she's my favorite hawkeye

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Have you seen either of the Fullmetal Alchemist animes (or the manga) and if so who is your favorite guy? Because it's a gold mine, especially Brotherhood. Mine is probably Darius or Sig

I guess my favorite guy would be Al, to be honest though my favorite character in FMA is Hawkeye she’s super cool

fma meme: 2/3 favorite female characters
               ↳ Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye

My queen, Roy’s queen, everybody’s queen, let’s be real. The Hawk’s eye, as she’s not really creatively known, is a kind woman, loyal friend, more than competent at her job and a sharpshooter extraordinaire. It took me less than five seconds to know she was going to be one of my favorites and she didn’t let me down, not even once.


Steve Rogers and his response to strong women.

I feel like all of Shield has such as soft spot for their defrosted Capsicle, and they’re all trying to shepherd him into the modern era… Steve’s gotten used to it, you know? People are always willing to help him.