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I met a girl who thought Helen Keller wasn't real. She didn't think it was possible for someone who was deaf and blind to be a productive and influential part of society, especially back then. We told her they have pictures of her, she's real, and she said "You have pictures of someone. You can't prove it's her and that she actually did things."

Helen Keller unconfirmed is my new favourite thing

I started playing as Emily and proceeded up until the moment when I should decide whether to except the Outsider’s Mark or not.
Just to see the dialogue development, I clicked the ‘decline’ option. And then… He just stares at me. Doing nothing. Saying nothing. Making faces to Empress. What a choffer.

Quill and Charlie meet a kitten for the first time. (I’m not that confident writing class fanfic so feedback would be super!!!)

“Matti! It’s eyes! It’s rolling about! What do I do?” Charlie hesitantly beamed as he became more and more amused by the kitten on the living room rug.
“Were there no kittens on Rhodia?” Tanya asked as Matteusz picked up the small bundle of fur and gently laid it in Charlie’s arms.
It rolled about and squirmed in his boyfriends arms but slowly melted into the curve of his hold.
Charlie’s face lit up with joy.
“I think I might cry.” Charlie mumbled as it let out a little meow.
“No. There weren’t. One of the only decent things about earth if I’m honest” Quill sighed. She crossed one leg over the other and glared at Charlie.
Charlie was making inaudible noises in reaction to the kittens adorable nature.
“Do you have to sound like a 4 year old.” Quill bluntly muttered.
Charlie sourly scowled at Quill.
“Give the cat to her Charlie.” Ram said.
“She’d kill it!” Charlie defensively remarked.
“I won’t let the nasty quill hurt you.” Charlie mumbled as he looked into the kittens eyes.
April, who was sat cross legged next to ram stood up and walked over to Charlie. She lifted the kitten slowly out of Charlie’s arms, despite his disapproval, and into Quill’s reluctant lap.
The kitten looked up at the woman.
They shared a moment of dangerous eye contact.
“See it doesn’t even like her!” Charlie proclaimed.
“I’ll uh… I’ll be the judge of that Charles.” Quill quietly said as her eyes gazed at the kitten curling up into her lap.
She hesitantly placed her hand on its soft white fur. She smiled. It’s purr became louder as she stroked it’s white body.
Quill didn’t speak for a solid ten minutes. She was completley in awe of this ball of adorable fur in her lap. It’s breath was slow and tranquil as it slept.
“Quill?” Matteusz asked.
She looked up with a tear in her eye.
“What.” She said.
“Are you okay?’ He asked.
Quill used her free hand to wipe the tear.
"It’s asleep. It’s too… I.” She began.
She lifted the small kitten up and held it in her arms like a baby. It’s small eyes opened, the wide black pupils meeting hers. It let out a soft meow, curling into Quill’s embrace. It slept once more.
“Are there more cats?” Quill asked.
Matteusz nodded.
“You can get them from people who don’t want them anymore o-” He was stopped.
“Who wouldn’t want this! This!” Quill remarked.
“I think I found my new favourite thing about this planet.” She added.

Random Dresden Files Thought of the Day: When Skaldi Skjeldson found out about Murph’s fight with Nicodemus, he and the other Einherjaren banded together to buy gifts for their favourite little warrior friend. Murph got inundated with flowers, food, “Get Well Soon!” cards, and other, more extravagant/weird things. At one point the police had to be called when a gigantic man arrived at the reception desk claiming he wanted to present her with a prized sword - but luckily the case got transferred to S.I. and Stallings’ group handled it efficiently.

The next day Harry could barely move in the tiny hospital room thanks to the numerous flower vases, food hampers, and shopping bags, but a little discomfort was well worth it. Karrin couldn’t stop smiling.

The Saga of the Red Speedo

Also known as Rose Hits Chicago (face first) - A Memoir of Dignity Lost and Fuckery Gained.

Okay first things first - this is gonna be long so it’s going under a cut. Second of all it’s sweary so… yeah :p Third of all - I have so many pic of the meet up that I’m gonna do a separate post about everyone I met and how epic they were because they deserve that and otherwise this is going to end up biblical. So what follows is all my interactions with DD and GA (and Mitch) including the speedo happenings which can be summarised as “Rose discusses David Duchovny’s junk with both him and Gillian” if you’re really too lazy to read more.

But you should. I’m fucking hilarious (I joke) but… yeah - here we go!

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