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I Was Carrie Fisher's 1978 Oscar Date: Spielberg, Lucas and a 3 a.m. Afterparty With John Belushi
"This is just like prom!" said the 'Star Wars' actress, set up with 27-year-old Tom Coleman, who now recounts their wild night, which included waltzing with Debbie Reynolds and ended at Richard Dreyfuss' apartment.

It was around 1984, at a small industry event in L.A., when I saw Carrie again. She was standing off in a corner, and I headed over to greet her. “Do you remember me?” I asked, and a small smile appeared on her face. We talked, and although she recalled me fondly, she seemed a bit different - the light in her eyes a little dimmer, a touch of sadness about her. I remember her saying that she was envious of me because I could have a “normal life.” It was a comment I did not fully understand at the time. After I said goodbye and began to walk away, she called out, “I really did have fun that night.” I smiled and waved.

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whos blink?

a consequence of peridot’s outburst. a prototype

YD is shown to want to punish an entire gem caste for ones actions. Scaled down in severity, this could happen to peridots

after she realized the entire peridot caste could be capable of such disobedience with a conflict of logic, YD called back the era 1 peridot gemeticist that designed era 2 peridots (you’ll meet her too) to Fix The Problem and harvest+produce the old and new peridots in groups as they still need peridots around in the meantime for their jobs

now, Dr fuckhands mcmike (this is literally the only name we have for her rn im laughing) designs gems’ physical appearance and abilities of gems with great accuracy (that being her claim to fame with will be a Fun thing to talk abt later), but not their personality. so, she has to solve this with what is within her skill.

what does she come up with? she gives them a different, limited form of communication that can be observed at a distance by superiors and even monitored and recorded remotely with a muzzle device.

she got rid of their mouths, gems in their place. they blink

think fast, alien morse code, visualy like how the twins from 9 communicate

Originally posted by escaped-ocelot

Blink is the first prototype, and pretty much accurate to any more made. there might be a few others already? i haven’t decided, but shed be pretty lonely not having any blink buddies (other than being told others thru normal speech)

shes a bit oblivious to the severity of her Existence, until peridot’s reactions

cutting ahead (over a gap in her narrative that has helped been filled by quats’ involvement!) the cgs take her and peridot does what she can to modify her muzzle device to 1. stop recording or at least stop the transmission of recordings and 2. output speech

the muzzle’s software goes through a few iterations, as microsoft sam isnt quite ideal. shes pretty delighted in her new ability to make Sounds tho

one day connie visits and offers up some software she has on her laptop… for no reason in particular…

… Vocaloid. it uh, doesnt work out. (but is cute as fuck)

in the end peridot attempts to build a text to speech voice using her own voice clips. it kinda works? id kill to hear what that sounds like lmao

you can read more in depth about her and the much cuter bits with the cgs after they take her here!

heres a random doodle of her On The Go with her muzzle thing

theres more i can do with her design, mainly with color, ill draw her sometime

When she saw the word “your boyfriend,” Daisy whispered “Lincoln.” In the moment of her barely registering that she was in a different world, still confused and not fully aware of what to expect, her mind automatically linked “[her] boyfriend” to “Lincoln.” It was such a subconscious and familiar thought to her. And it was definitely her speaking from her deepest desire and grief that she had to bury inside since his death.

So Ward can go fuck himself into not ever appearing on this show again.


A Song of LadiesMinisa Whent Tully

The smoke was making her eyes burn. She rubbed at them with the heels of her scarred hands. When she looked up at the Mother again, it was her own mother she saw. Lady Minisa Tully had died in childbed, trying to give Lord Hoster a second son. The baby had perished with her, and afterward some of the life had gone out of Father. She was always so calm, Catelyn thought, remembering her mother’s soft hands, her warm smile. If she had lived, how different our lives might have been. ― Catelyn IV, A Clash of Kings.

For ladyflorence1215 :)

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It seems like Godzilla is practically tied to the definition of Kaiju, and as a result it's hard or almost counterintuitive to not Godzilla-fy a character, either intentionally or incidentally. So on "it's like Godzilla but...", how would you give something its own identity or avoid making a Godzilla expy in action and personality? There seem to be only so many ways a monster can fight for or incidentally help humanity, and Godzilla and Gamera must have hit most of them.

Allow me to elaborate: The “It’s Like Godzilla But…” trope is more in reference to physicality and surface elements. Basically, a lot of aspiring kaiju artists/writers want to make their main kaiju a giant, reptilian/saurian, semi-aquatic, fire-breathing, prehistoric monster. What I’m saying is try harder.
For example, Nemesis edges a little close in some surface elements, but she manages to differ in enough ways that make her both visually unique and thematically interesting.
Durontus, but Tyler Sowles, is a sauropod/serpentine monster that sprays a deadly gas from it’s mouth. That’s a novel idea.
You are correct in that Godzilla shares inherent similarities to many kaiju, since, after all, he practically defines the genre itself. Gomora, Red King, Gamera, Astron, Earthtron, Demarga, Golza, Gorgo, Varan, Baragon, Irokus, Gormaru, Tyrantis, and a plethora of other kaiju share a lot in common with Godzilla. I just want to encourage people to try and edge a little further away from Goji. Find a unique combination of attributes if you want your dino-kaiju to stand out.

  • me: every one of vriska serket's outfits is some awful meme shirt with a plaid shirt over it
  • me: she's also got like, those awful shirts from spencer's
  • me: you know the ones
  • my gf: oh definitely
  • my gf: she has three different shirts that say "FBI: female body inspector"

Good thing that happened today: my college offers free counseling services (as I assume all do) so I finally made my way to see a therapist there. She told me that I have 3 anxiety disorders and is referring me to an actual psychiatrist and therapist. Glad to know its actually an official thing now. I feel so much more relieved already

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Do you have any cheater fanfics you'd suggest ? I've been craving these a lot lately haha why do I torture myself?

Ok the only ones I can think of right now is He Didn’t (Yoongi), Amnesia (Hoseok) & Saved by the Bell (Namjoon) by @trapmonster (she might have more that I haven’t read yet? Check out her masterlist!), in @jungblue‘s I Hate You I Love You Jungkook technically does cheat, and loving him, loving her (Taehyung) as well. so this is love (Yoongi) by @seoulscapes made me sob im tired of her

I don’t know if you’re into like not really cheating but the guy leaving his gf for another girl but if you are I highly recommend The Other Side (Lay) by @exo-can & she has different endings that ripped my heart out double the amount of times (sorry need to throw this in cuz i just loved it so hard)

I seriously wish suga-of-daegu was still here cuz she had an amazing fic called Nervous Tongue as well as a Hoseok/Yoongi fic and another Taehyung angst that would make me sob uncontrollably pls her fics were so great but I hope she’s doing well now!!

Sorry that’s all I got for now anon but I hoped I helped out in someway!

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Hey, you mentioned something the other day about marking recall when the dog turns towards you instead of waiting until they arrive.I tried that with my distractable puppy yesterday&it made a HUGE difference - she sprinted to me every time instead of trotting/stopping partway to sniff things.So thank you for posting that! You & @doberbutts & @twobigears have all been great resources for learning stuff that I didn't know enough to ask my in-person trainer about.But the recall was huge, so thanks!

Brilliant! I’m glad it worked out for you. If you’ve correctly built up your positive reward marker, I find that marking the initial step is great for building up that enthusiasm because they hear the marker and go “YEAH NOW I’LL GO GET MY REWARD!”

Also tagging @twobigears and @doberbutts for the compliment. :)

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To be honest I miss Weiss' old face, she looked so different in Vol4.

I agree that she looked different in this most recent volume. The face shape, her coloring..(skin tone, eye color, hair color, etc)
 I don’t know what it is but she’s just kinda.. different. 

Well, all of the characters kind of did change a bit. (Ruby and Blake look the same to me.)

That being said… I still think Weiss is beautiful <3 I love both of her looks, honestly. =)

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Lemme just say,,,your artwork is fantastic and I commend you so much,,,, doing so much better than me when I was 13, jeez. Keep up the great work and don't let anyone get you down!!! Also, is there anything you can tell us about Tear Grim?

how sweet of you, thank you very much, i’m glad ;-;!

sure, Tear Grim the daughter of Grim Reaper and human, she’s mixed between human and grim
but she different from her father, she don’t take souls but she eat sadness of humans to make them feel better
and those sadness turn to hurt her after she eat it
she suffered from depression
that’s why i usually draw her crying or with drugs stuffs 

@adacnomaniadancer replied to your post “For everyone who’s upset that Fitz is with someone else and fixing his…”

okay but my question is how does she work out their biggest regrets like i’m assuming she doesn’t sit down with them and get their opinion on it, but she knows people regret the things that cause them pain. so she looks for what caused them the most pain and changed that hence hope being alive for mack and may being able to save the woman. for fitz his dad leaving massively hurt him so she changes that. fitz didn’t get to pick his regret.

Yeah, I completely agree with you! I don’t think anyone going into The Framework got to “pick” their regret, and we don’t know how AIDA chose it for them either. Because, I’m certain if she asked them, she might have gotten very different responses :P I think, like you said, she scoured for the biggest “pain point” and assumed it was the biggest regret, and then just changed that instead of actually understanding, you know? Because AIDA isn’t human and she just think it’s a simple math equation—person minus painful regret equals happiness—but as we see it’s clearly not.

「 かれしさんプレゼントあげた? 」
“Did you give your boyfriend the gift?”

R: あげたよ!
R: “I did[give him the gift]!”

「 よかった!!ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ 」

「 あしたべつのところにりれきしょをおくる!! 」
“I will send my resume to a different place tomorrow”
(She means a different company)
「 にほんはてがきだからたいへん😖💦 」
“It’s hard because in Japan it’s hand written”

Stuff has been stressful the last month. So that means that messages that I made into drafts never got posted ^^;

This one was right after coming back from Nagasaki and dragged Miki around the shopping mall so I could buy my boyfriend a present.
Don’t know how she puts up with me, because we went to more than one mall.

Also writing out your resume each time you want to apply for a job seems really troublesome. What if you have bad handwriting? Can you hire people to write it for you? So many questions. Let me know if you know.

Yin and yang | Jaehyun au

Is it possible for you to write a werewolf! Jaehyun au?? Slightly angst and lots of fluff please

It sure is anon! Here’s werewolf! Jaehyun for you all I hope you like it! Enjoy! ~Nik

“Make some friends she said. It will be fun she said. I beg to differ mom. Being the new kid is never fun. You don’t know where any of your classes are let alone the school layout or know which locker is yours or even have any friends. What part of that sounds fun? Oh wait none!” I muttered to myself as I pulled into the parking lot of my new school.

“Where to park.” I whispered scanning the aisles before grinning seeing an empty slot right in front of the school. I eagerly Drive toward the spot smiling in satisfaction at finding a perfect slot. Well that didn’t last long because a shiny black Silverado came barreling from the opposite direction right to my slot.

“Oh hell no. Don’t you do it. Don’t you do it! I saw this spot first buddy! I swear if you park there-” I pushed the accelerator down effectively speeding in the parking lot but oh well. It was like slow motion as I quickly turned my wheel pulling into the spot just seconds before the Silverado and grinning in victory.

“Ha! Told you this was my spot. Snooze you lose sucker.” I cheered as I grabbed my keys and sliding out of the driver seat. I opened my back door and reached into the backseat and snatched my black and white Disney themed backpack, throwing it over my left shoulder and slamming the door locking the car in one swift motion. I spun on my heel slowly sauntering my way into the school building. And the first thing I saw? A giant banner reading ‘SWEETHEARTS NEXT WEEK!’ Oh great not only my first day but a dance is coming up and I’m pretty sure I was on that one guys angry at list so great first day so far. At least I got that parking spot.

Slowly I scanned the hall and mentally cheered when I saw the main office come into view. I quickened my pace, timidly opening the door and walking up to the front desk.

“Um hi. I’m new here and I need my schedule and a map if you have one please.”
The secretary had round glasses resting on her nose, dull brown eyes looking nothing less than done, a nice cream sweater and black pants. She glanced up at the sound of my voice and she narrowed her eyes at me, as if she was scrutinizing my figure. I hesitantly raised my hand to my face, eyes wandering down my outfit. ‘Was there something on my face? Did my outfit look weird? Was a dress too much? Oh no please don’t dress code me!’ My inner monologue was interrupted by her smiling softly. “Your outfit looks fine and there’s nothing on your face. What’s your name darling?”

“Y/f/n y/l/n ma'am.” I answered an embarrassed flush on your cheeks.

She blinked before throwing her head back in a dramatic sigh. “Please don’t call me ma'am. It makes me feel old darling. Here’s your schedule. First period with Mr. Ricks Language arts Just down this hall and turn right first classroom on the left.” She grinned handing you your schedule and map.

“Thank you for your help.” I smiled before waving goodbye and sauntering out of the office following her instructions turning the corner to the language arts hall and smacking face first into a wall. Or what felt like a wall. A squeak left my lips as I reeled backward looking up none other than Silverado guy. Joy-note my sarcasm.

“Woah there honey. Might want to watch where you are going. Wouldn’t want you to get hurt now would we?” He laughed with his friends as I stared at him with a blank look. I huffed slightly at him and readjusted my backpack in my shoulder and tried to sneak past him. Key word tried.

“Hey you’re the parking spot stealer!” he said slightly grabbing my shoulder and forcing me to Haupt in my spot and turn toward him.

“I guess. I mean I wouldn’t call it stealing a si saw it first and finders keepers. Plus you were just too slow. Just like your attempt at a pick up line. Now if you would excuse Silverado guy I’d like to get to class on time.” I smiled extra fake at his ‘posse’ and pushed past the group of boys and darted into my assigned classroom finding an empty seat on the second row.

I huffed as I dropped my bag on the ground next to the desk and rummaged through the second pocket and smiled as I pulled out a chocolate coconut Luna bar and taking bite humming in satisfaction as the chocolate hit my tongue. I leaned back in my desk closing my eyes and resting my feet on the desk diagonal of me. I sighed as I felt my body relax, enjoying the peace before class started.

My eyes snapped open when I felt a pair of hands grip my ankles and lower them off the desk them to the ground. In my old resting place a bright red backpack lay. My eyes travelled from the backpack to the hands that were retreating from my ankles to the toned arms and finally to Silverado boy. Just my luck.

“I guess you’re taking Ricks too?” I gave him to blankest stare with the are-you-kidding-me-right-now? Look. But he just continued on. “Ricks is a cool guy. You’ll like this class. Speaking of class what’s your schedule? I saw you taking directions from Katherine in the office she’s a nice lady. If you want I can show you around the school, give you a tour if you’d like.” He offers grinning.

“And why should I trust you to show me around when you can’t even park correctly?” I sassed pretending to ruffle through my pencil case.

A chorus of 'oohs’ echoed from his friends at my sassy reply. The corner of my lips curled up into a semi smirk and me trying to keep my laughter In.

“The school is pretty confusing. If you had me to show you around it would be much easier in your part, you know less stress.” He grinned trying to be cute, yeah he had another thing coming at him.

“As confusing as your pick up lines? Buddy there’s something called being subtle. You should try it. And the only stress I’m getting is from you so could you put a sock in it please?” Classy yet with attitude that’s how I roll.

“Okay miss sassy, what’s your name?”

“Why do you want to know?”

“Because I can’t help you around without knowing your name now can i?” he smirked in victory as you narrowed your eyes at him.

“Touché. Well Silverado I’m y/n nice to officially introduce myself.”

“You know you/n I actually have a name.” He grinned.

“You mean it isn’t Silverado guy? I would’ve never guessed” I feigned mock innocence.

“Funny. Well y/n I’m Ravi and it’s a pleasure to meet you.. It’s nice to officially have names.”

“You gonna introduce us? Or do we have to do it ourselves?” A tall brunette leaned forward sitting backwards in his desk.

“Your a big boy. Do it yourself.” Ravi sassed not even acknowledging the boy.

The boy huffed glaring at the Ravi, but turning in his chair toward you smiling like a kid in the Willy Wonka chocolate factory. “Well hello y/n I’ve never seen a girl sass Ravi on his same level but that was awesome! I’m N over there is Leo, the one on the floor is Ken Hyuk is the one poking Leo, and hongbin is falling asleep. Pleaseire to meet you!”
I smiled at the interesting group of boys who had befriended me and turned in my seat to face the front just as the bell rang.

An hour and forty-five minutes later i was packing up my bag and heading to second period with my newly acquired friends guiding me through the crowded hallway, shielding me from being trampled. Well most if the way until I managed to ram into another tall boy making me drop my books. He immediately dropped to the ground picking up my books and handing them to me with an apology fir running into me and making he drop my books.

“I’m so sorry. Are you alright? I didn’t mean to run into you I didn’t see you there-” he froze mid sentence as his mocha irises swirled with beautiful specks if gold. His eyes dilated as he caught my e/c ones. He stared at me in awe like I was an angel and his stare was filled with pure shock and adoration for me making rosy blush appear on my cheeks. A loud 'ahem’ broke his trance and he gently handed me my books and his hand accidentally brushed my making me jolt as I felt electricity shoot from my fingertips up to my shoulder just like that. I jumped back a bit staring at my fingertips before I felt my body be pulled backwards gently and a large frame shielding me from the mysterious blonde haired boy.

I leaned around Ravi to see that he fad a fierce glare on his face directed at the blonde boy.
“Leave. Turn around and walk away we don’t want trouble with you lot.” Ravi hissed an arm gently pushing me behind his frame again. I went to take a step forward but was stopped by N’s hand on my shoulder and with a shake of his head I retreated back toward him and Leo who immediately wrapped an arm around my shoulder in a brotherly comfort.

A low growl escaped the blonde boy’s chest as his eyes caught N’s and Leo’s arms around my shoulders making my eyes widen. “Get your filthy hands off her.”

Damn. His voice was lovely when he was apologizing but it dropped a few octaves making it sound huskier and with a more dangerous tone to it, but for some reason it didn’t frighten me, only intrigued my curious side further. The blonde boy stepped forward his lips pulled back in a sneer. Ravi was just a step away with an identical expression and fists clenched. Before I could blink Ravi threw the first punch. My eyes widened as N held me back as we anxiously waited for the blonde boy’s response. His stance was threatening as his fists clenched and a bruise began to form on his cheek and a bit of blonde escaped from the newly formed scratch.

Ken stepped forward at the blonde boy’s threatening stance. “Let’s break this up and go our seperate ways.” he hissed crossing his arms. Another boy from blonde boy’s side came up and rested a hand on his shoulder and whispered in his ear making his face soften as his eyes landed on me standing between Kun and Ravi. I silently hoped he wouldn’t fight my friends and I released the breath I was holding when he pushed past Ravi and Kun, flashing me a smile before sauntering down the hall and around the corner. Ravi huffed before turning to me and flashing the fakes smile I’ve ever seen, rubbing his slightly bloody knuckles..

“Cone in y/n, let’s get to class.” He said trying to persuade me to leave the subject. Too bad for him I was stubborn. I crossed my arms over my chest and planted my feet into the ground staring him down, eyes glancing down at his once bloody and scratched knuckles now smooth skin like nothing ever happened.

“Y/n come on drop it. We’re going to be late to class.” He insisted trying to pull my arm but I snatched it from his grip and crossed my arms tighter to my chest and even popping my hip out for added effect.

“Y/n please! If we tell you at lunch will you let us take you to class?” Ravi asked defeated. I nodded satisfied and strutted past the boys to our second period leaving them staring in disbelief at my manipulation.

“Okay spill. Who was that guy Ravi? Why do you act like you hate each other? Did something go down because normal enemies don’t glare at each other like that. Oh and not to mention growl at each other during a confrontation. Don’t even think about living to me either because I’ve read enough books and seen enough movies. So let’s be honest with each other shall we?” I immediately confronted the boys right as I spotted their table in the cafeteria. The boys looked at one another silently, like they were communicating mentally, before Ravi sighed and extended his hand to me to take while motioning to the doors that lead to the parking lot once he processed my confused expression. I slowly put my hand into his much larger palm and allowed him to lead me outside all while multiple pairs of eyes burned into my back.

“Before you say anything you have to know that I’m not crazy y/n okay? You just have to believe me because you asked for answers and you do deserve to know what went down in the hall earlier.” I nodded as I crossed my arms motioning for Ravi to continue as he took a deep breath in and out pacing a few steps to the left, then to the right muttering how he would do this.

“Well I mean it can’t be that crazy I mean your hands healed themselves within what? Two minutes of you punching him?? That’s not normal. So just spit it out. Be as blunt as possible with me okay?”

“Come on Ravi I don’t have all day-”

“Shape shifters. We’re shape shifters more known as werewolves.” I went silent letting him explain. “Werewolves normally travel in packs and you’ve met my pack in Ricks’ class. I’m the alpha, Kun the beta, and N our delta. The rest are our warriors of the pack. And as a werewolf we usually have powers or enhanced abilities such as hearing, sight, smell and we can hear each other’s thoughts-”

“So that’s why you were all looking at each other intensely in silence!” I exclaimed grinning.

Ravi chuckled nodding. “Precisely. That’s how we communicate.”

“Okay but what does this have to do with me?” I questioned.

Ravi’s smile dropped slightly. “Well that guy you ran into is actual in another pack. He’s the beta.”

“What’s his name?” I interrupted.

“Jung Yoon-oh but he goes by Jaehyun. And-”

“Jaehyun, cute. But what does this have to do with me? You still haven’t answered that.”

“I was getting there miss impatient!” He grinned before sighing again.

“Why did I feel sparks when he brushed my hand?”

“Well werewolves have a missing part of their soul when eye are born. Don’t worry we aren’t affected by this in a sense of pain, but when one meets with the missing half of their soul, it’s like you just know and the feeling is absolutely incredible. You just know and you feel your souls complete. That’s what you are to Jaehyun. You’re his mate, his other half, his sole purpose of being where he is now.”

I blinked processing this information surprisingly calm. But I still had a few questions swirling in my mind. “But why did you get defensive then when he was helping me pick up my books? If I’m his mate shouldn’t you be glad that he’s my mate?”

“Well Jaehyun and I have had a tense past. Basically we fought over a girl- his sister to be exact. His sister was my mate, but Jaehyun wouldn’t let me near her as he didn’t trust me. We were both popular and actually our packs were pretty close, but then someone in my fathers pack sent a spy to Taeyong’s pack and it all spiraled down hill from there. I guess I just wanted to protect you because you are my friend and the only girl not afraid to sass me into my place.” He teased.

I snickered at his comment. “True, true. Ravi?”

He hummed in response.

“Please let me make my own decisions next time okay? He didn’t do anything to hurt me. Granted it’s been one meeting but I just know he won’t do anything….if that makes any sense.”

Ravi chuckled and nodded . “Yeah it does. I’m glad we discussed this and wow you took that really well damn.”

I shrugged. “I’ve been through some weird stuff man you have no idea. Let’s head back inside I’m starving.” I grinned linking our arms and forcing Ravi to skip with me back inside.

After lunch I waved goodbye to Ravi and his pack and headed to my last period of the day. I took a seat in the 3rd row conveniently across from Jaehyun. He caught my eyes and grinned cutely waving to me. I giggled and waved back with just as much enthusiasm. The bell rang making him pout as our cute non verbal conversation was cut short. I grinned facing the teacher and began to take notes on what she was writing on the board.

“Alright class for the remainder of class you need to finish the assignment I handed out.” She exclaimed before sitting at her desk and filling out some paperwork.

I finally finished the last question and sighed in relief before dropping the finished worksheet into the basket and slumped in my seat laying my head on the desk and resting my eyes. Suddenly I felt a slip of paper hit my hand making me lift my head searching for the culprit, eyes landing on Jung Jaehyun who grinned and motioned toward the paper. I slowly unfolded the paper and a smile landed on my lips.

'Nice to meet you my lovely mate. I’m Jaehyun and might I say you are beautiful. Meet me after class so we can formally introduce ourselves. :)’

I blushed at the compliment and buried my face in my arms to hide my blush. Another note hit my arm making me peak my eye open to see him looking at his work. I rolled my eyes before snatching the paper and reading it with my head down.

'Damn if your blush is that cute by one compliment just wait until after class my mate.’

I felt my cheeks heat up and I dared a glance up just in time to see Jaehyun wink at me and I ducked back down, face as red as a tomato freshly picked off the bush. Lucky fir me the bell rang and I sprang up and was out of the classroom in record time. I ran down at least three different hallways, getting lost obviously, and leaned my back against the wall taking a deep breath with my hands on my cheeks trying to cool them. I closed my eyes taking a deep breath in, holding it for a few seconds and releasing it before opening my eyes and jumping about three feet in the air with a loud yelp escaping my lips as Jaehyun was now standing just a few feet away from me grinning at my flustered and shocked state.

“You know I haven’t really been told that I’m that scary enough to make a pretty girl run out of the same room as me that fast.” He teased making me flush. He grinned at my bright apple cheeks before stepping forward and brushing a strand of my hair behind my ear effective,y masking my cheeks betray me and vibe come cherry red.

“Aigoo you are so beautiful.” He smirked hand caressing my cheek. I did t know it was possible to blush so much but I guess I broke that phenomenon. I covered my face with my hands in a poor effort to cool my cheeks down. “Yah don’t hide from me my lovely mate.” Jaehyun scolded slightly grabbing my wrists in his larger hands and revealing my flushed cheeks. “There she is. Hello y/n I’m Jaehyun but you already knew that.” He teased making me stick my tongue out at him childishly. “Do you want me to bite your tongue? If not you better put it back into your mouth.” My eyes widened at his threat and from the look in his mocha irises he wasn’t kidding. I clamped my mouth shut instantly making him chuckle before kebab get forward and nuzzling his nose against min in an Eskimo kiss.

“Do you know how long I’ve waited for you my mate? My lovely beautiful mate who is absolutely perfect with her blushing cheeks that make me want to kiss her.” I blushed more but met his eyes and actually replied confidentially.

“Why are you talking in third person? I’m right here you know. And can you let go on my wrist please?’ My voice slowly declined in its confidence as he stared into my irises with such intense emotions.

“Oh I know my love, but I like seeing you blush….just like you are now.” He grinned nose nuzzling your cheek before he placed a gentle peck against the red skin. My breath hitched as his nose contoured down further along my jawline and placing a peck each inch he traveled down until he met the place where my shoulder and collarbone met making me gasp as he gently nipped the sensitive skin there. My head fell against his shoulder as he alternated between nipping the skin and kissing it. My head felt dizzy as he began to suck on the skin effectively leaving a mark on the skin.

From there he began to make his way back up my neck, placing kisses very so often until he reached my jawline. He then pulled back and nuzzled his nose against some mine again making me smile and close my eyes in bliss as his hands traveled down my wrist to lace our fingers together lovingly. He opened his eyes gazing into mine before pecking my nose making me scrunch it up at the ticklish feeling. He grinned, eyes becoming crescents as he did up it again making me scrunch it up again with a slight squeak. He smiled before nuzzling my nose again and then the mischievous smile took over his face.

My eyes flickered into his eyes, trying to figure out why he had the face happening. His smirk widened at my confusion before he let my hand go and instead captured both my wrists in his one large palm and his now free hand was coming dangerously close to my abdomen. It wa s like my mind clicked into place with where his was at because I began to lean away from his touch, shaking up head.
“Jaehyun no! Please don’t- ahhh!” I squealed as he mercilessly tickled my stomach, enjoying the power he had over me.

“J-Jaehyun! Please st-stop! Ahaha please I can’t breathe oh my god!” I kicked my leg up but he leaned his body against mine, rendering my legs useless-I was on my own.

After five torturous minutes he finally let me breathe as he leaned against me pecking my nose again. I sighed in relief as I caught my breath, eyes closing in the moment of non- torture. I opened my eyes to see Jaehyun just inches away from my face. I gulped and my tongue darted out, licking my bottom lip before my teeth gently sunk into my bottom lip. Jaehyun’s mocha irises became a dark almost black swirl as his eyes flickered from my eyes to my lips. Slowly Jaehyun reached up and pried my lip free from my teeth and be caressed my bottom lip before moving to cradle my cheek unconsciously I leaned into his touch.

His eyes flickered from my lips to my eyes, a silent question that I gave my permission to. That’s all the confirmation he needed to crash our lips together. My eyes fluttered shut as he gently pecked my lips before tilting his head and making the kiss more passionate as his hand on my cheek cradled the back of my head and his other arm wrapped around my waist pulling me closer and my arms circled is neck looping together softly. Our lips molded together and there was definitely fireworks, lightening, the whole piñata exploding. Sadly, I was only human and
Had to breathe so Jaehyun pulled away leaving me gasping for breath and slightly dazed. I went to take a step and almost fell, not realized I had lifted myself onto my tippy toes to get a better angle. If I thought my cheeks were the reddest they could get, well now they were scarlet as I buried my face in Jaehyuns chest, seeking his warmth and partially hiding my embarrassment. Jaehyun chuckled enveloping me into awarm embrace and kissing the crown of my head. “I could get used to this.” He whispered head resting against s mine, eyes closed in content. What more could he ask for? His mate is wrapped up in his arms, safe and protected, and his soul was complete from the very minute that teheto met they were one and Jaehyun was complete and content.

(Please ignore those spelling errors I was tired and frankly I’m too lazy to fix them. Hope you all enjoyed it though)