she's not even on right now what a disgrace

It was a shock, to say the least. 

The whole neighborhood was in the bodega when it happened.  Nina, was there too. She felt lucky enough to get a chance to see this with everyone she loved. After a stressful year of working, and here she was, with everyone she loved. And Benny right by her side.
Radios were blasting the results, TV’s were on, and everyone gathered to De La Vega’s. Usnavi rarely uses that flat screen for anything, only for special events. Fifa; surprisingly, the Olympics; and previously for those last few debates. There was no doubt in everybody’s mind that he wouldn’t use the TV today.<br />
Almost everyone one of age had a sticker proudly displayed on their chest, like a medal of honor. Those who didn’t, couldn’t. Many have already thanked Nina for registering them.
Flags from all around hung from the fire escapes but one flag appeared the most constant: red, white and blue, donning stars and stripes. And all flown so freely in the soft breeze.
Usnavi and Vanessa were behind the counter busting out change and receipts, from energy drinks and cafe. Tonight was going to be a late one.
Daniela and Carla were in the corner, watching the screen, holding hands. Their hands seemed to be gripping to each others more as the states start to change colors. Some squeezes out of excitement, some out of fear.
Camila and Kevin were standing just outside the bodega. They eyed their little street. Oh, how it has changed, without looking any different day after day, until one day you notice, in retrospect, it’s has changed. It’s grown right before their eyes. And it just made a decision to change the world. They marveled at their street; they marveled at their daughter.
The Piragüero, is also outside the bodega, selling to neighbors walking into the store. Today’s special was, strawberry (red), Coconut (white), or raspberry (blue).
For once, Sonny didn’t have to drag Pete to the polls, they were there first thing in the morning. They were sucking down on one of Sonny’s slushie concoctions, to stay awake.

And then the night went on. People began holding their breath. Candle sales when up. Curses were screamed, prayers were whispered.

By the time the west coast was all counted up, it was late. And it was called.
It was called when Nina stood tall with tears gleaming in her eyes. For the first time in a long time she felt like she let everyone down.
It was called when Benny was holding on behind her, he was the only one to feel her tremble. He was the only one to hear her hold her breath for too long. He reminded her to breathe.
It was called when Carla was sobbing hard into Daniela’s shoulder. A thousand prayers and verses running through her mind. Her hands holding on to Dani more than ever.
It was called when Daniela stood blinking passed the tears in shock, not knowing what to do.  What to say. But somehow just knew to take a moment and smell Carla’s hair, like it was her last. It could be her last….
It was called when Camila felt a chill. Her mind was calculating just how much money they had in their accounts, just what they could leave behind in their apartment. It would be the first time she left somewhere with just a suitcase. For a flickering second, she thought of Claudia.
It was called when Kevin suddenly remembered his father’s stinging slap across his face. He could vaguely hear his voice in his ear, “Inútil”.
It was called when the Piragüero had a second thought of selling his piragua in those colors. He had a second thought of being here…
It was called when a curse fell from Pete’s mouth and a drink from Sonny’s hand. Fear rose over their faces, while their faith in humanity also fell.
It was called with every vile thing Vanessa was ever called and yelled at ringing in her ears. And for once, she let it get to her. She felt like she was those slurs. And she broke. She started crying harder than she ever thought she could.
It was called with cringes and curses and tears. It was called with people facing their screens in fear.
It was called. And in an instant, the rushing city was frozen. Usnavi knew every thoughts that ran across everyone’s mind. And then he had to face what was going through his mind. Would he have to sacrifice DR to be American? No matter what he knew he couldn’t. It’s as much of him now presently that it was his past. Would he have to sacrifice New York to be Dominican? How could he? After everything he’s parents gone through, how could he just reverse it? Was he welcomed here? Where any of them welcome here? Was this really home?
He stepped closer to comfort Vanessa, right when her legs gave out. He steadied her. Tears dampened his guayabera, and with every whimper she made he felt a pang of something he can’t even explain. He wrapped his arms tightly around her. There are many things they can take from him, but she’s not one of them.
Nina was right by her side. Vanessa turned to Nina enveloping her in a hug. Nina trying to keep it together for her friend who has always been so strong. But everything is weighing on her. And together they both cried.
Usnavi raised his gaze up high. Maybe to God, or maybe to the TV, maybe both. Just waiting to see the colors on the map change. Just waiting to see the numbers change. Just waiting to see the Ashton Kutcher come out, or something. After a minute of searching, he turned off the screen.
The store filled fell to a hush, with a few whimpers and quiet prayers.
The Nina and Vanessa stood there, shifting back and forth crying until Benny’s hand touched her shoulder. Nina looked up sniffling to see the whole community grieving, working through every emotion they can. She squeezed Vanessa’s hand as a final embrace and she turned to the crowd.

She spoke; Usnavi echoed her in Spanish, “Listen everyone, what just happened,” she pauses to find the best phrasing, “was an American Tragedy. It’s a disgrace to have been the product of a democratic system. Now I know, all of us are frightened for the consequences. Notice, I said consequences. It seems like: when there is a mix up, we pay the price. It seems like: even when we are Americans we are treated still like second class citizens. We are treat like we don’t have the same rights as everyone else.”
Grunts of approval come from the crowd.
“And today we went to the polls to tell them how we felt. How we suffer. And we suffer for simply being. Being the gender we are. For being the race we are. For having our skin be the shade it is. For loving who we love and praying to who we believe in. For just being here. And we are scared. But I know one thing. But we are not alone. And there are more of us, out there, demanding justice. We will exercise our right to protest, but we will do it by showing to the country what we think America is, or at least what it should be. We will show them our colors proudly. We will raise our voices high. We will stick together, with comfort and defense. Because, we are so many things but the most uniting factor is that we are Americans!
Many of us has been through dictators and corrupt governments Maybe, that’s why some of us are here. Let me ask those people: through everything that regime has put your country through… Do you still love that country?”
“Is there still a pride for that country?”
“Is there still a love for that country?”
“Is it still apart of you?”
“Then let this country also be apart of you, because you are apart of it! No one should have to sacrifice one of their identities over another. We should feel comfortable in our own home. We should hold who we are with pride and still be treated as equal. It will take time and will be hard work, but like Abuela said:”
“Tomorrow, is going to be surreal. Somehow, the world is going to get up and go on with it’s day. And you are going to wake up and you still are going to be here. And as long as we are here, we can make a difference.”

The bodega burst with applause. People’s tear streaked faces were met with enough confidence to get them through the night. The crowd exited the doors branching off in the street. One branch was lead by José, keys jingling in hand, ready to open his doors; the others went to their homes, minds, still processing what had happened.

The bodega was left quiet and empty. Some cups and wrappers confettied the floor.
Vanessa had joined Daniela and Carla in the corner, hugging and wiping away tears. Carla, all tired out, leaned on Daniela’s shoulder. Daniela stroking her hair, singing Juan Gabriel. With Carla nodding off on her shoulder, she invites Vanessa and Usnavi to sleepover at their place tonight. It was too late and too scary to go back downtown tonight. Vanessa took her up on that offer.
Camila and Kevin had gathered around their shaking daughter, with eyes beaming from pride and wet with fear. They tell her how proud they are of her. They tell her how much they love her. They tell her they will be right by her side.
Sonny got up to pick the abandoned cups. Pete still own the floor, eyes glossy and red. With all of the cups were picked up, Sonny began sweeping. Pete blinked out of his shock and got up, walking over to Sonny, ready to take the broom from him. Sonny didn’t surrender it. Instead, he kissed Pete’s forehead and asks him to sit down again. He wasn’t looking too good.
Usnavi stood there for a second, then did the only thing that seemed natural: count and move inventory. When he struggled to move the shipments of water bottles to the back, Benny stepped in to help. After moving the three shipments they took a rest, using the bulk packaging as a seat. The was a silence in there. Just the sounds of their panting. And then, Usnavi heard a different sound, a quiet sob. He turned to see Benny crying silently, hands hiding his face.
“Benny. Hey, man, we’re going to fine.”
“Are we though? Man, anyone we love can be taken away from us. I see how people look at me when I walk down the street. Almost everywhere in this city, I get side eyes. Stares. You’re probably the only store owner who doesn’t watch me when I’m in here. And it’s cause you know me.”
Usnavi grips his shoulder in solidarity.
“There a lot of things, I’m angry about. And a lot I’m worried about. But most of all, any day it seems like I could taken from Nina. Ever morning when I leave the mattress, I pray I make it home to her. I’m very aware I might just step off the curb at the wrong time, or have a busted tail light, and that could be the end for me. And I know she’s in high places, but that doesn’t mean I’m not a target. And I can’t…. I can’t imagine, what that would do to her. It would destroy her. I can’t leave her. I love her.”
Usnavi brings him in for a hug. And he holds his friend while he cries. There’s a silence in the back that seems allow the sobs echo, Benny felt not quite so alone.

With everyone out of the bodega, Usnavi took a moment to himself. And looked around at the livelihood his parents made. It was still standing. He goes behind the counter, and pulled out a Dominican flag and American flag. He hung them in the window, side by side.
He exited and locked up the door and  looked around. Everyone had gone home. Even the Piragüero had gone. Where does he go? Usnavi hoped to see him again.
Pulling down the grate, he was met with Abuela Claudia’s mural and with an idea.
He caught a glimpse of Sonny and Pete walking towards home, just down the street. He rushes over to catch up with them.
“‘Paciencia y Fe’ and ‘No pare, sigue, sigue’!” He calls out.
Pete and Sonny turned around, “What?”
“‘No pare, sigue, sigue’. It means don’t stop keep going and ‘Paciencia y Fe’ means-”
“Yeah, I know what it means, why you telling me?
“Can you write those. If you finish tonight I’ll pay you extra”
“Pete! He has a job for you.”
“Now, I know you’re tired, but, if you can-” Usnavi reacted into his pocket, pulling out his wallet.
“Naw, I can paint tonight.”
“Good. You’re going to need some new cans.”

Saying Jasper acts like an Agate because she reflects back what she was probably inflicted on her is like saying she acts like a Diamond because she also parrots a lot of what Yellow Diamond says too. It should be pretty clear by now why Jasper’s personality is the way that it is:

Yellow Diamond: You are to leave the Cluster to grow. It will tear apart the Earth, and I will take immense satisfaction in erasing that hideous rock off of our star maps. Is that clear?!

Jasper: How long did they keep you trapped here on this miserable hunk of rock?

Yellow Diamond: An army has a use. They can go and fight a war. A Sapphire has a use. She can tell you what it’s for. An Agate terrifies. A Lapis terraforms. Where’s their Diamond when they need her, Blue? You’ve got to be a leader, Blue!

Jasper: Every Gem is made for a purpose - to serve the order of the Diamonds.

Holly Blue Agate: What are you all doing in here?! Get to your stations! Even you hideous off-color Betas! Get out of your cubbies and into your places! It’s the least you can do for the Diamond that kept your worthless, sorry Gems in service! 

Jasper: You take orders from me now! You used to be a Quartz too, didn’t you? What happened to you? Tch. Disgraceful. I can’t believe I’ve resorted to recruiting you freaks! You’re almost as bad as that Crystal runt

Holly Blue Agate: No need, your clarity. Not even you could have foreseen how incompetent these Amethysts are. (Summons her whip) Well, if you want something done right, you just do it yourself.

Jasper: Your weakness embarrasses Homeworld. You suffer because it’s what you deserve! We all only get what we deserve.

Unless people still honestly believe she just popped out of her hole a jerk.


Let me just say Latona wasn’t happy when I showed up to school on Monday. I’ve never seen someone’s eyes widening so much in surprise.

“…What the hell is this?” her face became red with anger when she examined me from head to toes. “I demand explanations right now.”

“It’s me. What’s the big deal?” I answered, like Milo taught me. We’ve been discussing the possible turns of events when one of the girls confronts me, and I tried my best not to let her break me.

“The big deal? Irene, you’ve always been a disgrace to our friendship group, but look at yourself! You’re dressed like a beggar, that’s not a school for miserable! And you used to be my friend… ew! I’ve never thought you’re going to descend that low! I can’t even tolerate you around myself, what are people going to think of me?”

“Then leave,” I stood my ground, and was happy with myself so far. “I don’t want you around myself as well, haven’t you thought?”

“If guys were here, they’d spit in your face! Oh wait, you only care about your UFO’s opinion since you rub shoulders with him, right? What about mine? I feel betrayed! Me and Charity have been working on your style for years, and that’s how you repay us?”

your hand between my thighs
papers scattered 
on the office floor where you had me.

I knew you.
the feel of your fingers
wrapped in my hair,
the weight of your body on mine.

I am empty.
this space between us is filled with ghosts
unsaid words and aftershocks, 
and nothing is as it was before.

you bear the weight of our disgrace on your shoulders like atlas,
and I know she said it first,
I do, I do, I do.

your goodbye was a bruise.
you have grown cold
and know this:
she could never keep you as warm as I did.

—  you were mine - a.j.

strange-lace  asked:

For another AU, what about an Adrien and Chloe roleswap AU? I'm sorry but this idea has been in my head since the Antibug episode and it won't leave me alone.

I really hope that you mean that Chloé is Chat Noir instead of Adrien. Because that is what I am going to write.

  • In an odd twist of fate, Chloé Bourgeois was chosen as the next Chat Noir rather than Adrien Agreste.
  • As Chloé, she’s the same as she ever was: rude, unkind, and incredibly judgmental. But as Chat Noire, yeah she’s still a bit prickly, but she doesn’t have to hide behind a cold persona. She’s free to laugh, to be kind, to be genuine without anyone correcting her. There are no politics in superheroism
  • And her partner? Oh wow don’t get her started. Chloé adores Ladybug. It was Ladybug who first made Chloé question her sexuality, and boy howdy did girls seem a lot more interesting after she discovered Ladybug. She realizes that her interest in Adrien was nothing more than politics at play. Goddamn politics, ruining her life, repressing her emotions.
  • And there’s a girl in her class, Marinette, who is actually really cute. But Chloé can’t exactly reveal to the public that she likes girls, now can she? That would cause a scandal, and her and her father’s names would be forever disgraced. All because Chloé was unable to control herself
  • So she throws herself at Adrien even harder. She constantly puts down Marinette at every chance she gets. She hates herself for it.
  • As Chat Noire, she flirts with Ladybug left and right. She questions Ladybug’s decisions when they don’t seem right, and they work really well together because they’re so similar. (Sometimes it’s a disaster, but hey, what are you going to do?)
  • And then one day Chloé discovers that Ladybug has a crush on Adrien Agreste. She hates herself even more, because how could she have expected Ladybug to return her feelings? Ladybug’s probably not even gay. So she draws back into herself. She brings a bit of the Bourgeois Icy Persona™ into her superhero persona
  • Ladybug, understandably, realizes that something is wrong with her partner. So she confronts her about it.
  • That’s when Chat Noire bursts into tears on top of the Eiffel Tower and spills her guts. Everything spills out. Her identity, her sexuality crisis, her crush on Ladybug, her budding crush on Marinette, everything. Ladybug holds her as she cries.
  • Ladybug tells her to talk to one of her friends about it. It would do some good for her for a friend to accept her for who she is.
  • The next day after class, Marinette approaches her and tells her that it’s okay to like girls. There’s nothing wrong with that. Chloé, of course, vehemently denies everything and storms off after cursing out Marinette, who just smiles at her
  • Later, Chloé confides in Sabrina. Sabrina throws her arms around Chloé’s neck and cries happy tears, because she’s liked girls for so long and was terrified to tell Chloé about it. From the back of the class, Marinette smiles.
  • Marinette and Adrien start dating soon after, and Chloé hurt a lot because of it. Not because of Adrien, but because of Marinette. Cute, sweet, Marinette who can always see the good in everyone, who even tried to see the good in her. She’s lost her chance with her.
  • But Chloé and Sabrina are dating now too. They haven’t gone public with it yet, but Sabrina makes Chloé happy, and vise versa.
  • It’s not the happiest of endings, but it’s the happiest one for them.


[This fic was requested by @twilight-loveer I hope you all enjoy. Any type of fic requests are welcomed whether it be imagines or requests for an original. Thank you all for your support, and your never ending love. Xoxo, Doc]

           “Hey Y/N, what’s up?” She said it in a sing-song kind of way; she said it in a light and joking way that was simultaneously her and not her.
           I sat across from her in the fairly roomy but empty padded cell which only had a toilet and a rather uncomfortable looking bed. I looked at her as she grinned, unable to touch me because if she tried an electric current would run through the shackle around her ankle that had been bolted to the floor. 
           “What’s up? That’s all you gotta’ say?” I demanded. 
           A year, it has been a year since she dropped off the face of the earth only to emerge as, what has she been calling herself now? Oh right, Harley Quinn. It was cute, clever even. At first I wasn’t sure it was her, I mean sure the papers and the news were all singing her name. Disgraced Doctor Harleen Quinzel becomes Gotham’s new Queen of Crime, I could still hear the reporters as they dragged her through the mud.
           I didn’t want to believe it, what big sister would? But everyone knew the Joker, everyone knew his power and his madness… my sister… as good as a psychiatrist she may have been… his case was just too much for her to handle.
           After that year she had stopped by my apartment at one point, well, more like broke in. She looked so different I barely recognised her, twins or not. I had my turn to scream and when she had hers she shocked me. She told me her side, not just about how she fell in love with Mister J, but how it was Mister J who made her see. She told me about her knew found sight, her politics, her reasons, and I knew she didn’t care whether or not I accepted them. I couldn’t be mad at her though… in fact she knew I would agree with her, she knew I was not in a position to judge her because I killed people for a living.
            I killed people because I liked it, because unlike her I had known what Mister J taught her long before that day. I learned of the hypocrisies, the pointless ideologies, and the savagery that lives within all of us years ago. I just didn’t think she would ever fall over that cliff with me, she had always been an optimist and she always seemed to be the rational one… but then she met Mister J. 
           We made a deal that we would remain in contact from that day via burner phones. She wanted me to meet Mister J, but I made her promise not to tell him about me. A hit-woman can’t really be as effective if the spotlight is on her, and if I were to run with “The King and Queen of Gotham” I would be thrust into view along with them.
           “Y/N? You okay?” She asked, concern knitting her brow.
           “I don’t like seeing you like this; all chained up like a dog. How did you get caught?” 
           She crossed her arms, giving me a look that said, who do you think? 
           “It’s always Batsy. Batsy, Batsy, Batsy, ruining all the fun,” She grumbled, blowing a lock of hair out of her face.
           Leaning forward I began to talk without speaking, my hair obscuring my face for a moment from the cameras but Harley’s eyes trailed to my mouth.
           “I’m going to get you out of here. There is a device in my pocket that is creating a virus on the asylum’s computer mainframe as we speak that will diffuse and unlock the shackle. I have a bomb on the other side of the far wall so when I tell you to move you are going to do it, you understand?” I mouthed and she grinned. 
           “Did ya miss me, Y/N? I think you did, just a little.” 
           “Miss you? That’s the crazy talkin’,” I teased.
           The power to the building went out and their backup generators turned on so a single light illuminated us. The knockout gave Harley just enough time to free her leg before the cuff snapped shut again. If my program worked all of the cameras would be down for at least five minutes and all of the doors to this block would be locked to limit the amount of guards that would be joining us. 
           “I knew you or my Puddin’ would come thro-”
           There was gunfire, lots of it, and it was close. I pushed Harley behind me as more of a force of habit rather than for her protection, because we both knew she could protect herself.
           “Someone order an escape?” A deep gravelly voice asked as the cell door was forced open.
           “Puddin’!” Harley giggled.
           His eyes didn’t meet hers though, they were on me. He wore a crisp black and white suit with a white flower pinned to the pocket, his electric green hair was bright even in the dim lighting, and those eyes seemed to eat a hole right through me. 
           “I didn’t know we were having company, doll,” Mister J purred as Harley skipped over to him and jumped into his arms. 
           He held her firmly, her legs were wrapped around his waist as she giggled but his eyes had me rooted to the spot. 
           “Mister J, this is my twin Y/N, and Y/N this is my Mister J,” Harley kissed him and after a few moments he set her down.
           He walked towards me slowly, like a predator on the prowl and my hand twitched instinctively towards a gun that I didn’t have on me. The Joker smiled, walking around me slowly, eyeing me up and I felt the back of his hand trail down my arm and looked at him curiously.
           “The same, yet so different,” he whispered, twirling a lock of (Your hair colour) hair around his finger. 
           The hairs stood up on the back of my neck and he was on the ground in an instant, I had his gun in my hand and I was firing before the guard could even take aim. I was running towards the few guards coming at us, Mister J’s men must have gone to take out other guards or secure an escape route but they most certainly were not here to help. Pulling out my phone I detonated the bomb and blew the wall of the cell. 
           “Get out! GO! I’m right behind you!” I yelled to Harley and J.
           I knew they would leave, they are smart enough to, and Harley knows what I am capable of. I aimed the gun and began to fire. 

***Mister J’s P.O.V

           Harley had refused to let us drive off and I hadn’t forced the issue as a result of sheer curiosity. I could have just got Frost to punch it, I didn’t give a damn what anyone else wanted, I had Harley with me and we had escaped and that is all I cared about, but Y/N had me curious. She had marched headlong into the line of fire and I wanted to see if she would make it out alive. I didn’t even know Harley had a twin, let alone a gun-wielding deliciously criminal one. 
           Without ceremony Y/N slid into the back of the car, covered in blood and sweat and she was panting. I growled just looking at her and she cracked open an eye. 
           “We blowing this popsicle stand or what? I did not just do all that to get arrested,”
           Yes, she’ll do nicely.

***Y/N P.O.V

           I don’t remember much about last night because about a quarter way into the ride Harley noticed I had been shot and I blacked out as a result of the blood loss. All part of the job and all part of the fun I always told myself in situations like those. I woke up though, which was always a great outcome. 
           Sitting up I glanced around the room, noting that I was covered in a red silk duvet and I was wearing absolutely nothing, nada, zip. I was completely butt-ass naked in a foreign place and weaponless. My stomach was bandaged and burning like a mother fucker. I had a fever, I could feel it. My skin was sensitive and warm but I was shaking, everything in the room seemed to be pulsing and I threw off the blanket. 
           Memories from last night came rushing back to me, I had been shot, Harley… I helped her escape and… The Joker came. There were clothes on the chair but lifting my arms made me nauseous so I pulled on undies and shorts, clutching the shirt to my chest instead as I wandered out of the room. 
           “Harley!” I called to her, moving weakly down the hall. 
           “Honey bunche- jesus you look like shit. Here,” she put her silk robe around me and tied it. 
           “Water, I need, I need water,” I whispered and she wrapped an arm around my shoulders, leading me forward.
           “You were so badass, I love ya you know that?”
           “Feelin’ real badass, love ya too, Harl’s,” I whispered, the hairs on the back of my neck prickling. 
           I grabbed the first thing I could (Harley’s hunting knife from its holster) and I shoved the person up against the wall and pressed the knife to their throat. 
           “Now is that any way to treat your host? I must say, I kind of like it,” I heard a familiar, growling voice. 
           “Mister J?” I dropped the knife and my legs gave out, but oddly he didn’t let me fall.
           Instead he lifted me as though I weighed nothing at all, and an amused laugh escaped him before he laid me down on the leather sofa. He sat so my head was resting in his lap and his index finger touched the tip of my nose lightly.
           “A little birdy told me you are an assassin,”
           Harley placed a cold cloth on my forehead and I sighed, a shudder running through me before I remembered that Mister J had said something to me.
           “A little birdies gotta learn to keep her pretty little mouth shut,”
           “Hey!” I heard Harley’s voice from the kitchen. 
           “W-Who bandaged me up?” I asked, licking dry lips.
           “Doctor what’s-his-name,”
           “He fucking sucks,” 
           “We’ll be sure to… let him know,” Mister J said with another laugh. 
           Opening my eyes he seemed almost incandescently beautiful in my feverish mind. His skin seemed to glow, the green of his hair seemed more vibrant than it already was, his lips seemed to stand out even more, and those eyes of his always kept me captive. 
           “Why you beein’ sweet on me Mister J? I know you could kill me and you wouldn’t think twice, Harley’s sister or not,” I panted.
           His fingertips trailed along my jaw and he propped his leg up so my face was closer to his, the smell of his cologne wrapped around me like a blanket. 
           “Perhaps it is because I find you fascinating, Y/N, ever think about that? Perhaps it is because you got a little bite to you, you do don’t you?” He purred, and I felt his nose brush mine.
           I turned my head away, scoffing “Baby, you don’t know what I got. If you wanna keep what you got you will not hurt my sister,” I snarled, feeling a straw brush my lips as Harley appeared.
           “He won’t, we talked about it earlier, didn’t we Mister J?”
           I was in no way ready and able to understand where the fuck this conversation was going but it was making my brain hurt. 
           “Talked about what? Jesus Christ, get this bandage off, you know what to do Harley just patch me up.”
           “Why we talked about you of course. You see, I like to get what I want, and what I want is both of you. Not at the same time in bed, of course, although it would be delightful for me, but that’s getting greedy,” he said, his fingertips dancing along my neck.
Wants both of us? Forcing myself up I looked at him and then to her in mild confusion. 
           “Why?” I said stupidly. 
           “Because,” was his only reply. 
           I looked incredulously at Harley, “You’re cool with that? You’re cool with what he is proposing that he has both of us?” 
           She paused in the making of the poultice,“Yeah, I am. Are you?”
           I didn’t have time to answer because suddenly a wave of dizziness hit me and I was plunged into darkness once again.


           When I woke up I felt… better… much, much better. Nothing was pulsing anymore and my flesh was no longer on fire which was nice. Sitting up from where I had slept on the couch I walked over to the large window, looking out at the city of Gotham in its wee hours before dawn. 
           “You’re awake,”
           I had felt him behind me before he had spoke and I turned my head slightly but I didn’t look at him.
           “Was your offer a dream or was it real?”
           “What do you want it to be, Y/N?” He whispered, sweeping my hair over my shoulder and I felt his breath on my neck.
           My breathing came out a little faster, I felt his hands move down my arms and the pull of the fabric exposed my one shoulder and his lips found it.
           “I want it to be real,” I breathed, turning around and pressing my lips to his in one swift movement. 
           He purred and growled as I shoved him up against the glass, my tongue gliding against his. There are some people in this world that just make your body sing, sometimes if you’re lucky it leads to more, sometimes if you’re lucky it doesn’t. 
His one hand wound in my hair while the other yanked me to him and I curled my hand around his throat. 
           “I don’t think so Y/N, I make the rules,” 
           Grabbing him I shoved him down on the couch and let the silk robe I wore fall to the ground at my feet. 
           “If you want rules in bed you got the wrong sister,”

[I kind of like this imagine request-kudos to @twilight-loveer- so I am considering making this a to-be-continued instead of just ending it there. We’ll see. I hope you all enjoyed it. P.S Please do not post my work elsewhere but in the event that it does happen which is beyond my control, please credit me as the author. Xoxo, Doc]

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I don't get why Marlene always says emison is complicated and why Emily is the only one without a so this season (I actually liked Emily a lot more this season, but making her the only single one was a mistake) like Marlene, you're a lesbian!! Why don't you get it?! Like she literally has no self awareness like I don't even know

I liked single Emily too, but Marlene is such an idiot. That’s the plain and simple truth, She’s an idiot and a disgrace to the LGBT community, and I’m actually embarrassed to be associated with her. And you know what? It feels like it because Emison’s mistreatment is the hot topic right now, but we’re not the only ones she’s done this to. Not only has she led the Emison fandom on, but she followed the lesbian death trope and killed Maya (I heard somewhere that Maya died bc Bianca didn’t get along with Shay and wanted off the show, but even if that’s true they didn’t have to kill her. Spencer isn’t dating Alex anymore and yet they didn’t have to kill him to write him off). She promised Paily shippers that Paige would be in S6. She made the villain a mentally ill transgender woman and then wrote her off the very next episode. Marlene does not understand or respect the LGBT community.

obsolete pt. VII

Kylo Ren x Reader

previous part

Her conversation with Ren yesterday stirred a lot of thoughts in her mind, keeping her up majority of the night. He had said some pretty sweet things (well, for him anyways) and she felt better about them, but at the same time she was still conflicted in her own. If her family found out that she was doing such a thing, it would break their hearts. She didn’t want to disappoint them to the point of no return… 

She had grown emotions for the man that killed without second thought and it confused her more than anything. Y/N had been raised to believe that the Dark Side was a force not to be reckoned with, but here she was working for one of the top commanders and locking lips frequently with the other. Everything she was raised to believe went out the window. Now, she didn’t think of the First Order as such a bad thing. She agreed with their views majority of the time, even. Without her family shoving their views down her throat, she was free to think how she pleased. She was a disgrace to her family, but doing wrong never felt so right. Besides, what they didn’t know couldn’t hurt them, right? 

“What they do not know, cannot hurt them,” Ren said from the doorway, watching her as she tied the laces of her boots. He was without his helmet and leaning against her doorframe, pulling his leather gloves onto his fingers. She looked up at him and sighed, knowing that he meant everyone, not just her family when he said ‘they’. She was still a bit apprehensive when it came to keeping their affair a secret. She didn’t believe that it was possible, but she had to pretend that she did. 

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Seeing Red

Halfway there! How exciting! SFW, 1.008 words. Guys, the feedback so far has been absolutely amazing - merry Christmas to all of you!


Seeing Red

“Sometimes I think you don’t even like me.” Hannah murmurs quietly, her head resting in the older woman’s lap, “Is that silly?”

“Not at all, babe.” Comes the response, “Sometimes I think I don’t even like you, too.”

There’s an immediate fit of laughter as Hannah freezes and pushes herself up to look at the redhead in confusion. Green eyes sparkle with amusement before the taller woman mumbles a ‘just kidding’ and pressing her lips against Hannah’s gently.

“You two are the weirdest couple ever.” Grace frowns at them from the opposite couch they are laying in, “Honestly, it’s the strangest dynamic I’ve ever seen. I don’t get how that works.”

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captain swan+"Stop trying to cheer me up!" ? :))

”Stop trying to cheer me up, love. It won’t work,” Killian sulked, arms crossed over his chest like a child, bottom lip sticking out a bit too much and his legs placed steady (and angrily) right in front of him where he sat, and Emma couldn’t help but laugh a little even as she rolled her eyes – he was sucha drama queen (or king for that matter).

She stood right in front of the couch with her hands on her hips. “Are you serious right now?”

He continued to pout and only met her eyes to give her all the answer she needed. “I can’t forget it. It is a bloody disgrace, is what it is!”

“Killian, if you just – “

“And to think all this time I had no idea. Living a lie, that’s what I call it!”

“Breathe – “

“And the other one! Like a bloody angel I suppose. Horrifying, absolutely horrifying.” He took a deep breath through his nose, closing his eyes as he exhaled. 

Emma tried again. “Are you finished?”

“Not even close.” He caught her stare, and muttered, “Furthest from angel I’ve ever met. Bloody demon.”

“For crying out loud, it’s been three days, Killian. Can you please stop sulking and get a grip?”

He frowned. “It has not – “ Pausing, his furrow increased. “Oh.” A sheepish grin spread across his face as he came to the realization that she was right, but she took as a small victory since he had been wearing a very somber expression constantly for the last days.

“There’s one about my parents, if you’re interested.” She tilted her head to the side, pursing her lips. She wanted to choose her words carefully and not set him off in another depression-like state. “Or, mostly about my Mom but my Dad comes – “ She saw Killian’s expression and quickly decided to change tactics. “Regina is an old hag.” Which, apparently, was all it took.

She saw the twinkle in his eyes even before he started to nod, so she turned around to pop in her DVD of Snow White and the seven dwarves; she quickly put the one of Peter Pan in her pocket so he wouldn’t have to think of it again. Later, she threw it in the trash. It wasn’t as if she would miss it much, and she’d rather have a happy boyfriend and a missing movie than what she had experienced in the past few days.

Content with finally managing to snap him out of it, she snuggled closer to him on the couch and even refrained herself from commenting when she heard him sniffle as Snow White and Prince Charming rode off into the sunset.

Who knew getting Captain Hook to watch himself as a cartoon would have such a dramatic response?