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I am officially a 1000000000% Jessica stan no tea no shade just based off that interview she is literally one of the greatest house guests they’ve ever had already and I am NOT exaggerating omg…………. she is even better than I thought she would be from her pic

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groaning as she moved so she was laying on their shoulder, kian yawned loudly, not even bothering to cover her mouth. “you know what? i haven’t slept in the past three days.” her eyes close as she gets relaxed against them, her lips curled into a soft grin. “so, i’m just gonna nap here, okay?”


I won’t let them take us, she vowed silently, reaching over her shoulder to touch the hilt of the sword that Gendry had stolen for her. I won’t.

Happy birthday, Annalesa!


but if you were there and see something you did reblog it and say what you diD

the ones i remember are @purrsiacat @scrumptiousbagel @snazzylime @bumble-bunny mYsElf and i think that’s all i remember- (EDIT: I COUKD HAVE SWORN I TYPED @lavender-sans WHAT THE HECK- but yeahH that IS ALL I REMEMBER NOW)

On roles for women in Hollywood: “As far as scripts go, the roles of women standing alone on their own as whole, real, full people are few and far between. So with both of those roles [Life Partners and Like Sunday, Like Rain], what I loved is that neither of them are centered around romantic relationships. They’re flawed, real human beings that I could break down and really enjoy playing. They’re like me, in a way.”

     it had been about a year and a half since isobelle had discovered she was pregnant and the news didn’t go down well. it ended with a big fight and her telling the male that she was going to get rid of it anyways. that was the last time they had spoken and yet here she was s a small boy in her hands. maybe she should’ve told the other that she never got rid of the baby and decided to keep it but she didn’t want to ruin his oh so perfect life and she never imagined she’d actually see him again. the baby could be her little secret. isobelle never imagined strolling through the store infant in one arm, other one pushing the cart could be so difficult. finally making it to the desired isle she reached to grab a top shelf item which she was never able to reach by herself but was saved when a hand had grabbed the box, handing it to her. an embarrassed blush dusted her cheeks and leaving her lips was a sheepish laugh, taking the box and placing it in her cart before turning to the stranger only to realize that it was no stranger. “oh      ” suddenly the store had gotten hot and she felt like the walls were closing in on her, “thank you..” she mumbled softly under her breath, no other words following as she had been speechless.

i am so legit worried for bobbi right now

bobbi ‘broke the tiny science princess i didn’t even know out of hydra single-handedly’ morse

bobbi 'i vouched for you’ morse

bobbi 'we need backup’ morse

bobbi 'what about mack’ morse

bobbi loves her people, her family so much

i can’t even imagine how devastated she must be right now

i mean adrianne freakin’ sold it and we could see her pain clearly

but i worry about the long term damage having to accidentally kill one of her friends will do

even if she did it to protect her other friends

she tried so hard to talk him down

she only gave it up when it was no longer her he was hurting

she did it because he’d just knocked jemma into the hole

she did it because fitz wouldn’t, couldn’t shoot

maybe even did it so that fitz wouldn’t have to

made the hard call

the hard call that specialists make to save their people

and even still, she doesn’t expect him to be gone

does not expect his fall or the orders to seal the tunnel and abandon him

and also the fact that she vouched for lance probably means that she also vouched for mack, izzy, and idaho

and she probably did it to keep them safe

and now they’re all dead

i can’t even imagine the weight of guilt and grief she must be bearing right now

Drew my Uyu bb in the new dress ;__; wah she looks super, super cute in it. I didn’t have a big enough reference to look at all the details so I simplified/changed some things from the original design (rip).

So turns out this hoe Valerie wants Stefan to fall in love with her cuz she is fucking obsessed. Like, bruh ok so u love Stefan, join the club! The line ends around the corner and along with u will be Katherine, Rebekah maybe, klaus for sure, basically everybody so I suggest that she fucking backs off from my BB Caroline and finds a new fucking hobby. Bye 👋🏻