she's not a disney star but i love her so

aftertaste // stilinski twins

Summary: Y/N’s forced to deal with the consequences of her actions while her boyfriend, Stuart, is away for the summer

Requested: no, collab with @rememberstilinski

Characters: Stiles, Stuart & Y/N

Warning: yes, mature language, themes & smut


As soon as she stepped onto the driveway the sun started heating her skin, drowning her in warmth. Adjusting the two backpack straps around her shoulders, she reached into her back pocket for the list she had made the night before.

“You sure you have everything you need?” She asked as she reread the slightly crumbled piece of paper in her hand, marking off the little checklist she had made for her boyfriend one last time before helping him load his bags into the trunk.

The sun reflected off of the lenses of his thick rimmed glasses as a small smirk made its way onto his face.

“Babe-” Stuart groaned, a giggle following as he wrapped his arms around his girlfriend’s torso, resting his chin on her shoulder. “I said I’m good.” He assured her.

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i love taylor swift bc you can tell shes a really ambitous control freak but to be a female american pop star with her kind of image she cant appear to be either of those things so she does clumsy job of manipulating her image and she comes across as a villian in a 90s disney movie who’s plans keep going wrong but end up being kind of successful anyway

I wonder if white people would like Zendaya had she not spoken so much about blackness and all that hubbub. Probably. She’s everything white people love in a black girl, she’s light, she’s quirky, she’s a Disney star, she stars in a Spider-Man movie. If she wasn’t always reminding white people that she was black they would definitely be more inclined to like her.

He Put The Stars In The Sky

Writer - @damndescendants

Requested - @lovefan643

Obsidian Daughter of Mother Gothel because she knows repunzle her hair is long (only reaches to her hands tho) mostly unhappy due to her living conditions and her abusive mother She only comes when its dark cuz she loves the stars one day she meet Harry Hook (sorry for so many Harry Hook stories) and you suprise me from there on (an idea one of my friends had and i kinda made it better :pp)

Disclaimer - I do not own any of Descendants’ characters and/or ideas all credit goes to the creator and producers of Disney Descendants

Pairing - Harry Hook x Reader

Summary – (Y/N) is the daughter of Mother Gothel and one night when she goes out in the night she meets the infamous Harry Hook.

Warning(s) - abuse, mentions of not wearing clothes

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#TommysCrush - Thomas Doherty x reader

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Reminder that you all are beautiful and all your bodies are #body goals and no other assholes/motherfuckers can say otherwise and if they do call me i’ll bitch slap them it’s the best thing i do


Requested: Could you write a Thomas Doherty fic where she is his celebrity crush and he meets her at the Teen Choice Awards or something and Dylan and the rest of the Decedents cast tease him about it until he goes to talk to her and she admits she has a crush on him too?

Words: 1,527

Summary: Y/N meets her crush in the 2017 Teen Choice Awards. Thomas meets his too.

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Okay so I see people talking about how Leia is handled like how we don’t see her trauma after Alderaan is destroyed or how she deals with Vader being her dad and that’s all fine and dandy and I agree but can we talk about how that ever since Disney bought the franchise there is barely any mention of Padmé? 

Oh, right, she had a cool wardrobe. 

Cole Sprouse | Fangirls

Count of words: 555

Warnings: none really…. a little short…

A/N: Sorry it took me so long but I just now found the time to write something for all you.. Also I made up that “scene” cause I couldn’t remember one I could fit in there and also I was watching a video with Cody Martin’s scream and I cried of laughter so yeah…. Hope you like it ♥




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Thank you😊 my idea is that YN is Coles gf, they both starred on the sweet life, but she’s now on a succesful tv show.but since it’s her vacations, the producers offered her a role in 1 episode of Riverdale and none of the cast knew until she showed up in a live interviee and everyone one freaked out because “IT’S YN!! I LOVE HER SINCE TSLOZAC!” And they recreate some disney moments for them.what do you think?

After not seeing your boyfriend, Cole, for around six months, being offered a guest role on his show on your vacation was more than great. It would indeed give you the opportunity to hug him again and kiss his beautiful face, but most of all it would make you realise that it is not long until the both of you get to spent your whole summer together. 

The producer and you agreed that no one should know until the day you start filming with them, and even though it was very hard to hide it from Cole, things went as planned. While all of them where doing a live interview on set, their shows producer helped you sneak behind them and wait till the right time. It was this question the interviewer asked Cole that was your que to surprise them all. “So, Cole, what would you do if your girlfriend, Y/N Y/L/N, was to guest star on Riverdale. Before even having the chance to answer you jumped on his back kissing him all over his face. Cole was shocked but no one could win Camila’s reaction. “OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, MY FEELS, IT’S Y/N!!! OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU SINCE THE SUITE LIFE!!! OH GOD I SHIPPED YOU TWO SINCE THEN!!! OH MY GOD!!” She screamed not caring that this was a live interview and the fans where finally shown her extreme fangirl side. You laughed at her reaction and climbed off of Cole’s back. “Well, hello to you too Camila,” you said still laughing and holding your stomach as you saw her reaction when you hugged her. Lilly’s reaction was the same and you couldn’t help but hug them all, something that brought a huge blush on all their faces. You found that adorable and you really wanted to keep in touch with them.

“So, Y/N,” said the interviewer, “how do you feel about everything that happened here right now?” You politely smiled at her and replied. “I really didn’t think people could react like this. For me. I mean-” “No no no!” Kj interupted. “Are you joking? You didn’t expect it? I literally had three posters of you on my room, using the excuse that my girlfriend put them there to embarass me!” He said and you couldn’t help but laugh and there were more confessions like this thrown at you through out this whole thing. “Ok, ok, we all know mine was the most embarassing,” Lilly said. “But anyway, why don’t you guys recreate that scene where Y/C/N goes behind Cody and hugs him and he gets scared and screams?!?” She said and you laughed at the memory of that scene. The truth is, it was not planned but you were sure Cole could still scream like that. “I don’t see why not,” he said and you got up. He stood a couple feet away from you and you did the same sneaky walk you did on that scene. You opened your arms while approaching him and then you hugged him. “AHHHHH,” he screamed his famous scream from the show and everyone started laughing. “Thank you very much for watching, I enjoyed doing this but not again. My throat hurts,” he said and hugged you from the side. “Don’t be so sure,” you whispered and giggled at his reaction.


i’ve been trying to post a drawing every day so…here’s some lineless practice with allura holding… molten steel? a star? you decide.

Me, before seeing Beauty & the Beast: I love Emma Watson.


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Reasons why Elena of Avalor is Seriously Amazing
  • First Latina Disney princess (obviously)
  • Amazing and catchy Hispanic-inspired music
  • Beautiful designs and animation
  • She actually has to learn about leadership in order to earn her title of queen
  • No romantic interest
  • It’s mostly about Elena’s relationship with her family and friends
  • She makes mistakes and learns from them
  • It was literally too good for Disney Junior so they bumped it up to Disney Channel
  • Not exactly a reason, but my sister literally leaped of joy because not only did Elena look like her, but she also speaks Spanish
  • Diverse and race-appropriate voice cast
  • Guest stars so far include George Takei and Titus Burgess (it doesn’t get any better than that)
  • The show is made with a lot of love and it really shows
  • Overall, I’m really glad my (and many others’) culture is being represented so well
  • You should really watch it
  • It’s amazing
W.I.T.C.H Fan Cast

Okay, so I’ve finally made up my mind about the ideal cast that I would like for the main girls of W.I.T.C.H. 

As it’s a Disney franchise, I thought it would be interesting to pick some of the Disney’s new generation of actresses that could definitely rock the part of each of our favorite magical girls. I also tried to pick not too old women for this, as all of them are in their 20′s (so they could still be playing teenagers, but probably not as ‘teen’ as in the beginning of the comics)

Disclaimer : It’s my vision of the girls and anyone can have is own, or disagree with mine. I just been wanting to make a actual fan cast for a very longtime so here it is.

First off : Will Vandom // Sofia Carson

I’ve always pictured Will as biracial because of her mother, and I discovered that many of you in here think the same way. I have this headcanon that Susan was actually from a (fictional??) Latino American country. So, there I chose Sofia who is Colombian. I know that she’s not a red head, but hey hair dye exists (and then again it’s my vision of things). Other than that I think some of their features actually look alike. [eye color; smile :D]

Next up : Irma Lair // Ryan Newman

I just think these two look alike so much. I’ve discovered Ryan as she played in a Disney XD TV show I watched when I was younger, as she played ‘the evil little sister’ in a way. I think she has this touch of mischief and playfulness in her eyes that is so significant of Irma. 

In third place, my favorite : Taranee Cook // China Anne McClain

I’m in love with China ever since she starred in Jonas. Her personality is just so bubbly and adorable but at the same time she’s very educated and woke in general. I think this description fit Taranee as well, as the is very study oriented but also very nice and gentle. AND, Taranee loves photography and dancing, and China is an amazing dancer!!! A WOMAN.

Then comes : Cornelia Hale // Olivia Holt

THE BEAUTY IS THE BONE STRUCTURE OF THESE GIRLS’ FACES. (Also I know they eyes don’t match but, hey contacts exists :D)

Last but not least : Hay Lin // Leah Lewis

Leah is a Chinese descent, which was super important for me to find for my fan cast because P.O.C are not interchangeable. Hay Lin’s Chinese heritage is something very essential in the comics (and the cartoon) so it was crucial to not overlook that in order to choose a potential actress. 

Guardians of the Galaxy at Disney

Peter Quill: Riding every ride in the park. He mapped out the day and has the line tracker app on his phone just to make sure he’s able to ride EVERYTHING before the park closes. His personal favorite is the Pirates of the Caribbean since he insists that he’s a swaggy space pirate. He persuades Gamora to buy pirate gear with him so they can be Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swan.

Gamora: Follows Peter but she’d rather hold the bags and loose stuff than go on anything with him. If she loses him, she WILL NOT HESITATE to yell his name until he finds his way back to her. She’s like an embarrassing mom. She did get on the Haunted Mansion ride but she said it was ‘unrealistic’ and made her motion sick.

Drax: Spends the whole time eating food and watching kids have fun. It all reminds him of his daughter so he eats to suppress his emotions. That and the candy is to die for. He ends up throwing up in a trash can and passing out, only to be found by Mickey Mouse and bottle fed water until he comes to.

- “This truly is a magical place!”

Rocket: He and baby Groot wander around with loose bolts to scare kids who are about to get on a ride.

- *Drops the bolt* “Ah, this just came off your seat. Oh well, safe travels!” *the ride zooms off and he smirks*

He spends the rest of the time judging all he stuffed toys for being unrealistically cute (and larger than him). He does let baby groot ride some of the small kiddie rides but since neither of them are tall enough for thrill seeking ones, they stick to the ground.

Yondu: He makes it his mission to meet EVERY character in the park. Of course he sees Mary Poppins, what is he, an amateur? After a while he ends up going to some of the gift shops and buying little Disney trinkets to put on the console. He even decides to make his next fin look like Mickey Mouse ears.

Ego: He finds a bench and falls asleep for the entire day. Because of the beard, some of the kids confuse him for one of snow whites dwarves. He’s in such a slumber he doesn’t even care to notice. He wakes up during the fireworks but still thinks the day was amazing. He doesn’t buy anything and he doesn’t even do anything but he still finds it one of the most enjoyable experiences of his life.

Mantis: She spends the whole time taking photos and riding the “Its a Small World” attraction over and over again. By the time they all get ready to go home, she sings the song repeatedly and it nearly gets her mouth duct taped. She ended up with some aesthetic photos and she even spent a lot of her time over at the Magic Kingdom to visit the Bugs Life attractions.

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Blyla, Any Disney Movie AU?

I had trouble deciding on the movie, but then, how could I resist tweaking that one… nothing to do with making Yoda a seagull, not at all

It starts out with a storm.

Aayla shouldn’t be swimming so close to the surface, but there are few sights prettier than a true storm, water falling down instead of surrounding her and it taste differently than the sea, sweet and cold when it hits her skin, the terrible sounds up in the skies and the wonderful flashes of light Yoda called lightning.
He’s one cryptic seagull, but he knows a lot of things.

She was expecting the storm, but not the boat, and it takes a whole second for her to shake off her fascinated stare as part of the human contraption is burning, this is the first time she sees real fire, before she realises that it’s on fire and with people on board.

Aayla doesn’t stop to think about danger or warning tales. She won’t let people die, humans or not.


This is not love.
It can’t be, because she didn’t even talk with the human she saved. Aayla prevented him from drowning, had to cut loose parts of the strange clothes he had (who wears metal when they can’t swim ? Humans are weird) and swam him to shore, but he was out of it the whole time, as she made sure he was still breathing and as Yoda pinched his arm with his beak to see if he would react.

She left way before he stirred, but she stayed, watched other humans run to him and clap him on the back and help him walk.

It can’t be love, because she doesn’t know him.
But it’s curiosity, bright, burning, all-powering.


The price for human legs is her strength. Gone will be the muscles she spent years honing, the reflexes born from entire days hunting with her men, the ability to defend herself.
She’ll have feet but will only be able to walk, a quick run will tire her out.

Aayla will only get it back if she finds a true reason to stay on land.

“Fine.” she tells the sea witch. “I’ll do it.”

If the world of humans is disappointing, she’ll only have to jump into the sea once more.
There are rumors that the seawitch traps the people she makes deals with, but really, it seems pretty straightforward.


She doesn’t lose her strength only. As she needs Kit’s help to swim up, her blue skin fades to pink and her lekkus turn to hair.
This wasn’t in the deal, but she supposes it’ll help her blend in…
At least, she kept her clothes, though they shifted too, ending up naked would have been complicated.

“I don’t like this. Call me when you change your mind.” Kit grouches, her octopus friend looking particularly vexed to not be able to follow her for the first time.
“Too stubborn, Aayla is.” Yoda points out. “Change her mind, she won’t.”
“Shut your damn beak, you should.” Kit mutters before swimming up to her. “Be careful, okay ?”
“I’m just exploring, Kit.” Aayla smiles. “You worry too much.”


Kit may have been right worrying, the witch said she would be able to walk only… but she doesn’t know how.

She’s about to faceplant into the sand when strong arms catch her and she’s faced back with the human that started this all in the first place.

His name is Bly and he’s sweet, helpful, supporting her as she takes her few steps, taking her back to town.
He’s a soldier, working at the palace, and he doesn’t mind showing her around. Or letting her sleep in the barracks he shares with his group, who are a noisy, raucous bunch but good men. Or teaching her what she doesn’t know, even if sometimes she sees that she asks strange questions.
Or braiding her hair. She misses her lekkus, but hairbraiding is very nice too.

Bly looks at her, sometimes, like he’s trying to figure something out, acting puzzled every time she trips or is tired after a mere few hours, but he doesn’t bring it up.


“Aayla, can I ask you a question ?” Bly tells her, and she perks up from her book on planes.
Planes. That’s amazing, after exploring the earth, she wants to see the skies too.
“Yes ?”
“I… don’t be offended, please ? But… were you always this… frail ? You remind me of someone I saw only a glimpse off, but she was… well, strong enough to swim whole leagues carrying me, and…”

Aayla is looking at him in surprise. He saw her ? He remembered it ?

“Forget it.” Bly mutters. “The others must be right, I must have drifted on wood, besides, you, well, she was blue, it’s stupid…”
“That was me.” Aayla cuts him, grinning. “I traded strength against legs, since usually I am blue, and a mermaid.”

She laughs when he looks at her with eyes wider than Yoda’s that one time she found a bottle of “wheesky”.

Then he’s kissing her and oh, and well, she might have a reason to stay on land, after all.


“You do know that you are supposed to trick the mers coming to you for legs or whatnot, hmm ?” Ahsoka grins at the witch, spiked tail drifting lazily behind her as she watches Aayla running after Bly and decking him on the sand.
“What would be the fun in that ? I find the idea of King Windu having an aneurysm over his Captain of the Guard falling in love with a human soldier way more fun.” Ventress grins back.