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I met a girl who thought Helen Keller wasn't real. She didn't think it was possible for someone who was deaf and blind to be a productive and influential part of society, especially back then. We told her they have pictures of her, she's real, and she said "You have pictures of someone. You can't prove it's her and that she actually did things."

Helen Keller unconfirmed is my new favourite thing

I started playing as Emily and proceeded up until the moment when I should decide whether to except the Outsider’s Mark or not.
Just to see the dialogue development, I clicked the ‘decline’ option. And then… He just stares at me. Doing nothing. Saying nothing. Making faces to Empress. What a choffer.

She took a very good screenshot. I was going to draw a half-body but my pencil skills are lacking when I only have so much time to do “quick sketches.” I may revisit and redo a new sketch with better proportions and do a good half-body picture in a couple of days, one where I do a proper body-form outline instead of just drawing from head to toe without getting the body proportions down, haha. Need to get some more armor-practice in anyway.

@persorene he is quite fetching in that armor.

Random Dresden Files Thought of the Day: When Skaldi Skjeldson found out about Murph’s fight with Nicodemus, he and the other Einherjaren banded together to buy gifts for their favourite little warrior friend. Murph got inundated with flowers, food, “Get Well Soon!” cards, and other, more extravagant/weird things. At one point the police had to be called when a gigantic man arrived at the reception desk claiming he wanted to present her with a prized sword - but luckily the case got transferred to S.I. and Stallings’ group handled it efficiently.

The next day Harry could barely move in the tiny hospital room thanks to the numerous flower vases, food hampers, and shopping bags, but a little discomfort was well worth it. Karrin couldn’t stop smiling.

The Saga of the Red Speedo

Also known as Rose Hits Chicago (face first) - A Memoir of Dignity Lost and Fuckery Gained.

Okay first things first - this is gonna be long so it’s going under a cut. Second of all it’s sweary so… yeah :p Third of all - I have so many pic of the meet up that I’m gonna do a separate post about everyone I met and how epic they were because they deserve that and otherwise this is going to end up biblical. So what follows is all my interactions with DD and GA (and Mitch) including the speedo happenings which can be summarised as “Rose discusses David Duchovny’s junk with both him and Gillian” if you’re really too lazy to read more.

But you should. I’m fucking hilarious (I joke) but… yeah - here we go!

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So the Mary haters and marymorstanismyhero and cantpronounce have stumbled across my Warstan post and are having a marvellous time condemning Mary and saying that her choice to step away from John and let him take time to process the knowledge of her secret was way more fucked up than Sherlock letting his best friend think he was dead for two years.

I suppose it was only a matter of time.

(And yes, I will name and shame if you shit all over a post that is meant for people who ship Warstan and recognise that although Mary’s actions and decisions were highly flawed, John forgave her and decided to let her past be her past because he fucking loves her you dipshits.)