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Count of words: 555

Warnings: none really…. a little short…

A/N: Sorry it took me so long but I just now found the time to write something for all you.. Also I made up that “scene” cause I couldn’t remember one I could fit in there and also I was watching a video with Cody Martin’s scream and I cried of laughter so yeah…. Hope you like it ♥




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Thank you😊 my idea is that YN is Coles gf, they both starred on the sweet life, but she’s now on a succesful tv show.but since it’s her vacations, the producers offered her a role in 1 episode of Riverdale and none of the cast knew until she showed up in a live interviee and everyone one freaked out because “IT’S YN!! I LOVE HER SINCE TSLOZAC!” And they recreate some disney moments for them.what do you think?

After not seeing your boyfriend, Cole, for around six months, being offered a guest role on his show on your vacation was more than great. It would indeed give you the opportunity to hug him again and kiss his beautiful face, but most of all it would make you realise that it is not long until the both of you get to spent your whole summer together. 

The producer and you agreed that no one should know until the day you start filming with them, and even though it was very hard to hide it from Cole, things went as planned. While all of them where doing a live interview on set, their shows producer helped you sneak behind them and wait till the right time. It was this question the interviewer asked Cole that was your que to surprise them all. “So, Cole, what would you do if your girlfriend, Y/N Y/L/N, was to guest star on Riverdale. Before even having the chance to answer you jumped on his back kissing him all over his face. Cole was shocked but no one could win Camila’s reaction. “OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, MY FEELS, IT’S Y/N!!! OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU SINCE THE SUITE LIFE!!! OH GOD I SHIPPED YOU TWO SINCE THEN!!! OH MY GOD!!” She screamed not caring that this was a live interview and the fans where finally shown her extreme fangirl side. You laughed at her reaction and climbed off of Cole’s back. “Well, hello to you too Camila,” you said still laughing and holding your stomach as you saw her reaction when you hugged her. Lilly’s reaction was the same and you couldn’t help but hug them all, something that brought a huge blush on all their faces. You found that adorable and you really wanted to keep in touch with them.

“So, Y/N,” said the interviewer, “how do you feel about everything that happened here right now?” You politely smiled at her and replied. “I really didn’t think people could react like this. For me. I mean-” “No no no!” Kj interupted. “Are you joking? You didn’t expect it? I literally had three posters of you on my room, using the excuse that my girlfriend put them there to embarass me!” He said and you couldn’t help but laugh and there were more confessions like this thrown at you through out this whole thing. “Ok, ok, we all know mine was the most embarassing,” Lilly said. “But anyway, why don’t you guys recreate that scene where Y/C/N goes behind Cody and hugs him and he gets scared and screams?!?” She said and you laughed at the memory of that scene. The truth is, it was not planned but you were sure Cole could still scream like that. “I don’t see why not,” he said and you got up. He stood a couple feet away from you and you did the same sneaky walk you did on that scene. You opened your arms while approaching him and then you hugged him. “AHHHHH,” he screamed his famous scream from the show and everyone started laughing. “Thank you very much for watching, I enjoyed doing this but not again. My throat hurts,” he said and hugged you from the side. “Don’t be so sure,” you whispered and giggled at his reaction.

I don’t think people give this generation’s of Disney Channel Stars enough credit. Like I said before, we have Cameron Boyce who’s white passing but speaks out about his black heritage and roots. We have Dove Cameron who’s a fucking angel, literally what I refer to as this generation of Disney’s Hilary Duff and who speaks up about girl power (plus, she and her boo Ryan are engaged and the cutest Disney couple since Zanessa). Zendaya, the BEYONCE of Disney Channel right now, who slays the game all fucking day and basically runs her own shit, do her own thang and pointing out REPRESENTATION. Skai Jackson, need I say more? Who wouldn’t love this child? ROWAN FUCKING BLANCHARD who vocally supports and shows so many respect to LGBT+, #BlackLivesMatter, Feminism and speaks out on so many fucking issues that literally she (and Zendaya) is like one of the very few Disney Channel stars that speak on all of these issues and more. We have Sofia Carson, who’s representing the Latina community of Disney and tbh it’s been since WOWP since we had that. Not to mention the cast of Stuck in the Middle, clearly that’s representation of a big Latina/Hispanic family that Disney has not done in years. Sabrina Carpenter, who’s voice is like a breath of fresh air, one of the talented voices that Disney has ever consumed. And there’s so much more and so many current DC Stars that are bringing a new light to what was a dim Disney Channel. People are so quick to not like what they see because it isn’t what it used to be for them. Well, I believe and I know these stars are talented and bringing new material to a growing world and network.

Okay so I see people talking about how Leia is handled like how we don’t see her trauma after Alderaan is destroyed or how she deals with Vader being her dad and that’s all fine and dandy and I agree but can we talk about how that ever since Disney bought the franchise there is barely any mention of Padmé? 

Oh, right, she had a cool wardrobe. 


Me, before seeing Beauty & the Beast: I love Emma Watson.


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Guardians of the Galaxy at Disney

Peter Quill: Riding every ride in the park. He mapped out the day and has the line tracker app on his phone just to make sure he’s able to ride EVERYTHING before the park closes. His personal favorite is the Pirates of the Caribbean since he insists that he’s a swaggy space pirate. He persuades Gamora to buy pirate gear with him so they can be Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swan.

Gamora: Follows Peter but she’d rather hold the bags and loose stuff than go on anything with him. If she loses him, she WILL NOT HESITATE to yell his name until he finds his way back to her. She’s like an embarrassing mom. She did get on the Haunted Mansion ride but she said it was ‘unrealistic’ and made her motion sick.

Drax: Spends the whole time eating food and watching kids have fun. It all reminds him of his daughter so he eats to suppress his emotions. That and the candy is to die for. He ends up throwing up in a trash can and passing out, only to be found by Mickey Mouse and bottle fed water until he comes to.

- “This truly is a magical place!”

Rocket: He and baby Groot wander around with loose bolts to scare kids who are about to get on a ride.

- *Drops the bolt* “Ah, this just came off your seat. Oh well, safe travels!” *the ride zooms off and he smirks*

He spends the rest of the time judging all he stuffed toys for being unrealistically cute (and larger than him). He does let baby groot ride some of the small kiddie rides but since neither of them are tall enough for thrill seeking ones, they stick to the ground.

Yondu: He makes it his mission to meet EVERY character in the park. Of course he sees Mary Poppins, what is he, an amateur? After a while he ends up going to some of the gift shops and buying little Disney trinkets to put on the console. He even decides to make his next fin look like Mickey Mouse ears.

Ego: He finds a bench and falls asleep for the entire day. Because of the beard, some of the kids confuse him for one of snow whites dwarves. He’s in such a slumber he doesn’t even care to notice. He wakes up during the fireworks but still thinks the day was amazing. He doesn’t buy anything and he doesn’t even do anything but he still finds it one of the most enjoyable experiences of his life.

Mantis: She spends the whole time taking photos and riding the “Its a Small World” attraction over and over again. By the time they all get ready to go home, she sings the song repeatedly and it nearly gets her mouth duct taped. She ended up with some aesthetic photos and she even spent a lot of her time over at the Magic Kingdom to visit the Bugs Life attractions.

That’s What I Like - Bucky x Reader One Shot

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//NOTE: I haven’t really written in this point of view before, it was kinda difficult, LOL. But It was inspired by the song in bold below, click the link to listen to it while reading. Love you all!//


Bucky walked into the party and looked around. Tony Stark was very well known for his frequent gatherings, but this was the first one he had gone to. Gorgeous women and alcoholic beverages were in abundance, and he saw the other Avengers scattered around the room having a blast.

But this wasn’t his kind of scene. He still hated large crowds and lots of noise, which were the two things this party was made of. But Steve had thought it would be a good idea for him to socialize with some other people, so here he was. “Alright, Buck. Get a drink, say hi - just try, okay?” Steve said, smiling at Natasha, who was across the room, and placing a reassuring hand on Buck’s shoulder. However, when Buck winced at the unanticipated contact, he removed the hand.

“Alright, I will. Thanks Steve,” Bucky mumbled, just loud enough to be audible over the music - That’s What I Like by Bruno Mars. So no one listens to swing anymore? He thought to himself. Everything had changed, it was still odd to him.

His eyes kept trailing aimlessly around the room until they stopped on someone. She was gorgeous in a tight fitting dress with an asymmetrical sleeve. She threw back her head and laughed, and Buck cracked the smallest smile. He wanted to make her laugh more. He turned around to ask Steve who she was, but he was gone. He looked around the room and saw him standing over there by Natasha, laughing at something she said. He began walking over to ask him, and then he remembered what Steve had said. Say hi, he thought to himself. He turned back to the girl.

What do I say to an angel like that? He kept eyeing her and then quickly looked away when her eyes met his and she smiled. He felt a warm feeling traveling through him, butterflies in his stomach, and a blush rising up to his cheeks.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw her turn to her friend and then back to him, and then - oh God, she was walking over. Fuck. What to say, what to say? You’re gorgeous? Shit, no, that’s creepy as hell. Come up with something - too late. She was practically in front of him now. “Hello. James, isn’t it?” She said in the kindest voice.

Buck turned to her and immediately gulped. She was even more beautiful up close. He hoped the lighting would conceal the red blooming on his face. “Yeah - but, uh - everyone just calls me Bucky.” He told her, smiling sheepishly. She looked at him in confusion at the mention of his nickname. “My middle name is Buchanan, so everyone just says Bucky or Buck. It’s shorter.”

“Oh. Well my name is (name).” The girl chimed happily, ignoring the obvious awkwardness of the situation. “I saw you looking at me, you know.”

“Oh - shit, sorry, that probably seemed really creepy,” he laughed weakly and returned his gaze from her face to the floor. “I was just - uh… admiring your makeup.” What the fuck Bucky?! That’s not only a lie, it’s weird.

But she just laughed light-heartedly. “My makeup, huh?” She asked, obvious amusement in her voice. “Thanks I guess. Anyway, uh - I’m going to go back to talking with my friend. It was nice talking with you, Bucky.”

She turned away, and Buck watched her as she went back to her friend, walking head held high, never avoiding a gaze. That confidence - God, that was the confidence he wanted. Not only for himself, but also for the woman he ended up being with. And now I scared her off, Bucky thought. I’m such a mess.

A few hours later, the party was still far from over. If anything, there were just more people there… although a lot more were drunk or passed out on the couches in the lounge. Bucky had now made himself comfortable at the bar, and he stared at the ten empty shot glasses in front of him. He raised his fresh glass and downed the 11th. The bartender blinked a few times in amazement. “It’s the serum,” Buck told him. “I can’t get drunk.”

“O - okay. Another?” He asked, and Buck was about to say ‘one more’, but was interrupted.

“Two more, please,”

He knew that voice. He turned and saw the angel from earlier, the one he had supposedly scared off. “Uh - hi. (Name), w - was it?” He stuttered, scratching the back of his neck and summoning up enough courage to offer her a weak smile. Although he wasn’t sure if it was liquid courage or him finally manning up.

“Yeah, (name). And I know your name was Ja - Bucky. Right?” She replied, the beautiful smile on her face never faltering. When Buck nodded quickly, she continued. “I was wondering, after we finish this drink, wanna dance?”

“Wha - me?” Bucky asked, shock taking him over. The bartender tried to conceal a smirk and failed. He backed a step or two away from the counter when Buck shot him a glare. “Uh - why would you want to dance with me?”

“Because I think you’re cute,”

Oh my God, no fucking way. Okay, Bucky calm down, she probably is doing this on a dare. Just… just keep smiling. Laugh a little bit. Turn her down. “Well - uh, I wouldn’t want to step on your toes,” he objected, slapping himself internally. Why was he turning down someone like her?

“Wanna know something? I’m not very good at dancing, either.” She giggled and raised one eyebrow, downing her shot. Buck quickly followed and downed his. “Maybe we could go on a walk instead? It’s really loud in here, my ears need a break.”

“Uh - sure.” Bucky, what are you thinking? You’re can’t walk in awkward silence the entire time. You’ll have to say things… just… oh God, but she’s so amazing. I can’t turn this down.

“Alright, let me just tell my friend I’m gonna be gone for a sec,” she said before hurrying off to where her friend was sitting.

“Okay, I will, too…“ He said to her retreating form.

In a few minutes, Bucky and (name) were out on the streets, the music of the party fading off behind them and the sound of cars honking and motorcycles revving getting louder.

When Bucky had told Steve, Natasha, and Sam why he was leaving, they had all shared a look that said 'oh, wow, he actually got a girl’, but hadn’t said anything except ‘good luck’. Buck now rolled his eyes at the thought. They were so annoying sometimes, but life would be weird without them.

"I’m surprised Mr. Stark doesn’t get in trouble for how loud he plays the music,” (Name) remarked, and then laughed. Buck smiled.

“Well what’re they gonna do, sue Tony Stark? That’s just asking for trouble,” he rolled his eyes thinking about the arrogant being named Tony Stark.

“Yeah, that man is a whole nother thing on it’s own.” She huffed. “But don’t tell him I said that, him being my boss and all. I’m one of his assistants, I’d get fired pronto.”

“My lips are sealed.” Bucky promised, letting out a little laugh. He felt (name) looking at him and stopped to meet her gaze. “What is it, did I say something?” He panicked, taking a step back from her.

“No, no! I was just thinking, your real laugh is really nice,” she calmed him down, reaching up and tucking one of his long brown chin-length locks back behind his ear. “My God, Bucky, why are you so panicky? I bet you a hundred dollars you could get any girl you wanted if you had a little more confidence.”

“I don’t want to get just any girl, though,” Buck smiled a little bit and looked at the ground. (Name) nodded in understanding and grabbed his hand, taking him in surprise. However, he didn’t flinch or move away, her hand intertwined with his was nice… it was his metal one, too… and she didn’t even react to how cold it was. She just kept smiling, her eyes sparkling in the street lights and headlights of cars.

“Come on, let’s go to my apartment. I brought my bag, so I’ve got keys,” she told him. They started moving, but Bucky stopped her. “Hmm?” She asked.

“Why - uh, why would we need to go to your apartment?” He asked nervously. Was she going to try and have sex with him? He wanted it, but he didn’t have a condom, would he have to ask her for one? Oh God, oh God…

“Oh, no, no. I just thought we could watch a movie or something, I’d like to get to know you better, and it’s hard with all of this ambiance,” she told him once she had read the look on his face, raising her hands up. Buck smiled. She looked around, as if nervous someone was watching them, and then whispered, “I also said ambiance because it sounds smarter than noise.”

Bucky lost it at that, letting out his real laugh. He immediately felt a blush raising to his cheeks when he was done laughing. “There’s that laugh,” she said, smiling and putting her hand back in Buck’s metal one. The light pink dusting his face quickly darkened to red, and he hoped she didn’t notice.

“Alright, Mr. Bucky. We have The Lion King, Tangled, The Jungle Book, and Brave. Which one do you want to watch?” (Name) proclaimed when she walked into the living room, holding four DVD cases. Buck smiled.

She had changed into some pajamas, the top having a certain person’s shield on it and the bottoms having some red and white stars on them.

“Aren’t those all Disney movies?” He asked.

“Yeah. So what? I love Disney, I don’t care that I’m an adult.” She laughed, placing them out on the coffee table in front of Bucky and heading to the kitchen. “Now for food!” She pulled out bowls and bags of candy, chips, and some soda cans.

It took her and Bucky a few trips, but soon Cheetos, Doritos, Fritos, (God, they all end with ‘tos’ don’t they?) Skittles, M&Ms, and Hot Tamales were all laid out in bowls on the coffee table. “Presenting you with a feast!” (Name) told Bucky as she set down the last bowl.

Buck laughed. “You’re so cute.” He said, without thinking. He immediately regretted it when he felt the blush rising up to his face. He sighed to himself. Bucky, you’re such an idiot.

“Thanks, you’re cute, too.”

Okay, he should have expected that. After all, she had called him cute before, right? But it was a relief. “Alright, have you decided which movie you want?” She asked, sitting down close to Buck on the couch.

Really close.

Buck’s heart was beating hard. “Uh - uh, Tangled,” he said hurriedly.

Halfway through the movie, (name) had passed out with her head on Bucky’s chest. He had carefully moved her so her head was resting on a pillow and then covered her with a blanket folded over the back of the couch. He turned off the TV and the lamp in the corner of the living room as well as putting the bowls of leftover candy and chips in the kitchen. He was going to leave, but he decided to do something else first.

He found a notepad in the kitchen along with a pen, and he scribbled down something before slipping out of the apartment.

(Name) woke up and looked around. Shit, she had fallen asleep. Where was Bucky? After a drowsy sweep of the apartment, it was obvious that he had left. She sighed. It was a shame, she would have loved to make breakfast for him. She smiled when she saw a sticky note stuck on the fridge.

His number.

At the bottom it said: This is just in case you want to finish watching Tangled with me sometime. Don’t be shy to drop by the tower and ask for me. Sorry for being so awkward, I just get flustered around beautiful girls. - Bucky.

What a sweetheart, she thought as she proceeded to make her breakfast. Once she had laid out some cereal and orange juice for herself, she took her cellphone and entered Buck’s number in carefully. A rather groggy Bucky answered. “Hello, who is this?” He asked.

“(Name). I just wanted to tell you, you’re awkwardness - that’s part of what I like about you. It’s cute,” she said, a smile on her face. Buck couldn’t see it, but he could hear it in her voice.

“Well, maybe I can be a little more awkward with you at dinner tonight?” He asked, nervousness in his voice.

“Of course. I was wondering when you’d ask.”

“Alright. tonight at 6:30, meet me in the lobby of the tower?”


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Reasons why Elena of Avalor is Seriously Amazing
  • First Latina Disney princess (obviously)
  • Amazing and catchy Hispanic-inspired music
  • Beautiful designs and animation
  • She actually has to learn about leadership in order to earn her title of queen
  • No romantic interest
  • It’s mostly about Elena’s relationship with her family and friends
  • She makes mistakes and learns from them
  • It was literally too good for Disney Junior so they bumped it up to Disney Channel
  • Not exactly a reason, but my sister literally leaped of joy because not only did Elena look like her, but she also speaks Spanish
  • Diverse and race-appropriate voice cast
  • Guest stars so far include George Takei and Titus Burgess (it doesn’t get any better than that)
  • The show is made with a lot of love and it really shows
  • Overall, I’m really glad my (and many others’) culture is being represented so well
  • You should really watch it
  • It’s amazing

i’ve been trying to post a drawing every day so…here’s some lineless practice with allura holding… molten steel? a star? you decide.

Since the Golden Globes is tomorrow and one of the internet’s boyfriends Ryan Gosling is nominated for La La Land, I thought I’d do this lil’ post here on the lowkey cuteness of Baby Goose’s relationship with his lady of over five years, Eva Mendes.

This is mostly because folks like to pretend, 5+ years and two kids later, that his relationship is just a fling, or he’s been “trapped” and some go as far as to hope, yes, HOPE, that he will cheat on his gal with Emma Stone or Rachel McAdams or whomever. So since I don’t see this stopping Sunday night, I thought I’d give some love to Ryan’s actual lady love, whether she shows up with him or not, and just because I’m freaking bored.

1. Ryan basically insisted on Eva for the role of his ex in The Place Beyond the Pines, saying Eva, at the time a casual acquaintance and friend of his former co-star Kirsten Dunst, was underrated as an actress. Soon, he took her to Disney and it was on.

2. …he clearly was playing the long game, LOOK AT HIS FACE

Look at him, even when she wasn’t looking, boy was smitten 


4. No, really, she’s little. Standing on a big step in heels and yet still small

5. Here’s Ellen getting Eva all blushing and giggling talking about Ryan

6. Ryan’s SNL shout out 

7. People trying to act like he’s not in a relationship? Ryan had an app for that

“I know that I’m with the person I’m supposed to be with,” he says, adding that the only quality he looks for in a woman is “that she’s Eva Mendes. There’s nothing else I’m looking for.”

8. Both dog lovers, Ryan wears Eva’s late dog’s tag on his neck at an event 

9. She also reps his dog on her instagram 

10. He gave her an emerald ring after the birth of their daughter Esmeralda. The Spanish word for emerald is…Esmeralda. 

11. This cute pic from idk where

12. And finally, Ryan on Eva and their kids:

“…it’s like a dream that I’m having right now. I’m dreaming it all. So I feel so lucky…There was nothing kind of premeditated about it, you know. It just suddenly was: My life had changed. And thank God it did.”

So yes, this was a mild celebration of this lowkey, cute, ridiculously attractive couple who doesn’t really deserve the hate they sometimes get (or she gets, who am I kidding).

Good luck at the Golden Globes, Gosling! You shouldn’t win but you will! (I LOVE him, but come on. You’re super talented and your family’s cute, though!)

Season 2 finalie predictions

Ok, so I saw the previews and MAN can they tease us something fierce! So I decided I’ll write down what I think will happen and compare it to what actually does happen in a week.

Given that Adam has said in his tweets (I really don’t want to dig through all of my phone screenshots right now, sorry!) that if Star and Marco kiss it’ll be accidental at first. We are going to see them kiss in Just Friends or Face the Music. That will cause the strain, the “things got weird with Star” situation, and the whole awkwardness.

I can see in the episode Toffee taking over not only Moon’s body but also Oskar’s, and maybe even Star herself. This would lead to a situation where another one of Adam’s tweets come into play:

Since I can’t add the photo from my phone to this I’ll basically explain it. He said one of the following statements is true or has been said: when you’re at my place you bring your own toilet paper or I love you, Star.

Since the first statement is odd (to say the least) I think it will be said by Marco to break Toffee’s hold on Star. Back in season 1 in fortune cookies we saw “Love is the answer” and we also saw true love in Star sacrificing her wand without hesitation to save Marco, not some superficial traditional Disney love. Because this show is so different but also so amazing in its character development I can see this happening. This will basically be the severing of Jarco, and the kiss she gives Marco is a “you’ll always be special to me, you’re an awesome friend, you’ve become so much of a better person, let’s remain friends” type kiss. Notice it was on the cheek.

Now I’ve been wrong before, obviously, but I wanted to throw this out there at 11am Central Time on Feb 20th and compare it to what actually happens.

All opinions are my own and do not reflect the thoughts or opinions of anyone else including, but not limited to other tumblr bloggers, you tubers, Facebook, Twitter or representatives of Disney in any way.

Today I was in one of the Star Wars shops at Disney Springs and I overheard this little girl talking to her mom…

Little girl: *points at Rey t-shirt* I want THIS shirt

Mom: are you sure you want a Star Wars shirt? Would t you rather have a Minnie Mouse shirt?

Little girl: *continues wanting the Rey shirt*

It was so clear that the mom just wanted her kid to get a “girly” Minnie shirt.

And I just thought, shouldn’t she be glad her daughter loves a series with great female role models? Shouldn’t she be happy that her loves a character like Rey?

I just. Ugh.

Jessica Jones 107: Top Shelf Perverts
  • Pam, that is TOO MUCH CLEAVAGE FOR COURT!!! Also honestly what is with lawyers in the MCU being constitutionally incapable of not dating their assistants? Looking at you, Matt & Foggy.
  • The fact that Robin is clearly from a wildly different show is especially jarring now that Ruben is dead.
  • It’s interesting that the MCU (and the fandom) posits Jeri as a ruthless but essentially non-corrupt lawyer when wow is she not. I’d actually completely forgotten that she once bribed a juror. (Also interesting that she’s so morally ambiguous in the MCU when her straight male counterpart in the comics isn’t at all, but I think that’s less a case of sexism/homophobia and more creating a more interesting character out of whole cloth and borrowing a genderswapped name.)

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Starco FanFic - "You're The One"

Title: You’re The One
Characters: Star, Marco, Jackie, Skullnick
Summary: An alternate version of the end of episode 12, where when escaping the “deadliest monster in the universe” Star gets injured leaving Marco to realize who he really cares about most.
Author’s Note: I’m such a dork for seeing cute Marco and Star scenes where he gets worried about her don’t mind me.
It hasn’t been long since the glass holding the cage together had shattered and spilled against the tile floor. The clinking of glass against tile was like a fire alarm shooting through a building; initiating immediate panic. Star and Marco had reunited as quickly as they could and searched desperately for their classmates, and upon finding them made desperate attempts to free them and allow them to escape.
“You kids go, I’ll stay back.” Upon hearing Miss Skullnick say these words, Star flipped around in disbelief as she helped Jackie to the floor and dismissed her away with the rest of their class, of course with Marco nodding at her reassuringly as she passed.
“You can’t stay back here! We’ve done this a million times. We can handle this.” Star whipped out her wand and smirking, twirling it playfully in her hands.
“Just like you claimed you could watch my class?”
Star frowned and her shoulder sunk at the comment, her smug and content attitude failing as her gruff teacher’s voice filled the air and stabbed her self-confidence.
“Come on, Star,” Marco claimed, tugging at her arm and urging her to leave with him. “We need to go.” Not only did he want to get the heck out of there with Star in toll, but he wanted to make sure that Jackie was safe back at the bus with all the others. The last thing he wanted after all this chaos was her hurt.
With a dissatisfied and worried grunt, Star took one last glance behind her at their teacher as Marco dragged her away. “Shouldn’t we stay back and see if she needs help?”
“She doesn’t need our help, Star. It looks like she can carry her own.” Star frowned as they resumed their mad dash back to the school bus. It couldn’t be just her that felt something was wrong with this situation, right?
As they slid into the bus, Star waited at the doors while Marco took a seat behind the wheel; starting the engine and waiting for the cue to hit the gas. He glanced behind him and gave a small smile as he saw Jackie safely seated a few rows back. He didn’t know what he would do if she hadn’t made it back okay. Probably panic as usual.
A gruff scream from nearby telling the bus to go allowed Marco to slam on the gas, shooting the bus forwards.
“Are you sure you know what you’re doing?” Star asked, a slight waver in her tone as she clasped onto the driver seat tightly attempting to hold her balance.
Marco nodded with a small smirk, cranking the bus from side to side to avoid obstacles. “I got this, Star. Trust me. I took my driver training course.” As smug as he was, he was right. Despite the fact he didn’t actually have a licence.
Star heard slamming footsteps rapidly approaching the bus turning her attention back to the foors. She kicked the glass panes open and stuck her head out. Miss Skullnick was dashing up towards the front of the vehicle, the vicious monster in toll behind her. Reaching out and tugging her inside, Star grunted in exhaustion before sticking her head out once more.
Marco, who had now switched places with Miss Skullnick, slowly approached her from behind. “Star, what are you doing?! Close the door, we’re getting out of here!”
“Marco, it’s getting too close! We won’t make it through a portal in time, it’ll get us before we even make it through!”
“Then what are we going to do?!” Marco yelled over the rushing wind surging through the open doorway.
Star’s eyes squinted in determination as she glanced up at their foe. Adjusting her colourful belt, she grasped onto her wand tightly and threw herself outside the thin doors and latched herself onto the side of the yellow tin, then swiftly threw herself onto the hood of the bus.
“Star!” Marco wailed watching her throw herself up top. He glanced back towards the rest of the class, giving a weak smile towards a confused and terrified Jackie. Was he freaking out? Obviously. But Jackie didn’t need to know that. “Heh, it’ll be fine. I promise.” He assured her, causing her to give a small nod and glance down at her shoes.
“Okay you badie. Come here and take it like a man!” Her wand raised itself and aimed against one of the monster’s eyes. Just as she shot a narwhal from her blaster, one of the ropes from the monster shifted into a spike, surging forwards and slashing the teenagers chest and neck; a clean diagonal cut across her entire body.
The limp teenager flopped and gracefully fell off the edge of the roof giving Marco just enough time and space to snatch her arm before she was whisked behind the speeding vehicle. The sea creature managed to catch the monster off guard at its high speed and managed to cut directly through its chest. The monster stumbled a few paces back while their school vehicle rushed onwards.
“Star! Oh god!” Marco screamed, tears stinging his eyes as he tugged her closer towards him and in through the gaping open doorway.
The blonde flicked her wrist once and allowed a portal to open for them up ahead. “There. Done.” She mumbled in a rather tired voice, allowing her body to go limp from the shock of the situation. Just as Marco had slammed the vehicle doors shut and rested her body against one of the bus seats, they had just barely made it through the portal and back onto the busy downtown streets of home.
But none of that seemed to matter anymore. Being home or not, Star was no longer in the same condition.
“Oh god Star, I-I’m so sorry.” Marco pleaded, desperately brushing her messy hair away from her face as he leaned her against her seat, as if the more hair he removed the faster she would heal.
“I-It’s fine, Marco. It’s…its not your fault.” She groaned, wincing at every slight movement she gave.
Marco gently moved one of her hands away from her sides to get a better look at the gash. It had cut clean through her clothing and ripped through her skin; it looked deep. Of course he couldn’t tell from the single glance.
“We need to get her back to the school!” Marco yelled to their teacher, tears burning against his eyes. He was so foolish. He was too focused on keeping Jackie safe and happy he had completely forgotten about Star’s safety in battle.
“I’m tryin’, there’s a lot of traffic down here. It’s gunna take a while.”
Marco tightly squeezed the hand of Star’s he was holding onto, watching as the hearts on her cheeks faded away until it left her with only pale skin. “I’ll be fine, Marco. This isn’t a big deal.”
“Star, you won’t stop bleeding.” He grumbled softly, unzipping and removing his sweater to toss it around and over her shoulders. He didn’t know a lot about first aid, but he did know that given the amount of blood she was losing she would get cold. Fast. And he couldn’t let her body temperature drop too far down. He just couldn’t.
“I’ve bled before.” Marco could see a tear roll down her cheek through her squeaky voice. Clearly she was in pain and was refusing to admit it for his own sake.
“But not like this, Star!” Marco pleaded, leaning in close as he whisper-yelled his urgency. He didn’t want the rest of their class to hear him weep over his best friends injury. His head lowered in defeat, eyes squeezing shut as he mentally replayed his mistakes.
Today he made it all about Jackie when he should have been focusing on Star. Yes, Star could handle herself, she had made that very obvious. But how many times had she said they were a team? And today, when they needed to be a team, when she had climbed onto the roof; he had remained here glancing over Jackie and not being a true teammate and going up there with her.
A hand slid it’s way back to Marco’s, and upon glancing up a sea of hazel met a sea of blue. “Marco, don’t beat yourself up over this.” She whispered softly, sniffling and using her shoulder to wipe her cheeks. “We fight monsters. It was bound to–”
“It’s you, Star.”
Her sleepy eyes glanced over him before her head weakly flopped against the bull, grey coloured bus seat. She was clearly tired and weak; but interested. “What do you mean?”
“It’s you. You were the one I should have been helping today. P-Protecting.” He corrected softly. He inwardly sighed, glancing away and whispering nearly silently. “Not Jackie.” Jackie had hardly ever given him the light of day and yet he constantly exhausted himself for her. Look where it landed them; both in tears and both injured in some way, except only one of the wounds was physical.
Her body flopped forwards, Marco instinctively catching her and propping her up against his shoulder before she could fall too far and hurt herself more.
“But you’re doing that job right now.” Marco glanced down at the girl against his arm with a slight frown, it fading ever-so-slightly as he felt her cold hand limply resting in his. “You gave me your sweater, you’re letting me sit with you. Well, more against you.” She gave a weak sigh and chuckle mixed together, along with another painful tear rolling down her damp cheek. “That’s all the protection I need right now.” She rubbed her face into his shoulder hoping to eliminate the residue from her tears. She didn’t need him to see that.
One of his arms wound itself around her frail body, holding her close and attempting to keep her as warm as possible. His lips rested against the top of her head while his other hand squeezed her cold one gently. The contact was all he needed to calm down. Feeling her enwrapped in his arms was so relaxing. And having Marco cradle the shaken girl was all she needed to feel the same.
She was the one. He knew that now.
“I’m going to do a better job at this. I promise.”
“You’re doing a perfect job right now.”
Definitely. She was definitely the one.


* Hey everyone!! So ever since the last Disney week on DWTS I have been wanting to write a small OneShot based off of Val and Sharna’s cuteness together. I mean Sharna definitely didn’t need to caress Val’s face in the middle of the dance, but she did and it made me fall in love with them again. I swear.

So here is my version of a Disney week at DWTS with the Stars but more into the future, like two years from now. I hope you all enjoy!*

Sharna walked into the hair and makeup trailer sighing as she sat down in one of the seats.

“What’s wrong babe?” Lindsay said noticing how stressed on of her close friends seemed to be from the seat next to her.

Sharna lifted her head giving her friend a small smile as one of the professionals started to curl her hair into big curls.

“I’m just worried about tonight.” Sharna said looking down at her hands, “Babe why are you nervous? I seen your dance in rehearsals it was amazing!” Lindsay said looking over at Sharna who was still paying attention to her hands.

Sharna now looked over at Lindsay smiling “Thank you, babe. I’m not worried about the dance it’s about bringing the baby on the show tonight. I guess my motherly instincts are overboard today.” Sharna said turning away from Lindsay so the hair dresser could finish Sharna’s curls.

Lindsay smiled reaching over grabbing her friends right hand “Babe, everything will be okay. I mean you have all of us, and Val. I’m sure if you don’t feel like you want to show Sky to the world val won’t either.”

Sharna nodded squeezing Lindsay’s left hand “Your right, I just I’m nervous. I mean the world has only ever seen one photo of her and she almost four months old. I just feel the need to protect her with everything in me and I know Val feels that way to.”

“Well whatever you decide we are all here for you. We love you.” Lindsay said standing up from her seat walking closer to Sharna hugging her tightly “It’ll be okay.”

Sharna laughed “I know. Thank you for the Pep talk Linz, you always give the greatest ones.” Lindsay laughed before leaving the trailer.

Thirty minutes later Sharna was all done with her hair and make up, so she quickly thanked everyone before leaving for her trailer where she was hoping she would fine her three month old baby girl and her husband.

She opened her trailer door, walking in only to be run into by her littlest buddy Shai.

“Auntie Sha-Na!” He said holding his arms up for her to pick him up.

“Hey bubbie” Sharna said while picking him up and cuddling him close while she looked around the room only noticing Maks.

Maks smiled at them sitting on the couch “Hey Shar.”

“Hey where is everyone. Where is Sky?” She asked as she started to worry as to where her husband and daughter were, plus the show was starting in less than thirty minutes.

“Well she just finished drinking the bottle you had made her earlier. So knowingVal and Peta, they are getting her dressed and more than likely taking a ton of photos.” Maks said laughing, Sharna smiled nodding before Shai spoke.

“Auntie Sha-Na, Sky Sky is getting dwessed. She a Pwincess!” Sharna giggled cuddling her little buddy closer to her kissing his cheek making him squeal.

“She is a princess isn’t she?” Sharna asked placing Shai back onto the floor as he ran back to his father.

“I’m going to go check on them.” She said with a big cheesy smile on her face, as she walked past Maks and Shai. She opened the door the lead into tiny area that had another couch and tv and a little table.

Val heard the door opening, he turned noticing that it was his wife walking through the door.

“Love, I’ve missed you.” Val said smiling turning to Sharna as she walked straight into his arms.

“I’ve missed you too.” Sharna said burying herself into his shoulder, Val gently rubbed her back in circles sensing that she was stressed about something.

“You okay love?” Val asked bringing his wife’s face his shoulder holding her face gently in his hands. Sharna nodded as Val gently caressed her face hoping that he wasn’t ruining her makeup.

“I’ll be fine, where’s my littlest love at?” She asked looking over Val’s shoulder where Skylar was sleeping in her bassinet that they had brought for their trailer.

She smiled widely when she had seen what Val and Peta managed to put her in. “Oh my goodness. She is far too sweet.” Sharna said picking up her sleeping baby cuddling her as close as possible.

Sharna sat down with Skylar watching as Val sat down next to them. “I can’t believe we made her.” Sharna said quietly, looking over at her husband who was just as in awe as Sharna was.

“I can’t either, she’s perfect.” Sharna nodded leaning over and kissing Val’s lips gently.

She sighed pulling away sighing as she did so, once again Val noticed. “Love are you sure you okay, because you seem extremely nervous.”

“Honestly V, I’m terrified about tonight. Do you think this is the right thing to do?” She asked looking down at her mini me as Peta referred to Sky as Sharna’s mini.

“Baby, everything will be just fine. We have our family here with us. Do you want to do this? I just want to make sure this is what you want. I mean there’s already one photo they seen of her.” Val said wrapping his arm around his wife.

Sharna looked at him nodding “I know your right, she’ll be fine. It’s just my motherly instincts I guess.” She said bring Skylar up to kiss her cheek, Val leaned over pressing a kiss to his wife’s temple and then to Skylar’s forehead.

“Are you sure your okay with this?” Val asked his wife as she nodded yes. “Yes I’ll be fine, plus Sky has you as a daddy. And like her shirt says your her prince and I know you’ll protect her for as long as you can.”

Val smiled listening to his wife as she spoke “Your right, I will protect our daughter with everything I have, just like I’ll protect you with everything in me.” Sharna smiled leaning back over to capture her husbands lips.

“We don’t deserve you.” Sharna said pulling her lips away from her husband. Val shook his head no “That’s where your super wrong because if anything, I don’t deserve the two of you. I’m so grateful that your my wife and queen and Skylar is my daughter and princess.”

Val pressed another kiss to his wife’s lips before Peta knocked on the door, Peta walked in smiling “Sorry to disturb you, but show starts in fifteen. So we got to go.” She said standing there as both Val and Sharna stood up.

Sharna handed Val Skylar before Sharna walked over to Peta hugging her best friend tightly.

“Thank you babe.” She said hugging Peta tightly “For what?” Peta asked pulling away from Sharna with a confused look on her face.

“Just for being here, being a friend. Also for being the best auntie/ Godmother ever to put little princess.” Sharna said as Peta hugged her once again “Of course I’d doing anything for all of you especially that little princess.”

“Hey what about me?” Val asked walking over to the two women, Sharna turned around towards her husband laughing.

“Are you feeling left out?” Val nodded trying not to laugh “Kinda of.”

“Your such a loser!” Peta said turning back around towards her husband and son. “Thanks P.” Val said laughing walking out behind the women and Maks who had Shai up on his shoulders.

Val grabbed Skylar’s baby blanket, tossing it over her as he walked out of their trailer. One it was to hide her face from the flashes of any paps as they walked to the studio. Two it was a little bit cold out so it also keep Skylar warm as she snuggled into her father chest still sleeping.

        As soon as they entered the studio, they all headed to the red room where they met with all of the other dancers. That’s where Sharna’s mom Lucy was waiting at for them.

        Sharna smiled noticing her mom was there, she ran in her direction wrapping her mother up in her arms hugging her tightly. “Hi momma.”

         “Hi baby.” Lucy said kissing her daughter’s cheek as she stepped back as Val stepped hugging his mother-in-law.

      “Woo, i’m glad you make it tonight. We’ve missed you, even if has only been a day or two."  Lucy laughed hugging Val before holding her arms out for her granddaughter. "Let me see this princess.”

        Val handed a still sleeping Skylar to her grandma, “Oh my goodness, grandma missed her too much.” Lucy said smiling as she cuddle Skylar in her arms.

         A moment later a producer came over grabbing Val and Sharna’s attention “Hi, you two better head towards the stage.” Val nodded kissing his daughter’s forehead “Love you princess.”

          Sharna did the same, before grabbing Val’s hand as the walked backstage towards the stage.

        Before they went to their partners Val stopped them holding onto his wife’s hands “Hey I forgot to tell you how beautiful you look tonight. You look like a Queen.”

          Sharna blushed as Val kissed her right cheek “You look handsome tonight as well and You look like a King.” Val smiled pulling Sharna closer to him bringing her in for a gentle kiss.

          Val pulled back grabbing her hand before they found their partners and went their own ways waiting for the opening number to start. 

         As the opening number started Val had danced with Sharna as the dance ended Val brought her in closer to him kissing her temple. “Lets kill it tonight for our princess.” Sharna nodded smiling “Yea for our princess.”

Val had just finished dancing the quickstep with His partner, after getting the result he walked over to where Lucy was at holding baby Skylar who was now wide awake.

“Hi Princess” Val said smiling at his baby girl who cooed back at him. “Thank you Lucy for being here tonight. It really means at lot to Sharna.” Val said as Lucy passed off Skylar to him.

“Of course Val, I know this an important moment for the both of you.” She said holding onto one of Skylar tiny feet as she talked to her making her smile. Val smiled watching as his daughter smiled at her Grandma.

“It really is.” Val said before he saw Sharna’s red hair “Wish me Luck.” Sharna said hugging her mother and kissing her baby girls forehead.

“I love you” “I love you too” Val said kissing his wife before she walked towards the stage. Her dance being the next one, she had the jive which she was beyond excited about.

Val and Lucy talked more about everything, Val really loved his mother-in-law. Then they watched together as Sharna and her partner danced the jive to a song from Disney’s Tangled.

“Look Princess, there’s your momma!” Val said holding Skylar pointing towards the tv. Lucy smiled as the dance finished along with val. “That’s was fantastic!” Lucy said clapping along with the audience.

“It was amazing, right Princess?” Val said holding Skylar up kissing all over her face making her squeal in delight. Val brought her back down his arms watching as Sharna and her partner Tyler came running up the stairs their scores.

Val walked over behind the camera smiling at Sharna with Sky in his arms.

“That dance was amazing you two!” Erin said quickly knowing that they wanted to introduce baby Skylar to the world. “Thank you!” They both said, “Alright, let’s get your scores.”

“9,9,10,10” “ahh!” Sharna yelled as she hugged her partner quickly before turning back towards Erin “Congrats on those scores!”

“Okay before you both leave, a little bird told me that we get to introduce the world to someone new tonight! I’m so excited!”

Sharna smiled nodding at Erin, “Well Val and I figured it was time to show everyone our little princess, since it is Disney night. So come here babe.” Sharna said watching as Val walked over in front of the camera with Skylar in his arms.

“Oh my goodness, I can’t even! She’s so precious!” Erin said as Val held onto his baby girl who was now smiling up at her momma. “So everyone this is Skylar May Chmerkovskiy. She is almost four months old. She’s definitely our princess.”

Erin smiled making funny faces at Skylar getting a tiny baby laugh from her making everyone else laugh with her. “Wait before we go can we see her outfit! Because gosh darn it she is too cute!”

Val laughed holding Skylar while Sharna read what her pink onesie said. “It says "I Found My Prince His Name Is daddy.” Everyone in the audience “awed” Erin smiled before turning back towards the camera.

“Okay we will be right back, so don’t go anywhere!” She said as the camera turned off and Val hugged his wife tightly.

“See Love, we did it!” Val said making Sharna smile as she kissed him bouncing their baby girl in her arms.

“We did and I couldn’t be happier!” Sharna said before she felt someone running into her legs noticing that it was Shai with Maks and Peta right on his toes.

“Shai, baby be careful!” Peta said picking up her son and placing him on her hip, “Momma, I want to hug Sky Sky!”

“Okay,” peta said letting Shai place a gently kiss onto his cousins forehead before placing his arms around her “Okay baby gentle.” Peta said smiling as she watched Shai pull back from hugging Skylar which made everyone “awe” that could see them.

“Pwincess, Sky Sky!” Shai said leaning into Peta’s shoulder , Peta kissed his forehead as she noticed Val and Maks walk away leaving them the babies.

“I bet you if Sky could talk, she would tell everyone, that your a prince!” Sharna said leaning over with Skylar happily in her arms, to place a gentle kiss to her nephew/ Godsons forehead.

“Weally? I a pwince?” Shai questioned at towards his aunt, Sharna nodded “Of course your prince!” Shai smiled burying himself into his mothers arms, Peta kissed his temple as he cuddled close.

“Babe, you did amazing!” “So did you!” Sharna said making Peta laugh. “Thank you! But I mean introducing your baby girl to the world.” Sharna smiled down at Skylar kissing her cheek multiple times making her giggle.

“I was really nervous, but I think we made the best decision! I’m just really happy!” Peta smiled watching her best friend, she was so happy for Sharna and Val! What way a to introduce their little baby girl to world. On Dancing With The Stars on Disney night. She couldn’t imagine a better way for them to have done that.

“I’m so happy for you guys! I think it was the best way possible!” Sharna nodded before seeing her husband and mom laughing at something.

“Me too, I’m going to go talk to my mom. I love you both.” Sharna said kissing the top of Shai’s head and kissing peta’s cheek before walking over to Val and her mother.

Lucy immediately wrapped her daughter in a hug “You were amazing!” “Thank you momma!” Sharna said as her mom kissed her forehead. Val gently picked up Skylar from his wife’s arms cuddling her as close as possible.

Sharna was lost in her thoughts watching her husband and daughter together. Lucy whispered into her daughter’s ear “I think overprotective daddy is coming in full force now.”

Sharna smiled giggling as she nodded “Your so right, but that’s okay he’ll do anything to keep his princess safe.” Sharna said hugging her mother tightly as the both watched Val making Skylar smile and giggle.

A few moments later Lucy walked away from them to find the restroom leaving them alone with Sky. Sharna walked over to them kissing Val “What was that for?” He questioned looking at Sharna who was all smiley.

“Your just an amazing daddy and husband so I figured a kiss would be a good way to show you.” She said as Val smiled kissing her back.

“Well your the greatest Momma and wife in the world. So I figured I’d show you by kissing you.” Sharna laughed smiling down at their baby girl. “I still can’t believe we made her.”

Val laughed kissing his wife’s temple, “I can’t either, but we’ve been blessed with the best princess.” “Yes we have!” Sharna said smiling, even though she was beyond scared at first.

She realized that this was the best decision and she couldn’t be anymore happier even if she tried. “Best day ever!” She thought to herself as she made faces towards Skylar making the baby girls laughter fill the red room. Today made Disney week the best week ever at Dancing With The Stars.

*Yay!! I loved writing this OneShot! It’s probably my personal favorite one that I’ve ever written! Please leave comments, I love reading everyone’s opinions! Thank you for all the love and support!- Tori*

If Disney decides to give Rey a romantic subplot, I hope that they also give her the Skywalker flirting™. She is after all also a feral desert child whose social skills are probably bit lacking. Just imagine.

Rey and love interest hanging around, Rey is awkwardly trying to think of an opening line to indicate her interest.

Rey: I really like your lips, they’re nothing like sand.

love interest: ??????

Rey: I mean they look so soft and smooth, not coarse and rough like sand!

love interest: ……???? 0_0

Rey: YOu KNow BECause in Jakku I would get sand in my mouth ALL the TIme! It was irritating! Your lips probably wouldn’t be irritating in my mouth! I mean, not that I would eat your lips. That’s weird. But I bet they would be nicer than sand. My lips are also not like sand. Do you want to try. Do you want to kiss I mean!!??

love interest: Is honestly encaptured by the catastrophe happening in front of them, but cannot deny being intrigued and slightly enamored.