Viktor’s, program, Yu-chan is thoroughly impressed. You can see the flabbergasted expressions she wears through the duration of the performance, and even after. Now this is where the fun begins.
If I’m to trust my sources online, we can conclude that the closer you are with a friend, the higher the chances of falling in love with them are. Remember how close Yu-chan and Yuuri seemed to be in the flashbacks? Skating together, fangirling over Viktor, and even buying Vicchan together.
At the end of Yuuri’s performance, Yuuri begins to confess something to Yu-chan.
He starts his sentence,
ゆ−ちゃん の こと が…
Let’s break down this phrase real quick, since the rest of his sentence was cut off by the entire Nishigori family budding in.
The first part of the sentence, ゆ−ちゃん, is literally her name. Yu-chan. Next part reads as, の こと, which is pronounced as “no koto”. So far this essentially means “Yu-chan’s being/person” but you wouldn’t translate it that literally. It’s practically the equivalent to “Yu-chan” and leaving it at that. (I know, Japanese is tricky sometimes). The last section reads as が which is pronounced “ga”. Alright, now that we have the parts in order, let’s dissect. We know the first part means “Yu-chan” and the second is “ga” which is similar to the character “ha” (read as “wa”) that marks a subject in a sentence. If you have ever–and I mean ever–watched a second of a JDrama, spoken Japanese for long enough, or watched some Shoujo, you make have heard this before: “(name) no koto ga suki desu” which translates to “I like you/I love you” (love and like have some differences in Japanese culture and language. Think of it as like-like). Now, the only part missing from Yuuri’s sentence is suki, or like. In the structure of the sentence, I could only really see it going that way. If a sentence begins with the “name no koto ga” in a confession context, the chances of it relating to love are extremely high in my opinion, especially in an anime.
So, was Yuuri confessing his long time love to Yu-chan? Even after she was married and had children? Was it really love? To answer bluntly: no. I doubt it was really love. Maybe a platonic, best friend, desperate-for-someone-because-I-lost type of love. In my eyes, Viktor truly is the love of Yuuri’s life. That’s the only way I see it. Let me know what you all think!:)

It’s the quiet moments that make her miss Arizona the most.

It’s the mornings where she wakes before the alarm and simply stares at the ceiling, waiting for the day to start. She never wakes Penny, never feeling the same pull to see her eyes open, or hear her voice murmur a sleepy greeting. It’s not the same, and she feels badly…but she just lays there, thinking of another person, another lifetime, letting the quiet wash over her as the early light filters in.

It’s the evenings when she’s home alone, Sofia already in bed, and the apartment rests in silence when she can’t find anything to watch on TV. She’ll pick up a book, or catch up on news online, but instead of the comfortable silence she used to feel with the blonde as they shared the couch, or the kitchen table, or pillows on the floor, all she feels is an oppressive, heavy stillness in the air. And it’s not that she’s simply lonely – because she finds that she doesn’t yearn for Penny to be there. She doesn’t feel the need to text her at work, or to slip on one of her sweatshirts. And she feels a little badly about that, too, but she can’t help it, and she can’t shake the feeling that something just isn’t right.

It’s when she gets Sofia into her pajamas and snuggles up before a bedtime story at night. When the little girl smiles and it looks so much like her mother in Seattle, and when she clutches her stuffed polar bear – a bear that was gifted before they moved and that comes home to New York twice a month smelling like the other woman, a bear that’s become a safety blanket in more ways than one, to more than just Sofia.

It’s when she watches their daughter in the bathtub, and her eyes trail over the pale, barely visible scar down the centre of her chest – the reminder of how she was born, and the reminder of how Arizona helped save her life. The reminder of how her mother helped save her life, and how she’s been protecting her with her entire being ever since. The reminder of everything they went through to become a family…and everything that was lost.

It’s when she’s walking through the park, looking for a bench she’ll never find in New York no matter how hard she looks. It’s when the rain falls on cool, grey, cloudy days – reminiscent of Seattle, but never the same.

It’s when all she needs is a hug and there’s no one to give it because she’ll never ask, and Penny never seems to sense it. Arizona always knew, and Callie misses that. 

She misses Arizona.

She has everything she thought she wanted – the life she imagined, away from a decade of memories. The life she thought would finally take her away and make her feel whole again. She has Sofia, and she has Penny, and she has it all.

But in the quiet moments, the moments that seem to grow more and more frequent the longer she’s away instead of the opposite, there’s only one thing Callie thinks about, only one thing she wants more than anything – one person.

She wants home. 


The other day I was thinking about how whenever I see Annabeth online, she always has this serious, ‘i can kill you in my sleep’ expression which is understandable since she can be freaking terrifying if she needs to. But what about the moments when she’s not fighting for her life or concerned for Percy’s well-being? What about the times when she’s with her friends and family making happy memories of what about the times when she’s studying or indulging herself in a new book? I’d like to think she’d being smiling in those times– maybe even laughing with joy. I’d like to see more of that Annabeth, so this is just my contribution to that idea. 

Annabeth // Rick Riordan

Art // Me

so anyone wanna see some sombra/mercy fic before I go to bed? Sure you do

Sombra was used to doing her own maintenance on her back. A mirror, a few small tools, and a day of pain was her routine twice a month. Then Reaper— Gabriel— had pulled her and Widow— Amelie— out of Talon and into enemy territory.

Overwatch. Not exactly who Sombra’d thought she’d work for, well, ever, but work was work and their money spent just as well as Talons had. It just came with the bonus of working with the good guys, for once.

But, that wasn’t important right now as Sombra locked her door and pulled out her tools. Even though she hadn’t been doing as much espionage lately, she needed to keep her hardware online.

Above her, the speaker crackled, dis-use and Sombra’s attempts to dismantle the thing evident in the sound output. “Agent Sombra, Doctor Ziegler would like to see you in the medical wing.”

“I’m a little busy here, chica. Tell her I’ll be around later,” Sombra replied, waving a hand dismissively. Where ever the AI’s cameras and sensors were, she hadn’t yet found them.

“Agent Sombra, Doctor Ziegler would like you in the medical wing as soon as possible to do your maintenance, and she told me that if she finds out you’re still planning to do it yourself, she’ll bring the medical wing to your room.”

Sombra scowled. No AI had any business sounding so smug– wait.

“She’s…going to do my maintenance? Why’d she do that?” Sombra frowned, but didn’t continue undressing. It would be nice to have someone else check her back for issues, someone who knew a thing or two about cybernetic upgrades. Gabe had tried once, but her back and head had ached from all the feedback once he was finished, and she made him leave so she could fix whatever mess he’d made.

Before and After pictures.

I love reading and listening to revert stories, it totally reminds you of how Allāh loves a person and how He guides those whom He wills and blesses them with such great honor of being a Muslim.

It’s just one thing that I would like to address is the use of the pictures of these Muslims, especially in the cases of sisters.

We all have to keep in mind that reverting to Islam is not an overnight decision, some took months and some even years before they finally decide and enter to the fold of Islam, and so you’ll see how important this decision is for them, indeed it is a life changing/turning point in their lives. (And this also applies to born Muslims who just started to practice Islam accordingly, same struggle, really.)

So when a sister decides to wear the hijab, know that all her pictures online (those that she has the ability or has control of) has been deleted or removed.
This is the issue I want to point out. Please do not go out of your way in researching or looking for a “before and after” picture of this sister that you can post.

I know you want to make a point and inspire others but know that there is also a point that you are missing when you post such pictures - her decision to cover herself for Allāh.

Let us respect our sisters who chose to wear the hijab, please do not share the photos of them where their hair or some flesh are seen.

Their stories will speak enough for them. 

Let this be a reminder for the mindful.

Fanart I made of Tina when I really should have been studying for finals. I think a lot of people probably feel the same way as I do since I see so many new fanfics/art online. We can’t help it…

Feel free to message me to talk about FBAWTFT and HP. (=3=)/ <3

Fuck myself

Okay, so I am brand new at my job and I feel awful because I’ve been working at customer service. I got a call about an item so I checked the stock online o see if we had any- it said we had six so she asked to put one on hold. I said yes. Um. Turns out, we didn’t have any and the inventory was inaccurate. I wasn’t even there to deal with the livid lady. I feel so bad for the people who had to and my managers too. Since I’m new, I got off easy with being told to make sure I have the item in my hands before promising to put things on hold. So basically…

Fuck coworkers. Specifically myself. I’m so sorry.

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When Magnusson looks at Lady Smallwood and analyzes her. The textual information we see on screen from Magnusson's analysis notes the woman's name is Lady Alicia Smallwood. However, she is referred to as Lady Elizabeth Smallwood in all other places - the show's official description, online all over the place, on IMDB, and even in this subreddit. It's weird!!!

Yes, they’re twins. SEE HERE

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I'm going to throw my experience into the ring as well. When I was little I remember really admiring this girl in class named Sarah, and I felt really confused about it. I ended up finding yuri manga/anime online because I was a goth with no friends, and I figured out I was bi. I had an even harder time finding friends after that because from that point on I always just felt really insecure, like what if I make friends and end up falling for them? Now I'm 26 and popular with all the ladies. 😗

Thank you for sharing your experience!!! 

And that’s so great ahhh I wish I was popular with all the ladies haha!

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How would the butlers spoil their s/o?

Claude: She always tends to work hard, so he’d make her take a break and bring her some soothing tea. Then, with a slight blush on his cheeks, he’d try to voice his appreciation, but end up saying something like, “His Highness appreciates your services here.” 

Luke: He would look online for chocolate factories nearby how I would love to be Luke’s s/o rn omg and even print out directions. He’d fall asleep due to planning the whole thing out all night and when he woke up, he’d see an ass load of cash on his desk thx keith u rich dick.

Alberto: He’d let her have a complete day off, and even offer her a day at the spa because he knows how tiring the crown prince of Altaria can be. If she refused, he’d check up on her in her bedroom now and then, and give her a nice massage before she went to bed.

Jan: Jan would probably take her to the zoo or amusement park. Lots and lots of couple photos would be taken with his phone or in a photo booth with lots and lots of kisses. At the end of the fun day, he’d carry her worn out body to her bed and kiss her forehead before going to his own who are we kidding he’d probably get right in the bed with her.

Yu: Taking her to a place that stored some memories with just the two of them would be the first thing on his list. They’d bring some food with them so they could eat and reminisce about old times. He’d bring her body between his legs so he could hug her from behind and rest his chin on her should as they did so.

Louis: He’d immediately go to Edward for help because he doesn’t know what she’d like. Would end up going to the store and buying something simple but after he gave it to her he’d say something cheesy. For example, he’d buy her a pack of Sweethearts candy and say, “I bought you these, because your words are forever imprinted on my heart.”