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Rules: Using any Sims game, create a sim based upon the style of one of your favourite simmers! Be sure to tag them and your friends! :3

This sim was inspired by @ridgeport

Thanks to the lovely @storylegacysims for tagging me 💜

This time I decided to make a Sim inspired out of my biggest inspos: Miss Margarita! All of her sims are so unique and she has a lot of diversity with ethnicities, it’s so pretty 💜 and her edits are always fresh air, I love them and her! 💜

Even tho her sims are so different from each other, I found a few things that helped me doing this sim!:

  • She does chubby sims!!! I loveeeee iiiittt
  • She uses a lot of round, cute faces!!
  • Flashy earrings!!!
  • Contrast between hairs and skin!!
  • Freckles, LOADS of them
  • Subtle eyeliners but BRIGHT eye shadow!!! UGH LOVE
  • Minimalistic clothes to focus the attention on the face, a smart cookie!!
  • Braids have been a recurrent theme for her lately!
  • Artsy poses!!!!

And I think that’s about it for now! I hope you like it, Margarita 💜

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Hi! I just saw your post all of a sudden about Nier parallels, what do you mean? (I really don't mind getting spoiled please) Have a nice day! :D

Well if you didn’t already know Ishida sensei and Yoko Taro are actually really big fans of each other. Ishida himself has shown to be s really big fan of Nier as he has not only drawn main characters from the game once but twice. The most prominent being Kaine(aka my fav from the first game). Touka herself is actually a lot like Kaine, especially when Touka was younger rash, stubborn, curses a lot, as well as a monster because of how society sees her, but also genuinely cares about people she loves.

Along with personalities Ishida was also inspired by some of the aesthetics from the Nier universe. Like for example the character Kijima looks a lot the the character Emil even though personality is nothing like.

Yet, the parallel that I’m like I wish it would happen/ I don’t want is that in the first game not Nier Automata that depending on which version you play you are either a father trying to save your child or a brother saving his sister. This because the plot of Nier really starts when Nier’s (I’ll go with sister) is kidnaped by this supernatural being called the dark Lord. This causes him to change from someone who was naive to someone who was world wary, and he starts to lose himself on his journey to save her. Yet believe it or not when he gets there he learns not only that she has been fine, but through his journey and stuff that would take me to long to explain if I wrote it all down. Nier learns that the monsters he has been fighting are souls of the people he wanted to protect and that the dark lord is his own soul. That in the process of trying to save his sister he destroyed the whole world. Because of an experiment the souls needed to be returned to their bodies because their bodies were dying without them.

You see Nier tells this cautionary tale of how bad it can be to let your emotions rule you. That while they are good they can cause you to not see reason or the little breadcrumbs that say you aren’t in the right.

The reason that I say it’s paralleling Nier in a way is that Ishida set up this arc. Multiple times Ishida has written Kaneki put all of his focus on Touka, much similar to that of Nier whose whole world was his sister. It makes me wonder if Touka is taken by the V would Kaneki go against all of his moral to save her thus destroying the bridge he managed to built. I say this because Furuta is often described in the fandom as a darker foil to Kaneki, as they are both charismatic and smart it’s just they have different goals of that. It would also fit with the notion that Eto put into to Kaneki’s mind to save the world you have to destroy it.

So yeah not saying it’s gonna be the same it’s just you can see the inspiration caused bye Nier in tg especially if you have played it. So it makes me worried but in a good way if it will go in a similar direction.

Interview: Lyds

Today we’re joined by Lyds. Lyds is a fantastic visual artist who does both traditional art and digital art. She loves to draw and has a very unique style. Aside from drawing, Lyds also does a bit of writing. She has a phenomenal enthusiasm for her craft, as you’ll soon read. My thanks to her for taking the time to participate in this interview.


Please, tell us about your art.

With my art, I mainly do drawing both traditionally and digitally. I’m also trying to work on a story, which may be written out or put into more of a comic form.

What inspires you?

I mainly get inspired from my friends or other artists I see online. There’s quite a few artists I watch work on YouTube which gets me thinking about what I want to work on next.

What got you interested in your field?  Have you always wanted to be an artist?

I can’t quite think of anything too specific that got me into this field, I’ve kind of always been into drawing and writing.

Do you have any kind of special or unique signature, symbol, or feature you include in your work that you’d be willing to reveal?

I don’t think I have too much of a unique signature besides some of my artwork I do is all done with dots.

What advice would you give young aspiring artists?

One main thing that I would advise is to keep practicing and working on your skill as much as possible. Also, don’t compare yourself to others because we all have different styles and are all at different points of our time as artists. The only time I’d say comparing is all right is when you compare your old work with your new work, it does help to see the progress that you’ve made and encourages you to continue making even more progress.


Where on the spectrum do you identify?

I identify as asexual, romance and gender are things I still have yet to fully figure out for myself.

Have you encountered any kind of ace prejudice or ignorance in your field?  If so, how do you handle it?

The only time I can really think of where I faced ignorance is when explaining my story idea to a teacher where no one has sex for fun or for reproduction and she couldn’t see how anyone would be able to form relationships with each other. She then told me to really consider how two people would get into a relationship and how that might look and to possibly do research on asexuality. In response, I kind of just said, “Oh, I kinda am asexual so…” Besides that I can’t think of any other specific situation.

What’s the most common misconception about asexuality that you’ve encountered?

That basically I just haven’t met the right person yet and once I do I’ll change my mind.

What advice would you give to any asexual individuals out there who might be struggling with their orientation?

Don’t worry too much about having a specific label that fits you, if for now asexual or a-spec is close enough to what you think you identify as, then that is perfectly fine. Labels change sometimes and we sometimes learn more about ourselves, which result in changing a label. Just be yourself, we’re all here to support each other.

Finally, where can people find out more about your work?

On Tumblr I have an art blog (though sometimes I forget to post) called liimiim-haywaas-art and then I also post my artwork on Instagram I’m I don’t have much of my writing posted anywhere, there’s a few poems that I’ve written on my other Tumblr lyds-likes-to-write but I don’t post there too often.

Thank you, Lyds, for participating in this interview and this project. It’s very much appreciated.


Quick Alyanette inspired by a scene from The Princess Bride! 

Mostly I just wanted to use the line “Death cannot stop true love. It can only delay it for a while.”

AO3 | wc: 337

Alya looked into those eyes, her eyes, and remembered what it felt like to breathe and feel alive. She could drown in the blue of her eyes, and she wanted to, oh how she wanted to, before they could leave her again.

And then she spoke, her words curling around Alya’s heart, mind, and soul, leaving their gentle warmth where she had been devoid of it for so long.

“You didn’t wait for me,” she said, quiet and calm.

“I thought you were dead,” Alya told her, heart breaking at the mere notion of such a thing. “We all did.” Her eyes widened. “Do your parents know? Anyone else?”

“No. Not yet. I had to see you first, to know I wasn’t too late. To know if I had lost you to another, or if I had any chance.” She leaned in closer, leaving just an inch of space between them. Hope filled her gaze. “Do I? Have a chance?”

Unable to keep her tears from falling, or her lips from smiling, Alya knocked their foreheads together and held her hero, her best friend, as close as she could.

“You’ll always have a chance,” she said, laughing as her love and hope became too much to be contained within her. “My Marinette. Thank you for coming back.”

“Of course,” Marinette responded, laughing softly as she pressed a quick kiss to the corner of Alya’s smile. “After all… death cannot stop true love. It can only delay it for a while.”

“You’re such a dork,” Alya teased, sniffling against Marinette’s cheek.

“Yeah. But I’m your dork.” She rubbed gentle circles on Alya’s back, pulling from them both tears that had been kept inside for too long, finally releasing all their pain and sorrow so that their happiness could live again.

And live it did, in every glance, with every brush of skin, and every sweet nothing whispered to the other as they lay intertwined. They were never happier than when they were together, and that was truly miraculous.

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Today I felt proud because I told my counselor about me being trans, as well as being able to open up to her about it and some of my other feelings. My counselor is so great to me, she is really helping me out and I feel so much better than I did before our meeting.

You are amazing!!!!! 

Aren’t counselor’s great?

Salvation | Chapter One

: Teen (Rating Will Change) 
Pairing: Evelia Trevelyan x Cullen Rutherford
Tags: Modern!AU, Canon Divergent, Corporate Thedas, Mutual Pining, Sexual Tension, Slow Burn, The Fastest Slow Burn, Because I Have No Chill, SFW, FOR NOW 
Fic title inspired by: Nothing Is Written In The Stars by Bloodgroup

It would be an inexplicably gross understatement to say that no one hated the pencil-pushing, grinding grunt work at Haven Solutions, Inc. more than Evelia Trevelyan.

It wasn’t that she didn’t love staying buried up to her elbows in piles upon piles of hardcopy company files. Or that she wasn’t thrilled by the seemingly endless and mindless monotony of scanning, archiving, and double-checking her work all in the name of preservation and document control. And it wasn’t that she didn’t enjoy spending her days shut up within a windowless room of Haven’s basement near the cold servers of the IT department and the scrutiny of security.


Deep down in her heart, down underneath her light, yet half-hearted smile, she hated it.

Or rather…she hated knowing that part of her life was lacking. Lacking in excitement—adventure—mystery. What she would give to be able to break free of her entrapment, release herself to the wild unknown and take the world as it happened. Day in and day out she lived and breathed predictability—from badge scans to paper scans, cold lunches and cold glances—from her greeting with Officer Barris in the morning to her evening wishes to Officer Threnn, every single bit of her life was stale with familiarity. One that made her crave a different kind of fulfillment other than satisfying her limited interests as an archivist.


An Aeathetic for Captain Phasma of the First Order . I made this for she’s my favourite badass in the force awakens ( Sorry Rey) , I attempted to keep the colour scheme much like her armour because of her loyalty to her position . Also , Gwendolyn Christie is my inspiration when it comes to the performing arts , she puts depth into every character she plays and she worked so incredibly hard to play Brienne of Tarth . My apologies for the quality and the lateness .

lots of love

- Mysterious Jedi

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I came out as nonbinary to my internet friend of two years and her first reaction was to tell me she loves and accepts me!!

The first and only reaction you should ever receive! xxx

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White Day  ♡ (˘▽˘>ԅ( ˘⌣˘)


Part of me is like bring this bitch back because she’ll be going next week, I don’t fucking care. Regardless of what happened today, this week, whatever… I’m going to win. 

You know I was thinking, what if I met him earlier?“ she said while smiling slightly. “What if I met him on the time when both of us were free to look in each other’s eyes for as long as we want? I mean, how would it feel if I am the one he met first? I can’t imagine how wonderful it would be. As if it would feel like there were thousands of bright little stars that surround me. As if everything I see would fascinate me. I wanted to feel that. How I wish I met him on the time when no one seems to block my way towards him.” she looked down at her hands and said, “I…I…just wonder what would it feel to love him closely. To love him wholeheartedly.
—  ma.c.a // Last Glance
She used to crave your company to satisfy her mind but now she’s a hurricane. She builds her own storms and ruins. She no longer twists and turns like you.
—  I tried so hard
to make you happy
but you never really
wanted me at all
and one day
I woke up fine
being lonely.
by @jwfeelings // Message me a word and I’ll write about it

Happy (late) 10 year anniversary Gerard and Lindsey! - September 3, 2007

“She’s the most inspiring person in the world to me. She means so much to us and never ceases to amaze me with her kindness and talent. My best friend, my sweetheart, my missing piece, and the best mother I could possibly imagine for our daughter… I love you forever!”

“I love the way he holds Bandit and is never too busy to look at something she drew. I love the way he sticks his tongue out a little when he paints. I love the way he’s scared of tattoos but constantly marvels at mine. I love his tiny teeth. I love how whenever someone tells him he’s talented he changes the subject. There’s nothing I don’t love. I have the perfect marriage with the perfect man.”



“It’s nice getting older. A lot of people have been saying to me, ‘You are so much more confident and comfortable.’ There was a lot of energy being thrust at me then. I’m not someone who was solely desirous of becoming rich and famous. I can sit here and talk about my movies all day long. It’s what I’m most interested in — as selfish as that sounds. There was just something about the way everything was being ingested by people back then. There were aspects of it I wasn’t even aware of. Now I’ve learned to take it and have it be my own thing.”


pidge is such an amazing and inspiring character. like she is a young teenager and she is just absolutely brilliant? she can do things with tech i cant even begin to understand and its just beyond impressive and i know a bunch of little girls who are fans of the show definitely look up to her. she is incredibly quick witted and creative and innovative and passionate and skilled. i love my 2 foot tall daughter just from the way she has already been introduced to us and i cant wait to see her character get more development in the upcoming season. im so excited you guys!

ok you can keep scrolling now thank u for ur time